Kicking the Tires (hypno)

Michael had been a lonely child. Growing up in split family and being an outcast at school, he never really made connections with people or friends. So when, at 20 when his mother died, he had become completely alone. He went to work, he went home, he slept--another face drone in the crowd.

Into this miserable life one day came the Myyrck'nyne. Michael had been walking home when someone in the crowd pricked him. He hadn't known he'd been pricked at all, and when he got home a few minutes later, the Myyrck'nyne, a small parasite similar to a blood fluke, attached itself to the base of his brain. It told him that he had been selected as one of their earthly hosts because he would not be missed, that they would train him and provide for him, and his only requirement would be to obey. Not that Michael had much of a choice. Under their influence, he quit his job, sold everything he had, and moved in with the other slaves.

That was three years ago. Three years of working out regularly had turned his flabby body into a hard, toned one for his master. He had wanted for nothing in that time. They had explored parts of human attraction and sexuality, getting him tattoos and dates and so forth. It had been a good life, despite being their slave.

And then the Myyrck'nyne said they had been found by their enemy. This enemy could easily override the Myyrck'nyne's control, eventually killing them inside their hosts. Their only hope was to do battle elsewhere and not bring attention to the planet, and so the Myyrck'nyne left Michael and the others in statis and went off to fight the enemy.

When Michael was awoken from statis when it was turned off, he discovered that what had returned weren't the Myyrck'nyne. The small green humanoids, his masters' enemies, were examining the other slaves, all of whom were standing still, their minds too far gone under the Myyrck'nyne to have much thought without them. Michael faked being as empty as they were, and when the green men came to examine him, they would get a surprise.

Once they were there, Michael tensed to strike, but then one of the green men touched him, and his mind was lost in ecstasy. They climbed around him and over him; each place they touched left his body feeling pure pleasure. They licked the sweat that he had shed from holding himself still, and their tongues felt like white-hot fire. The pleasure eradicated everything rebellious from his mind. Finally, one of them sat on his shoulder and said, "You still have a mind, unlike the eaten husks here. You'll do nicely as our first meat slave."

The little guy held up a glowing yellow crystal and began to swing it back and forth. Michael's eyes followed it, and it sucked away his mind instantly, making him an obedient slave for his new alien masters.