Follow Along (hypno)

For the students of the local university, it was an important night, the first night of spring break. Lots of parties, lots of booze, lots of students hooking up. But that wasn't why the man in the university acoustics lab was smiling. This was the first night he could test his machine. It was still in the planning stages, and he knew it would take a week of exposure to fully influence a subject. So this was the perfect time to gather some up. No one would question too much their disappearance over spring break, as long as they had a good story. But he didn't want a flood either, just a few, so he waited till it was a few minutes after 10, put in some fancy looking earplugs, and then flipped a switch on the device beside him.

Julian handed a key back to Cal as he exited the apartments near campus. "Thanks dude. Sorry I had to pull you away from the party, but they wouldn't let me in without ID."

Cal, who had been waiting outside while Julian had gone in for his wallet and keys, shook his head as if to clear cobwebs from it. "It's okay man. I knew going into this place with you that you wouldn't be able to remember your head if it wasn't screwed on, so I'm prepared for the pathetic cries for help." He smiled as Julian socked him on the arm. "Anyway, lets get back to the bar. The night is young!"

Both of the college students cut through campus to hit the bars on the other side. Even though he was shorter, Julian led the way, his quick step belying his nervous energy. He wanted to unwind tonight, get drunk, hook up, and forget the heavy tests he'd had to take. Hell, the only reason he wasn't out earlier was he was getting all his coursework done so that the week was totally his. Not hearing his roommate behind him, he turned. "Hey slowpoke, get a.." his words faltered, as he noticed Cal halfway across the quad in the other direction, heading for the physics building. "Cal!?! Where you going?!" Julian called, but there was no response, and Julian ran after Cal.

Cal was walking with a strangely stiff legged gait, and so Julian caught up with him easily. "Hey man, you're going to wrong way. Bar's are this way!"

Cal's head tilted, his face seeming to come awake from a blank stare. "Huh? Oh, nuh, you go ah'ed Julian. I'm going ta go thish way. Pretty music this way. Sound good. Make haaaarddddd." As the last word trailed off, Cal's face slid back to a blank mask. His eyes began to rapidly roll around in his head, and he stuck his hand in his shorts, and started stroking his cock.

Julian was shocked as his roommate, still stroking it, started walking forward again. "Dude, what the fuck are you doing?! You gotta... " Julian blinked a couple of times as he lost his train of thought. There was this strange vibration he started to hear, almost musical, and his head bobbed in time with it for a second before he came back. "Stop! You gotta stop!"

Without breaking his stride or his stroking, Cal replied. "Don' wanna shtop. Fells good. Get closer. Fell better."

Julian's head was now full of the odd music, and it was making him fuzzy. He shook it a few times, both to try to clear it and to say no to his friend. "But shu gotta man. It'sna sumpm'n you can do here."

Cal, already completely under the musics sway, could only ask on question. "Why?"

Julian struggled to get the answer out of the mush that was his brain. Why couldn't they? It was something about the place they were in. But where were they? Julian couldn't remember. They were... were...near the music? That was the only thing that would come into his head. He looked at Cal's peaceful, serene face. He's listening to the music, why shouldn't I? Julian thought. The music was good. Made you feel good. Each step made it feel so much better. Each step meant more pleasure. Felt so good. Made you feel hard. Had to get hard. Stroke to make hard. Go to music. Julian's hand slid into his shorts as he finally succumbed to the music. His eyes started spinning, and he turned toward the physics building, walking with his mesmerized friend, stroking his cock with each step.

The inventor had just finished prepping the TA he had snared with the device for transport when Julian and Cal walked in, still mindlessly stroking their hard-ons and staring at the machine. "Oh! I didn't expect anyone like you two here! I would have thought you off campus by now. Not that I mind. It'll be more instructive to have two party boys along, see how alcohol makes you more susceptible." Moving quickly, the inventor took scissors and cut off their clothes, then guided them into black metal boxes sitting on a dolly, next to the TA's box. Their joints moved easily, without resistance as he made them fit, but they never stopped stroking their cocks. As he closed the lids of their boxes, he heard them both groan as they came for the first time. The boxes metal reverberated with the vibrations of the device, and moved them into stage two, where they could hear the words with the music and cum when the words wanted, brainwashing them into obedience. "Good thing I brought extra boxes." the inventor said as he set his device on the dolly and began to wheel it to his van, to take his new slaves home...