Called Into the Office (hypno)

"You wanted to see me, boss?"

"Yes, I was wondering if you had seen our new project. Look here."

"No I haven't. Is that a penlight?"

"Uhuh, but the sellable thing is it uses body heat, so it doesn't need batteries."

"That green light is really something though, it's really... eye-catching."

"It's even better if you watch closely."

"Yeah... you're... right."

"Because then it affects your will, making you compliant. Eager and willing to do as you are told."

"Yes... do... as... I... am... told."

"Why don't you take off your shirt, let some air on that gorgeous chest of yours."

"Yes... sir."




Later in the office...

"Repeat your instructions."

"You are master. I am your slave. I live to serve you and only you. My body and mind are yours to do with as you please. I am a vessel waiting to be filled by your will. Whenever I see the light, I will immediately become as relaxed as I am now and will accept further and mental changes."

"Excellent. 1... 2... 3.... AWAKE!"

"Mmmngh. Sorry sir."

"For what?"

"For not serving you until now sir."

"That's okay, my pet. I'm sure we can come up with something you can do to make it up..."

...or pleasure?