Doug the Quarterback (hs)

It was the first day of 10th grade and I went to my home room class. I was 15 years old and gay but nobody in the school knew it. I was totally in the closet. I knew a lot of the kids in the room because I had 9th grade in the same school. We all sat around talking, waiting for the bell to ring. Then a boy I had never seen before entered the room. My eyes almost popped out of my head. He was the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen. He was tall, well over six feet tall, and he was incredibly muscular. He was wearing a tight tee shirt and his chest just exploded out of that shirt. It looked like the fibers were going to rip. His shoulders were incredibly wide and I could see the big round balls of muscle that capped those broad shoulders. His neck was thick with muscle and I could see big trap muscles bulging up next to his neck. His huge arms pressed against the fabric of the tee shirt. They were the biggest arms I had ever seen on a boy my age. They were so muscular and veins crawled under his thin skin. His forearms were like writhing snakes of muscle. His wide lats flared down to a narrow waist. His legs were huge. They were pressing against his shorts, big tree trunks of muscle. His calves were enormous. It looked like he ran a lot. I couldn't believe this boy was going to be in my home room class. His face was stunningly beautiful in a manly, jock way. He had hazel eyes, brown hair and very strong jaw with a cleft chin. His cheekbones were wide and his nose was straight and perfect. His teeth were incredibly white. His skin was darkly tanned. He was as gorgeous as any model I had ever seen. My cock was rock hard.

He looked around the room and took a seat right next to me. My eyes followed him to his seat and I knew he could tell I was staring at him. He turned to me and said, "Hey, wassup?" I couldn't talk. I was staring at his arm. Finally I said, "Uh, not much --- until you walked in. You've got an incredible body." He smiled and flexed his tricep. "Yeah, I've been workin' out this summer. I put on 30 pounds of muscle in three months. I'm gonna try out for the football team. I wanted to get big and strong for football. I was the quarterback on the freshman team in my old school. It was a small boys school. My parents thought I was hitting on too many girls when I was like 12 and 13 so they sent me to a boys school on the east coast. But now I'm 15 and I'm here 'cause I wanted to play football at a bigger school and my parents finally agreed. Plus its a hell of a lot cheaper for them. And I wanna be the quarterback here too. Hey, I'm Doug." I couldn't believe how open he was to me. Most jocks never even talked to me but Doug was talking to me like I was his best friend. "Good to meet you, Doug. I'm John. I think you're gonna like this school. And with muscles like you got I don't think you'll have any trouble getting on the football team and being a quarterback. Our quarterback right now is a senior but he's not nearly as big and muscular as you are." I knew that because I followed the football team carefully. I loved muscular boys and I knew exactly who the quarterback was. He was tall and skinny and not nearly as big and strong as 15 year old Doug here. Doug smiled. "You think so? You think I'm bigger and stronger than your quarterback?" I smiled at him and said "Absolutely!"

Doug grinned and hit a double biceps pose for me. "Six one and 210 pounds," he said. My mouth dropped open. "Shit," I said. "Our quarterback is also six one but last year he only weighed 165 pounds. You outweigh him by 45 pounds. And I can see its all muscle! Maybe he put on another 10 pounds but you still outweigh him by 35 pounds. Welcome to Roosevelt High, Doug!" I raised my hand and we gave each other high fives. Then the bell rang.

I didn't see Doug much that day. I saw him talking to a couple of jock boys and I saw him talking to a couple of the most beautiful girls we had in the school. It was clear Doug was fitting in very well at Roosevelt. The next day he was talking to a couple of jock boys as he came into home room. He didn't sit next to me. He sat with the jock boys. I was so disappointed. I wanted to talk to Doug so much. But he was a jock. He hung out with the jock boys. I was a total dweeb. I was five ten and I weighed only 125 pounds. Doug weighed 85 pounds more than I did and he was all muscle. I was nothing but weak flab. After class, I went up to him and said, "Hey Doug." He looked at me and said, "Hey John. I got on the football team. Now I have to show the coach I'm better than that skinny senior quarterback. Take care." He punched me on the shoulder and then left with his new jock friends. Well, at least he talked to me.

