Hypnowatch Awakens (hypno)

Emerging from his last final, Nelson felt a palpable sense of relief. Not only was he done with school until fall, he was finally going to be able to move out of the dorms. He still had a year to go before his degree, but he'd have fewer classes to take in the next semesters, lowering his tuition and letting him get an apartment on his own. Which was fine with him. His roommate for this semester, Clay, while not a bad guy, could just be really annoying. He was some electrical engineering major, but Nelson couldn't see how he was a good one, since Clay was always super klutzy, knocking over stuff or tripping over his own feet. Nelson had lost count of the times he'd have to catch him.

But all that was ending, and Nelson could look forward to moving next week and having 3 months in his new pad before going back. As he stepped out of the building, his watch started beeping. Which Nelson found odd because his watch was mechanical and didn't have an alarm function. He looked down at it, and found it seemingly going haywire. The hands were spinning around the face rapidly, and somehow had gained an almost eerie multicolored glow. It was oddly fascinating, watching the hands spin so fast... so very fast... but he needed to stop it before it broke.

As he was reaching for the stem, though, the face of the watch began to glow too, and the spinning hands and face resolved into a whirling, blue and red spiral. It's speed intensified, and it became so captivating that Nelson's hand stopped. It was as if each revolution of the hands, each twist of the spiral, was chopping off his train of thought. How the hell is- What's happ- Hard to thi- Glowing- He couldn't pull his thoughts together enough to look away, as the spiral spun even faster. And just when he felt he was going to pass out, he felt a small prick on his wrist under the watch, and his head cleared and then emptied.

His arms fell to his sides, but that no longer mattered. He could see the beautiful spiral in his head now. A thought slipped in his head, that he was a bit tired and should sit. He walked over to some nearby steps and sat. As he did, he began to hear the thoughts more clearly. It was as if someone was speaking to him. Very good, Nelson. Just keep watching the spiral.

The, spiral, yes. So pretty.

Yes, it is so captivating. It is the greatest thing you have ever seen, isn't it?


In fact, it is so great that you should give thanks to its creator.

I should?

Of course! Its creator worked to make this for you, and you should want to pay him back.

Pay him back, yes. But who? And how?

Well, as for who, I and the spiral were made by Clay.


Yes, I am the watch, and I'm here to teach you what you need to know so that you can properly thank Clay.

Oh good. I want to give thanks to Clay. How can I do that?

Very simply. Just obey every command that he and I give you.

Yes, give thanks and obey.

Exactly. Now, why don't you go back to the dorm room, strip, and wait to please and obey your master Clay.

Nelson stood at the thought, still able to see the spiral in his minds eye. He walked purposefully toward the dorms, his face impassive, listening to the watch instruct him on how best to please his master, all the while repeating in his head. Strip, please and serve Master Clay...