Confusion Induction (hypno)

Tom was walking by a pay phone on the street when it rang. He slowed, looking left aand right to see if anyone was waiting for a call. The few people who were walking by dind't seem to be interested in the phone at all. Tom walked over to the phone, picked it up and said into the receiver, "Sorry, you just called a pay phone. Wrong number."

A deep, soothing voice on the other end said, "Oh, that's okay. The beavers winning in time with the pace will make it up."

Tom shook his head in shock. "What?" he said.

But the voice on the other end continued, uninterruptible and rapid. "The pace is all that's important when the spinning hat plods along, right and lieft, easy and slow and feeling that it doesn't have to keep focus. One part can just relax away, while the other can lock in place. As the left hand follows the right choice, while the right follows what's left. But there's nothing left, right?"

Tom nodded dumbly, the rapid stream of words confusing his mind, making it hard to think.

"All the feelings you feel are right and left happen making you feel warm when it doesnt but it doesn't always, no change being just as relaxing. And relaxation makes so many things feel like they are heavy and yet your body feels weightlessly heavy, drawing you down and down into the sky and clouds flying high."

Tom stood there, his mind whirling, unable to form a clear thought amidset the tumult of confusion the man's words were causing.

"And when you're going down flying high, it's good to have someone to catch you. To help you make sense of everything that's happening. So it's good that you're listening to me with one ear while your conscious mind goes out the other. It doesn't matter wich, the right choice or what's left, it's just so heavy and weighted down that it drifts awy."

Tom felt the sensation of all the confused, crisscorssed thoughts flowing out of his head, taking everything with it, except for the man's voice.

"But the change in your mind is no changes, since you've been listening to me this whole time, the same way you are now. And that's the most important part now. The only part. My voice is all there is, right?"

The voice finally paused, waiting for an answer.

"Yes," Tom said.


"What is your name, boy?" it asked.

"Tom," he replied, the knowledge not popping into his empty head until the question was asked.

"You are ready to follow instructions, Tom?"


"There is a white van parked over the next block west to a pay phone. Go to it, get in and await further instructions."

"Okay," Tom said, dropping the phone and walking out of the booth. His mind full of nothing but blank fluff, he walked the block and got into the passenger side of the van. The same voice, now behind him, said, "SLEEP!"

Tom's eyes closed, and he melted in the seat.

"Good boy," the voice said. "Let's go back to my place and see whatwe can do with that empty head of yours."