Phone Call (hypno)

For Glen, his furlough was going great. Good weather, fun parties, and he had months more to go before being called back on duty. He even had plenty of time for his favorite hobby, skating down the local boardwalk and watching all the hot girls go by. So when he felt his phone vibrate against his leg, he ignored it, hoping the caller would just leave it to voicemail.

But he felt the phone go through three vibration cycles, and as a fourth started he skated to a stop, fuming. Which contributed to his last mistake, as he answered it without checking the caller ID, which he wouldn't have recognized. "What?!" he said into the phone, assuming it was one of his friends.

Instead, a rolling, screeching sound answered into his ear, and he felt the muscles of his arm lock in place. What the hell!?! he thought as he tried to pull the phone away, but he couldn't get any part of him to move. His face hadn't even had time to grimace before the sound had locked him into place.

Now the sound started changing. The base stayed the same, but above it another sound began to roll up and down the spectrum. Glen's thoughts started getting chopped up as the new sound seemed to pass through his brain, back and forth. You can do this Glen, just move your hand away from... Concentrate on your arms and... What's going on why can't... C'mon you can focus better than... Can't seem to stop my... Why can't I think... Gotta stop... Pull away...

The upper sound was speeding up, and soon all Glen could think in was single words. His head felt like it was spinning, teetering on the edge of some precipice, with each pulse back and forth shoving him more and more off balance. Until finally, his mind tumbled into emptiness, and sound was the only thing left in his head.

He stood listening to his phone for some minutes more, as the subtler tones now fed him information. Eventually, he spoke into the phone. "Awaiting instructions, sir."

The noise stopped and Glen's face slid to a look of abstraction as his new master spoke. "You will retrace your steps, slave, until I approach you. You will know me because I will ask you for your dog tags, and you will give them to me. After that I will take you to my car and we can discuss your unit. I hadn't seen anyone I wanted here when I noticed your tags and had to hack your phone fast. You're not my best catch, but I'm sure you know some hotties back at base."

Glen took no notice of anything but the orders, as his mind was programmed not to. He turned around, getting ready to comply. "Anything else, sir?"

"No, that's it. Come to me." Glen too the phone from his ear and began walking back the way he had come, that same abstracted look on his face as he followed his new master's orders...