The Army Brat (tb)

I was having an absolutely miserable time in sixth grade. It was springtime. I had just turned 12 years old. You see, I was a puny little wimp, the boy who was always smaller and weaker than the other boys. The boy that the other boys laughed at when he tried to do anything athletic. The boy who threw the ball like a girl. The boy that the bullies liked to pick on.

And we had two big bullies is sixth grade, Joey and Mark. I had known Joey and Mark since we were in kindergarten. They had always been big. They had always been strong. In third grade they realized they were the biggest, strongest boys in the school and they took over as the leaders of the boys. The other boys looked up to these big strong boys, boys who could whip them in sports and boys who could beat the crap out of them. Yes, Joey and Mark were the kings of the school. And they were despotic kings.

Joey had brown eyes and black hair. I think he was Italian. Mark had gray eyes and brown hair. And they had incredible genetics, muscle genetics. They were putting muscle on their bodies when they were little kids and now in sixth grade they were really big and strong. Joey had big muscles covered with a layer of fat. Mark had muscles that weren't quite as big Joey's but he had hardly any fat. He was ripped. They could do lots of pushups and pullups and situps. Sometimes at recess they would strip off their shirts and exercise their muscles. The other boys and the girls would gawk at them as they did 10 pullups, 25 pushups and 50 situps. They did three sets and at the end their muscles were bulging. The other boys could barely do five pushups and one pullup. I couldn't do even one pushup or pullup. At the end of their sets they would flex for the girls. The girls loved to feel their muscles, to feel how big and hard they were. They loved the power and strength that Joey and Mark possessed.

Then the bullying would start. They would come up to a weak boy - I was the usual target - and show him how strong they were. They thought it was fun to make the kid cry. I think they wanted to impress the girls and show the boys that they better not mess with them or they would be crushed just like they were crushing the weak boys like me. They would crush my neck with their big biceps until I couldn't breathe. My face would turn red. I will start drooling spit. Then I would cry. They would laugh and throw me to the ground. Or sometimes they would twist my arm up my back until the pain was unbearable and I cried. They would laugh and throw me to the ground. Or they would squeeze my little bicep muscle with their strong hands. Their forearms would bulge with muscle as they squeezed until I started crying from the abject pain. They would laugh and flex their arms in my face.

Or they would punch me in the gut so hard that I would collapse on the ground crying. Mark would stand over me and flex his own washboard abs, abs that looks like bricks of muscle. "Your abs are so fucking soft," Mark would say. "You need abs like mine, wimp." He hit his abs real hard and it sounded like his fist hit a brick wall as it bounced off the wall of muscle. He laughed and strutted away. These bullies thought it was fun to make me cry. It was fun for them but hell for me. But they didn't care how I felt. They were strong. I was weak. And the strong pick on the weak and have fun doing it. I didn't get bullied every day, but it happened a lot. I was miserable. I wished I had muscles like Joey and Mark. I both admired and hated their muscles. I admired the strength of those muscles but I hated what those muscles could do to me.

Luckily Joey and Mark weren't in my class that year. We had two classes per grade. They were in my class last year but in the other class in sixth grade. Thank god for small favors. They were both pretty dumb, barely getting Cs or Ds on their homework and tests. But they didn't care. They ruled the rest of us. Their muscles ruled. They didn't need brains with muscles like they had. And here I was, the smartest kid in the class. I always got As. But it didn't matter a bit. The muscle bullies beat me up any time they wanted. My brains didn't matter a bit. They were the alpha boys. And the alphas smash the betas. Muscle always wins.

So I hated sixth grade. And I hated recess. I begged the teacher not to go to recess, but she said it was school policy that all kids had to go to recess. I needed the physical activity, she said. Right. All of this happened years ago and the teachers never went out at recess. We kids were on our own. And that meant Joey and Mark had free reign over the rest of us boys.

One morning the principal brought a new boy into the classroom. "This is Cody," she said. "He has transferred into our school. I hope you children will make him feel welcome." We all looked at Cody and Cody looked at us. He was fairly tall, about as tall as Joey and Mark. He had blue eyes and light brown hair, which was cut really short, like they cut hair in the military. His face was very good looking, with high cheekbones and a strong jaw. He had a very thick neck. He stood straight up, like he was at attention, which made his neck look even thicker. He was wearing a sweat shirt. The teacher said, "Cody, go sit next to John. John, I want you to help Cody with our math lesson. Our curriculum is probably different from what he is used to." I nodded my head and Cody came over and sat at the empty desk next to mine. "Hey, John," he said. "Welcome to our class, Cody," I said back.

The teacher passed out our math assignment. I sat right next to Cody and helped him with the problems. The teacher was right. He had never had this kind of math before and it took a long time to explain how to do the problems. Cody was kind of slow - not real smart like me - but slowly he was getting it. We talked as we did the problems. "I'm an Army brat," said Cody. "My dad is a sergeant and we get moved around a lot. He's an Army Ranger. I'm gonna be a Ranger too. This is the fifth school I've been to since kindergarten." Wow, I thought. This kid had put up with a lot.

I wondered if he got bullied like me. "That must have been hard, going to so many schools. Did you get bullied by the big kids?" Cody laughed. "Yeah, when I transferred into a school in third grade - I was eight years old - two kids came up to me at recess. They punched me and stole my lunch money. There were two of them they were big. Big third grade bullies. I was too small to fight back. I was so mad! I went home and told my dad and he said I needed to build up my body and learn to fight so I could fight back. So I started working out at the Army base with the big army guys. I was only eight but my dad signed some papers so I could work out with those big Rangers. Those guys are huge and strong! I wanted to look like them so I worked out real hard." He smiled at me and flexed his arm. I could see his bicep muscle bulging under his sweatshirt. "Feel it," he said. I moved my hand over and felt his bicep muscle. It was huge! It was way bigger than Joey's muscle and it was as hard as a rock. "Oh my god," I said. He grinned proudly. "And the big Rangers taught me how to fight. I think I can stand up for myself. I'm not afraid of bullies any more." He looked at me with a confident look in his clear blue eyes. I nodded. "Have you been bullied, John?" he asked. "You look pretty weak." I blushed. "Yes, I get bullied a lot. I'm about the weakest kid in this whole school. I'm the smartest kid in class but that doesn't mean anything. Smart doesn't mean a goddamn thing here. If you're weak the big guys pick on you. They are big and strong and I'm puny and weak. And the strong pick on the weak. There are two big strong guys who pick on me all the time." Cody looked at me and took in how thin and puny I was. "Yeah, the strong kids like to pick on the weak ones," he said.