Well, I saw Doug every day in home room. Sometimes he would talk to me and sometimes he wouldn't. He was obviously in a different social class than I was. He was in the highest of the high classes - big, athletic, good looking jock football player. I was in a much lower class - skinny little nerd. I wasn't on the very bottom but I was close to it. Doug was at the very top. No jock had ever talked to me before and at least I got a few words from him once in awhile. He knew who I was.

But I wanted to see more of Doug. I was falling in love with Doug. He was everything I wanted in my dream boy. I loved muscle. I loved gorgeous male faces. I didn't really like ordinary looking boys. I liked muscle. And Doug had everything I wanted. I got to see his gorgeous face and his incredible body every day in home room. Sometimes he would wear a short sleeve button shirt and he would open all the buttons so you could see his pecs and his abs. I almost fainted the first time he did this. He had absolutely no fat on his body and his muscles looked magnificent. He was so perfect. Right after class I went into the boys bathroom and beat off.

Every day after school I went to football practice. I stood at the side of the field looking at the football players and especially Doug. He really didn't pay any attention to me but he did look over at me a couple of times. He knew I was looking at him. One day after practice he came over to me. I almost creamed in my pants right then. He was all sweaty from the hard football practice. "You really like football, huh John," he said. I stammered, "Yes, I do." He looked at me and said, "You ever play?" I flexed my tiny little arm and said, "What do you think." He laughed and then he looked at me seriously. He flexed his arm right in front of my face. "You like my body, don't you John. You've been coming to practice to watch me. You've been watching my muscles. I'm not dumb. I can tell. Am I right?" I couldn't lie. "Yes," I said as I looked at his huge arm and then at his gorgeous hazel eyes. He dropped his arm and then lifted up his jersey, exposing his rock hard eight pack. I looked down at it and I wanted to cum in my pants. "Touch my abs," he said. I touched his abs and ran my dainty little finger on the hard crevices of muscle. And I gasped and creamed in my pants. Doug looked at the liquid staining my crotch and said, "You're gay, aren't you John." My face was beet red. I said quietly, "Yes, but nobody at school knows. Please don't tell anyone Doug." Doug smiled and said quietly, "Its just between you and me. But don't get any ideas that you're gonna have sex with me. I'm totally straight. I've already fucked five girls in this school. And there are lots more girls I'm gonna fuck. So don't get any ideas, gay boy." I rubbed my hand on his abs. He was letting me feel his muscles! "You just drive me crazy Doug. You are so good looking, so big, so strong, so muscular. I would love to have sex with you, but I know its not going to happen. Look at you. You're a total stud jock and I'm a complete nerd. I feel lucky just being able to watch you practice and talk to you." Doug looked at me pitifully. "Well, have a good time, John." He flexed his arm again and said, "Feel my muscle. You'll probably beat off three times tonight!" I felt his huge bicep and tricep. They were the biggest muscles I had ever felt. I needed two hands to feel the huge muscles. The muscle was as hard as iron. I could feel the fibers of muscle. Those fibers were warm and covered with veins. Doug had absolutely no fat. It was like I was feeling warm striated rock. I ran my little fingers over the rock hard muscle. "Oh shit," I gasped. He laughed and grabbed my hard cock. "Have a good time tonight, gay boy." Then he strutted off to the locker room. I was overcome with lust. And I did cum four times that night. That was a record for me.

I didn't know what would happen the next day in home room. Did Doug hate me now? I was very anxious as I didn't know if Doug would ignore me because he knew I was gay or even worse tell other kids I was gay. But he didn't either of those. He came into the classroom and grinned at me. Then he sat in the desk next to me and slowly flexed his muscles as the teacher was talking. None of the other kids could see what he was doing but my eyes were fixated on his body. He flexed his legs, stretching them out and flexing his huge quads so they almost tore his shorts. Then he straightened his arm and flexed his huge tricep muscles. He was making me crazy. He raised his arms and flared out his lats, almost ripping the fabric of his tee shirt. The he turned and flexed his pecs at me. The muscles bulged out under his shirt in huge balls. Then he said, "What's up, John?" as he looked at my rock hard cock. He smiled and then turned towards the teacher. Oh god, how I wanted those muscles. I wanted to feel them. I wanted to touch them . I wanted to squeeze them. I wanted to make love to them. I wanted to kiss Doug's gorgeous lips. I wanted to make love to Doug. I was in love with Doug. Doug didn't hate me. He was showing off to me. Oh god how I wanted him! How could I get him? I loved this gorgeous, incredibly muscular straight boy. How could I get him to love me back?

