The Prince's Teenage Commandos 2

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Prince Eric was sleeping and having the best dream of his life. He was sleeping between the first two commandos of his teenage army, an army of huge, muscular, blond, blue eyed 15 to 17 year old boys who were at his command. The year was 1280 and Eric was the crown prince of a kingdom in northern Germany. Eric, who was blond and blue eyed, was only 5' 8" tall and was very skinny. He was 18 years old and he had tried to gain muscle but he just couldn't do it. But he had a brilliant idea. He couldn't put muscle on his own body but he, as crown prince, could command an army of big strong teenage boys, blond and blue eyed just like him but with huge strong muscles. Their muscle would be his muscle. It would be a small army, just 20 boys, but these boys would be so strong and would be such good fighters that they would smash their enemies.

Eric's hands were on the bodies of his first two commandos as he dreamed about the muscles on those bodies and the huge cocks they had. His right hand was on Hans, who was 16 years old. He was six feet tall and weighed 70 pounds more than Eric, all muscle. He was beautiful, with Nordic features - high cheekbones, a strong jaw, beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. His muscles were huge and his cock was gigantic - 11 inches long and hard as a steel pipe. Eric's cock was hard as he dreamed about Hans. Eric's left hand was on Gunther who had just turned 17. Gunther was a inch shorter than Eric. He was only 5' 7" tall, but he weighed as much as Hans, maybe more. He was incredibly muscular and stronger than Hans. His face was square and his neck was very thick. Eric dreamed about Gunther's huge strong muscles and his thick nine inch cock.

Then Eric felt something hitting his face. He opened his eyes and saw Hans and Gunther kneeling on the bed next to him. It was early morning and the sun was shining through the windows. He saw their bodies, so big, so muscular, so strong. He saw their gorgeous blue eyes and their blond hair as they looked down on their little prince. And he saw their huge cocks which were rock hard and slapping into his dainty little cheeks. "Wake up, my lord," said Hans. "We're horny. We wanna fuck you." At that, Hans picked up Eric like he was picking up a feather. He put Eric on his knees so his face was next to Gunther's cock. His butt was next to Hans's cock. Eric's eyes got wide as he saw Gunther's rippling ab muscles and his huge cock right in front of him. Immediately his cock got hard. He grabbed Gunther's huge muscular legs and started licking Gunther's balls. Gunther started moaning in pleasure. Eric was moaning too as he felt the huge body and balls of his young commando. Hans spit on his fingers and jammed them into Eric's ass. Then he spit on his cock. Then he rammed his cock into Eric's ass. Eric gasped as he felt the enormous size of Hans's 11 inch cock as it burst into his ass, which was sore from last night's fucking. "Take it, prince!" yelled Hans as he thrust his cock in and out. Then Gunther rammed his cock into Eric's mouth. It was so thick Eric could hardly open his mouth wide enough to take it in. Gunther started thrusting his hips back and forth, ramming his cock deep into Eric's throat. Eric was being fucked in the mouth and ass by the two biggest, strongest best looking muscle boys he could imagine. Eric was overcome by lust. He touched his cock and spasms of cum spurted out and he moaned in ecstasy. Immediately Hans and Gunther shot their cum into Eric's ass and throat and they yelled like wild men as they thrust their huge teenage cocks in and out of Eric's body. Huge amounts of physically superior musclecum was forced into Eric's skinny little body. Finally the muscleboys finished. Hans lifted up Eric and dropped him on the the bed. "Did you like that wake up call, my lord?" he said as he rubbed his still hard cock. Eric looked at Hans's big body and then at his drop dead good looking face, into his blue eyes. "Yes commando Hans. That was the best wake up I've ever had." Hans and Gunther smiled and flexed their huge arms at Eric.

