No Escape (hypno)

Elonzo stumbled out of the front door, trying to run on unsteady feet.  He jumped down the stairs and turned down the street, running as fast as he could.  When he had gotten a block away, he slowed, and tried to make sense of his surroundings. 

The last thing he remembered he had been in a bar.  The man had sat next to him in the bar, and he’d said his name.  Elonzo couldn’t remember what it was.  He tried to remember the man’s face and all he got was a blank, empty image without features, and something at the center starting to spin-he jerked away from the memory feeling weird.

He looked down at his clothes and yelped in shock.  Bright yellow shorts and a red coat with no shirt underneath?!  What the hell am I wearing? Where are my clothes?! And where was I?! He’d awoken from whatever had blanked his memory standing in a hallway behind other men, all dressed oddle (and now he knew, the same way he was) and all staring blankly at the door, waiting to go in.  The door had opened and a man had stepped out, leading the next in, but had stopped and stared at Elonzo for a second in shock.  Something in his subconscious screamed for him to run when he appeared, and so he’d pelted out through the door.  

Gotta get home, get dressed, try to figure out what happened.� Trying to look as casual as he could in these oddly flamboyant clothes, he stuck his hands in his pockets and started moving.� Walking briskly, Elonzo started checking signs to see if he could figure out which way was home.� He was having trouble reading them, though.� For a moment he’d see what looked like a street name, but then the words would squiggle and shift and he’d be unable to read it.� He wondered if he had a stroke or something when he came to a one way street.� As he walked down it, he continued to check the signs, and was shocked when the circular do not enter signs swirled and dissolved into a spinning black and white spiral.� What the hell?! He thought, and that voice in the back of his brain told him not to look at it, to keep going.  But as he turned away, he saw the other circular signs had also transformed.  Bombarded by spirals, he slowed even more, his feet becoming unsteady again.  He found he could read the signs now.  This one told him to obey.  Another told him he had no thoughts.  A third told him that he was a mindless slave.  He shook his head, trying to clear it.  Trying to think why the signs would say that.  And then it came to him.  They were trying to help him, to tell him who he was and what he was doing.  To help clear all his confusion and bring him back to that state or relaxation.  To help him to obey…  To help him to… to…

Elonzo’s head emptied and the man finally caught up to him.  He’d been following this recent acquisition of his, hoping to catch him and bring him back under control.  He’d been shocked that Elonzo had had enough few will left to escape his programming, but it had only been a week.  He’d have to do double sessions until he was sure that this subject was totally under control.  At least I got a real life test of the escape triggers.  They try to remember the last thing they did, and pow, right back into control.  "Come along, Elonzo.  Time to return home."

"Yes my master."  Elonzo replied robotically, and began to follow his master, his mind empty and ready for more programming…