Then the recess bell rang. I froze like I usually do. I hated recess. "I'll help you more after recess. You're doing great," I said. He smiled and said '"It's good to have a friend already in school. I'll see you in a minute. I have to talk to the teacher." I nodded my head and went out to recess.

Joey and Mark had stripped off their shirts and were showing off as usual. They did pushups and pullups and situps. The rest of us boys were supposed to be exercising too, but for some reason we just couldn't take our eyes off the bodies of these muscular boys. They had muscles like all the other boys wanted. They had muscles and we didn't. So we watched those muscles work. Finally they finished their workout and started flexing. "Fucking strong!" yelled Joey as he flexed his big arm in front of another kid. "Fucking ripped!" yelled Mark as he flexed his lats in front of some girls who couldn't keep their hands off his hard muscles.

Just then Cody came out and watched the strong boys showing off. I didn't know what he was thinking. Then Joey yelled, "Now it's fun time. I'm gonna show you guys how strong my muscles have gotten. I'm gonna make little John cry louder than he's ever cried!" He walked up to me and hit a double biceps pose in front of my face. I almost peed in my pants. "Please don't, Joey," I pleaded. "Please don't hurt me again. I've never done anything to you. Why do you want to hurt me? Why do you want to make me cry?" Joey laughed. "Because it's fun, wimp! It's fun to fuck you up!" He reached for my arm and started twisting it up my back. Mark stood in front of me, made a fist and punched it into his hard abs. "Are your flabby abs gonna be able to take that punch, wimp? I'm gonna have some fun too," he said. Then I heard a noise and saw Cody standing right there. He looked at Joey and Mark. "Hey, that does look like fun. I wanna try it. I'm a new kid here at school. I wanna try it." Joey looked at Cody and Mark looked at him too. "Yeah, it's fun to fuck up these little wimps," said Mark. Joey dropped my arm. "Okay, new kid, have some fun."

Cody looked at me with a ferocious look in his eyes. "I'm gonna have some fun," he said. What was he going to do, I thought? I got terror in my eyes. He ripped off his sweatshirt and all of us kids gasped. His muscles were big! His muscles were way bigger than Joey's and he was more ripped than Mark. He flexed his muscles at me. He said he could stand up to bullies but was he a bully too? He was strong. Did he like to pick on the weak? "No, Cody, no!" I cried in panic. Cody snarled. I thought I was doomed. Was my new friend going to smash me just to show off? Then Cody winked at me. Joey and Mark didn't see it but I did.

Joey and Mark were grinning and yelling with excitement and clapping. "Time for some fun," Cody yelled. He started reaching for me, but then he swung around and grabbed Joey's arm and twisted it up his back. "Oh yeah, this is gonna be lots of fun!" he yelled. Joey started screaming in pain. Cody's muscles bulged as he pushed Joey's arm higher and higher on his back. Joey started crying. "Oh are you crying kid? You are such a big strong kid. And now you're crying! And you like to make John cry? You said it's so fun. Wow, this is so fun!" said Cody as he pushed the arm even higher. Then we heard a crackling sound. Cody's big muscles had broken Joey's shoulder cartilage. Joey was crying wildly "Oh yeah, big kid. Your arm is really fucked up now. My muscles are so strong and they were having so much fun. You won't be able to use this fucking arm for months. Ha ha ha! So much fun."

Cody dropped Joey to the ground where he writhed in pain. Then he looked at Mark who was standing there frozen. Cody made a fist and looked Mark in the eyes. He punched his fist hard onto his rock hard abs. The fist bounced off like it was hitting bricks. "Are your abs as hard as mine? Let's find out. I'm gonna have more fun." He pulled back his fist and smashed it into Mark's hard abs. Except those abs weren't hard to Cody's fist. They collapsed like Jello as Cody's big shoulder and pec muscles smashed his big arm and fist into Mark's gut. Cody's fist went almost all the way to Mark's spine. Mark collapsed to the ground crying wildly. Then he started vomiting. Cody kicked both of them and yelled "I'm gonna be an army Ranger and we Rangers protect the weak! We're fucking strong and we protect the weak!" Joey and Mark were writhing in pain, crying on the ground. One of the skinny boys walked up to Joey and kicked dirt into his face.

Cody turned to me. "Well that was a fun recess, wasn't it John?" I looked at his blue eyes and started crying myself. I buried my face in his chest, feeling the hard mounds of muscle of his pecs. "That was the best recess I've ever had," I said. Then the recess bell rang. I stood up and yelled, "Self defense!" Several of the other boys looked at me and then at Joey and Mark and said, "Yeah, self defense. They were attacking you and you defended yourself with the new kid's help." I nodded, grabbed Cody's muscular arm and we went back to class. Joey and Mark stayed on the ground, writhing in pain and crying.

Cody put his sweatshirt back on and we went back to class. I could hardly concentrate the rest of the day. All I could do is think about Cody's muscles, how he was going to be a Ranger, how the big strong rangers protect the weak like me. I kept picturing those muscles in my mind, thinking about how big and hard they were and how those muscles smashed Joey and Mark, my arch enemy bullies. In the past, I hated muscles, because Joey and Mark's muscles tortured me and bullied me. I had no muscles and I hated their muscles. Now I loved Cody's muscles, the big muscles of an army Ranger. Muscles that had saved me from the constant bullying. Muscles that were on my friend. I kept thinking about Cody's muscles. I wanted to feel Cody's muscles again but I knew I couldn't. I pretended to listen to the teacher while I thought about Cody and his body, his handsome face and his beautiful blue eyes. I could hardly wait for school to be over.

The bell finally rang. We walked out to the playground and all the kids immediately came around Cody. The girls wanted to talk to him. The boys wanted to talk to him. Everybody wanted to be Cody's friend. Two of the boys from the other class come up to me. "Joey and Mark came back to class, with Joey holding up his arm and crying and Mark still holding his stomach and wrenching in pain. We told the teacher they hurt themselves because they tried to bully one of the smaller kids but the kid and one of his friends fought back. So their injuries were from self defense. The teacher looked at Joey and Mark and said, "You know you should not bully other kids. I guess you got what you deserved. And she sent them home. We all booed them as they went out the door. That new kid is great!" said the kid, who had also been bullied by Joey and Mark. I smiled.

As all the kids were talking to Cody one of the boys pointed to the pullup bar and said, "Do some pull-ups, Cody. Joey and Mark can do a ton of pullups. They are really strong." Cody looked at the boy and pushed out his chest. "Army Rangers are strong too," he said The kid looked at Cody. "Well, soldier, are you as strong as them?" Cody grinned. "Well, lets see." He took off his sweatshirt and headed towards the pullup bar. The kids gasped again as they saw his incredibly muscular body. It was hard to believe this muscular kid was only 12 years old. He passed by me and saluted me! This muscular boy saluted me, the puniest little wimp in the school!