The commandos had a huge breakfast and then headed out with Eric to another village to find another commando. They were wearing just shorts. Their chests were so big they didn't even try to put on their uniforms. The tailor would have to make even bigger uniforms for them as their muscles grew bigger and bigger after their huge meals. Both Hans and Gunther raced their horses. It was like they were racing sports cars. Hans won the race with Thunder, but Gunther was a close second. They got to a village and all the girls crowded around them feeling their muscles. Then they got to fuck a girl just like Hans had done in Gunther's village. And Eric picked another huge blond blue eyed young stud to be a commando. The stud got his horse and they raced back to the castle to eat and fuck.

Every day Prince Eric and the commandos went to another village. The commandos fucked the girls and Eric picked a new commando. Soon there were 10 commandos. Eric was so proud of them. Each of them was a total stud, so much more muscular and so much stronger than Eric. Every night he had sex with the newest commando. Prince Eric was in heaven. One day they went to a village and Eric immediately spotted two tall, muscular, extremely good looking identical twins standing in line. They were blond and blue eyed and very muscular. Prince Eric was overcome with lust as he saw their beautiful bodies and faces. This was more than he could have dreamed of. The twins did very well on the physical tests. They were identical in each exercise. A few boys beat them in a few exercises but Eric didn’t care. Those twins were beautiful. Eric wanted them. And Eric got them. He was the crown prince. He raised their big muscular arms in the air and named each of them a commando. They beamed with pride and all the townspeople cheered. Their names were Bo and Bjorn, 17 year old incredibly good looking blond twins. Then Bo stood in front of Eric and Bjorn stood in back. Then they wrapped their arms around each other’s huge chests and squeezed their prince between their huge muscular torsos. Eric felt like he was being crushed between two muscular vises, rock hard like steel but warm and sweaty like human flesh. He couldn’t breathe. He started gasping for air, but every time he gasped those big muscular torsos crushed in on his chest, almost crushing his rib bones. “Commando muscle,” said Bo as Eric looked into his beautiful face as he was being crushed by the boy’s huge muscles. Finally the twins let go. Bo flexed his arms at Eric. “That is what we will do to your enemies, my lord. We will crush them. We were only applying about a eighth of our strength on you. With your enemies we will use all our strength. We will crush all their bones. We are very strong. We can crush bones easily. We will crush your enemies.” Eric ran his hands over Bo’s huge muscles and nodded his head. He could hardly wait to have sex with the twins.

The next day they went to a village in a hilly area covered with forest. There were lots of bears in the forest. Prince Eric and his commandos arrived and all the girls and some of the boys swooned over the incredible bodies and good looks of Eric’s young army. First it was fucking time. Prince Eric instructed all the girls who wanted to be fucked by one of these gorgeous blond blue eyed incredibly muscular young commandoes to line up. Then each commando picked a girl and fucked her over and over, cumming three of four times, fucking her in the cunt and the ass, while the girl came over a dozen times. It was a fucking orgy.

The boys of the village were incredibly excited. They all wanted to be a commando. Now the selection began. Eric weeded out the fat boys, the skinny boys, the short boys and the brown eyed boys. Now he was facing a group of four blond blue eyed muscular boys, boys who were jumping up and down because they wanted to be commando so badly. Suddenly a very tall boy burst into the area. He was sweating fiercely, like he had been running a long distance. He had blue eyes and light blond hair and he was extremely tall. He must have been six feet five, almost a foot taller than Eric. His shoulders were very wide and his waist was small. He had an incredible V shape. His body was covered with muscle, but it wasn’t big muscle. He wasn’t skinny like Eric but he wasn’t as muscular as the other boys standing in the line. He looked at Eric plaintively. “I am sorry I’m late, my lord. I had to run a long distance to get here. My mother, my sisters and I live in the forest. A bear killed my father. He had almost killed the bear when the bear’s claws ripped my father’s chest open. But the bear did die and my mother, my sisters and I ate bear meat for a long time. I was hunting when I heard about your contest to be a commando. Please let me compete!”

