Meeting in the Middle (tf)

Max stood proudly on the podium, holding his first place trophy in the air amid the applause. His horse had won first place at the county fair, yet again, and he was taking all the credit, yet again. His wife, Maria, stood sullenly in the background, gently stroking the great black stallion’s nose while she listened to her husband grab the glory. He didn’t do shit with this horse, she thought to herself. I’m the one who understands horse flesh, who brings out the best in an animal. I’m the one who cares for them and does all the work. Midnight is wonderful, gentle horse, and he doesn’t know him like I do, she thought.

It’s a shame she couldn’t bring out the best in her husband, too. When they were married, he was handsome and sure of himself, and she thought the world of him. But as time went by he beat her down, literally, and figuratively. She was timid and frightened, and had grown to detest him. She knew what he was really like. As he prattled on with his thank you speech, she slipped out the back flap of the tent, unable to listen to any more. The midway of the fair was the usual assortment of rip-off games and sideshows. Litter was strewn about, with heavy set sweaty people gobbling all variety of carnival food in the hot sun. It didn’t lighten her mood to say the least. She passed by a tent that said “Fortune Teller” on the sign. “Rip-off.” She muttered under her breath. Then she stopped. Something appealed to her about it. She turned back, and hesitantly poked her head in the tent’s flap. There was the fortune teller, right out of central casting. A large crooked nose, black hair tied back in a bandana. Bulging eyes. “Yes?” The woman said. “Do come in,” she urged, flicking her long bony finger at Maria. Maria couldn’t back out now, she felt foolish for even looking in, but now it was too late. She stepped into the tent and sat down at the fortune teller’s table.

“You looked troubled, my dear.” I am Constance. “Tell me, what is bothering you?”

“Oh, me?” Maria sneered. “Why nothing at all. Life is beautiful. Except for my creep of a husband who takes all the credit for my work, cheats on me every chance he gets, and treats me like a slave. Otherwise, I live like a princess.”

“I see,” Constance said, studying Maria. “Perhaps I can help. Would you like me to read your fortune, to see if things will get better?”

“What the hell, knock yourself out.” Maria replied, sighing.

Constance began to lay out Tarot cards. Various figures and creatures graced the cards. “I see you work with horses.” She said.

“Pretty safe bet, seeing as your tent is 50 yards from the horse show.” Maria snapped.

“Now now, in order for this to be effective, you need to cooperate,” Constance said, unflapped by her subject’s doubts.

“Sorry. It’s just that, well, I work with horses all right. I know them. I’m brilliant with them. They’re beautiful animals. They won’t cheat and lie. They’re trustworthy, loyal. I’d rather spend time with any of them than my lousy husband.” She began to choke up. “Sorry, it’s just a really lousy day.”

Constance was continuing to turn over the cards. “Hmm…” It doesn’t look good. According to the cards, things will continue the way they are. You will remain with your husband, he will continue to mistreat you.” She turned over another card and gasped.
“Oh dear.”

“What is it?

“It will end violently I’m afraid. I can’t tell how, but you will come to no happy ending. I’m so sorry.” Constance looked down and shook her head.

“Great. Thanks for the wonderful news.” Maria stood. “What do I owe you?”

“No charge my dear, you have enough problems. On the other hand…”

“On the other hand what? Maria asked.

“I don’t just read fortunes. I have the power to change them. I’m a sorceress. I can make all of these problems go away. Are you interested?”

Maria sat down again. She told herself that she was being fleeced, but she was desperate. Anyone with good news could take her for all she was worth right now. “How much?”

“How much do can you get your hands on?” Constance replied. Maria leaned in, and Constance told her of her plan.

Back at the horse tent, Max was getting angry. “Where the hell is she?” He growled. “Always disappearing when there’s work to be done. I’m not loading this lousy horse’s gear back into the trailer myself.” Just then, Maria popped into the tent. She was smiling. “Where have you been? I oughta knock you across this tent!” He glared at her.

“Sorry, I, uh, just had some business to attend to.”