Cody got up to the bar, turned around and faced us kids. "Ranger muscle!" he yelled. He leaped up to the bar and grabbed it. I gasped as I saw his enormous lats flare out to the sides. Then he pulled himself up so fast it was like he was doing a pushup not a pullup. He lowered himself and pulled himself up again quickly. I watched his muscles bulge as he lifted his muscular body up and down like he was lifting a feather. His biceps looked like steel cords at the bottom and like balls of fibrous muscle at the top. His lats were enormous. I had never seen a kid with lats as big as his. He pulled himself up and down 50 times and he never slowed down. It looked like he could have done another 50 pullups easy. He dropped down and flexed his lats at us. "Holy shit!" exclaimed one of the boys. He couldn't believe what he was seeing and neither could I. Cody's muscles were bulging. They were big before but now they were huge. His lats were red from all the blood surging through the muscle. His body was sweating and beads of sweat were dripping off his skin. He walked up to a girl who was holding a bottle of water and asked, "Can I have your water?" She gasped "Oh yesssss," and handed her water to Cody. He drank it down, spilling water over his chest and abs that were glistening with muscle. She was panting as she watched this young muscle god drink. She ran her hand over his shoulders and chest and lats, feeling the bulging muscles as he gulped down the water. "Oh my god," she gasped.

Then Cody turned towards me and said, "That was too easy. Us Rangers are too strong for regular pullups. John, get over here and grab on. Get in back of me and hold on." Cody leapt up to the bar. Then he said, "Jump up and hold on to my waist." I jumped up and grabbed Cody's rock hard muscular waist. His muscle butt was pushing into my body and I could feel the hot hard muscle of his round butt bulging into my soft weak body. Then Cody started doing pullups, pulling both of our bodies up and down. He pulled us up and down ten times, slowing up at little bit for the last two reps. I weighed 80 pounds. I could only guess that Cody probably weighed at least 120. So he was lifting 200 pounds up and down with his huge lats and powerful muscular arms.

He dropped down gracefully and I, being so weak, couldn't hold on and fell down onto the ground. He laughed and picked me up, grabbing my armpits and lifting me up like he was lifting a broom stick off the ground. Then he pressed me up and down ten times and lowered me slowly to the ground. "You're light," he said as he flexed his big deltoid muscles right under my eyes. They looked like cannonballs of striated muscle capping his wide shoulders. Veins were everywhere. All the kids were yelling. They couldn't believe how big and strong their new classmate was. "Get on my back," said Cody as he dropped to the ground in a pushup position. I got on Cody's back with my cock right on top of his big muscular bubble butt. I held on to his thick muscular shoulders. Then he started doing pushups. And he was pushing us up very fast. It was like I was a feather on his back as he cranked out the pushups. I moved my hands down and felt his bulging tricep muscles and his big hard round pec muscles as the pushed us up and down. They were as hard as rocks. Big warm muscle rocks. My little cock started getting hard on his butt as I felt his muscles. I hadn't gone through puberty yet but my cock could still get hard when I got excited. And I was very excited as I felt Cory's big strong muscles. Cory did 50 pushups with me on top of him. He probably could have done 50 more because he never slowed down. He bucked me off his back and jumped to his feet. He flexed his muscles for the kids who were screaming in wild appreciation. "Ranger muscle!" he yelled. All the kids came up to him and the girls ran their hands over his bulging sweaty muscles. He flexed for them. Some of the boys felt his muscles too. He looked so radiant and beautiful with his blue eyes, short hair, sparkling white teeth, drop dead handsome face and a body to die for. Everyone was in awe of Cody. And I was his friend!

After several minutes of this adoration, Cody finally picked up his sweatshirt. "See ya tomorrow," he told the kids. Then he looked at me and said "Come with me." We walked away from the other kids. Then he stopped and turned to look at me. He was still shirtless and I was staring at his incredibly muscular body. "You're really smart, aren't you John," he said. I nodded. "Yes, I'm smart." Cody smiled. "I bet you're going to go to college." I nodded again. "Yeah, I think so." He said, "You know, all the officers in the army went to college. And some of them are pretty weak, just like you. They're smart but they're weak. But look at me. I'm real muscular and real strong. But I know I'm not as smart as you. I'm not going to college. I'm going to be a Ranger, a big strong Ranger. And I'll be taking orders from weak little officers like you. So I want you to be my officer. I want you to order me to lift heavy weights. I want you to order me to run for miles with weights on my back. I want you to order me to do things that will make my body even bigger and stronger. You order me to do hard stuff and I will do it. I want you to force me to get bigger and stronger. The weak little officer boy is going to order around the big strong Ranger boy. You wanna do that?" He flexed his arms and looked at me with his clear blue eyes. "You wanna order around these muscles?"

I almost collapsed. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Cody wanted weak little me to give him orders, to give orders to his big muscles to do hard stuff so they get even bigger and stronger. He wanted me to give orders to the most beautiful muscle boy I had ever seen. "Yes I will!" I yelled as I looked at his incredible body. I was going to be the officer, giving orders to this big muscular young Ranger. Then Cody stood at attention and saluted me. "Give me my first order, sir," he said.

I thought for a second. "Ranger, you will march to the park. You will carry both of our backpacks, one in each hand. I will order you to do exercises with the backpacks as you are marching. Do you understand, soldier?" Cody looked at me very seriously. "Yes, sir, I understand." He reached down and grabbed both of our backpacks, one with each hand. We had several books inside. Those packs weighed about 15 pounds each. I grabbed his sweatshirt. I wanted to see Cody's body as he marched. I pointed in the direction of the park and yelled "March!"

Cody started marching and I followed him. He marched very quickly and it was hard for me to keep up. His body was straight up and his legs looked like pistons on a race car. I was carrying his sweatshirt so I could see his entire upper body. His shoulders were so wide and so muscular. His lats flared out from those shoulders and tapered down to his narrow hips. His butt was round and muscular, bulging with each step. His calves were very large and also bulged with each step. "Ranger, lift those backpacks up from the side with your shoulders. Keep your arms straight. Lift them up 25 times." Cody yelled "Yes sir!" He started lifting the backpacks. Those backpacks were heavy to me but he had no trouble lifting them up and down, doing side raises with the packs. I stared at his delt muscles as they bulged with each lift. The striations of muscle looked like cannonballs on his wide shoulders. His shoulder muscles were so thick. He did 25 reps without slowing down. "Halt," I said and Cody immediately stopped at stood at attention. "Very good, soldier. Your muscles are very strong." Cody said, "Yes they are, sir. Those backpacks were very light for my muscles." I came up and felt the hard striated muscle of his shoulders. I just couldn't believe how much muscle was there. "I am learning just how strong you are, Ranger. I will have to find heavier things." Cody said, "Yes, sir. Heavier things."

