The Job Interview (mm)

I was the sales manager of a pharmaceutical company that just announced a new drug that we hoped would be a hot seller. So we needed to hire some more sales people. These are young people who go to doctors' offices. They first have to convince the nurses to let them see the doctors. Then they have to sell the drugs to the doctors. These sales people have to be energetic and enthusiastic and persuasive. It was a hard job.

I waited in my office for the next job applicant. I looked at his resume. He had just graduated from college. I frowned when I saw he only had a C plus average. But then I saw he had been on the wrestling team. He had majored in Exercise Science which I thought had something to do with the body. He had also been his fraternity's president. Maybe he did have the energy and enthusiasm I was looking for.

There was a knock on my door. The door opened and my assistant said, "Your interview is here." I nodded. "Bring him in." She turned around and nodded to the person behind her. Then this huge young man, whose shoulders were almost as wide as my office door, walked into my office. Almost by instinct I jumped to my feet and stood there in front of him. He was a foot taller than me. I am only 5' 8" tall, an out-of-shape, flabby 30 year old. My face was staring into his huge pec muscles. It was a hot day outside and he was wearing a short sleeved shirt. The shirt seemed almost too small for his body. The big globes of his pec muscles were pushing out the shirt and stretching the buttons. His huge shoulders looked like bowling balls pressing out the fabric. He was wearing a tie but his muscular neck was so big that he couldn't button the top button of his shirt. So his collar was open about an inch with the tie knotted in front of his huge neck.

He saw me staring at his body and his tie. He held out his hand to shake mine. "Hello, Mr. Abbott. I'm Matt Benson." I shook his hand. His hand was huge and it was very muscular. He had a very firm grip. I'm sure he could have crushed my hand if he had wanted to. I looked at his forearm and saw the huge muscles bulge as he shook. The huge muscles of his upper arm strained the shirt. I thought the fabric was going to rip apart. I had never seen an arm that large or that muscular before. And it was all shredded muscle covered with veins.

Then he said, "I'm sorry about the shirt. This is the only dress shirt I have and when I put it on this morning I realized it was too small. I've been putting on a lot of muscle after wrestling season was over. I guess my neck has grown another inch since I bought the shirt during wrestling season. This shirt has a 20 inch neck but it is still too small. I guess my neck is about 21 inches now." He moved his head around, flexing his neck. "I was a wrestler and we build big necks." I looked at the flexing muscles of his neck. "Yes, I can see that."

"We wrestlers have to stay real lean during the wrestling season. I've got big bones so lean for me was about 240 pounds. Now that wrestling season is over I've put on 40 pounds of muscle in the last four months. I'm up to 280. I think I've put five more inches of muscle on my chest. That's why the shirt is straining so much. If you hire me I'll buy some new shirts."

I looked up at his face. I would call it brutally handsome. He had steel blue eyes and black hair which was cut very short. He had just shaved but you could still see the black stubble on his strong jaw and wide cheeks. His nose was straight. His face looked like the face of the jock that he obviously was. I was almost trembling at the size of this young man. "Have a seat, Matt," I finally said.

Matt sat down on the other side of my desk. I sat and looked at his resume. "So, what makes you think you'll be a good salesman, Matt. I see you only had a C plus average in college." Matt looked at me with his steel blue eyes. "Yeah, academics aren't my thing. I like to do physical things. I know I'll be a great salesman. I've always been very persuasive. When I walk up to a person and ask them to do something they almost always do it. Especially girls. If I ask a girl to take notes for me she does it. She looks at me and she does it. And with guys the same thing happens. I think guys are intimidated by me. So they do what I say. I don't even have to beat them up. I just ask and they do. They just look at me and they do what I want. My friends call me an alpha male. And they say people do what the alpha male wants them to do. In my fraternity, when I told the brothers what to do they did it. I never get into an argument with any man. They just look at me and do what I say."