Eric looked at the boy. He was an incredible physical specimen. So tall with such wide shoulders. His muscles were small, but they were extremely defined and striated. Veins showed everywhere. He had absolutely no fat on his body. But Eric wasn’t sure his muscles were big enough for his commando army. “How old are you boy?” he asked. “I’m fifteen, my lord.” Eric was surprised the boy was so young. “You are very tall,” he said. “But you don’t have as much muscle as these other boys.” The boy looked at the bodies of the other boys and then at his own body. “I’ve grown very tall in the last year, my lord. I’ve gained a foot in height since I was 14. My father was very tall. He was huge. His body was bigger than any of the commandos you have here. It is hard for me to hunt enough food to feed my mother, my two sisters and my big body. I am always hungry. I know I would have more muscle if I had more food.” Eric thought about what that boy would look like if he had more muscle. He would be incredible. “Okay, you may compete,” said Eric and the boy jumped up and down in glee.

So the contest began. The tall boy was very strong even though his muscles weren't as big as the other boys. He did 45 pushups, 15 pullups, 80 situps and was very fast. His big legs covered the ground much faster than the smaller legs of the other boys. It was time for the physical inspection. The other boy was 5' 11" tall and had a very muscular body. He could do more pullups and situps than the tall boy, but the tall boy beat him in pushups and running. Eric was very impressed with his muscles. His face was gorgeous, with blond hair and blue eyes. He would have made a perfect commando.

Next Eric inspected the tall boy. His muscles were much harder than the other boy. They were so cut, so defined, they felt like rock. Eric ran his hands over those muscles and looked up, way up, at the tall boys beautiful face. He had blond hair that was almost white, gorgeous light blue eyes, high wide cheekbones, and big white teeth. "You have a very nice body," said Eric. The boy blushed. "Thank you, my lord." Eric moved his fingers down to the tall boy's genitals and started stroking his balls and cock. The boy started moaning and immediately his cock got hard. It was huge! It must have been 13 inches long and as thick as Eric's wrist. Eric was almost trembling. "Your cock is huge. You have a big body and a big cock." The boy grinned. "Yes, my lord. I'm big all over. I will be the biggest commando you have. I will be your biggest, strongest commando!" He pushed his rock hard cock into Eric's chest and rubbed it across Eric's skinny pec muscles. "My cock loves to fuck," said the boy, looking at Eric. Somehow he knew Eric wanted that big cock to fuck him. Eric could wait no longer. He lifted the boy's arm and yelled "Here is our new commando!" All the villagers cheered.

"What is your name, boy?" said Eric. "My name is Thor, my lord. My parents named me after the Norse god." Eric nodded. This boy was a huge Viking. It was fitting that he had the name of a Viking god. Then the boy looked concerned. "My lord, if I leave to become a commando how will my mother and my sisters eat? I hunt for their food?" Eric reached into his pocket and brought out a huge gold coin. "Give this to your mother. It is her reward for raising such a big strong son. She can buy all the food she needs." Thor looked at the coin. He had never seen so much gold before. He knew his mother would be so happy. He saw a woman who he recognized. It was his aunt. He gave the coin to his aunt and said, "Give this to my mother. Tell her I am now one of the Prince's commandos. I will come back to see her soon." The aunt nodded.

So Thor got his horse and rode back to the castle, running the horse like the Ferrari it was to him. At the castle he was measured for his uniform. The tailor gasped as he saw the size of Thor's body, but then Eric told the tailor, "Make the uniform much bigger. This boy is going to gain a lot of muscle. Now he is going to eat. He is going to eat big and his muscles will grow." Thor grinned. He was hungry. He wanted to eat. "I'm very hungry, my lord. Can we eat now?" Eric grabbed Thor's shredded arm muscles and said, "Follow me."

