Spring Break (hypno)

It was, to say the least perfect. Kevin had been very worried when he found out that the hotel that his frat brother George had reserved was in some no name hotel. He had been sure that it was going to be a total fleabag, especially when George had told him the price. But here they were in New Orleans, it was spring break, and the rooms were beautiful.

He slapped his friend on the back. “Sorry for doubting you dude. This place is awesome. No way the room will scare a score here.”

Malcolm piped up from behind them. “And there in fresh supply! Did you see the babes in the bar downstairs?! That redhead that walked by had an ass so tight I'd like to–

Kevin smirked. “Down boy! Let's get settled in before we dive in, if you know what I mean.” He laughed.

Nate, the youngest brother there, blushed at that. “This is my first time guys, so–”

“Don't worry, Nate. We'll show you the best parties here, but first, we have to let Kevin do his preening. He never goes out without at least an hour of prep.” George reassured him. The group laughed.

“Fuck you, man, we all need a shower.” Kevin retorted.

“Yeah, we do. Here are your keys. Meet in Kevin's room when you're done, everyone. We know who'll take the longest.”

Kevin took a swipe at George as he took one of the two keys to his room. George just smiled and ducked. In a huff, Kevin stormed into his room and threw his suitcase into the corner. Assholes, he thought. They're just jealous I get the hottest chicks. Grabbing some clothes and his toiletries, he went into the bathroom.

He had to admit he took the longest, and this time he decided to take it slow, just to spite them. Twenty minutes in they banged on the door while he was getting the proper tousled look to his hair. “I'm not done preening yet!” he called out, unable to hide the smile in his voice. He heard some grumbling on the other side of the door, then the TV go on low. He dragged the rest of his routine out for 20 more minutes, just to mess with them, and then stepped out.

George, Nate and Malcolm were all sitting in the bedroom, lazily staring at the television, and stayed that way. He'd expected them to be raring to go, but instead the just listlessly stared. The sounds coming from it Kevin had never heard before. “C'mon guys, lets go. The ladies won't wait forever.”

Nate just sat there, his mouth hanging slightly open. Malcolm just blinked a few times. Only George seemed able to respond, although it looked like it took a lot of effort. “Unnguh... Sure, man... Just... just take a look... at this... first.”

Kevin raised an eyebrow. “What the hell are you watching? It sounds like some synth concert,” he asked, rounding the corner at looking at the screen. A slowly swirling black and white pattern spiraled across the screen. “The hell! It just a fucking test pattern, dude. Let's go!” He started to turn back to George but found he didn't want to take his eyes off the screen.

From behind, he heard George reply, seeming to take more effort. “Nuh... It's really... pretty... the more... you... watch it... the... more... you... suuuuhhh.” The last word trailed off into a sigh.

“Yeah, you're... right.” Kevin replied as he felt his body seem to increase in weight. He teetered, trying to move himself, but it was just so hard to do while watching the pattern and hearing the sounds. They had started out to be just seemingly random beeps and boop but now he could almost hear a whispering. Still staring at the screen he spoke again, though it seemed to take some effort. “But it doesn't... matter man. We only... got a week... here. We gotta go out... get as much... partying done... as we can.”

“Righ'... af'er... watch... spi... ral...” George mumbled.

A large part of Kevin wanted to agree with him, to just sit there and watch this pretty, fascinating pattern. But his cock was calling him to get up, get going, make a conquest tonight. Torn between his libido and subconscious, his mind locked, flipping between action and relaxation without ever being able to finish the thought. For ten minutes, he stood there, quivering, unable to stop staring at the spiral and break away, but never falling into it.

Suddenly, however, the pattern seemed to change. It solidified into a whirling spiral and began to spin faster while images flickered by so fast they were hard to see. Kevin felt the pull of relaxation begin to grow, and then he felt a burst of orgasmic pleasure. The grunts and groans from the others in the room confirmed everyone had felt it and just when Kevin finally found the strength to speak about it, it happened again. It was the doom of Kevin's free will. His libido turned in on itself, reveling in the pleasure and wanting more immediately. His mind and desires now agreeing, he fell rapidly into the pattern. His mind was empty but for the whirling spiral, just like his friends.

The whispers he had heard earlier resolved themselves into words. They made sense to him. It was good to watch. It was good to listen. It felt good to see the pictures flash by. They made him so happy. They made him so aroused. They made him want to obey. They made him want to watch. It was good to watch.

The four frat brothers sat there, their pants tented, erect and jolting with pleasure as the program continued on. Had anyone who'd been able to think been watching the screen, they'd see the picture that was flashing by began to go by slower. It was the picture of another man in his late 20s, slim, muscular, and the whirling center of the spiral was on the same spot on the screen that his erect cock was. And that every time the picture flashed, the mind scrambled men would jerk with pleasure again.

Still listening to the whispers, their minds were bombarded with instructions. How this was their master. How they wanted to service him. How they wanted to serve him. How his voice was irresistible. How they would obey without question. How their old sexuality was unimportant. How they lusted and loved their master. How they could show their total acceptance of these facts.

Nate was the first to fall. His blank face still empty, he stood from his chair and stripped. He walked over to the bed, stroking his rock hard cock, and knelt on it, masturbating to his master's face, riding the edge of pleasure but never cumming, as he was instructed.

Malcolm and Kevin were the next to fall. Though Kevin had watched less of the pattern then the others, his two drives had made him trance faster. Malcolm had been the first to see the pattern, as he had been the one to turn it on. Once they had stripped, they flanked Nate, Kevin kneeling in front and Malcolm behind the two, watching his master between their shoulders. George was the strongest willed of the four, but was too far gone to be able to marshal anything but a token resistance to the rewriting of his mind. Within a minute he had joined them, worshiping their master with their cocks.

Five minutes later, the man in the photo walked in and looked at his conquests. Since he had taken control of the hotel's owner, he could always get cute guys to stay in his special rooms. He'd check their social pages and have the hotel offer an obscene discount to his favorites. And then, they'd turn on the TV, and the whole program would commence. He'd have them for their entire stay, and then they'd go home, happy and feeling they'd had a great time, and not remembering a thing.

It had been a stroke of luck that they had decided to be together so soon after they had arrived. It usually took him a day to capture a group this size. He hit a control on his pad that would put his naked body permanently on the screen and spoke to the frat brothers.

“In a moment, I will count to 3. When I do, you will all cum immediately. As you cum, any will or doubts you have left will come out with your juice, and you will become my total obedient slaves. All thought will drain from your head, and you will obey every order I give without question or resistance. Do you understand?”

“We understand.” the group replied in unison, their voices deadpan.


“One... two... three!” The room was filled with the cries of orgasm, as each shot a huge load, their edging having made them so hot. They then stopped and knelt there, awaiting orders, their eyes still staring at the image of their master and their cocks erect again with their lust for him. Their master walked to Nate nodded.

“You'll do for the first, since you've never been here before. You others, dress and go to the other rooms, one to each. Turn on the TV and await further instructions.” He handed Kevin Nate's key. “Now, my new toy, let's get to know each other...”