I nodded. I was sure he was telling the absolute truth. He was totally confident. He knew he was a true alpha male. Then he did something that almost made me fall off my chair. He raised his arms over his head, inhaled a huge breath of air and stretched. Two buttons popped out of his shirt. "Oops," he said. He slowly lowered his arms as he flexed his biceps and his biceps ripped through the sleeves of his shirt. "Oops again. Like I said, the shirt's kinda small on me." I could hardly talk. He looked over at his ripped shirt armholes. "it's hard to fit these arms in a shirt now. My arms have really gotten big. They're 22 inches. But I've always had big arms. I've always had the biggest arms in school." I stared at his huge arms as he flexed his tricep. He was talking about his huge body like it was the most normal thing to do. Yeah, my neck's gotten so big. My shirt has gotten real small. My arms have gotten so huge. He talked about his huge body just like some guy might talk about watching a football game. Just normal alpha guy talk. I tried to get back to the interview.

"I see you majored in Exercise Science. I've never heard of that major before. Most guys I see majored in business. Explain your major to me, Matt." Matt laughed. "Yeah, business. I know a lot of guys who major in business. Most of 'em are little geeks. They just sit by a computer looking at spread sheets. Puny little geeks. Well, you can see I'm not a geek. In Exercise Science we studied the human body. I know every muscle in the body. I know about every organ. I know what each muscle does. I know what each organ does. I know the best food to eat. I know the best exercises to make the muscles big and strong. Like I said, I'm very physical and Exercise Science was a great major for me. And I followed what I learned. Good exercise and good food builds big strong muscles." He expanded and flexed his chest and blew off the remaining buttons of his shirt. Now it was hanging wide open with his tie loosely contained by his huge neck. He casually flexed his pecs and abs as I stared in awe. I realized I was one of those little geeks. I majored in business and I looked at spread sheets all day. I had a pencil neck and a scrawny body. I was everything Matt wasn't. I stared at his body. "Your company sells pharmaceuticals for the body. And I know the body. And I've got the body to prove it. I'll be a great salesman for you." He flexed his lats and they flared out to the side, completely splitting his shirt apart. "Sounds like a good major," I said meekly. I looked down at his resume.

"So you were a wrestler," I said. "Yeah, I've been a wrestler since I was eight years old. I've wrestled at every weight class. Well actually in high school I skipped some weight classes because I put on so much muscle so fast. I went from 145 to 170 between 8th and 9th grade. By my senior year in high school I was at 225. In College I was always a heavyweight. Every year I put on more muscle. My muscles just want to keep growing. And I never put on any fat. I've got great muscle genes." I stared at his huge body. "How much to you weigh now?" He flexed his pecs and his abs and his lats. "Two hundred eighty pounds. I think I can carry that weight pretty good 'cause I'm six feet four inches tall and I've got big bones. I wanna get to 300. I will be so strong when I weigh 300. I'm gonna be benching 700 pounds. Right now I can do 650. I studied the body in college. I know every muscle and how each muscle works. I know how to make every muscle grow just right." He smiled and flexed his right arm. My mouth dropped open. "Does that arm look persuasive to you, Mr. Abbott?" I almost drooled. "Yes, it looks very persuasive," I said.

I got up from my desk. "Okay, Matt. Lets pretend we're in a doctor's office and I am a nurse. I could be female or male. Show me what you would do." Matt got up and grabbed my briefcase from beside my desk. His arm bulged with muscle as he grabbed it. He walked over to the door. Then he walked towards me. He pushed out his chest and flexed his lats and the muscles in his arm just slightly so they bulged as he carried the briefcase. His shoulders looked like bowling balls of muscle. He looked absolutely enormous. He stared at me with his drop dead handsome face and his steel blue eyes. "Good morning," he said. "I can see you're looking at my body. Yeah, I've got a great body don't I. Yeah, most people think I do. My name's Matt Benson. Can I talk to you for a minute? You want to feel my arm? You want to feel how hard my muscle is?"

He asked those three questions in a row so I had to answer them all at once. "Yes," I gasped. He came over and stood in front of me. He held the briefcase with his left arm and flexed his right arm right in front of my face. "Pretty big, isn't it. Yeah, that's what everyone says. Its real strong too. Feel it. Its as hard as a rock." I reached up and touched his huge bicep. It really was as hard as a rock. A warm rock. Like warm lava that had just hardened. I grabbed the muscle and tried to squeeze it but I couldn't make a dent in that muscle. He looked down at me with his gorgeous eyes. "I have a great new drug that I want to show to Doctor Shaw. You're going to let me in to see him right now, aren't you. You don't want to keep this big muscle waiting do you? I bet Dr. Shaw wants to see my big body too. I bet he's never seen a body as big and hard and strong as I've got. So go tell the doctor there is a young man out here he has got to see right now." He put down his arm and stood there, looking at me with a look of absolute confidence in his face. "Uh, yes I will," I said meekly.

