Revenge (hypno)

Brian lay around, wondering what he was going to do. He had already worked out for the day, there really wasn't anything on TV, and none of his friends would be off work for hours. All in all a perfectly boring day. He stood up restlessly pacing around the living room in the house he shared. Suddenly, he stopped.

That's something, he thought, I'll just prank my geek of a roommate. Gary, Brian's roommate, was always holed up in his room, doing whatever computer projects that kept his end of the rent. Brian smiled wickedly, went down to where the breakers were for the house, and flipped the ones for upstairs.

An agonized screech came from above as Brian walked back to a chair, sat and stretched nonchalantly. Gary, spindly arms flailing, ran to the fusebox and ripped it open. He contemptuously flipped the switches back over and stormed over to Brian. Brian had to hold himself in not to laugh at the little stick-man's fury.

"You did that, Brian."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Gary."

"Don't even try to lie to me. You barely have enough brains to tie your shoelaces, let alone come up with a credible story. I've had that rig running hours before and never tripped a breaker, and now, in the middle of editing a project, suddenly it does?

Brian leapt to his feet to tower over Gary. "Listen, you little snot. You're too much of a wimp to get to tell me to my face that I'm a liar. I could snap you like a twig, so shut up! God, I don't even know what I moved in with you; you're such a whiny wimp!"

Gary didn't back down an inch. "Oh, you might know, if you try to think about it. About an email you got about 6 or 7 months ago. Think back..."

"An email? Wha?" But Brian's mind had already started thinking back, moving along a pre-programmed path. "Yeah, it was from... you?"

"Exactly. And what did you do with it, Brian?"

"I... I opened it. There was some attached file that started... playing... it was... was... a spiral."

"Right. A beautiful, whirling spiral. Flashing and twisting and turning. And you couldn't keep your eyes off it, could you?"

Brian was frozen like a a deer in headlights. The trigger Gary had used to start this replay had primed his mind to be taken under, and now the memory of his first induction was enough to tranceh im. "Couldn't keep my eyes off it. Had to stare, had to... to..."

"Had to go deeper."

"Yes, had to go deeper. Round and round, sink into the spiral. You were telling me to listen and watch."

"Exactly, and what you could you hear?"

"The music... S-so hard to think, swelling and swirling."

"Correct. And what could you see?"

"The spiral... going... deeper..."

"And what did I say?

"To let my mind... drain... into... the... cen... tuh." The last syllable slurred as Brian's mind cleared of all thought. His eyes rolled back into his head, and he swayed unsteadily on his feet.

Gary smiled his own wicked smile. "And that's why I keep a Grade-A jerk like you around, Brian. You're too hot to pass up, and your brain is like putty in my hands." He pushed Brian down to a chair. "Engage doll form, my pet."

Brian's eyes snapped back forward, and a blank expression showed on his face. His mind was empty, and wherever Gary moved him, he would stay that way. Gary pulled his arms behind Brian's head and started rolling up his shirt, caressing his abs along the way. Gary stopped and stood back.


"Still, if you're getting that restless, we may need to channel your energy elsewhere. I can't have you interrupting another editing session for my little site, but your cocky attitude sliding into mindless obedience is such a seller. Maybe we can try to put in a slave person, just bring out Mr. Cocky when I need it for a video with you or your friends. I'll check that out. 'Til then, we'll just have to do something else to use up all that restless energy."