I looked at his arms. "Soldier, take both backpacks in one hand." Cody immediately did this. "As you march, curl them up 10 times with one arm and then 10 times with the other arm. Do this over and over until I order you to stop. I will walk next to you so I can inspect your muscles working. Do not march as fast as you were before. Do you understand, Ranger?" Cody tightened his grip on the backpacks and said "Yes sir!" I stood next to Cody and yelled, "March!" Cody started marching, more slowly this time thank god, and started curling the backpacks. He was curling about 30 pounds with one arm and it looked very easy for him to do. I wondered how many reps he would be able to do. He finished with his left arm and started with his right arm. I looked at his huge bicep muscle curling the backpacks up and down. The muscle looked like thick steel fibers at the bottom and like a ball of corded steel at the top. Every fiber was visible and veins were popping out under his skin. I reached over and felt the muscle as it curled the packs up and down. "You are very strong, Ranger," I said. "Yes, sir, I am," said Cody. "I am a Ranger, sir. I am very strong."

So Cody continued marching and curling the backpacks up and down, doing 10 reps with each arm over and over. We were nearing the park. When we got to the edge of the park he had done over 400 reps, over 200 with each arm. And he never slowed down. This boy was amazing. At the park I said "Halt. Drop the packs." Cody stopped and dropped the packs on the ground. He stood at attention. His body was dripping with sweat. "Flex your arms, soldier. I will inspect your arm muscles." Cody flexed his arms and I almost fell over. His biceps were huge. They were red from all the blood surging into the muscle. The fibers of muscle bulged out under his thin skin and veins covered those fibers. His triceps were huge too. They were like footballs of muscle at the bottoms of his arms. I reached up and felt the bulging muscle. It was warm and it was rock hard. It was like living rock. I ran my fingers over those steel fibers. It was hard to believe what I was feeling. "Whoa, soldier, your muscles are huge. So big, so hard." Cody looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes. "Thank you sir. And those muscles will be even bigger tomorrow after that workout. Look how pumped they are. They will grow. They are Ranger muscles and they will grow. You gave them a good workout, sir. But they need protein to grow. Sir, please give me permission to drink a protein shake sir. And some water sir." I looked at Cody's sweating pumped up body and his pleading eyes. "Permission granted, soldier," I said. Cody went to his backpack and took out a large protein shake. He didn't have any books in his backpack. He had protein shakes and water. He drank down the protein shake with big glugs of his thick neck. I watched him in awe. Then he took a bottle of water and glugged that down too. "Thank you sir. My body always needs to eat. I am ready for another order." He stood at attention, his body dripping with sweat.

I pointed to the parallel bars in the park. "Ranger, do 20 dips," I said. I did not know any kid who could do more than five dips - I could not do any - so I doubted he could do 20 dips. He went over to the bars, jumped on and easily cranked out 20 dips. "That was very easy, sir. I need more weight. Like your little body, sir." He flexed his big triceps and I stared at the bulging muscle. Then I got an idea. I looked around at all the equipment. "Okay, Ranger. Here is your order. You will do 10 dips with me, your superior officer, hanging on to your muscular Ranger body. Then you will do 10 pullups with me hanging on. Then you will do 20 pushups with me on top of you. The you will hang on the bar and do 25 leg lifts, with your legs straight. Then you will do 30 squats with me on your back. Then you will do those exercises all over again. You will do that ten times. Do you understand your order, soldier?" Cody looked at me and smiled. I think he liked to be challenged like this. He wanted to challenge his Ranger muscle body. "Yes sir!" he yelled.

He got on the parallel bars and I jumped up and held on to his muscular waist. He started doing dips, pulling both of us up with his big triceps and his powerful shoulders and chest. He easily cranked out 10 reps and I dropped off. Then he ran over to the pullup bar and jumped up and grabbed on. I ran over too and jumped up and held his waist. And he easily did 10 pullups. I loved the feeling of his bubble butt on my flabby stomach. It was so muscular and hard. And his waist was rippling with muscle as I held on. I felt the ridges of his hard abs. Then he dropped to the ground and I got on his back, with my little cock right on top of his bubble butt. I grabbed on to his muscular shoulders and he easily cranked out 20 pushups. I ran my hands over his shoulders and felt the striated muscle as he pushed us both up and down. Then I felt his pecs and his arms. "You are so strong," I said. "Ranger muscle!" he yelled as he pushed me up again. My cock was hard and I kind of rubbed it on his butt and I'm sure he felt it. But he didn't say anything. Then he bucked me off and jumped up on the bar again. He stretched out his legs and did 25 leg lifts. His abs looked incredible, a rock wall of corrugated muscle as they easily pulled his muscular legs up and down. Then he ran over and stood next to a bench. I got on top of the bench and then jumped on his back. I hung on to his shoulders while he did 30 squats. I'm sure my little 80 pounds was very light for his muscular legs, but I did order him to do 30 reps! I fondled his striated shoulder muscles and then I grabbed his thick trap muscles. They were huge and as hard as rocks. I gazed at his thick neck which bulged with muscle as he lifted me up and down. After 30 reps he let me get off at the bench and then he ran over to the parallel bars. He looked at me with a look that said "Fuck, hurry up you little wimpy officer," but he said "Please hurry, sir." I ran over and then we started it all over again.

Cody just kept running through the sets. It was like an obstacle course for him and I could tell he had conquered a lot of obstacle courses. He looked and acted like a Ranger. I got tired myself before Cody got tired. I was running around getting on his waist or his back and I was getting tired. By the fifth set I was breathing real hard. Cody looked at me and grinned. "You are really out of shape, sir. It is a good thing you have a strong Army Ranger at your command." I jumped on his back for him to do pushups, grabbed his thick delts and said "It sure is." And I rubbed my cock on his big warm muscle butt. I loved being in command of this big muscular young Ranger boy.

Cody finished the last reps of squats with me on his back. He reps were slow. He had done ten full sets of the exercises. He had slowed down for the last two sets. Even he could get tired if he strained those muscles enough. He bucked me off his back and saluted me. "Mission accomplished, sir!" he yelled. I stood there and marveled at what I was seeing. His body was dripping with sweat. Every muscle was red with blood and bulging with striations and covered with veins. He looked like an anatomy chart in a doctors office. Every muscle was perfect. Every muscle was bulging. Every fiber was showing through his thin skin. His face was absolutely beautiful with his blue eyes sparking, his cheekbones high and wide, his cheeks bright red, his jawbone brisling with muscle and his cleft chin jutting out, the chin of a jock. His bright white teeth sparkled when he smiled. His head was sitting on a thick, muscular neck with thick traps on each side. Sweat was dripping off every part of his skin. He looked incredible. "You did a good job, soldier," I said. "Now I must inspect your body." Cody looked at me and grinned. 'I hope I pass the inspection, sir," he said as he saluted me again.