Matt looked at me and smiled. "Thank you nurse. Now you be the doctor." He walked around the room and then came up to me. "Hello Doctor Shaw." He held out his huge hand. "My name is Matt Benson." I grabbed his hand and we shook. His grip was extremely firm. Very firm and very confident. "Uh, hello Matt. I've never seen you here before." He laughed. "Yeah, I think you'd remember me. I bet you don't get many salesmen who look like me." I looked at his huge body just like I knew the doctor would. "Doctor Shaw, in medical school you studied all the muscles, didn't you. You had anatomy charts that showed all the muscles in the human body. But I bet you never saw an actual man with muscles that were bigger than the muscles on the anatomy chart. I've got all the muscles on that chart but my muscles are big. And I've got no fat on my body. I bet all your patients are weak and flabby. You never see a real man. A real man with muscles. Well, here I am. Here check out my tricep." He flexed his tricep and the three muscles bulged out with the classic horseshoe formation, with striations and veins everywhere. "Yeah, look at that muscle. Just like the anatomy chart only bigger. Bigger and harder. Go ahead. Feel that muscle, doctor."

I felt Matt's rock hard tricep muscles, muscles that were harder than I ever imagined human flesh could become. He grinned as I admired his muscles. "I bet I have a muscle you've never seen, except on an anatomy chart. Here, take a look." He opened his torn shirt and flexed his abs. He had the most beautiful eight pack I had ever seen. Then he pointed to a ridge of muscles on the side of his chest. "These are the serratus anterior muscles. They help me move my arms quickly. Look how big and shredded they are. Those muscles are strong. My arms are strong. Feel them, doctor." I ran my hands over Matt's big and striatted serratus muscles, muscles that I had never seen before on a human body. "I know about every muscle in the human body, doctor. And I have every muscle developed to perfection." He looked at me with sheer confidence in his eyes. I was speechless.

He looked down at my crotch and saw I had a raging hard on. He rubbed his huge hand gently on my bulging cock. "Okay, doctor. I'm going to leave you some samples of my new medicine and a brochure describing what it does. I know you will give it out to your patients. I'll be back in two weeks and if it is all gone and you've been prescribing it to your patients I'll let you see and feel a couple more muscles. Do we have a deal?" He reached out his huge paw. "Yes," I stammered and I shook his big, thick muscular hand. I wanted to see this alpha man again. I would sell his product.

He smiled. "Okay, Mr. Abbott. About half of the men I see get a hard on when they see and feel my big muscles. Even straight guys get hard. They just can't get over how masculine and strong I am. I know I can control those guys. I am an alpha and they are betas. They will do everything I say. You're a beta, aren't you Mr. Abbott?" I meekly said, "Yes."

Then he said, "For the guys who don't get a hard on, here's what I will do. After the doctor has felt my serratus muscles, I'll flex my pecs and stand very close to him. I am so tall he will be looking at my huge pec muscles. They will almost be touching his face. You see how big and hard my pecs are, right Mr. Abbot? They are very thick and very hard. Very intimidating. So I'll put the doctor's hand on my big pec and say, 'Feel that muscle doctor? It is real strong. I have more muscle in that pec than you have in your whole body. You want to try this new medicine, don't you doctor. Oh yeah, you do. You want to read how it works and give it to your patients. I mean, you don't want to upset these big muscles, do you? If you don't prescribe my drug I won't get a commission and I won't be able to feed these big muscles. And then these muscles might get mad because they like to eat. They like to eat and grow. And when they don't eat they can get very upset. God knows what these muscles could do if they got upset like that. I mean, they can bend steel bars. They can break bones. God knows what they might do.' I would be rubbing the little doctor's hand all over my huge pec and up to my gigantic shoulder. By then, he will be shaking in his shoes. Every guy shakes when I talk to him like that. He will be imagining his body being crushed by my huge muscles. Then I'll look him in the eyes and say, 'I'll be back in two weeks to see how you've done. We got a deal? And I'll reach out and shake his hand, real hard. His hand will hurt after that shake. He'll prescribe the medicine. No one argues with these muscles." He flexed his huge bicep and held it very close to my face.

