Answer the Call (hypno)

It was far too fucking early in the morning to be up. But Grant knew that he had to get up this morning just as he had every previous morning this summer. It was part and parcel of working on a farm that you had so much stuff to do that you had to get up that early just to get them all done. He looked sullenly at the barely peeking over the horizon sun and swung himself out of bed, putting on his blue shirt and going down for breakfast.

The sun was not much farther up the horizon when Grant and his employer, Mr. Belanoff, left the main hose and split up, as they normally did. Grant would go to the shed and grab the tools and the fuel and everything needed for the day's work, while Mr. Belanoff would start to take care of the animals. As Grant got to the shed, however, he got dizzy for a moment.

He put his hand out to steady himself as the vertigo swept over him. But just as he was about to call out for help, the sensation cleared. Grant blinked a few times rapidly, then shook his head and walked into the shed. But, as he began to pick up tools, a new sensation began.

It was like an itch in the center of his head, distracting him whenever he tried to think about all that he'd need that day. He'd reach for a tool, thinking it through, and suddenly he would stop and blink for a second, letting his hand fall. Grant rubbed his head, trying to scratch the itch and get his thoughts straight. We'll need the hammer, and the socket wrenches and the screwdriver to work on the- the- What was I thinking again?

An abstracted air came over Grant's face, as the itching inside his head intensified. He closed his eyes, trying to focus. Right, tools. We need the hammer and the socket wrench and the screwdriver, so that we can go into town. Grant cocked his head to the side, something wasn't right about that thought. Go into town, is that what I was supposed to do? seemingly unbidden, he started waling out of the shed, trying to hold on to thoughts that kept slipping away in time with the pulsing of the itch in his head.

By the time he was outside, Grant's thoughts were succumbing to the strange influence. Okay, so going into town, we'll need the hammer, the socket wench, and the servedriver... Wait, the what? servedriver, what's a servedriver? We... We don't need that. We just need the hardmmer, the strip wrenches, and the serve.. the serve? yeah, that's right. Need to serve. Need to get hard, strip, and serve. Hard, strip, serve. Go to town. Can only wear shoes. Must be hard. Must strip, serve, obey, get hard, strip, serve, obey, get hard...

His eyes glowing blue, Grant tripped of his jeans and shirt, hanging them on the fence as he stared in the direction of the rising sun and town. Once he was naked, his had cock sticking out like a handle, he began a slow march, always staring forward. By the time he got to the entrance of the farm, Mr. Belanoff was there too, naked and hard, with the same glowing blue eyes. They began to march in step, walking down the road.

It was some 10 miles into town, but neither Grant nor Mr. Belanoff seemed to notice. Walking in, they passed the few cars that had been on the road at the time, all carefully pulled off to the side. In a few of them, women and children could be seen sleeping soundly. But neither of the men were in any condition to take notice.

Town was a more bustling place. Men, with glowing blue eyes and hard cocks were walking around, doing different jobs. Some were moving unconscious people, some building barricades and blockades, some were working on strange antennae, setting them up behind the barricades so they could not be easily reached. Grant and Mr. Belanoff walked by this hive of activity without a second glance, and went to the courthouse in the center of town.

Inside the main courtroom, a naked man sat behind the bench, a group of the hottest young men from the town serving him. The man smiled and raised his voice. "Welcome, newcomers. What are your names and where do you live?"

"Grant Carver, master. I live in town but am working and staying at the Belanoff farm ten miles outside town this summer."

"Kern Belanoff, master. I own the Belanoff farm 10 miles outside of town."

"Oh, that wont do, Grant. Nonono, you have to stay in town with me. You are far too cute to be that far away. We'll make sure someone else goes and helps Mr. Belanoff for the summer."

"Yes, master. Someone else." Grant and Mr. Belanoff intoned flatly.

"Mr. Belanoff, I assume your wife is properly asleep at home. You will help set up the enforcement towers today, and then return home. You will dress and return to your life as if nothing has changed. You will tell your wife these things, and obey them as well. You will not find the towers odd when you come into town. Men must always come into town naked. Neither you nor your wife will think this strange in any way. It is proper for men to be naked in town. It is proper to serve the new town mayor, me, and do everything I say. You will always be at your television at 7:30 PM to watch the mayor's address on the public access channel and get new instructions each day. In anyone visits who is not under the mayor's influence, you will act normally, but make some excuse to drive them closer to town until they are under control. Once that is done bring them to me. That will be the only time men can come to town dressed. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master mayor." Mr Belanoff turned and left.

"Now, Grant. Since we have that chore out of the way, why don't you come here. We can have fun with that body while I explain your new role..."