At the Meet (hypno)

Rico was really pumped to be at the competition. If you had asked him just a few months ago if he thought he could be here, he would have said no. But then he met his coach, and everything changed. No he was ripped and pumped and ready for action.

Rico's coach walked over, checking him out. "Looking good there, Rico."

"Feeeelin' great, Coach!" They both smiled.

"Just one last check, though," Coach said, reaching forward to touch Rico with a device in his palm.

Rico and Coach

Rico froze when it came in contact with his skin. His eyes glazed over as the device took over his mind, as it had so many times before. The bouncing, energetic Rico wipe clean, replaced by the mechanical control of the device.

"Now, there may be some people who knew the old you here, my little pet, but that tan and your new muscles should make it hard to identify you. Just in cas though... who is Harold?"

"Harold is my old life. He no longer exists. I know no Harold. Nothing remains of him now," Rico, originally Harold, said mechanically.

"Who are you now?" Coach asked.

"I am Rico. I am a total jock. My only interests are working out and serving you. You are everything to me. I cannot disobey you. You have always been my guide and friend," Rico recited.

"What must you always do for me?"

"I must work out every day. I must grow bigger. I will do anything, take anything to become the biggest I can be. I must do this for Coach. There are no other goals more important than being his empty muscl jock."

"Very good," Coach replied and took away the device.

Rico came flooding back, not noticing any time has passed, but feeling a new need to serve this man who had helped him so much.

"Everything okay, Coach?" he asked.

"Just fine, Rico. Now, let's go out there and win!"