I was dumbfounded. I too was shaking. This young alpha god was going to be an incredible salesman. He stood back and looked at me and my rock hard cock. Slowly he took off his shirt and tie and stood before me. He just stood there, semi-relaxed. His muscles bulged even though he wasn't even flexing them. Then he said, "Well, do I have the job?" I was still shaking. "Yes, you have the job. Welcome to our company, Matt." He smiled. "Thanks Mr. Abbott," and he reached out with his huge hand. I shook it. His squeeze was very hard. He pulled me very close to his huge body. "I need a $1,000 advance," he said. "I need to feed these muscles." I croaked. "We don't give advances, Matt. You have to earn your commission." He flexed his huge arm and rubbed it against my face. "This muscle wants the money, Mr. Abbott. You've got the money. You've got money in your bank account. Give it to me! My muscles' gotta eat!"

I felt like a little kid in the school yard facing the biggest bully in the school, the biggest bully in the whole city. I was trembling but my cock was rock hard. "Uh, okay, Matt, we'll go to the bank after we're finished with the interview." He looked at my hard cock and grabbed it.

"You like my muscles, don't you Mr. Abbott. I feel your hard cock. You wanna feel my muscles don't you, Mr. Abbott. You want to feel my big body." I looked at his huge chest which was right in front of my face. "Uh, yes, Matt I do. I want to feel your muscles." He smiled like a confident warrior. "Okay, you get a minute of touching my muscles. Ready, set, go!" He ripped off his shirt and flexed his arms. I gasped and reached for his body. I ran my hands all over his huge muscles. I had never felt anything like this in my life. I was in love with Matt's huge body. He looked at me with a look of arrogance in his eyes. "Yeah, another faggot. Another faggot who's hot for my body. Get on your knees, faggot!" he ordered.

I dropped to my knees. I couldn't believe I had followed this kid's order to get on my knees but I did. I was so intimidated by him. I looked up at his huge body. He flexed his abs and looked down at me with contempt in his eyes. Without warning, he unzipped his pants and pulled them all the way down. Then he pulled down his boxer shorts. His huge cock sprung loose. It was easily a foot long and extremely thick. And it was hard. He slapped his cock across my face a couple of times. I gasped. I couldn't believe what this huge young man was doing to me. "Okay, Mr. Abbott. I can see you like my body. I've known a lot of little wimps like you. Look at your rock hard cock! From now on when we're together alone you're gonna call me 'Sir' and I'm gonna call you 'faggot,' 'cause I'm a man and you're a faggot wimp. You got that?" He slapped me a couple more times with his thick hard cock. Those slaps really hurt. "Yes," I said. He slapped me again, this time with his huge hand. The slap was hard and it really hurt. "Yes what, faggot?" he said. I gulped. "Yes, Sir." I said.

I looked over at his huge thighs. Matt's thighs were enormous. I had never seen that much muscle in my life. He saw me looking at his thighs. "You like my thighs? You wanna touch my thighs? Yeah, my thighs are big aren't they faggot? I can squat with 900 pounds. Those thighs are 36 inches around. Fuck, I think my thighs are bigger than your chest. And my thighs are all muscle. Your faggot chest is nothing but flab." He flexed his thighs. My mouth dropped open as I saw the bulging muscle with striations everywhere. Thick veins flowed under his thin tan skin. "Think what would happen if I wrapped these huge mothers around your faggot chest and squeezed. I would break every one of your ribs and these big muscles would even be trying hard. Once in wrestling in 9th grade, when I only weighed 170, but I was all muscle, I got a guy's chest between my thighs and I squeezed. I broke six of his ribs and I wasn't even squeezing hard. The kid was off the team for a year. If I squeezed real hard I would have broken all his ribs. And I was only in 9th grade. I told the coach I didn't know my own strength, which was true. Now I know my strength. Now I got 100 pounds more muscle on me and my legs are super strong. Those legs could kill you using only a quarter of their power. If I used all of my power your chest would be mush." I trembled.

