Bicep Trigger (hypno)

As Jack opened his eyes from the deep, dreamless sleep he'd been in, it took him a few moments to realize that he didn't really recognize the room he was in.  Groggily, he sat up and blinked a few times, trying to remember the previous night.  But, try as he might, he just couldn't seem to get a clear picture.  He remembered going to the gym after work, and it sorta got fuzzy.  A club, flashing lights, riding in someones car, and then even less detail of this bed and mind numbing ecstasy.  Through it all, details of his companion were indistinct.

Must have had too much to drink. he thought to himself.  Not that this would be the first time he awoke in some girls bed, unsure of how he got there.  Shrugging off the bedclothes, he called out.  "Hello?" but no one responded.  Deciding to get out of bed to look for a note or leave one, Jack rolled over to the side of the bed, looking for his clothes, which he found in a heap.  Oddly, though, they were his gym clothes.  Usually he changed before going out, but apparently this time he hadn't.  He didn't think that these were the most attractive clothes, but the did show off his muscles, so they must have worked.

Jack pulled on his muscle tank top first, admiring his arms as he did so.  He loved his big arms, and, as he usually did, flexed after he pulled the shirt on.  As he did, he noticed how beautiful his biceps were.  He flexed again, going much more slowly, staring at his forearm.  The rippling motions of his muscles calmed him, and were just so beautiful he couldn't seem to take his eyes off them  He was curious about this for a moment, but the more he watched his biceps, the less clearly he thought.

He flexed a few more times, each time going slower.  His forearm was hypnotic to him, the more he stared at it flexing, the more foggy his brain became.  He could hear whispers in the corner of his mind, telling him of the tension and relaxation being so comfortable.  Such an easy, repetitive motion, easy to watch, easy to focus on, easy to get lost in.  They were just so beautiful.

Then Jack noticed his hand was open.  His foggy mind briefly wondered why, but then that same whispering voice told him.  It said that his palm was going to help him focus.  That on the next flex, it would touch his head, and empty his mind of all distractions.  Empty it of everything, so he could stare at his perfect, beautiful muscles.  Empty it of everything so he could focus on what was important.  Empty it do that he would be a vessel for the words that he heard.  Empty it so that he could  readily and perfectly obey those commands.  Empty it of everything but the voice of his master.

Has his hand approached his head, Jack's addled mind tried to fight, rebelling against the idea of obeying a master.  But the hand inexorably approached his head, and he was already too far gone to be effective against it.  His hand grasped his head, and it was like a switch in his head.  His mind flipped off and he stared for a few moments, an empty shell waiting to be filled.

His master's previous instructions filled his mind, and Jack called out again.  "Reinduction trigger test successful, master.  Original personality can easily be made to flex if wearing this kind of shirt, and once it does, Slave personality can bring it into trance."

A naked man carrying a breakfast tray walked into the bedroom, having been waiting to hear that report.  "Excellent, Slave.  You will use this technique later to emerge and give reports on how Jack is doing severing ties in his old life so he can live here with me."  As he said this, he set down the breakfast tray and sat next to the beautiful man he'd captured the day before at they gym.  "I will give further instructions on that later.  For now, strip and lay back down, close your eyes, and then awaken Lover personality."  As the man lay down on the bed himself, Jack moved mechanically, obeying instructions.

As Jack opened his eyes from the deep, dreamless sleep he'd been in, it took him a few moments to remember where he was.  And then he saw the most beautiful man he'd ever seen in his life, and his breath caught in his throat.  "Hello, lover."  the man said, and caressed Jack's cheek.  "Lets have some breakfast and talk about last night, huh?"

"Sure." Jack said and sat up, hoping against hope that last night was good enough to convince this man to let him stay forever....