So like all teenagers, I turned to the internet. I spent hours searching the internet. And I found a site that had an herbal drug made in the far east that was called the Love Drug. According to the site, if a man wanted to seduce a woman he would give her this drug and instantly she would be ravenously attracted to him. She would want to have constant sex with him. And, according to the site, it a woman wanted to have a man fall in love with her she would give the drug to the man. The man would instantly fall in love with the woman, wanting to have sex with her constantly. Apparently this drug altered something in the brain that made the person instantly fall in love with the person who was with him or her when they got the drug. Except for being in love, the person was completely normal. However their sexual activity increased significantly and the pleasure of the sex was much greater after they had taken the Love Drug. Most subjects thought their sex was the best sex they ever had. The effects were the strongest when it was first taken, but the effects lasted for several weeks and gradually reduced and finally went away. The results weren't permanent but they lasted a long time. And you could take another dose and the loving would continue. I didn't want to hurt Doug. I did further research and looked at testimonials and I concluded that this herbal drug would not harm my dream boy. It would just make him my lover and increase his already strong sex drive. Oh god I could hardly wait. This seemed perfect. So I ordered the drug from Hong Kong and it arrived a few weeks later. Now I needed a way to give it to Doug. I loved Doug and I wanted Doug to love me. I wanted to feel his muscles. I wanted to kiss his beautiful lips. I wanted to feel his big cock up my ass. I wanted him!

Every day, Doug would flex his muscles for me a little bit in home room. I guess he thought it was funny, me being so turned on by his body. He would flex and then look at my rock hard cock. I guess he was playing with me but I loved it. He knew the girls loved his body too so he wore clothes that would show off his muscles and he would flex for the girls too. And then he would fuck them. He could fuck any girl he wanted. Doug had the best body in the whole school. And of course I watched every football practice and every game. Doug didn't play in a game yet because the skinny senior quarterback was still the coach's choice. After all, Doug had only been in school two months.

Then I got lucky. After football practice one day Doug came over to me and yelled. "Hey John! The starting quarterback broke his ankle! I'm the new quarterback!" He was so happy and so was I. He ran to the locker room where I'm sure he was congratulated by his football buddies. And it gave me an idea. The next day I brought a cupcake to home room that was laced with the Love Drug. After class I asked Doug to stay in the room for a second because I had something for him. So all the students left the room and the teacher left also. It was just Doug and me. I handed him the cupcake. "I made this for you to celebrate you being quarterback. I knew you would do it. You'll be a great quarterback. I am so proud of you Doug." He looked at me, at my skinny little body, and he knew how much I was into him. He took the cupcake. "Thanks, John. I'm always hungry." And he gobbled down the cupcake. Then I handed him a bottle of water. "Thanks," he said. He swallowed big gulps of the water and he continued looking at me. Then he said, "Have you been doing something to yourself, John? You look different. You look a lot better." Actually, I had just gotten a haircut and I made sure my hair was as perfect as it could be. I darkened my long eyelashes with Maybeline and I put a little powder on my cheeks so they would look nice and rosy. It wasn't obvious at all but I wanted to look as good as I could for my new lover. Another minute went by and Doug couldn't take his eyes off me. He was like I was when I first saw him. He kept staring at me. Then he bent down and kissed me on the forehead. "Lets have lunch together," he said. I grinned. "Sure. See you at lunchtime." I had never eaten lunch with Doug before. He always ate at the jock table. Now he was going to have lunch with me. Thank you Love Drug!

