The Evil Wizard (hypno)

It’s high time that the evil wizard be destroyed. the knight Galcon thought as he strode into the castle. He had heard things about this wizard Somus, how he’d somehow been released from his fealty oath and had created some terrible village where serfs could run away to. He’d seen it with his own eyes when he’d gone through it. All of the men (Had they been all men? he thought) had not shown proper deference to a knight, and the one he’d asked to direct him had actually smirked at his denouncement of the wizard. He needed to rid the land of this scourge so that proper society could be restored.

Knowing what the wizard’s twisted magics could do to him if given the chance, Galcon slipped off his mail and sneaked up to the chamber high in the tower. He listened at the door and heard Somus chanting, oblivious to the righteous fury that would descend upon him. Galcon kicked the door in with a loud bang, and stabbed the figure standing near it, screaming “DIE, WIZARD TYRANT! AND MAY YOUR LITTLE FIEFDOM DIE WITH YOU!”

A blue bolt of energy surged up through Galcon’s sword, striking him and freezing him in place. The robed figure dissipated, the illusion broken, and Galcon saw he had stabbed a luminous sphere. Slow clapping started off to his left, and then Somus walked into view. “Foolish knight, my friends in the village told me of your arrival. So I laid a little paralysis trap for you and you fell for it easily. That will be your last mistake.”

Galcon tried to steel his muscles for the final blow, but Somus seemed to read his thought. “No no, I won’t kill you. I need a knight to help keep other fools like you at bay. So I’ll just turn you into my obedient slave. You won’t make any more mistakes because you won’t have the will to do anything but follow instructions. But enough chatter, to work”

You cannot hope to dominate the will of a Knight of the Realm, wizard. I will break your spell and… Wait, what is he doing?! Galcon’s thoughts dissolved to shock as the wizard started removing Galcon’s clothes, moving his limbs like a doll. Within a few minutes, he stood naked as Somus looked him over. “Very nice. Being a knight keeps your body lean and beautiful. That will make the next part much easier.” Galcon felt the wizard stand behind him and move his hands behind his head, caressing Galcon’s bulging arms as he did so. Then he was turned and he felt liquid sprinkled over him. The wizard chanted, and then said, “There, now we are ready.”

Suddenly, Galcon was in ecstasy. His cock sprang to attention as he felt some part inside him being stimulated. Wave upon wave of pleasure seemed to batter his mind into a box. He couldn’t think straight, everything was lost in the white hot need. The box his mind was in seemed to descend into his balls, making them churn with need. Each wave of stimulation and pleasure made his cock harder and his ball churn more, even though he was past where he thought he could take no more. And then he suddenly came, and his mind emptied. His will spurted out with his cum, and his mind became a blank and doll like as his body was.

Somus chuckled as he gathered the will-infused cum, a favorite ingredient of his for a male lust potion. “The vessel is emptied, as it should be. Now to fill you with my seed and will.” The wizard pushed Galcon to his knees and opened his mouth, then turned to disrobe. Galcon stayed still, his mouth open and ready, waiting to be filled…

Under his spell