The rest of the commandos went to their barracks and their huge dinner meal. Eric took Thor with him to the royal dining room where he always ate the first meal with a new commando. On the table was a huge amount of food. By now the servants knew to make huge portions of food so there would be enough left for them to eat. They always ate the leftovers. There was lamb, chicken, fish, and even beef. And lots of vegetables. Huge quanties of food. Thor's eyes bulged out. "Oh my god," he gasped as he saw the food. "Eat," said Eric as he sat down and took a small porton of fish. Thor quickly sat down and he filled his plate with huge amounts of everything. He jammed the food into his mouth and chewed it up so fast that Eric couldn't believe how fast he was eating. In less than a minute he had completely devoured the first plate. Then he filled a second plate with food and ate that just as fast as the first one. Eric marveled as he watched Thor eat. He was like an eating machine. His muscular arms and big thick fingers stuffed the food into his mouth and his big white teeth tore it to bits in seconds. Then he swallowed, sending the food into his stomach. That stomach had never felt that much food inside it before. That stomach wanted more food. That stomach and Thor's big intestines were going to turn all that food into muscle. Eric poured wine and Thor drank it down, drinking half a glass after each plate of food. Thor ate plate after plate of food while Eric just watched, stunned by this huge boy's appetite. After seven plates all the food was gone. There would be no food for Eric's servants. All that food was in Thor's stomach. Thor drank another half glass of wine and looked down at his stomach. "It feels so good to be full. I've been so hungry for so long. It feels so good to be full!" He rubbed his hand over his rock hard ab muscles, which were bulging out a little bit because of all the food in his stomach. "Oh, Prince Eric. I feel so good my stomach is full and my whole body feels so good. I am so glad to be your commando. I will smash your enemies with my big body." Eric smiled. He like the enthusiasm of his commandos. "Stand up, commando Thor. I will lead you to my bedroom where you will sleep tonight."

Thor got up and Eric grabbed his shredded muscular arm. "You had five glasses of wine, Thor. That's why you feel so good." Eric reached down and rubbed his hand on Thor's huge cock. Even when it wasn't hard it was big, hanging like a big sausage from his narrow hips. Instantly that cock got hard. Thor looked down at Eric and smiled. "I'm really horny," he said. "I wanna fuck!" Eric grabbed that cock and said, "Come with me." He moved towards the door to his room and Thor staggered ahead next to him. Thor was so tall and he must have weighed 80 pounds more than Eric. Eric grabbed his arm with both hands and Thor staggered ahead.

They got into Eric's room and Thor stared in amazement at what he saw. Every commando was staggered by the size of the room and amount of furniture. "Strip," ordered Eric. Thor stripped off his clothes and stood before his master. Eric stripped too. He looked at Thor's big beautiful body and his incredibly handsome face, with light blue eyes and light blond hair. "You are so beautiful," he said. He ran his hands over Thor's extremely wide shoulders. Those shoulders were muscular, but Eric knew this boy would put a lot more muscle on those shoulders. He ran his fingers down the boy's wide lat muscles down to his narrow hips. Then he rubbed his hands on Thor's corrugated ab muscles, muscles that were pushing out just a bit because of all the food inside his big full stomach. "Your muscles are so hard. Come and face the mirror." He grabbed Thor's arm and brought him over to a big mirror. Thor gasped. He had never seen his face or body in a mirror before. "You look pretty good, don't you Thor," said Eric. Thor blushed. "Umm, yes, I think so. I never saw my face before. Do you think I am handsome? Do you think my muscles look good? Do I look good?" Eric laughed. "You look fantastic! Your face is gorgeous! Your body is incredible! You are one in a million, Thor. I'll stand in front of you. You are only 15 years old and I am 18. Look how big you are! Look at your shoulders. They are a foot wider than my shoulders. My shoulders are puny, just skin and bone. Your shoulders are so wide and already very muscular. See, you already have striations of muscle capping your shoulders. They are already about an inch thick. I have no muscle and you already have thick muscle on your shoulders. Think about all the muscle you're gonna pack on those shoulders, Thor. You are already muscular. Now you will get super muscular." Thor's cock was rock hard. It pressed against Eric. "Oh yeah, super muscular," he said as he flexed his arms. He already had big arm muscles, so shredded and hard. "My arms are gonna get so huge," he said. "They will be commando arms. Arms that will crush your enemies. Huge muscular arms that will smash whatever you order them to smash." Eric stood beside Thor and flexed his arms. His upper arms were little sticks. Thor looked at the prince's miserable display of manliness. "Your arms are tiny, my lord. Your arms couldn't hurt a girl.” He flexed his arm right next to Eric’s stick. His 15 year old bicep was huge. The shredded muscle bulged into a big ball of vein covered fibers. Eric’s eyes bulged as he saw the muscle. Thor looked at his bulging muscle. “But my arms are already strong. I’ve killed lots of big animals. I can break their bones. I’m bigger and stronger than all the boys. If they piss me off I am so strong I can beat them up. You can’t hurt a girl and I can beat up big boys! I’m a big strong boy and you’re a little weak boy. You’re a prince but you’re weak. But I am your commando. This big strong boy is going take orders from the weak little prince. These arms will be your arms, prince. I know these arms are going to get a lot bigger and stronger. You order them to smash and they will smash!"

