Bicep Induction (hypno)

David was on his daily jog around the river when a stranger stopped him.

"Do you have the time?" the stranger asked.

David smiled and pointed at his bare wrist. "Nope, sorry. No watch."

The stranger smiled too. "Nice arm you got there, kid. I'm a personal trainer, so I know a good arm when I see one."


"Could you flex it for me?"

David thought it was a little weird, but he was proud of his muscles, so he flexed.

"Oh yeah," the stranger said. "Those guns are pumped. And those tendons, so tight." The stranger started tracing his finger up and down David's arm without touching. "Yeah, those are perfectly held, so tight and hard, like all your energy is in them. See that?"

David nodded, looking at his arm and the finger going back and forth across it.

"Takes a lot of energy to hold that. I'm sure you can, but other parts may feel more tired while you do, but that's perfectly okay. It's good to let that relaxation happen while you're flexing, helps you focus, doesn't it?"

David nodded, finding it hard to look away.

"Yeah, helps you focus on your arm, and on my hand, and on my voice, and all the other things that relax away. They aren't important, really, not at all."

David tried to say something, but he found he couldn't really remember anything to say. His mind was trapped in the stranger's words.

"Yeah, just relax, let is all go. You're jogging for a relaxing time, to be happy, so just let that wash over you."

David felt his body relax almost involuntarily.

"Very good, boy. See, you like following my instructions They feel so good, just like watching my finger go back and forth feels so good."

David was trying to remember something, to hold on to something so he could resist the fog rolling over his mind, making it hard to do anything at all.

"So good to just listen. Listen and obey. Feel those words reverberate around your mind. They become the most important things, don't they?"

David's thoughts scattered with those words, his last grip of his will vanishing to be replaced wit hthe mantra of "Listen and Obey." "Yes," he said, his voice a monotone.

"Very good," the stranger said, putting his hand down. David just kept staring at his bicep. "You feel so relaxed, it's so good to listen and obey my voice. It's the only thing that you can think of, the orders you receive. Go deeper, deeper, deeper down into my voice, into your mind. You have no thoughts, no memory, no will at all. Perfectly obedient to your master. Now, follow me. Let's get you a new identity. You can be my little pet muscle jock, working out and servicing my needs. You'll like that."

"Yes master," David replied in that same monotone, as he was led away to be brainwashed into his new life...

David goes down deep