Gym Hard Workout

The cool air in the gym was a reprieve. Rick stepped into the gym from the sweltering day outside and for a moment reveled in the feeling on his skin. “Hey Rick, how've you been?” a voice asked.

Rick smiled and walked up to the counter. “Doing just fine Mr. Herrick,” he said as he signed in on the clipboard. He glanced over the names and saw a new one still signed in. “Oh hey, got a new guy in today, Mr. Herrick?”

“It's Tom, please, and yeah, Jacob brought him in.”

“That him by the medicine ball?”

“Yeah, that's him.”

“What's he need to do, beef up to beat the senior who's hassling him?”

Tom laughed. “No no, nothing like that. He's in his 20s, if you'll believe it. I was a little shocked myself when I checked his ID, but some people are just blessed with that kinda face.”

“I guess.” Rick said doubtfully. “Anyway, I better get ready.”

Rick stepped into the small changing room, changing into his gym clothes quickly. When he got out, he saw Tom over by the cardio circuit machines, working with Jack and Stavros. Rick snorted. While Tom usually preferred to do individual assistance, with those two he made an exception. They were so inseparable they picked up the nickname 'The twins' in their first week here. They didn't look at all alike, one was blond and the other dark, but the moniker stuck. They were roommates too, but Rick had discovered to his disappointment that at least Stavros was straight. They had been friends for forever, apparently, and just did everything together.

Jacob was working on the leg lifter, bending over helping set a weight for his friend... what had been the name? Oh right, Ben. Rick checked them both out. Jacob was cute as always, even if his faux hawk always looked a bit odd. The new boy Ben was a little lean for Rick's taste, but that would change. Rick only hoped he'd keep that angel face.

Finishing scanning the room, he saw Tim sitting an his corner, as usual, working the freeweight set furthest from everyone. Tim had been coming here for 6 months now, and all Rick knew about him was his name. He never talked to anyone, never continued a conversation if someone tried to strike one up, just did his time and left.

Rick shook his head and walked to the other weight set. As he did, Tom walked towards Tim, apparently done with the twins. For the next 30 minutes or so, as Rick started to work his way up the weights, Tom want to each man, giving trainer advice. He seemed to spend the most time with the new kid, but that was to be expected. However, something odd seemed to strike Rick. He couldn't put his finger on it though.

Finally, as Tom finished with Ben and walked up to Rick, Rick figured it out. Neither Tim nor the twins had changed what they were working with. Tim might have been working a specific area, but the twins were doing cardio, they should have moved on by now. “Hey Tom, I think the twins are slacking. They've just been working that same machine for-”

“You just worry about your own workout, Rick. You done limbering up, or you gonna slack off yourself?” Rick stepped to the bar as Tom put a small amount of weight on both ends. Ricked picked it up and started doing curls.

“That's it Rick, just get into that rhythm,” Tom said, walking around him. “You do a few of those and I'll be right back.” Tom quickly walked to the twins, who rapidly moved to the next station when Tom told them to. Had Rick been closer, he would have noticed their blank faces as they followed instructions. Walking back to Rick, Tom smiled. “There you go, got a good rhythm going there. Tension and release. Up and down. One and two. Just keep that going. Up and down. One and two. Tension, release. That's it, just like that. Tense. Relax. Tense. Relaaax. Tense. RELAAAX.”

Rick was starting to feel a little light headed. He blinked a few times and opened his mouth to speak. “No no,” Tom stopped him. “Don't lose it. Keep focused. Just up.” Tom brought his hand to above Rick's eye level near his face. “And down.” and as Tom said that brought his hand down below eye level. “And up. And down. And up. And doown. And up. And doown.” Tom matched his hand movements to his words. Something about the hand movements addled Rick even more, making it so hard to think. “Yeah, that's it, you're getting into the zone now. You're zoning. Zoning out. As you go up. And doown. And up. And DOOOWN.” Rick's mind whirled as the emphasis and entrancing movements seemed to unlock a part of his mind. His thoughts seemed to just be garbled mush, and it was all he could do to continue with the exercise.


A smile crept into Tom's voice. “That's right, just keep on working out. Even though the weight is getting so much heavier.” Rick began to strain to lift it. “Each lift seems to double the weight, making it that much harder to tense and soooo good when you RELAX.” Rick was trembling to lift the weight now, it seemed so very heavy. “And soon, it will just be so so heavy that you won't be able to lift it anymore. You won't be able to tense any more. The only thing left will be...” Rick was straining to lift the bar, but couldn't. “... to RELAX.” Rick went limp at that, his head resting on his chest.

“Very good, Rick.” Tom said. “Now, even though you're not lifting it, you can feel the weight getting heavier still. Except now, it seems to be dragging on your mind. Pulling it deeper. Deeper. Deeper. Harder and harder to keep your thoughts and memories and will in your head. They get pulled down deeper and deeper and deeper. And they get pulled so deep now that they sink out of your mind. Leaving it totally empty. Totally blank. Just my mindless enslaved jock, obeying every order I give to you. Isn't that right?”

