Hidden Audience (hypno)

Alec sat in his living room, restlessly moving around. He wasn't sure why but he just felt very antsy. His roommate, Ned, had gone off somewhere, and Alec was just alone and couldn't sit still.

Maybe it's the heat, he thought. It's getting rather warm in here.

Alec pulled at his shirt collar, trying to get a breeze. In the back of his min a voice he couldn't place whisphered, "Far too hot for your shirt. You should take it off, but slowly."

Yeah, that might help, his regular thoughts responded. He peeled off his button down shirt slowly, luxuriating in each inch of bare flesh exposed to the cool air. It felt really good, but a few minutes alter, he was hotter than ever. Now what?

"Removing the shirt felt so good, why not the pants?" the other voice in his head said.

Alec peeled his pants off and again was rewarded with a feeling of intense coolness as the air hit his smooth skin. He felt it up and down; it felt... wrong. He'd been hairy, hadn't he?

"That's not important now. Any layer to help cool down is best."

Totally not important, Alec agreed. The heat seemed to rush back faster after removing his pants. Suddenly, his briefs were sweltering and seemed sizes too small. Alec fell back, landing so that his head rested on the seats of his couch. A part of his mind tried to exert control, reminding him that his roommate might be back soon, but the rest of him overrruled him, and he began peeling off the last layer, reveling in that same intense coolness that now flowed everywhere.

Ned, sitting on the other end of the couch, grinned. Alec's indoctrination, the second hypnosis session that Ned had put him under, was going under. Soon Alec's inhibitions would be low enough that he would be casually nude around Ned.

After that, who knows? Ned thought. For now, I can just turn off Alec's perceptions of me and enjoy the show...