Snake Slave (hypno)

Aaron walked into his friend Don's apartment, wondering what was going on. His friend Don went on a trip to South America, and after he got back, didn't talk to anyone for a week, quit his job, and now called him up to come over like nothing had happened. And when he got there, the door was slightly open, and there was no one to be seen.

Aaron shook his head. "Don?" he called, walking into Don's bedroom. No one. "Except for more weirdness," Aaron muttered to himself.

Next to Don's bed, on the computer table, there was now a huge terrarium and a large python coiled in it. Aaron looked around and saw the computer tucked away to one side, unplugged.

No wonder he isn't responding to emails, Aaron thought, but why? Don always kept in touch. Surfing is one of his favorite things to do. And where'd he get the snake?

Aaron walked over to the terrarium and looked at the coiled snake inside. It looked just like any other big snake he'd seen, except for the eyes, which were weirdly blue… for was that yellow… or green?

Aaron picked up the snake to look closer, starting into its eyes. They were… shifting, from blue to yellow to green back to blue, in waves emanating from the centers. Aaron had never seen anything like this before. It was odd, but somehow.. highly fascinating. His mind started to get a bit blurry as he stared.

"Yesssssss," a voiced he had never heard before said.

Aaron jumped. "What the fuck?"

"No need to get sssstartled, my boy. Just relaxssssss."

The snake is talking!?! Aaron screamed in his head, and he tried to jerk away his eyes from the snake's, but it quickly slithered to keep them locked in Aaron's.

"No need to fusssssss," the snake continued. "Sssstrugling isssssn't neccsssesssary."

Aaron was already starting to be mesmerized by the eyes; his attempts to move his head away from the snake's became slower, more feeble.

"Yesssss, that'ssss it. Sssssso much more relaxssssing when you don't sssstruggle."

Aaron felt his muscles lock into place as his mind lost control of his voluntary movements.

"Very good, my boy. Relaxssssing isss sssso much eassssier. Jusssst look deeper into my eyesssss, sssso good to sssstare deeper."

As Aaron watched, the eyes seemed to get bigger.

"That'sssss it, fall into my eyessss. It helpsss you relaxsssss when you do. It fillsssss your world, doesssn't it?"

They… are… growing… Aaron's addled brain thought, as his focus took everything else out of notice or care.

"It ssssso fillsssss your world that there issssn't anything elsssse. Nothing at all. Nothing to care about. Nothing to worry about. Jussst the eyesssss. No sssspacessss for anything else."

No… Aaron thought, trying to form the words. It's trying… ing… rings… trying to… to… control… the circles… the color-nrgh my mind! Can't let it! "Can't let it!" he repeated out loud, as a last-ditch effort of will gave him a moment of control.

"But you can let it, sssssillly boy. It'ssssss not like you have a choicsssse. There'ssssss nothing elssssse to choosssse," the snake's sinuous voice said, diffusing that moment.

Nothing else to choose, Aaron repeated in his head, his exhausted mind finally losing the battle.

"No choicsssse but to watch. No choicsssse but to sssstare. No choicsssse but to lissssten. No choicsssse but to obey. There'ssss nothing elssssse."

"No choice but to obey," Aaron repeated, his mind now so scrambled that everything the snake said was true.

"Excsssellent," the snaked said. "You can come out now, sssslave."

Don, stripped to the waist and with that same blank expression Aaron now wore, stepped out of the closet he had been hiding in.

"I wassss jussst going to keep the ssslave I made to bring me here and pamper me, but he tellssss me he would have to leave to make thisssss… money to sssstay here. Ssssince I want a man to sssservicsssse me all the time, you will move in here. Your name while here will be 'worker'. You will work to keep thisss placssse and sssserve me with ssssslave when you come home. Underssstand?"

"Yes," Aaaron said.

"Good. Now carry out my orderssss, worker."

"I obey," Aaron said mindlessly, walking over to the phone to make the arrangements...