I came up to him and ran my hands over his short light brown hair. It was covered in sweat. It was very thick, strong hair. "Your hair is very thick and strong. It is Ranger hair. And it is cut nice and short. And your face. It is the face of a Ranger. You have a very strong looking face. Blue eyes, high and wide cheekbones, and very strong jaw and chin. Bright white teeth. You are very good looking, soldier. Your face is very handsome but very strong looking. You have the face of a young Ranger." Cody smiled. "Thank you sir." His bright white teeth shone and his sky blue eyes sparkled.

Then I moved my hands down to his neck, his thick sweaty neck. "My God, Cody, your neck is so big and thick. My neck is so scrawny and your neck is so thick and muscular. Move your head around. Oh yeah, I can feel the muscle flexing and moving in your neck. I can tell your neck is very strong. You could use your head like a battering ram. Your neck would be so strong it could bash your head into an enemy and break his bones. You have the neck of a young Ranger." Cody flexed his neck muscles and moved his head around as I felt the muscles bulged. "Yeah, a battering ram," he said as he aimed his head down and hit me gently on my forehead. It he had hit me hard he would have fractured my skull with his head butt. Then he looked up and me and flexed his traps. They bulged up beside his neck. I immediately grabbed on to them and felt the thick hard muscle. "What huge muscles you have here, soldier. I don't have any muscle next to my neck at all and you have huge bulging muscles. Do you know that they are, soldier?" Cody flexed his traps as I ran my fingers over them. I tried to pinch them but they were much too hard. "Those are called trap muscles, sir. They are used to pick up heavy things. I have very big trap muscles so I can pick up very heavy things, sir." He grabbed my hips and lifted me up and down with his trap muscles. "You are very light sir. I can lift things that are much heavier than you." I held his trap muscles and said "You have muscles I don't even have. You have Ranger muscles, soldier."

Next I moved my hands out to his deltoid muscles. They were bulging after all the hard exercise. They looked like cannonballs of striated muscle sitting on top of his wide shoulders. They were round and thick with muscle. My shoulders were nothing but skinny bone. "I can't believe how big your shoulders are, soldier. I have nothing but bone on my shoulders. Your shoulders are packed with muscle." Cody raised his arms up and down a couple of times while I felt his delt muscles bulge. "Yes sir, my shoulders are very strong. You saw how hard I punched the bully. My muscles smashed my fist deep into his gut. I have very strong muscles. Ranger muscles. You are an officer, sir. You have a smart brain but you don't have any muscles. I am not as smart as you but I have muscles. Ranger muscles. Your smart brain commands my big strong Ranger muscles." I gulped at the thought of this.

I moved my hands to his right arm. Even though he wasn't flexing his bicep was very hard. I could see the fibers of muscle under this thin skin. Veins covered that muscle. His triceps bulged out behind his biceps and they too showed fibers and veins. These muscles were all pumped up from the exercises they had just finished. His forearms were huge, much bigger than my stick-like upper arms. They looked like snakes of striated muscle covered with veins. His wrist was thick and his hand was big, thick and muscular, much bigger and thicker than my hand. "Your arms are amazing, soldier. They are so big, so muscular, so strong." Cody raised his arm and flexed his bicep next to my face. "My arms are weapons, sir. They are very strong. They can hurt people. They can kill people. They are very strong weapons." I ran my hands over his flexed bicep and moaned. "And I command these arms," I said, still not quite believing that I commanded all this muscles. "Yes, sir. My arms will do as you command." He held up his hand and rubbed my dainty little hand over the side of his hand. It was very rough and callused. "Feel my hand, sir. I fight the big Rangers. I am a very good fighter. My hand is very hard. It can break through wood boards. My hand is a weapon. My fist is a weapon. My feet are weapons. And they are powered by big muscles. They are very strong." He raised his hand and gently touched my upper arm. "If I hit you hard I would break your bone, sir," he said. "This hand can break wooden boards and it can break bones. If you order me to break a bone I will do it. Rangers always follow the orders of their officers, sir." I felt his big thick hand, the hand that would break bones at my command. "I love being your officer, Ranger," I said.

Cody smiled and flexed his pecs. "Feel my chest muscles, sir. They are very big. They help me smash my fists into people's guts. They are very strong. In the gym I can bench press 200 pounds. That is more weight than some of the big Army Rangers can bench. I am a very strong young Ranger." I ran my hands over Cody's pec muscles. They were big and round and striated with rock hard muscle fibers. He had so much muscle in his pecs that his nipples were pointing 45 degrees downward. I looked at my flat little chest and then at Cody's bulging pec muscles. There was no comparison. He was a big strong man - a Ranger - and I was a puny little weakling. But I was an officer. I could command this man, this Ranger man! "So much muscle. So much strong muscle at my command," I said. My pre-pubescent cock was rock hard, as it had been all afternoon.

Cody grinned. I think he liked having wimpy little me admiring his body. He flexed his lats. Huge wings of muscle flared out from his shoulders and chest and tapered down to his narrow hips. Immediately I grabbed that muscle and tried to squeeze it. But it was as hard as a rock. My little fingers couldn't make even the tiniest of dents in that muscle. Fibers and veins showed clearly under his thin skin. I knew I had no lats at all and I was feeling lats that were at least six inches wide on each side of his chest. I just couldn't believe how much muscle this kid had. "Incredible," I gasped. Cody wrapped his arms around my chest. "You saw how many pullups I can do. My lats can pull very hard. Feel their strength, sir." He pulled his arms into my chest and instantly all the air was flushed out of my lungs. I couldn't breathe. "I am only applying about a quarter of my strength, sir. If I applied full strength I would break your ribs. My lats and very strong. My biceps are very strong. They are weapons too. They can squeeze other people's chests so hard they cannot breathe. They can break their ribs. My whole body is filled with weapons of muscle." Then he let go. My face was red and I took a deep breath. "Did I hurt you, sir?" he said. "No. I am amazed that you were only applying a quarter of your strength. You are a very strong young Ranger." Cody smiled. "Yes I am, sir."

