Mind Eraser 2: Retrieval

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The body that had formerly been Drew lay motionless, unable to move. Yellow energies held him and kept his mind blank and moldable. After a few minutes, a man walked up, summoned by an alarm when his trap had been tripped. He smiled broadly as he saw what he had caught.

"Drew, Drew, Drew. Keep walking the same route every day and someone can lay a trap for you." The man began rummaging through the nearby piles, retrieving his machine, the trigger and the alarm. He held the boxy device to Drew. "Like it? This here is something I discovered recently. My mind erase. It affects nerve impulses, and can be tuned to inhibit, remove or build them, although the last two take longer."

Drew's blank face didn't register anything. To him, what the man was saying was like coins falling down a canyon, falling into the void without comprehension. He thought nothing, could remember nothing, he was just there.

The man put his device and the rest away in a duffel bag he had brought. He sat beside Drew then and looked over his catch. He pulled up Drew's shirt to see the boy's chest and rubbed it.

"Hrrm, good structure. You'll be a fine addition. A little thin, but we can fix that easy." He looked at Drew's empty face and chuckled. That's enough for that now. I'll have plenty of time for that later.

He unbuttoned the boy's fly for what would come, then placed a small disc at the base of Drew's neck. He then pulled out the mind eraser again. "You'll need some general knowledge back, or you'll be totally useless." The man read the screen on the device and hit some buttons. "That should do it. Vocabulary and knowledge without those unfortunate facts... now, next, a past. I'll be putting in more during indoctrination, but for now just hte basics. My servant, been that way all your life... There... A name... Actually, I think I like Drew; we'll keep it. Don't need to keep the last name; you won't need it. My name... there, perfect."

The man leaned over Drew to check the disc was still tight to the skin over Drew's spine. Seeing that it was, he triggered the mind eraser again. Another yellow burst hit Drew in the head and then spiraled around it, as it built back parts of what it had taken. Then it zoomed into his yees for the final part, writing a basic history. At the end of it, Drew groaned.

"Wha? Where am I?" He twitched, but moving the rest of his body was still inhibited. He lifted his head, the only thing he could move, and jolted. "Mr. Stir! What?"

"You've been a bad boy Drew. You ran away from my care."

Drew searched through what little memory he had. "I–I did?"

"Yes, you did. So we're going to have a little talk, you naughty boy, and indoctrinate you again..."


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