“Get all this crap back in the trailer. I’m going to get a beer.” He stormed out.

“C’mon Midnight,” she cooed to the Horse. Midnight. What an original name for a black horse. Leave it to Max to think up that one, she thought to herself. She loaded the gear, and led Midnight to his trailer. He was the only bright spot in her life, and if the plan worked, he would be far more than that. Max eventually returned, and they got in the pickup and drove silently home.

Upon their return, Maria began packing a bag. Max flopped on the bed. “Where the hell are you going?” He said.

“Going to my sister’s for the weekend.” She said. “One of her horses is about to give birth, I’m going to help.” It was a lie, but she wanted to be gone this particular weekend. If Constance’s plan was going to come to fruition, she didn’t want to be around. She knew it was a ridiculous plan, but desperation pushed her to believe it could work.

“Figures.” Max said. “Your sister couldn’t do anything for herself. She’s even more worthless than you are.” He was secretly thrilled. He knew that a free weekend would give him a chance to go see one of his girlfriends.

“Well, you have fun while I’m gone,” Maria replied as she snapped the suitcase shut and hoisted it from the bed. “I know that you always do.” She went down and loaded the suitcase in the truck and kicked up dust as she accelerated out of the farmyard. The sunset was red and beautiful as she rumbled down the road, but she didn’t notice. She was too busy running the plan through her mind. The hot, dusty wind, redolent with the aroma of newly turned farmland soil, blew through her hair, making her feel free. She didn’t look in the rearview mirror; she could only look forward now. She couldn’t believe she put her trust in some damn fortune teller, but the wheels were in motion now. She rolled out to the horizon, disappearing, hoping that all would be different when she returned.

Max readied himself for the evening, slapping on aftershave and donning a fresh shirt. He checked himself in the mirror. Max was a vain man. Though past 30, he still had his boyish good looks. Tousled brown hair, square jaw, and a muscular physique. It was rare for him to pass a mirror without stopping to admire himself. The mirror was his best friend, his only friend really. Women swooned when they saw him, and he used his looks to seduce them whenever the opportunity arose, and then left them behind. He donned his cowboy hat, snapping the brim just so, to cast a shadow across his eyes. “You stud,” He said to his reflection, grinning.

He went down to the barn and saddled up Midnight. “You and me, we’re going to have a little fun tonight.” He said to the horse, who whinnied lightly. He rode a few miles to a neighboring farm, where Cindy Worthington lived. She was always up for a little action, he knew. He tied up Midnight outside, and went in the house. Midnight just stood, sniffing the air. Somehow he knew that this wasn’t right, that his master was doing something to hurt Maria. He didn’t like it one bit. Maria was his friend. He stood there for hours, until well after dark. Max came out, clearly drunk, and hopped on the horse. It was a moonless night, and the countryside was so dark that he could barely see the road. They rode slowly, as Max pulled out a cigar and lit up. The flick from his lighter was almost blinding in the still darkness. They trudged towards home. Suddenly, there was a brilliant blue flash. Max thought it was lighting, and Midnight reared back in terror. It took all of his strength for Max to hold on. He could have sworn he saw someone in the flash, a woman in a bandana, but there was no time to gather his thoughts. Midnight tore down the road at his fastest gallop. Max could feel his skin tingle. Electricity? He wondered. Is this what if feels like to be struck by lighting? They made it back to the barn, Midnight sweating profusely. Max put him in his stall, and didn’t even wipe him down. He was too frightened. He ran back to the house and closed the door. Safe. Max poured himself a stiff drink, finished it quickly, and went to bed, still tingling all over.