Then he flexed his abs. He had an eight pack. My eyes bulged out as I saw the hard ridges of muscle. It looked like a washboard. But his waist was very small. He had very broad wild shoulders but his waist and hips were very small. He had a perfect V shape. I ran my fingers over those hard muscles. I poked at them but they were as hard as bricks. His oblique muscles pointed down to his crotch. Every muscle was so defined. "Punch my abs, sir. Lets see if you can hurt them." I looked at his beautiful face. He was smiling confidently at me. "I don't want to hurt you, soldier," I said. He laughed. "You cannot hurt me, sir. You are much too weak to hurt me. Punch my abs. You'll see." So I made a fist and punched him in the abs. I don't think he was even flexing hard but my fist bounced off like it had hit a brick wall. There was a loud smacking sound and pain shot through my hand. "I could hardly feel that, sir. Punch harder. I won't even flex my muscles." He just stood there, not flexing his abs. But the muscles still stood out in bold relief. His abs were very sweaty. Beads of sweat covered his paper thin skin. The muscles weren't flexed but it looked like they were flexed. It was like his abs were always flexed. I wound up my other hand and punched him as had as I could in the gut. Again my fist bounced off the muscle and again my hand hurt a lot. "Your abs are too strong for me, soldier," I said. He made a fist and smashed it into his abs as hard as he could. It made a much louder smacking sound. But it still bounced off. "Yes, my abs are very hard. They are very strong. Even the big Rangers' fists can't dent my abs. I can smash other boys' abs but they cannot smash my abs. My ab muscles are very strong. They are like armor on my body. My pecs and abs are like armor. They are like steel." He punched his abs again and watched my admiring face. My little cock bulged underneath my shorts.

I ran my hands around to his back and felt his hard muscle bubble butt. "Your butt is so round, so hard, so muscular," I said. "I could feel your butt when you were doing pullups and pushups and I was holding on to you. It is so hard. It feels so good on my little wimpy body" Cody grinned. "Yeah, my butt is really strong. It helps me run real fast and it helps my legs lift really heavy things. I could feel your little cock on my butt. I know you really like my big muscles, don't you sir. You like your Ranger's big muscles." I nodded my head. "I sure do," I said as I felt his hard bubble butt.

Then he flexed his legs. "Look at my legs, sir. Look how much muscle I have in my legs. Feel that muscle, sir. Feel how hard it is." I got down on my knees and reached up to Cody's right thigh. It was huge. I think it was bigger than my waist and it was all muscle. The strands of muscle of his quads bulged out, striated with fibers and covered with veins. The muscles were still sweaty and beads of sweat were everywhere. I reached up and grabbed the muscle. I ran my hands all over his leg, feeling the bulging quads and the big hamstring in the back of his leg. I had never felt that much muscle in my life. "Oh my god," I said still not quite believing how much muscle Cody had in his body. Cody flexed and unflexed for me. Unflexed, the muscle was still hard but I could push it in a little. Flexed, the muscle was like rock. Warm rock. I ran my hands down to his calves. They were rock hard and bulging and covered with veins. This boy had huge muscular legs. "My leg muscles are very strong, sir. It was easy to squat with you on my back. In the gym I can squat with 275 pounds of iron on my shoulders. What do you weigh, sir, about 80 pounds?" I nodded my head. If felt so inferior and weak. "Yeah, you felt like a feather to my big legs. My legs are weapons, sir. If I kick somebody all that muscle drives my foot into their body. My foot can break bones. It can smash faces. Look at my foot, sir. See how big and strong it is." He raised his leg and I looked at his foot. It was thick and muscular. And like his hand it was very callused. I ran my hands over that foot and felt the hard callused skin, skin that had hit and smashed things thousands of time. "Wow," I said. "Your feet are weapons too. Everything about you is a big weapon!" Cody put his foot down. "Yes, sir, my arms are weapons. My hands are weapons. My fists are weapons. My legs are weapons. My feet are weapons. My body is filled with weapons. And you, sir, command all these weapons. I am a Ranger and you are my commander." He stood at attention and saluted me.

I stood up and gazed at his incredible body. "You pass the inspection, soldier. Your body gets an A plus." He smiled. "You have one more weapon to inspect, sir." I looked at him quizzically. "Where is it soldier?" I asked. He pointed to his shredded oblique muscles. "Those muscles are pointing at the weapon, sir. You should inspect it." I looked at his obliques. They were pointing to his crotch. To his cock. I looked up and his face. He smiled and looked down at his abs and crotch. Then he pulled down his shorts and his cock sprang up. It was hard! He didn't have any pubic hairs yet but his cock was big. It was much bigger than mine. Twice as big as mine and real thick. Oh wait. I thought I could see a few little light brown pubic hairs. This 12 year old boy was starting to enter puberty! He grabbed his cock and let it go and it hit his ab muscles. It was like a big hard pipe hitting his ab muscles. "Wow, that is quite a weapon," I gasped. "A very big weapon." Cody came up very close to me. "All the Rangers love to fuck. All the girls want to get fucked by their big cocks. Their cocks are like weapons, ready to fuck and fuck and fuck. I can hardly wait to fuck. I want to use this big weapon to fuck!"

I looked at Cody's handsome face, his incredible body and his big hard cock. "But you are only 12 years old and you're only in sixth grade. You might get arrested it you fucked a girl." Cody looked at me with his blue eyes looking sad. "I know. The girls would love me to fuck 'em, but they might tell their parents and the parents would call the police. I could never be a Ranger if I got arrested for fucking a girl. All I can do is beat off." I looked at his cock. "Can you beat off? I can get hard but I don't get any cum. I'm not in puberty yet. But I see some pubic hairs on you. So can you cum?" Cody rubbed his cock and looked at my pathetic little body. "Yes, sir, I can cum. I started cumming a few months ago. I can cum about eight times a day if I want to. I shoot huge loads of cum. I've got big muscles, a big cock and I can shoot big loads of cum. I've got Ranger muscles and a Ranger cock and lots of Ranger cum! I want to fuck!" Cody was very close to me. I looked at his blue eyes, his beautiful face and his incredible body. He was so gorgeous. He looked sad that he couldn't fuck. I looked at his body and his cock. I so wanted to touch that body and that cock. I so wanted to taste that body and that cock. I so wanted to feel that cock inside my mouth, to feel that hard steel pipe inside my mouth, to suck it, to feel the gush of cum bursting out. I wanted Cody.

"Ranger, one of the jobs of a commanding officer is to make sure his men are taken care of, that they are happy and satisfied. And as your commanding officer I want you, Ranger, to be happy and satisfied. If I, your commanding officer, ordered you to let your commanding officer suck your cock would you obey that order?" Cody's eyes got wide and he smiled. "Yes SIR! I would obey that order SIR! You are my commander." His cock was rock hard and it started twitching around. I leaned over and kissed his bulging pec. I pointed to some woods at the edge of the playground. "Lets go over there, Ranger."

