Captured on the Road (hypno)

While I never in my wildest dreams thought that what I can do is possible, it has made my life infinitely more interesting. But, I get ahead of myself. My name is, at least for the purposes of this little record, is Lord. It's what I get called more often than not anyway, so it'll do for a pseudonym. Not that I really have to worry much. Most who read this will assume that it's fictional. But, for those who don't, I don't want you scared when someone with my name shows up in your life. It makes this a whole lot harder.

It all started back in high school, though I didn't notice it at the time. I was out, and I just seemed to be able to pick them, really. I'd find someone hot, we'd talk and weirdly they'd eventually tell me they were gay too. Even if they had been known to sleep with a new girl each week. We'd date for a short while, and then I'd eventually get bored, mainly because the longer I dated someone, the less of them seemed to be there. What I wanted seemed to dominate them. Don't get me wrong, I did have wants, but eventually, I'd like them to come up with an idea, and after a while, they couldn't seem to. So my eye would wander and off to the new guy.

It wasn't until I noticed one of my old flames back with women and claiming to have just had a "phase" that I began to suspect something was up. I cornered him the next day, and at first, he was belligerent, and I could see some of the fire that had first attracted me to him. He didn't seem to want to talk to me, but within a few minutes his face was back in that submissive puppy look, and he calmly explained that he had only ever been attracted to one man, me. I didn't believe him, so I called up the hottest pic of a guy I had on my phone, and then felt his dick as I showed it to him, to see if it would twitch.

To properly understand what happened next, I should relate a more recent tale. I was on the road again, driving between Memphis and New Orleans, and I stopped for gas in a little town of the highway. I try to head through those every so often, partially because I like to see farm boys as a break from the city dwellers I normally have fun with, and partially because I'll find gems like Jetson. When I walked in the store to get the pump started I saw him behind the counter, all cute and fuzzy, shirtless in the hot summer day. I also caught his dark look when I gave him the eye, and decided he needed the full attitude adjustment. So when I came back in to pay, I snuck up on him, getting as close as I could, and then asked, "Hey, can I ask you a favor?"

He jumped as he turned, but didn't immediately step away. He quite clearly was upset I was in his personal space, but didn't understand why he didn't fix that. I smiled a predatory smile, cause he was hooked, and said. "I need some help with my car. It not running very smooth and I'm hoping you'll be able to help."

"I'm not a mechanic and even if I was I wouldn't work far a fa-"he said angrily

"I'd be willing to pay you a good price, and it's not like it's busy here." I interrupted, and swept my hand across the empty shop.

He blinked a few times, as a confused expression crossed his face. His mind was trying to understand why he wanted to agree. "I..I... guess you're right. What's going on?"

"Well, it would be a lot easier if I were to show you. Why don't you come out to my car with me?"


I kept as close as I could as we walked out, and by the time we got to it, he was already in what I call stage 1. I waved him to the front seat, and he plopped into it, even though that really wasn't why he was here, but he was willing to follow minor requests unquestioningly. But I didn't have the time to slowly entice, as fun as that id. I got into the drivers seat and leaned over. "Oh, I never did get your name?"

"Oh, Jetson. And yours?"

"Oh, you'll know one for me soon enough." I replied, and plunged my hand into his pants.

He squawked in shock, but didn't have time to do any more as I gripped his flaccid cock in my hand. Instantly, he became hard in my hands. His eyes popped wide, and I had a glimpse of hazel against white before they glowed, filling with a whirling yellow and red spiral. The shock on his face dissolved, and he impassively stared forward. With my had still firmly holding his cock, I ordered him to strip, and he did so without hesitation, staying seated as he wriggled out of his pants. Just like that old flame back in high school, grabbing his cock put him in a totally obedient, programmable state, just as being near me slowly does the same thing.

I had him pull down my pants and began to stroke us both in time, rewriting his sexuality and personality as I did so. Once I was done and we'd both came, he'd be someone who'd grabbed at the chance to get out of his homophobic town and come out in the big city, and I'd have a hot companion for the trip. So that's my life, traveling around, meeting people, molding them and having fun with them. Like I said, infinitely interesting....