I couldn't listen to the teachers all morning. All I was thinking about was Doug. I wanted to feel his abs again. I wanted to rub my little fingers over his huge shoulders. I wanted to lick his pecs. I wanted to kiss his neck. I wanted to lick his cock. Doug, Doug, Doug. That was all I could think about. Lunchtime finally arrived and I got my usual small portions of food and sat at an empty table at the corner of the lunchroom. Then I started looking for Doug. I wondered if he really was going to come over and have lunch with me. Was the Love Drug really working? Or maybe he would just have lunch with his jock friends as usual. Finally Doug came out of the food line with his tray heaping with food. He didn't look over at me. He went over to his jock friends and put his tray down on their table. My heart sank. I almost started crying. He talked to his jock friends for a minute and then he lifted his tray off the table and brought it over to my table! He put down the tray and sat down. "God, you look so good, John. You really look gorgeous. I never noticed your pretty face before. And your eyes. So beautiful. I don't know what has come over me. I told those guys you were going to start tutoring me in math. I couldn't tell them I wanna fuck you. You wanna fuck, John?" I looked into his beautiful hazel eyes and said, "Oh yeah! I've wanted to have sex with you all year." He looked me up and down. "You are so cute! Your ass is so cute. I wanna fuck you today! I wanna fuck and fuck and fuck you!" Doug was an alpha and he was being his alpha self, just spewing out that he wanted to fuck his prey. And now I was his prey. I bet he did that with girls. He was so hot that he knew he could just tell them he wanted to fuck them and that they would always agree. All the girls wanted to be fucked by Doug. He was a god. He was the dominant stud alpha male. I was now his prey and I loved it. I said. "Okay, I have a plan. After football practice we'll ride our bikes to my house. My parents both work so we can fuck in my room. I wanna feel your muscles, Doug. I wanna feel how strong you are. I love you Doug." He smiled and flexed his huge forearm which I subtly touched. "You're gonna feel my whole body, you beautiful boy. You're gonna get all of me! You're gonna feel my big ten inch cock up your cute little ass! Let's eat!" God, he was so dominant. He was a true alpha male. And now he was going to be my lover. He dug into his food. He ate ravenously, like an animal. An animal of solid muscle. He ate eight times as much food as I did and he finished before I finished my portion. "Gotta feed these muscles," he said as he patted his full belly. It bulged out slightly because of all the food inside. His abs still were like rocks. His belly was full of food that would soon turn into muscle.

We got up from the table and Doug pushed me out the door into the hallway. He pushed me into a dark corner where nobody came and then he kissed me with an incredible sensual, powerful, erotic kiss. He drove his strong tongue deep into my mouth pushing my weak little tongue out of the way as he French kissed me for over thirty seconds. He wrapped his arms around me and pushed his hard cock into my soft belly. I wrapped my arms around his huge chest and felt his rock hard muscles flex as he kissed me. It was the most wonderful experience I had ever had. Finally he stopped and said "See you after practice cutie." He rubbed my hard cock and then left for class. I was in heaven.

I didn't see Doug for the rest of the afternoon. I couldn't even think about schoolwork. All I could think about was Doug. Right after school I went to football practice and stood at the side of the field as I always did. Doug was now the starting quarterback and he was throwing passes to the receivers. He looked great. I knew he was going to be a great quarterback for our school. He threw a couple of long passes that were 20 yards farther than the old quarterback could throw. Doug was much stronger than that old quarterback and his long passes proved it. The coach nodded approvingly when he saw how far Doug could throw the ball. And he was very accurate too. And he was a powerful runner. His legs were huge, with thick strong thighs and big powerful calves. He just plowed through the defensive players. Except for the fat linemen, he was one of the heaviest players on the team at 205 pounds and he was all muscle. And he was only 15 years old. I couldn't imagine what he was going to look like when he was a senior. He was already bigger and stronger than the linebackers. And he was fast. He could run as strong and fast as the running backs. Doug was a total jock. And he was all mine!