Cody looked at his backpack. "Request permission to drink water and eat another protein shake first, sir. Your workout made me thirsty and hungry. My muscles always need to eat." I looked at his sweaty body. "Permission granted, Ranger." Cody pulled up his shorts and went over and glugged down a bottle of water and a big protein shake. "Feed those muscles, soldier," I said as I watched him drink. Even his drinking was big. Big glugs of liquid gushing into his body. When he finished he threw the empty bottles into his backpack and saluted me, rubbing his abs with his other hand. "Feels good to feed my muscles. Ready for action, sir," he said as he smiled and held his salute as he rubbed his sweaty abs with his other hand, flexing his bicep and ab muscles at me. "March to the woods, soldier," I said. "Now I'm gonna eat too. You are going to fill me up with your Ranger cum. And that is an order." Cody grinned and started marching and yelled "Yes SIR!"

We got to a clearing in the woods and I said "Halt!" Cody stopped and I walked up and stood in front of him. "Strip off your shorts and shoes, soldier," I ordered. I was getting to like ordering this incredibly muscular boy around. Cody immediately complied and stood in front of me at attention. His cock was hard. He was ready to fuck. I stripped off my shorts and shoes too. Then Cody said, "Request permission to piss, sir." He looked at me with pleading eyes. He needed to piss but he was asking me, his superior officer, for permission. "Permission granted, Ranger," I said. Cody grabbed his hard cock and pointed it at a tree. Then a huge stream of piss gushed out of his cock and hit the tree. His piss stream was huge and it was hard. He pissed an enormous amount of urine on that tree. If he had pissed on a smaller object he would have knocked it over. Finally he was done. He turned to me and said "Thank you sir. Ready to fuck, sir." He stroked his big cock.

I came up to him and put my hands on his pec muscles. "Not so fast, soldier. I am going to do a closer inspection of your body first." Cody's eyes got wide. "Yes, sir. A closer inspection!" I leaned over and kissed his neck. Then I kissed it over and over, running my lips all over his thick muscular neck. He started moaning with pleasure. Then I moved my hands over to his traps and moved my face down to his pecs. I started licking those pecs as I was massaging his traps. He was now moaning louder. Then I started rubbing his pec muscles, feeling every fiber of muscle. I moved my fingers down to his nipples and started pinching them and massaging them. "Oh oh oh," moaned Cody. I moved my fingers up to his lats and squeezed the hard muscle, massaging the thick muscle with my little fingers. Then I moved out to his delts and massaged those big muscles too. I pulled Cody into me and kissed his lips. "Mmmmmm," moaned Cody. I moved my face down and started licking his neck again, then his pecs and then his abs. His skin was sweaty and I tasted the salt on my tongue. I could smell the sweat in his armpits. Then I got on my knees and started licking his balls. By this time Cody was almost crazy. He was moaning, groaning, thrusting his cock around. His balls were very big and I licked and sucked both of them in my mouth. The smell of his crotch was wonderful, the smell of a young jock who had just exercised his muscles to exhaustion. Cody was going crazy with lust.

Then I started licking his cock. That big weapon was rock hard and it was ready to fuck. I licked as Cody moaned and groaned in absolute pleasure. Then I said, "Fuck me, Ranger!" and I wrapped my mouth around that rock hard cock. And Cody started fucking! He rammed his cock in and out of my mouth, almost gagging me as I sucked and licked as he thrust back and forth. "Oh fuck!" he yelled as he fucked and fucked my mouth. He was extremely horny and in less than a minute he started yelling. "Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck!" he yelled as he started spurting huge amounts of cum down my throat and into my stomach. He came for over a minute and he filled me up with his cum. Finally he stopped cumming but he left his cock inside my throat. My throat tissues gave additional pleasure to his big weapon as he slowly moved it around. "Oh fuck, sir, that was the best fuck I ever had," he moaned. I couldn't talk but I moved my hands all over his body, feeling his rippling muscles. Finally he took his cock out of my mouth. I looked up at his beautiful face and said. "You passed the up close inspection, Ranger. You get an A plus." Cody slapped my face with his cock and said, "Thank you, sir. And thank you for ordering me to fuck you. That was a great fuck. I am so glad you are my commanding officer."

My little cock was rock hard and I would have spurted cum if I had been in puberty, but I was still a boy. I was in ecstasy feeling and tasting and smelling Cody's body and I was in lust when Cody fucked me. I felt spasms of pleasure shooting through my cock but I didn't spurt any cum like Cody did. Cody was becoming a man and I was still a boy. But I was Cody's commander! We got dressed and walked out of the woods towards our homes. "See you tomorrow, Ranger," I said. Cody saluted me and said, "Yes sir. See you tomorrow, sir. Use your smart brain to think of some more hard exercises for me to do, sir. My Ranger muscles like to do hard stuff." He kept saluting and flexed his bicep at me. I grabbed that big muscle and said "Yes I will, soldier. And feed those Ranger muscles real big tonight. I want to see 'em grow!" Cody grinned and flexed harder. "Yes SIR!" he yelled. Then we walked to our houses.

The next morning I got to school early. I had been thinking about Cody all night and I couldn't wait to see him. My friends came up to me and we talked about Cody. He was the subject of everybody's conversation. Kids couldn't believe how he had beaten up Joey and Mark. They couldn't believe how many pullups and pushups he could do. And that he could do them with me on his back! He was so strong! I didn't tell anybody that I was Cody's military commander - that he was a Ranger and I was an officer. In fact, I didn't know if Cody would continue this again. Maybe it was just a one time thing for him. I sure wanted to do it though. Then Cody strutted towards the playground. He was wearing an army camouflage tee shirt, one that was a little small on him. All his muscles bulged against the tight fabric - his delts and lats and pecs strained the fabric. And his big arms completely filled up the arm holes. In fact, they stretched the arm holes. Cody came up to me and said, "How ya doin' John? I put on a pound of muscle last night. My muscles are growin'!" He didn't say "sir". He was just a normal muscle kid bragging about his muscles. He turned to the other kids and flexed. "Gettin' bigger. Gettin' stronger. That's Ranger muscle and it's getting bigger!" He looked at me and smiled. All the kids stood around Cody and most of them felt his muscles. Cody was definitely the new Alpha kid. I stood there admiring him. I was still the skinny weak little nerd. Nobody paid any attention to me.