"You wanna feel my legs, don't you faggot? You wanna feel my huge muscles. You wanna feel their power. You wanna feel my muscles, don't you faggot?" I stared at Matt's huge legs and said, "Yes, sir." He smiled. "Well, its gonna cost you $1,000. You touch my muscles and that $1,000 is mine. You wanna touch, faggot? I know you do. I know faggots really want to feel my muscles." I looked up at him. I couldn't resist. "Yes, sir!" I yelled as I grabbed his huge leg. He laughed and flexed the huge muscles for me as I ran my puny hands around his huge thick legs. I had never felt so much muscle in my life. I rubbed my fingers all over his thighs, feeling his quads and his hamstrings. I also felt his huge calf muscles, muscles that were bigger than my legs. They were as hard as bricks.
Then I felt his rock hard bubble butt and his huge calves. I was in heaven feeling Matt's huge body. It was well worth $1,000.

"You've felt my legs. They're huge. Now feel their power." he said. He grabbed my head and rammed it between his gigantic thighs. Then he squeezed the huge thighs together. My head was like a small grape being crushed by those huge muscles. Bolts of pain shot through my head. I knew he could have broken my skull if he squeezed harder, which I knew he could. He kept up the pressure for about 10 seconds and then released his squeeze. I pulled my head out and looked at those huge monsters of muscle. I knew right then that Matt was the alpha. I was his faggot wimp. I wanted to serve this huge alpha male.

After about of minute of letting me feel his legs, Matt moved closer to me and rubbed his huge cock on my face. I was overcome with lust. "Lick my balls, faggot. I'm real horny. I haven't cum all day. You're gonna get bonus for your $1,000. You're gonna suck my cock!" My eyes lit up. "Yes sir! Oh my god, sir. Your cock is so big!" Matt slapped my face a couple of times with his cock. "Yeah, like I said, I've got big bones. I've got big muscles. And I've got a big cock too. I am a big man! My cock is 13 inches long and as thick as a beer bottle. It's like a battering ram. And it loves to fuck!" I gasped in awe. I immediately started licking Matt's huge balls, balls that were three times as big as my balls. As big as lemons. I was overcome with lust. I had never given a man a blow job but somehow I wanted to give Matt the best blow job he had ever had. I wanted Matt's huge cock in my mouth. I wanted to serve this alpha male.

I sucked Matt's balls as I ran my hands over his huge body. He started groaning in pleasure and I moved my mouth up to his huge cock. It was so big I could hardly fit it into my mouth. I licked it up and down and it started twitching as Matt got more and more excited. He started twisting his hips and pushing his cock into my face. I licked and he groaned in ecstasy. Meanwhile I was feeling the huge hard muscles of his bubble butt and his legs. I was more turned on than I had ever been. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and started sucking that huge monster cock. It really was as thick as a beer can and it was as hard as rock. I just couldn't believe how big and hard Matt's cock was. I sucked and licked that massive instrument of male domination. But Matt was too aroused for sucking. He wanted fucking. And what Matt wanted he got. He grabbed the back of my head and rammed his cock all the way down my throat into my esophagus. His cock was so big that I think it got all the way to my stomach. Then he started ramming it in and out of my throat as he moaned and yelled in a sexual frenzy. After a minute of this wild fucking he yelled out a loud "Fuccck!" and spurts of cum started blasting out of his cock. The spurts were so big and so hard that I could feel them hitting the insides of my body. He was filling up my body with his genetically superior alpha male sperm. Oh I wish I had that sperm too. But I was a little faggot. He was the alpha male and he was fucking his faggot.

He fucked me for over five minutes, filling up my stomach with his cum. My insides were raw. After he finished cumming he continued to slowly bring his huge still-hard cock in and out of my throat, feeling the erotic bliss of my raw membranes fondle his huge cock, giving him even more pleasure. Every thrust hurt me a lot but he didn't care. All he cared about was his pleasure. And his faggot's raw membranes were giving him pleasure. Finally he pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked down at me. "You're a good cocksucker, faggot. I bet you got a tight ass too. I love to fuck tight asses. I always make 'em bleed. My cock is so big and hard it just rips through tight asses." I stared up at his huge cock and trembled. I couldn't imagine having that huge thing inside my little ass. "You better get some Vaseline faggot because I'm gonna fuck your ass tomorrow. Now let's go get my money." He picked me up and rubbed my face over his huge pecs. "Oh yeah. Thanks for the job, faggot."