He winked at me several times during practice and he ran over towards my side and looked at me with his beautiful face as he ran. I could hardly wait to touch that strong body that was showing off for me. Finally practice ended. Doug ran into the locker room and only a few minutes later he emerged in his shorts with no shirt on. His body looked radiant. It was still hot from the hard practice and his tan skin was glowing. I could see all of his muscles bulging with clear definition. He had just taken a shower but there was new sweat on his skin. He come over to me and I could immediately smell the Axe cologne he was wearing. He smelled so good. He looked so good. "Let's go!" he said. So we got on our bikes and started riding to my house. "I live on Washington Street," I yelled to Doug. He knew where Washington St. was - about a mile away - and he immediately starting biking in that direction. He raced forward so fast he was 200 feel in front of me in less than 10 seconds. I was pumping a hard as I could but he was going more than twice as fast as I was. He looked back and laughed. Then he slowed down. "You're pretty weak," he said as he looked at my tiny little legs. "Kind of like a girl." I looked at his huge muscular legs. "Yeah, I'm kinda weak but you are super strong. There was no way I could catch up with all that muscle." He laughed and smacked his rock hard leg with his hand. "Yeah, real strong. I can squat with 450 pounds. My legs are strong and fast." Then he took off again. I marveled as I watched his huge back on the bike, a back that looked like a cobra with flaring lat muscles, broad shoulders and a narrow athletic waist. And I could see his huge calves bulge as he pumped the pedals. Doug was a man. A total man.

He got to Washington Street and stopped so I could catch up. It took me a whole minute to catch up with him. He saw me panting, out of breath, and laughed. "Looks like I'm the man around here," he said as he flexed his legs and his arms. Then he looked at my little body and said, "You're weak like a girl! And I'm gonna fuck the shit outta you!"

I led him to my house. I opened the door and went into the kitchen. I got two beers out of the refrigerator and gave one to Doug. He smiled. "No girl ever gave me a beer before. You're a hot date!" he said. He started glugging down his beer and had finished it before I had taken three swallows. He opened the refrigerator and grabbed another beer. "My big body needs more beer than your little body," he said as he looked at my pathetic physique. He rubbed his cock and then he bent down and kissed me hard, grabbing my head and ramming his big powerful tongue into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his huge chest and felt his hard muscles bulge as he kissed me. I started moaning in pleasure. He rubbed his hard cock into my body. It was bursting out of his shorts. After a minute of kissing he said "Time to fuck!" I grabbed his huge shoulders and pushed him to my bedroom. He was drinking his beer and stroking his cock as he walked. I massaged his shoulder muscles and felt the huge masses of muscle. "You like my muscles, don't you little girl," he said. I said, "Yes I do. Your body is so perfect. I love every one of your muscles." He laughed and raised his arms and I felt his bulging delt muscles. They were so hard and so massive. "You ever been fucked before?" he asked. "No, I've never been fucked and I've never fucked anyone. I'm not a big stud like you," I said sheepishly. "Great!" he yelled. "I love to fuck virgins. I'm gonna fuck your throat so deep my cock is gonna blast into your stomach. Your little ass is gonna be smashed wide open by my big ten inch cock. I'm gonna fuck the shit outta you! I can cum four times in an hour. I got big huge balls and they make tons of sperm. Your little body's gonna be filled with my muscle sperm!" I looked at Doug's huge muscles and said, "Fill me up, you big stud!"

We got to my room and I opened the door. Doug walked in and looked around. "Looks like the room of a wimp," he said as he looked at my neat rows of books. "My room doesn't have any books. Just lots of sports trophies and some weights. I got the room of a man! You're like a little girl. A cute little girl that I'm gonna fuck!" He grabbed me and started kissing me wildly. I kissed him back and ran my hands all over his muscles, feeling his pecs and his arms and his lats and his traps and his shoulders. I was in heaven. "Lets strip," he said. We took off our clothes and looked at each other. I felt like I was looking at a god. Doug was the most beautiful human being I had ever seen. And he was mine! He was my boyfriend! I looked him in the eyes and he looked at me with lust. "I'm gonna worship your body and turn you on like you've never been turned on before. You are a god, Doug. I love you Doug." I started kissing his body, kissing his neck, his traps, his shoulders and his pecs. I ran my hands over his body. I could smell the Axe cologne he was wearing. He smelled so good. He tasted so good. He felt so good. "Oh Doug, oh Doug, oh Doug," I said. "Your muscles are so big. They are so hard. They are so strong. You are a man. You are an alpha man. I am a little girly wimp and you are a man! Oh Doug." I licked him and kissed him and felt each one of his muscles. He was really getting turned on. He was moaning in pleasure. His cock was rock hard. And like he said, it was ten inches long and very thick. It looked like a huge steel pipe that was standing up like a piledriver almost hitting his rock hard abs. He murmured, "No girl has ever worshipped me like this. I love it. You are really turning me on."