Words jumped into the empty space in Rick's head and he had to say them, even though he didn't know their meaning. “I hear and obey.”

Tom grinned wickedly, and then walked to the door and locked it, putting up the closed sign on the gym doors. He turned and addressed them all. “Slaves, you will strip naked. With each clothing piece you remove, you will get more aroused, until you are completely hard as you remove your underwear. From now on, you will only obey the orders I give that start with either slaves or are addressed to you by name. Understood?”

There was a deadpan chorus of “I hear and obey,” and then each of them began to strip. Tom walked among them, trying to decide what to do with his little menagerie today. The twins finished first, their huge cocks springing out of their tight jockeys. Tom looked at them hungrily, then shook his head. “Naa, not toda,.” je said to himself. “I'd like to go out tonight and not walk funny.”

Jack and Stavros

He raised his voice. “Jack, Stavros. Right now, you find your cocks totally fascinating, and getting more so with each second. The look so delicious you want to just suck on it more and more. But you can reach them to do so. Makes you so tense doesn't it?”

A pained look crossed both their faces. “Yes, master.”

“Stavros, Jack, you realize now though, that your roommate's cock looks just as tasty, and you can reach for that. When I say go, you will give in to that need... go.” The twins dropped to the floor immediately, their hungry mouths searching for each other. Tom walked away as the two began to vigorously 69 each other.

Tom stepped over to Ben, considering what he might want to the new blood. “Ben, tell me why you are here.”

“To bulk up,” Ben replied deadpan.

“Ben, why do you want to bulk up? You look to be in fine condition.” Ben's face twisted a bit. “Ben, you must obey. There are no thoughts in your head other than my words. Answer the question.”

Ben's face cleared. “Yes master. I want to make Jacob notice me. I want him so badly.”

Tom raised his eyebrows. “Oh, I see. Jacob, how do you feel about Ben?”

“He's a good kid. Want to help him ease into coming out.”

Tom considered this for a minute. “Tim, come here and lay down.” The loner obeyed, his blank face showing no sign that he had heard anything of the conversation. “Jacob, Ben when I snap my fingers, you will no longer be in the gym. You will be in a hotel room. You, Jacob, will be there to show Ben the ropes, and to show him how to use protection. Tim is your friend that you've hypnotized, and acting as your dummy to mime with while in trance. However, as you go through the motions, both Ben and Jacob will get hotter and hotter until you both realize you want each other, and you will 3 way with Tim. Tim, you will obey any order they give you until all 3 of you cum. Then you will snap back to being mindless slaves. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

Gym boys

Tom tossed down some condoms from his pocket and snapped his fingers. Jacob reached for them and started giving Ben the spiel, Tim laying between them still with that blank look on his face, as Tom walked to Rick. “Well then, stud, I guess it's you and me. Let's get you really relaxed.” Tom stripped, and then knelt down, taking Rick's cock into his mouth. For the next few minutes, the emptiness in Rick's head seemed to fill with pleasure. The only interruption was a thud when Jacob and Ben gave into their feelings, knocking over a dumbbell as they rushed into each other's arms.

Rick got hotter and harder as Tom deep-throated his cock, and then tickled the tip with his tongue. Finally, he came, and Tom stood up. “You remember how that felt. Now, Rick, you will do exactly the same to me.” Rick dropped to his knees and began wildly slurping Tom's cock with abandon, using all the tricks he had just felt.

Tom surveyed the room. The trio were now just laying there, obviously having cum. It looked like the twins had too, based on what was trickling down their chins, but they were still going at it, since their cocks were so delicious to each other. “Jack, Stavros, stop and go blank.” The two stopped moving and just lay there, their open mouths half filled with the other's dick. Tom then let himself go with the flow of Rick's hot mouth, and came a few minutes later.

Tom stepped back from Rick and raise his voice. “Slaves, when I snap my fingers, you will pick up your clothes and walk to the showers, dropping the clothes off in the locker room. You will each take a shower, and as the water passes over you, the memories of what happened here will wash away with them. You'll just remember it was a good session at the gym. And once the memories are totally gone, you will slowly wake. From now on, whenever I say 'Remember the weight' you will sink back down to this mindless state.” Tom would have a talk to Ben and Jacob another day about their relationship.

After the double clean up (bodies and mind), Rick was the last to file out. He wasn't feeling as much of a burn as he usually did, and wasn't sure what he'd done differently. He walked over to Tom. “Hey Tom, I'm not feeling as much burn today, why is that?”

Tom looked around, seeing Jacob closing the door behind himself, and smile. “Oh, Rick, we just tried you with more weight, don't you remember the weight?” The bottom fell out of Rick's mind, and he stood his mouth ajar and arms hanging loose at his side. Tom grinned wickedly again, “Time for a little more molding, stud, and a little more fun.”