Max awoke early. He sat up in bed, and lowered his feet to the floor. His legs were stiff and sore, and when he stood, he had to hold on to the nightstand to steady himself. His hips were searing with pain, and it was difficult to stand upright. He stumbled to the bathroom to brush his teeth. His reflection in the mirror told him that he wasn’t well. His skin was pale; his eyes had deep circles below them. He dropped his robe and turned on the shower. As he turned, he caught a glimpse of his backside. When had he put on so much weight, he wondered. His buttocks were enormous and rounded, yet not flabby. They were graced with well defined muscles, extending up into his torso. He was puzzled, but had trouble gathering his thoughts. He attributed it to a hangover, and took his shower. His toes felt numb, and his knee joints ached. His upper legs were far more muscular, too, though his shins seemed to be thinner and more delicate than before. He studied them as he watched the water from the shower run down his legs. He thought of calling the doctor, but knew he’d be hard to track down on a Saturday. As he dried off, he noticed that the dark hair at his cock was thicker, trailing down onto his legs visibly. What the hell is happening to me? He wondered anxiously. Then he was gripped with tremendous hunger, which cancelled out other thoughts. He limped back to the bedroom to get dressed. His underpants were too small, and none of his pants fit his newfound girth. He remembered that he had some bib overalls in the back of the closet. With effort, he was able to pull on the baggy garment, and skipped the underwear. He slipped on a shirt, and eased himself down the stairs, holding on to the handrail to support himself. His legs just weren’t working right.

In the kitchen, he stared around, wondering what to eat. He opened the cupboard. Cheerios. He opened the box. Why did they smell so good? He poured them into a bowl, and started to eat with a spoon, and then impatiently began to shovel the cereal into his mouth with his hands. Then he lifted the box over his head, and guzzled them greedily as he poured them out. Cheerios splattered everywhere, but he didn’t care. He had never liked them much before, but now they tasted wonderful. He licked his lips as he finished, and then chugged several glasses of water. Perhaps the morning chores would take his mind off what was happening. He went outside, and sniffed the air. The smell of manure and grass was in the wind. He flared his nostrils, reveling in the aroma. Max remembered that he hadn’t groomed Midnight after their wild run, and went to the barn, got a bucket and some water, and a brush. He went to Midnights stall and opened it up. Midnight didn’t look so good either. He seemed restless and confused. Max began to brush him, and realized that clumps of Midnight’s black coat were coming off, leaving patches of bare skin. “What the hell is wrong with you?” He said, as he continued to brush. The horse’s mane was scraggly, and it, too came off in Max’s hands. Something was different about Midnight’s face. It seemed shorter somehow, his snout less pronounced. His lips seemed faintly pink, and thinner. “I’d better let you get some exercise,” Max said, as he slipped on the bridle and let him out of the barn. Midnight limped noticeably. “Shit,” Max exclaimed. “You’ve gone lame. Son of a bitch. Maria’s gonna have a fit when she sees you!” He thought of what happens to all lame horses. After all the work they had put into this horse, now he was done for. He led Midnight to the corral, and let him loose. Normally he would gallop right out into the middle, but today, he just lumbered out clumsily, as if he couldn’t get his legs to coordinate with each other. He let their Mare, Amelia, out of her stall and let her loose in the corral. At least she was in good shape. Very good shape, in fact. Max had never noticed what a beautiful horse she was. Max watched at the fence for a while, shaking his head as Midnight stumbled about. It felt good to lean against the fence; it was so painful to stand upright. He was still hungry. He sniffed the wind, and smelled the grass. It smelled so sweet this morning. He pushed himself away from the fence, and winced in pain as his hips gave out. He dropped onto all fours, staring at the thick grass. He could smell it better now. Then something gripped his thoughts. I wonder what it tastes like? He lowered his head, hesitantly, and caught a clump of grass in his teeth. He tugged on it until it let loose, and began to chew. He rolled it around in his mouth, pressing the sweet juice out as he chewed. Not bad! He thought to himself. He took another clump and continued to devour it, pushing it down his throat, feeling it fill his belly. It was very satisfying.