Then he flexed his right bicep and he looked at the bulging muscle. "Look at that muscle. girly boy. I gained two and a half inches of muscle on my arms this summer. My arms measure 18 inches! And I'm only 15 fucking years old! I can curl 225 pounds. That one arm can curl a 100 pound dumbell. And that arm can throw a football 70 yards! I'm way stronger than Ben, that fucking senior quarterback." He pretended to have a football in his hand and he reached back and then threw his arm forward. "Seventy yards!" he yelled. "I'm as strong as a pro. Even if Ben recovers from his injury I'm the quarterback now. I'm way better than him. Look at that muscle. Look at those rock hard fibers. Look at those veins. Kiss that muscle, boy. Feel how big and hard and strong it is." He flexed his arm again and I kissed it real hard, rubbing my tongue over the fibers of muscle and feeling the hot hardness of his bicep. Then I licked it and ran my tongue down to his huge tricep that was bulging like a football in his flexed upper arm. I was gasping in ultimate erotic pleasure. "Yeah, real big and real hard and real strong," said Doug as I worshipped his muscles.

Then I lowered my head and buried my nose in his armpit. Immediately I could smell his sweat and that sweat smelled so good. It was the sweat of a strong young muscle jock, a jock that was bulging with muscle that produced lots of sweat when it worked. And those muscles were working as they flexed. I moaned in pleasure. Doug lowered his arm and covered my head with his big arm and pec and lat muscles. It was like my head was being enveloped in warm muscle. "Oh Doug, your sweat smells so good. Your muscles are so big and warm. They feel so good," I said. He grunted. "Yeah, my muscles are big and warm. Now feel 'em when they're hard!" He flexed his muscles and pushed his arm down, crushing my head between his rock hard upper arm and his equally rock hard pec and lat muscles. It was like I was being crushed by a steel vise. 'Oh my god!" I yelled. "What power! What force! You are so fucking strong!" He let go and then grabbed my bony little shoulders. He looked me in the eyes and then kissed me with a hard kiss, pushing his big hard tongue deep into my mouth. Then he stopped and said, "I'm big and strong and you're skinny and weak. But you look beautiful. You're a weak little girl boy but you are beautiful. And you love my muscles. You turn me on so much. I never felt this way about a girl before." I looked at his gorgeous drop dead handsome face and said, "I love you Doug." He looked at me with his beautiful hazel eyes and said, "I love you John." Thank God for the Love Drug! Doug was mine!
I started feeling his pecs. He flexed them for me and I marveled at how the firm warm muscle tensed into solid rock. "Your chest muscles are so big, and so hard" I gasped. "Yeah, he said. Those big muscles can bench 400 pounds. I'm the strongest kid on the whole football team. I'm stronger than the Seniors. They call me the Bull. I'm as strong as a fucking bull." I buried my face in his pecs, feeling the warm hard muscle as he flexed it for me. "Oh god," I murmured. "I can't believe how big and strong you are." I kissed his pecs and sucked his nipples in my mouth, all the while rubbing the muscle with my fingers. He started moaning in pleasure. "Oh fuck, John. Oh fuck!" he moaned. His cock was rock hard.

I got in my knees and licked his abs while my hands felt his huge wide lats, the slabs of muscle on his lower back and his big round bubble butt. His abs were like bricks. I moved my tongue inside the crevices, licking out the sweat and feeling the hardness of those abs. And I was feeling more muscle with my fingers. His muscular bubble butt was so firm, so hard. I tried to jam my fingers inside his ass crack but he tightened his ass muscles so hard that I thought my finger bones would break. His ass muscles were so strong! I was going crazy. I had never dreamed a 15 year old boy could have this much muscle. And I was touching that muscle. I was tasting that muscle. I was smelling that muscle. The owner of that muscle was my boyfriend!

