Kirthaven Gym: Orientation 2—In the Program (hypno)

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Vinnie walked down the street, rolling with the confidence that only a bod like his could muster. 240 pounds of ripped muscle meant, at least in his mind, the he could take anybody who wanted to start something. However, his last meeting with the dean put the lie to that. He wasn't sure why, but he kept coming back to it.

“Vincent–” The dean had started.

“Vinnie.” He'd corrected.

The dean had sighed. “Vinnie. Your grades have slipped again, and I'm going to have to put you on departmental probation. If you can get them back up in a semester, you may be able to continue, otherwise...”

“Naa, man. Been talkin' 'bout this with coach. He thinks I need to drop to sumpthin simpler, so he'll help me transfer out.”

“I really wish you wouldn't. You were one of the best students here. Why that's turned around, I just don't know.”

“Don't got time to study for it no more. Gotta stay pumped so I can keep my weight class.”

The dean had sighed again. “I see. Well, good luck.”

Vinnie was sure why this bugged him so much. He was doing what he wanted. Go big in wrestling, get all famous and stuff, and ride the gravy train from there. And anyway, he didn't have the smarts to do this sorta stuff. He was... was...

His train of thought stopped and then seemed to wrench to the side. Memories of wants and desired seemed to flood Vinnie... Vincent's mind. Why was he letting people call him that stupid name. And why was he skipping classes? This wasn't what he'd wanted to be! He wanted...

As soon as his mind tried to return to his original desires, a pre-programmed trigger began. Vincent put one hand to the fence next to him as his vision dissolved into the whirling spiral he'd first seen on that video some months ago. A voice sounded in his head.

“Just focus on spiral Vinnie. There no need to think about these sorts of things.”

The emerging Vincent personality was still weak, and so its focus was easily trapped. Don't call me that name. I'm Vincent.

“But that's silly.” The voice replied. “Of course you're Vinnie. Vinnie is strong, Vincent is weak. If Vincent was focusing on this spiral, he'd be too weak to resist the suggestion to Relax.”

Vincent's other hand grabbed the fence as his knees became too weak to hold him on their own.


“Exactly like that. It would addle hm so much he couldn't even really think straight. He'd just spin round and round and round, deeper and deeper, because he's so weak.”

I'm... uh...I'm strong. Vincent was barely able to think, and this was all that came out clearly. His head lolled uncontrollably.

“Precisely. So you're Vinnie.”

I'm Vinnie, Vincent thought, sliding back into the Vinnie persona.

“And what does Vinnie want?”

Need ta get stronger, need ro max out and really show 'em. Be the best.

“Uhuh, and what do you need to do now?”

See Mr. Kirthaven. Must watch the video again. I like the video. It reminds me of who I am. It makes me remember and obey my master. Must watch the video again. I like the video... Vinnie, still in trance, his conscious mind in a loop and his subconscious guiding his path, looked up and began walking, going off to reinforce his new persona.

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