Midnight looked around the corral. His mind was so full of strange thoughts. As he looked around, words formed. House. Barn. Plow. He knew what these things were called. It was deeply confusing for his small brain to be processing language. He lowered his head to get some grass. It tasted bitter, and he spit it out, looking up again. Then he saw something odd. Why was his master on all fours, chewing grass? He loped over to Max, and stared. Max felt someone watching him. He looked up, and both horses were at the fence, staring at their master. Suddenly he realized what he had been doing. What the hell are you looking at? Go on, get!” he shouted, and they scattered away. He pulled himself upright on the fence post. He struggled to the house, and up the stairs. He had to pee. He went into the bathroom, and undid his overalls. As they dropped to the floor, he stared down, stunned. His cock was enormous. He fondled it, giggling at the immense member, limply hanging before him. His balls looked swollen out of all proportion. He let go and pissed into the toilet, bringing forth and enormous stream that seemed to go on and on. Finally finished, He dropped against the window sill to give his aching hips some relief. He stared out the window at the corral. That mare is one fine animal, he thought to himself. Yeah, one fine looking animal… He realized that his cock was stiffening. He looked down to see it grow firm, well over a foot long. Holy shit! He thought. He touched it, and quivered, and began to stroke. He moaned and closed his eyes. He began to fantasize. He couldn’t get the image of the mare out of his mind. He imagined chasing her, not as a man but as a horse, faster and faster, coming up behind her. He could see himself leaping his great animal mass on to her, pushing in to her, thrusting his huge member deep into the mare. He was stroking faster and faster, picturing himself pushing in again and again. All at once he began to cum. He shot a huge load, splattering the tile wall and floor. He let out a wail, and it was over. He composed himself, and looked at the mess he had made, embarrassed at the bizarre fantasy that had gripped him. He wiped himself off and put the overalls back on, and then he clumsily cleaned things up with a towel. He went into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed, falling into a deep sleep.

When Max awoke, it was twilight. He tried to get off the bed, but he was even stiffer than before. The overalls were tight now, so tight that he could barely breath. He unzipped with relief, and pulled them off. He stared at his lower body. The black hair had spread down his legs, obscuring the skin in a shimmering, soft fur. His ass was huge, muscular, leading down into powerful calves. His shins were thin and delicate, and his feet seemed to be shriveling, his toes losing definition. He felt so confused. He couldn’t put his thoughts together, everything was disjointed. He tried to sit, but there was a powerful pain at his tailbone. He couldn’t stand upright well, couldn’t sit. What was he going to do? “Call…Doctor…” He thought. He looked at the phone on the nightstand. He saw the buttons, the receiver, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember how it worked. He stared at it, frightened that his mind seemed to be failing him. He made his way down the stairs, and out into the yard. The horses were still there, but Midnight looked bizarre. His hair had largely vanished from his head, neck and chest. Pink skin graced his neck, which had thinned out and shortened. His snout had receded, his eyes smaller and nose more pronounced. His mane still lingered on his head and neck. His front legs were thinner and shorter, so that he stood unevenly on all fours. Yet the rear half of his body looked completely normal.

Max carefully opened the corral gate, and led the horses back to the barn, leaning on them for support. He locked them in, and went back into the yard. He dropped onto all fours, feeling his insides drop more comfortably into position. It was such a relief to be in this position. Standing hurt. He began to devour more grass. He felt a strange sensation at his backside, then relief, as he heard a plopping sound behind him. He looked back to see that he had just taken a dump of enormous size, right there in the yard. He stared for only a moment, and then continued to graze. He felt so good. Finally when he had had his fill, he loped to the house, preferring to walk on all fours most of the way to save the strain on his hips and back. He pushed open the door, and went in, staring at the stairway looming before him. No way I’m going to try to get up there, he thought, then went into the living room and layed down on the floor. He saw the TV remote on the coffee table, struggled to get it, and flicked on the television. The images bounced around the screen, speaking in gibberish. What had he ever seen in that thing? He wondered as he dozed off.

