Kirthaven Gym: Ready to Work Out (hypno)

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Dylan walked into the Kirthaven Gym, jazzed up about his daily session. He always was nowadays. He remembered how bored and reluctant he'd been the first time he came to the gym. He'd never really been exercise-driven, but after a few personal sessions with the owner, he had become a regular gym bunny. Coming every day, working out for 2 hours (though it never felt that long after the first time), he was totally devoted to the gym.

Dylan quickly changed into his workout shorts and left the lockerroom, heading for the free weights area as he always did. A few bicep curls were great to get things started. Not too taxing on the muscles, but enough exertion to get the blood pumping. He usually did ten and then moved on. Picking up the weight that he was comfortable with, he began pumping, counting down in his head and thinking idly.

God it's good to be here and done for the day.
Nothing like a good workout after a long hard day.
Helps to relax.

If anyone had been watching him (or rather if the only one in the gym with control of their will had been watching him), he would have noticed that each curl was slower than the previous one. Dylan was slowing down, but because his thoughts were too, he never noticed.

And it's good to relaxed after a day like today.
To just relax and count down and let it all go.
Because I'm here to relax. Things like worries and cares can be left at the door.

Dylan's posture at this point was still ramrod straight, but his head began to droop and his eyes became unfocused, as if he was remembering something, which he was. He was remembering the beautiful blue and yellow spiral, and the words of the man who helped him relax. Helped him develop this method to become totally relaxed.

Just to do these curls and I'll be ready.
Gotta put all my effort into doing these last few reps, and then I can be totally relaxed.
So hard to do these last few, so draining. But I have to finish so that I will be ready.

The curls were coming in very slow, and though his arms shook with the effort, you'd never know he was struggling from how the rest of his body looked. He still stood straight, and his chin was nearly touching his chest. His unfocused eyes rolled in his head.

Ready to be relaxed and totally blank.
Ready to obey.

With that last curl, his arms fell to hang limply at his sides. Those last three words echoed over and over again in his main as he waited for orders to obey. The owner, Lars Kirthaven, walked over, having seen that Dylan was done with his trigger. He smiled. Dylan was his most recent acquisition, and after just three months, he had become a delicious hunk of man, and one of Lars' favorite personal sessions. He was a good subject too. It had been easy to replace 'Put on workout clothes' with 'Strip to your briefs.' And now that what he always worked out in. The other clients at the gym might have complained if they hadn't already had their wills so twisted that they were only able to do Lars' bidding while at the Gym.

Dylan goes down

"Come along, Dylan. Let's get you hot, sweaty, and warmed up the fun way." Lars turned and walked towards his private rooms with Dylan following him, on his way to a 'workout' of a different sort...

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