He was now moaning in absolute lust. I moved my face down to his crotch and started licking his balls. Those balls were huge. They were more than twice as big as my balls. They were the size of lemons. I put one ball in my mouth and licked and sucked. Now Doug was moaning louder. "Oh fuck!" he yelled. "Oh fuck!" Then I put the other ball in my mouth and sucked and licked. His hips started moving and his cock was twitching up and down. He was going crazy with lust. "Suck my cock!" he yelled. I started licking and sucking his cock and he got wilder and wilder with lust. His body was quivering. I could feel his muscles tense as he got closer and closer to cumming. Then he grabbed my head and rammed his big cock down my throat, all the way into my stomach. He started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth and within ten seconds he yelled "Fuuuuuckkkk!" and he spurt gushes and gushes of cum into my stomach. He must have cum for over a minute. His cock just never seemed to stop cumming. It kept spurting huge amounts of cum into me. He had more cum than I thought a man could produce. And it all went into me. I felt his muscles pulsating with power as he fucked me and I came at the same time. I only lasted about five squirts of cum. But it was the best cum I ever had. After he finished cumming - he must have squirted 20 times - he left his cock in my throat and moved it in and out, groaning with pleasure as he felt my membranes rub against his sensitive cock. My throat was gagging but Doug didn't care. His pleasure was all that counted. He was the alpha male. Finally he took his cock out of my throat, picked me up and threw me onto the bed. He jumped on top of me and hugged me and kissed me as we rolled around on the bed.

We rolled around on my bed hugging and kissing each other. I kissed his lips. I kissed his neck. I kissed his pecs. I kissed his abs. I kissed his huge cock, which was still semi hard. And he was kissing me. He kissed my cheeks. He kissed my lips,. He kissed my neck. He kissed my flabby waist. And he kissed my little cock. "That was the best blow job I ever had," he said. "A lot of girls have given me blow jobs and that was the all time best. You are a great fuck, John. I love it when you worship my body. That really turns me on. I like my muscles and I like it when other people like my muscles too. Girls just aren't into my body as much as you are. God I love you." He kissed my forehead.

That was the most incredible sex I had ever had. But I wanted more. I wanted more of Doug. I looked over at my desk and saw a cupcake sitting there. "I bet you're hungry after that workout," I said, looking at his hot, sweaty body. He smiled and nodded his head. I got up, grabbed the cupcake and handed it to him. He gobbled it down. Now Doug had a double dose of the Love Drug in his hot body. I gave him some water. He looked at me with passion in his eyes. His cock immediately got hard. I came up to him and kissed him. "I love you Doug," I murmured. "I wanna feel your big cock up my little ass. Fuck me Doug. Fuck me real hard." I had had never been fucked before but I wanted Doug inside my body. I wanted to feel his huge cock. I wanted to feel his huge muscles as he fucked me. I wanted Doug. And he wanted me.

He threw me onto the bed and spit on my ass crack a couple of times. He rolled me over so I was facing him. Then he spit on his rock hard cock and he pushed it inside my ass. I was looking up at his gorgeous face and his muscular body as he slowly pushed his cock inside my ass. Then he said, "You are mine, boy! I'm gonna fuck the shit outta you!" And he jammed his huge cock all the way into my ass. I shrieked with pain and joy. Then he started ramming his rock hard thick cock in and out of my ass, looking at me with lust and passion in his eyes. I looked up at him. He was so gorgeous, so masculine, so muscular, so dominating. "Ohhh, ohh" I moaned. "Fuck me, Doug! Fuck me hard!" Doug grunted and started fucking me even harder. I couldn't believe how big and hard his cock was. It was so huge. He had a huge cock to go with his huge muscles. Then he roared like a lion and I could suddenly feel gushes and gushes of his cum spurting into my ass. He kept fuckig me as he shot load after load of his genetically superior muscle cum up my ass. Finally he finished cumming and he bent down to kiss me on the lips. "That was the best fuck I ever had," he said. "I want another cupcake."