Computist: Workout Bot (hypno)

Rick walked back into his room, rubbing his shoulder. He'd just done an intensive 2-hour workout, and now just wanted to wind down and relax. He went to lay on his bed, when he saw his computer.

Oh right, he thought, I need to check my email.

Avoiding the siren call of the bed, he flicked the computer on, sat on his chair, and just relaxed there. He caught himself staring at the ceiling, not thinking about anything.

Man, I must be really tired.

His computer beeped, and he logged in. As he did, he went straight for the video chat program.

Wait, he thought sluggishly, I need to check my mail, not this. I don't even know anybody on it. Why is it even on my computer?

While is conscious mind tried to catch up, his hands automatically put in a call to the only contact list. The video feed flicked on, and a whirling, pulsing, multi-colored pattern filled the screen. Rick's eyes locked to it, drawn in by the rolling complexity and hypnotic patterns.

Huh?... What is.... twisting... beat... weights... bed... pretty nehmeh.... His mind unraveled, and his muscles relaxed, instantly undoing the knots from his recent workout.

A voice sounded from the speakers. "Report."

Rick rolled

Rick's face snapped from relaxed and dumbfounded to impassively blank. "I have carried out all instructions according to Program 1, master," Rick replied.

"Very good. You will eat Supplements 1 and 14 now," the voice ordered.

Rick mechanically pulled open a drawer and pulled out a pill and a protein bar. He ate both, washing them down with water from the same drawer, but throughout it all, he never took his eyes off the pattern. "Task complete," he said when done, his voice as mechanical as his motions.

"End this call, and watch Pattern 7 for two hours. Then turn off the computer, get into bed, and run Program 1," the voice ordered.

"Obeying as instructed," Rick replied, immediately closing the video call. He opened another folder filled with looping video clips, and ran the one marked 7. The same whirling pattern bloomed onto the screen.

For the next two hours, Rick sat motionlesss, his eyes fixated by the pattern, his body relaxed and limp. The only motion he made was to whisper the subliminals being blasted into his brain over and over: "I will obey... I must obey.... I cannot think anything that my master and controller does not want. I am a robot. My body is flex, but my mind is metal. An obedient servant to my master and controller. This pattern is my signal. When I see this pattern, my mind will empty. This pattern wipes all current instructions. When I see this pattern, I will listen and obey. I have to obey instructions when I see the pattern. I have no choice. I will obey. I must obey. I cannot think anything..."

After two hours, Rick continued to follow his instructions, turning off his computer. He got into bed, got under the covers, and closed his eyes. A moment later, they opened lazily.

"Mmmrm," Rick said, rolling over to look at his clock, which read 11 AM, Wednesday."4 on a lazy Sunday afternoon. That was a good nap," he said, rolling out of bed. "Might as well work out, get these puppies going."

He walked over to his bureau and pulled out a pair of workout shorts. As he pulled them on, the fabric tore, as the shorts did not fit his huge frame. Rick's muscles were huge, many times the size that they had been when he had first received a message from the man that now controlled his life and mind. Rick's new strength easily overcame the fabric's resistance, reducing them to shreds as his hard muscles burst through. Rick let go, and the shreds fell to the floor to join the others that had met the same fate. He didn't notice.

"Nothing like nap and a good workout to relax you and clear your mind," Rick said to himself as he went back out to work out again, repeating the loop over and over and over....

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