Suddenly I saw Joey and Mark walking towards us with two big kids behind them. Joey's arm was in a sling. They were mad. "Hey fuckface!" Joey yelled, pointing at Cody. All the kids turned around and saw them coming. "You're gonna pay for this!" he said, pointing to his arm. "You're gonna be sorry you fucked with us!" Mark pointed to the two big kids. One of them was huge and kind of fat, like Joey. The other one was not fat and was muscular, like Mark. "Yeah, we brought our brothers. They're 16 and they're on the football team. Joey's bro is a tackle and my bro is a linebacker. And they're strong as shit. They're gonna kick your ass, fuckface!" Cody moved up to them and stood there, not the least bit frightened, or so it seemed. The two big kids stood in front of him and one of the made a fist. The two sixth graders stood behind. The two big kids were ready to attack. Cody looked at me. "Sir, permission requested to annihilate the enemy, sir" Everybody turned to look at me. The two big kids looked too. Nobody understood what was happening. I looked at Cody. "Permission granted, Ranger. Annihilate them." Cody turned and stood in front of the two big kids. Then Joey's brother yelled, "Enough of this shit!" and he made two fists and moved towards Cody. However before he could move one foot Cody jumped up and smashed the thick callused sole of his foot into the jaw of the big fat kid. I could hear his jaw breaking. He never got near Cody. He never landed a punch. All he felt was Cody's hard rough foot smashing his jaw. He collapsed onto the ground. Then the linebacker started to attack but a fraction of a second Cody smashed his fist into the linebacker's face, breaking his nose. Blood started spurting out. The kid didn't immediately fall so Cody started smashing his fists into his body, hitting his chest and his abs and his face. After just five blows, the kid fell to the ground. "How do you like that shit!" yelled Cody. "That's Ranger shit and it's gonna fuck you up! You will be anniliated!"

The big fat kid was starting to get up, holding his broken jaw. Just as he was rising, Cody wrapped his arm around his neck and flexed his bicep muscle, digging it into the kid's windpipe. He grabbed his arm with his other hand and squeezed. All of a sudden the kid couldn't breathe. He started thrashing around with Cody hanging on to his neck with his big muscular right arm, squeezing the life out of him. The kid probably weighed 200 pounds and Cody weighed about 125, but Cody was all muscle and that muscles was crushing the big kid's neck. He thrashed around, but there was no way he was going to get Cody's strong arm off him. Cody crushed harder. We could hear the kid's windpipe crackling. The big kid was drooling. His face was red. Finally he collapsed on the ground. "Yeah, Ranger shit!" Cody yelled. He kicked the big kid's chest, breaking a rib. "You don't fuck with Rangers!" he yelled.

The linebacker stood up. Blood was dripping from his broken nose. He put up his fists. He was a big 16 year old football player. How could this 12 year old do this to him? Cody turned to him and yelled. "You want some more shit?" Before the kid could throw a punch, Cody attacked him with punch after devastating punch. It was like a demolition derby. The kid couldn't touch Cody while Cody's fists pummeled him. Then Cody's fist went deep into his gut. The kid staggered backwards and as he staggered Cody smashed his foot into his ribcage, breaking a rib. The kid collapsed on the ground. Those big kids hadn't laid a finger on the Ranger. "You don't fuck around with Rangers," he yelled to the big 16 year old football players on the ground. He reached down and was going to grab Joey's brother and beat him up some more.

Suddenly I realized that Joey and Mark were next to me. Mark grabbed my arm and yelled, "Stop! If you don't stop this little wimp is gonna pay!" Cody stopped beating up the big kids - they were collapsed on the ground. Cody looked at Mark viciously. He came over and without hesitation he grabbed Mark's wrist with his left hand with a grip so hard that Mark was forced to let go of my arm. Then he made his right hand straight, raised it up and smashed it down on Mark's forearm. We heard a loud snap. Cody had broken both of Mark's forearm bones with his thick strong hand and his huge muscles. Cody could break boards with that hand and he could break bones too. Like Mark's bones. Mark started screaming. This wasn't' supposed to be happening. He was the strong kid. He was the one who beat up other kids. Now his wrist and hand were hanging down from his forearm. He grabbed them with his other hand and cried wildly.

Cody grabbed Joey's good arm, the one that wasn't in the sling and held it by the wrist. Cody straightened his right hand and rubbed it on Joey's face. Joey could feel how muscular and tough and callused that hand was. Then Cody raised it, ready to break Joey's arm. "I will annihilate your arm," said Cody. "I have been ordered to annihilate the enemy." Joey looked at Cody in abject fear. "No, no, no!" he yelled. Cody looked at him and he pointed to me. "Okay, punk. To avoid annihilation this is what you must do. This young man is an officer. You and your friend shall not attack an officer. You will follow the officer's orders. Do you agree never to attack this officer and to follow the officer's orders?" Joey looked a me and then at Cody. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Follow my orders? Follow that little wimp's orders? "But he's a fucking little wimp. He is so weak! He throws a baseball like a girl! I'm not going to follow his orders!" Cody raised his hand. He rubbed his callused hand on Joey's face. "Yes he's weak but he's very smart. He's way smarter than you. He's weak but he's an officer. And you will obey an officer or the officer's Ranger will smash you, annihilate you. Breaking your bones will be only your first punishment. You and your friends will be annihilated. So yes or no. Do you swear not to attack him and to follow his orders?" Joey was stunned. Cody yelled, "You have three seconds." Joey looked at wimpy little me but then he looked at Cody's bulging muscles and his strong hand. "One!" said Cody. He moved his arm up and down, flexing his powerful muscles. He rubbed his hand on Joey's arm. "Two!" he said. He raised his arm. Joey yelled "Yes!" Cody said, "Yes what?" Joey said "We won't attack John and we will follow his orders." Cody rubbed his callused hand on Joey's arm. "If you break your oath you will suffer Ranger vengeance. I will break your arm. I like to break bones. I will smash your body. You will be annihilated. " He tapped Joey's arm with his hand as Joey trembled in fear. "Here is a sample." He punched Joey in the gut and that punch went all the way to his spine. Joey buckled over in pain. Then Cody turned to me. "Mission accomplished, sir." And he saluted me. I saluted him back.

The two big kids were writhing in pain on the ground. Mark was holding up his broken arm with his other hand crying wildly. Joey was buckled over in pain. The bell rang. "Time for class," said Cody, He grabbed my shoulder and we walked towards the school. Cody was walking as if nothing had happened. It was like he beat people up all the time. Just a normal day for a Ranger. The rest of us were stunned. I turned to the kids and said "Self defense, just like yesterday." They all nodded and said "Yeah, self defense." I heard later that the two big kids were so injured that they were suspended from the football team for the season. Joey and Mark didn't return to school for a week.

Now I loved sixth grade. I commanded a young Ranger.