On the Bench (hypno)

Alan walked over to his locker, slipping his gloves off as he did so. He'd had a good sparring session, but was tired. As he got there, he inwardly groaned. Jackson was there, getting ready for a sauna, it looked like. Alan didn't really have a major problem with Jackson, it was just the way he looked at Alan and his tone when theytalked that made Alan feel like some piece of meat.

Alan hurried to his locker and opened it, putting the door between him and Jackson, hoping that would block and conversation. He started putting his gear away and cursed. He'd left his custom-fit padded helmet back at the mat and would have to go get it before someone took kit. He slammed the locker closed, and jumped. Standing right behind the door was Jackson.

"Something wrong, Alan?" he asked, as Alan regained his compsure.

Alan noticed that Jackson's eyes were the deepest blue he'd ever seen in anything. "Fine, Jackson," he said flatly, trying to close the conversation.

"Noticed my new contacts, I see," Jackson replied. "I had them made special. You have to for this color."

Alan nodded, his eyes locked onto Jackson's. "Y-yeah, that's an interesting color... r-really deep." Alan tried to shake his head to clear it. He felt groggy and couldn't seem to stop staring into those contacts. "Uh-I... have to go... I need to get-"

"No you don't," Jackson interrupted. "Whatever it is, it's not important."

"Not... important..." Alan repeated, his addled brain already forgetting what it was he was going to do.

"Why don't we sit down," Jackson said as he slowly sat on the bench.

Alan, his eyes still locked on Jackson's and unable to look away, mirrored him.

Alan and Jackon

"Now, one of the most interesting things they tell me is that this color, if you stare at it, starts to seep everywhere, like you're falling into it."

As Jackson spoke, Alan started to see everything gain a blue tinge, expanding the mesmerizing color and further clouding his mind. His jaw dropped as he nodded dumbly.

Jackson smiled. "And it's easy to fall into, isn't it? It's such a powerful color, it blows over everything, doesn't it?"

Alan continued to nod dumbly, his eyes becoming more blank and vacant with each moment.

"So powerful in fact," Jackson continued, "that it enters into your mind and takes it over. Your t houghts, your memory, your personality, your will, all fall into the blue and are lost."

Alan, already seeing everything in that powerful, captivating shade of blue, lost himself in it completely. Everything else went away, and just the color and the voice remained. A voice came out of the gloom of Alan's mind.

"Yes, and my voice is the color's voice. You serve the color, you serve the voice."

"I serve the color, I serve the voice," Alan replied, his voice flat as before, but for an entirely different reason.

"Excellent," the voice said, Jackson exerting complete control. "I wasn't sure these were going to work, but I had to try them. I've been waiting for you for some time now, you know."

Alan just stared blankly.

"Why don't you get ready for a sauna? We'll sit in there and mold your mind. Or at least your desires." Jackson laughed wickedly. "Gonna be a great night tonight."

Alan and Jackson 2

Continued in Caught in the Mirror