He woke up with the first light. He was groggy, and for a moment wondered why he was laying on the living room floor. Then he remembered his predicament. He struggled to his feet, first on to all fours, but it was difficult. He legs seemed so long now, and his hands placed on the floor left him in an awkward position with his rump sticking high in the air. He kicked his legs, stunned to feel the immense power within them. There was a crash, and he realized that he had kicked over the television. He pulled his arms onto the coffee table, and raised himself upward. He grabbled pieces of furniture to hold himself upright. He looked back towards his legs. They were enormous, long and spindly, covered with gleaming black hair, which progressed up onto his heavy muscular hind quarters, His feet had shriveled further, his toes knarled into dense black knobs at their ends. They were flattened at the bottom, allowing him to steady himself. He felt and odd sensation at his tailbone, and realized that he could move it. He flicked it, seeing a great, hairy tail flip back and forth. NO! He thought to himself, recognizing the form of a horse that was now his lower body. His belly was distended and huge, hanging downward, graced with more black hair. He made his way to the fireplace mantel, and leaned against it, staring into the mirror above it. His once handsome face was elongated, and his cheeks were coated with black hair, which extended up further than a normal beard, surrounding his eyes and the top of his head. Atop his head was a much thicker shock of hair, like a Mohawk. He reached one hand up and felt the black hair, following its thick mass down the back of his neck. The neck itself was elongated, thick and bulging with muscle, gradually widening where it met his torso. His chest and hands still looked fully human. His teeth were bigger, encased in a protruding jaw. His eyes bulged out, and seemed to be pushed towards the sides of his head, while his ears seemed further towards the top of his skull. He was in a panic. What could he do? How was this happening?

Once again, the powerful need for food blocked out other thoughts. He loped out the door, and dropped down towards the grass. He immediately began to graze. It was easier now, with his protruded front teeth able to tug on the grass efficiently. He ate and ate as the sun rose further into the sky. He was gripped with the need for water, and went over to a trough near the fence. He bent his head down and began to lick up the water, his enlarged tongue pulling the water into his mouth with ease. Satiated, he was able to think again about his predicament. Though his mind was cloudy and he found it difficult to form thoughts, he knew enough that he was becoming a horse. There must be some way to stop this. He remembered the flash of light, how everything changed from that point on. Then he remembered Midnight. His horse’s strange hair loss, the changes in his face. If he was becoming a horse, then perhaps Midnight was becoming…he turned towards the barn, and stumbled down the hill to the barn door. He drew back the latch, and went in. He made his way to Midnights stall, but couldn’t see him. He leaned against the stall gate. Suddenly he saw two human hands grip the gate from the other side. He gulped. Midnight pulled himself up, and the two of them glared at each other.

Midnight’s face had changed radically, looking almost human. His snout had disappeared, and a visible human nose was forming. His neck was still thick and muscular. A thin coat of black hair still covered his face, with a Mohawk of hair trailing down his neck. His arms and hands were fully human, and there was no more hair on his chest and torso. Max noticed that Midnight’s hind quarters were still that of a horse. They were identical twins down to the last detail, each half man, half horse. Here they were, meeting in the middle, one on his way to becoming a horse, the other on his way to manhood. Max felt an intense rage. He couldn’t stand for this. Somehow he thought that if he could kill Midnight, the process would stop. It wasn’t rational, but Max was no longer capable of rational thought. He could feel the beast from within him emerging, and in his anger he embraced it, and the power of his newly forming body. He slowly reached over, and undid the clasp on the gate.

Midnight stared at the opened gate, then at Max. His mind was racing, full of new concepts, complex and frightening. Right. Wrong. Good. Evil. He was could see in Max’s eyes that he was dangerous now, and he needed a plan. Just as Max was embracing his animal nature, Midnight was embracing his new found ability to reason. He let his thoughts guide him now.

He bolted from the stall, and Max leapt towards him. They clashed, rearing onto their hind legs, battling each other with their hands, trying desperately to land blows on each other. Max was having trouble balancing, and kept dropping onto all fours. Must kill, he thought. Must kill! Midnight found that his balance was improving, and was able to out maneuver the strange beast that was his nemesis. He dodged Max’s blows. Then Max leaned against the stall, and kicked with all of his might. It felt good to use the power that his legs offered. He landed a kick on Midnight, who slammed against the opposite wall. Dazed, Midnight pulled himself up. He saw a rope coiled on a hook on the barn wall. He grabbed it, and with a skill he didn’t quite understand, hurled the rope out towards Max, expertly looping the rope around Max’s legs. He pulled hard, pulling Max’s s great legs out from under him. Max dropped to the floor and let out a strange guttural noise. He realized that he couldn’t speak. Midnight looped the rope around Max’s wrists, and pulled them together with his back legs, hog tying him. As he did so, Max clenched his fist in rage. Midnight stared as Max’s fists began to fuse, turning black before his eyes. Max’s arms were growing rapidly, becoming coated in black hair. The stress of the fight had accelerated the transformation. Max’s chest heaved outward, forming great muscles connecting to his arms, now turning into front legs. He writhed and struggled against the ropes, and wailed again, but this time, a loud neighing of a horse emerged from within, echoing off the walls. His eyes widened in terror as he realized it was too late.

Max looked at Midnight, and saw his hind quarters shrinking, his hair vanishing from them. Midnight could stand upright easily now, and stood there panting. His hooves stretched out, forming human feet, toes clearly visible. The mane on his head had disappeared, replaced by wavy brown human hair. His nose was fully formed, his eyes pushing towards the center of his face. His ears receded, losing their points and becoming human. At the same moment, Max’s ears gained points, moving upwards on his skull, his snout pushing outward with a painful crack. His entire body was now coated with black hair. Max recognized that Midnight now looked just like his old human self, handsome and well muscled. It was over.

Max lay there, exhausted. He looked at his front legs, trying to comprehend the form of a horse that now encased him. Midnight walked over to the barn wall, and pulled down a bridle. It was so easy to walk now. He went over to the horse, and slipped the bridle on, and Max felt a firm tug as it was fastened at his teeth. Suddenly he felt a strange impulse. Obey. Obey your master. Midnight slowly loosened the ropes at Max’s legs, and Max clumsily rose on all fours. It was easy now, and the mass of his body seemed natural to him. He flicked his tail, and moved his massive head back and forth, familiarizing himself with his new form. Midnight tugged gently on the bridle, and led Max to his stall. Max obediently followed, and watched as Midnight fastened the gate and walked away.

Midnight walked out of the barn and up the hill. He studied his hands, so delicate and small. His naked body, his human legs, his tiny cock. He felt self conscious with his exposed body, and went into the house. He looked around. The living room was a mess, the broken television lying on its side. He went upstairs and found Max’s clothes, and gingerly buttoned a shirt, fascinated by the dexterity of his hands. He pulled on underwear and pants, some work boots, and went back down the stairs. He felt like he knew this place somehow, as if Max’s memories were now his. He went over to a wooden box on the bookshelf and opened it. It was filled with cigars, and he pulled one out, sniffed it, and then took the lighter next to the box. He placed the cigar in his mouth, and lit it expertly. He found it most enjoyable. Then he went to the cabinet, and found some whiskey. He found a glass and poured himself some. It burned as it went down, but made him feel woozy and comfortable. He plopped on the sofa and put his feet up on the coffee table, enjoying his newfound human vices. Interesting how humans have so many ways to alter their state of mind, to calm the busy thoughts. I could get used to this he thought, smiling as he puffed on the cigar. Then he remembered Maria. Where was she? He wondered. Where is my wife?

He reveled in his new home for a while, finishing the cigar. Then he began to clean up the mess. Once finished, he strode confidently out to the barn and went to Max’s stall. He got out a saddle, and hoisted it onto Max’s huge back. Max felt a tug as the saddle was fastened about his belly, then his master led him out of the barn. He felt the weight of his master hopping on. Midnight kicked him gently on the sides of his torso, and Max instinctively began to walk. His four legs worked well together, and it felt good to be out in the open yard. He began to trot, rearing his head with pleasure. Why did this feel so natural? Flashes of disjointed human thought passed through his brain, like the distant flashes of lighting in a passing, dying thunderstorm. He felt no anger, only a desire to run. He began to gallop, Midnight holding on expertly above him. Midnight had never seen things from his high position, and it felt wonderful to be in control of the great beast beneath him. They galloped down the dirt country road, reveling in their new roles. They trotted back to the barn, and Midnight put Max back in his stall, carefully wiping him down. Max liked the feel of the brush against his coat.

Towards nightfall, Midnight heard a car. He looked out the window and saw Maria easing herself out of the pickup. Maria! I’m so glad to see her. But, will she know what happened? How can I explain? He walked to the door, and out onto the porch. She stared at him, a look of worry in her eyes. Then she brightened when she saw his gentle smile. “Midnight?” She said. He nodded, and she ran to him, hugging him. My god, it worked! “I think you’d better call me Max from now on.” He said, smiling. She kissed him, and he loved the way it felt to press his thin lips against hers. He felt himself aroused, and led her upstairs. They didn’t say a word as they undressed each other, and fondled their bodies as they dropped onto the bed. They were in the throes of passion now, and he had to have her. He roughly guided her onto her back, and she raised herself up. He pushed in from the backside, something she wasn’t used to, but after all, how could he know any other way? She thought. There will be plenty of time to teach him the more subtle ways of human lovemaking. She felt him plunge into her, moaning with delight. He thrust deeply again and again, until he felt himself let go. They finished and lay on the bed. All was clear now. His thoughts, his memories. He was fully human.

“That was amazing.” He said. “Sorry I was in such a hurry.”

“That’s ok. Besides, it felt kind of good to just let go and do it like animals.” She smiled and held him close. She told him of the fortune teller, of her transforming spell, explaining everything to him. Then she pulled away and looked concerned. “Max!” she said. “Is he…”

“He’s in his stall where he belongs. You know, I don’t think his transformation is quite complete.”

“What do you mean?” Maria asked.

“I’ve just experienced the pleasures of being human. I think he needs to experience the pleasures of being a horse, don’t you?” She knew what he meant now. They quickly dressed and went to the barn. Maria walked slowly towards the stall, and looked in. There was the beautiful black horse. He flipped his tail as if he was happy to see her. She pulled him by the bridle out of the stall, and led him to the corral. The new Max got the Mare out of her stall, and followed. They let them into the corral, and let them run. The great black horse galloped, loving his ability to run, the wind blowing his mane. He looked happy. It wasn’t long before he began to chase the mare. She ran, he followed, growing excited. They could see his member growing erect, and then he leapt on to the mare’s backside, and began to thrust. Max remembered his fantasy, realizing that it was now real. He looked over at his new masters, and Maria could see something change in his eyes as he pushed into the mare. They went black, all trace of humanity vanishing. He was fully a horse now.

The following weekend was another county fair, and another horse show. The new Midnight effortlessly took the grand champion prize. Being a show horse suited his ego and vanity. He liked that people admired him, the judges studying him as the cameras flashed. This time, Maria took the podium to accept the prize and the kudos of her peers. She could finally take credit for the horse she had created, created in a way that none of them would ever know. There was prize money, and several offers for stud fees, and she would soon be a wealthy woman. As they began to gather their gear to put it back in the truck, she had a thought.

“Max, Where did he ride you the night I left?” Maria asked.

“Over to that big white farmhouse off route 30. Worthington’s…Yeah, the Worthington farm.” He replied.

“Cindy Worthington. Slut.” Maria sniffed. “You know, I bet my fortune teller friend is at this fair, too. Maybe we should go for a visit, and see if I can arrange to have Cindy made a permanent part of our stables. Do you think our new Midnight would like that?”

“Oh, I think he’d like that very much.” Max replied, grinning.

“How about it, Midnight? Would you like that?” She said stroking his snout. He couldn’t understand her words, but knew from her tone that it must be something good. He flicked his tail and nodded in the affirmative. “You always thought you were the finest stud in the county, and now you are, old friend.” Maria said.

They carefully loaded the prize stallion into his trailer, and went over to the midway to find the fortune teller. The prize money would cover the cost, and Maria could show off her new husband while she was there, too.