Thor’s cock was rock hard and so was Eric’s. “You drank a lot of water and wine, Thor. Take a piss over here.” Eric pointed to the big toilet canister. “Wow, you have a toilet in your own room!” said Thor. “I always go outside.” He looked down at his huge 13 inch cock which was rock hard and pointing up at 45 degrees. “My cock is so hard I don’t know if I can piss.” He pointed his cock towards the canister. Suddenly a huge flow of piss spurted out of his cock. It took him a fraction of a second to hit the canister. He was a hunter and he aimed well. His thick piss stream was pushing up so high it went over his head and then came crashing down into the canister. Eric had never seen so much piss in his life. This big boy made lots of piss. After about a minute he finished. “Oh yeah, good to get the piss out. Better for fucking!” Eric stood right next to the canister and pissed about 20 seconds into it. His piss stream was so puny, it was nothing compared to Thor’s huge piss stream.

Then Eric turned around and buried his face in Thor’s big pec muscles, rubbing his cheeks and nose on his rock hard striated pec muscles and feeling his lats and shoulders and butt muscles with his hands. “Oh, oh, oh,” moaned Eric.

Eric moved his head over to Thor's flexed arm and licked the rock hard bicep muscle. He pushed in with his tongue but the muscle was so hard he couldn't make a dent. Then he reached up and tried to squeeze the muscle with his little fingers but the muscle was still too hard. "Yeah, fuckin' hard," said Thor. "Smell my sweat, prince. I sweat like a real commando." He rubbed his armpit in Eric's face. "Ummm," moaned Eric as he breathed in the sweat. It smelled so good to him. He started running his hands over Thor's pecs and abs. Then he started licking Thor's shredded pecs and nipples. Thor started moaning. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" he moaned. He put his hand on his rock hard cock and Eric quickly moved it away. Eric was in control of this young commando. "Oh oh, I wanna fuck! I wanna fuck!" yelled Thor. Eric smiled. He ran his mouth down to Thor's shredded abs and licked the crevices between each brick of rock hard muscles. At the same time he rubbed his hands over Thor's rock hard bubble butt. "Ohhh, ohhhh" yelled Thor. Finally the prince moved his face down to Thor's balls and started licking them. Thor was going crazy. His hips started moving back and forth and pre cum was oozing out of his dick. The Eric moved up to his huge 13 inch cock and started licking it. Thor was now yelling and thrusting. He had never felt this way in his young life before. More pre cum flowed out of his rock hard cock. Then Eric yelled "Fuck me commando!" and gobbled up Thor's cock in his mouth. Thor wasted no time. He started thrusting his cock in and out of Eric's throat. His huge thick 13 inch cock thrust in and out of Eric's throat and esophagus. It was so big that it almost got down to his stomach. Thor was groaning in pleasure as he felt the prince's tender throat and ravishing tongue caressing his huge cock, sending surges of erotic joy through his body. He grabbed Eric's head and smashed it back and forth on his cock not caring in the least how the prince felt. The prince was his fuck toy and all that matter was how he felt. His big cock rammed back and forth into Eric's throat and esophagus. His groans got louder. He started thrusting faster. Finally he yelled "Fuccccck!" as huge spurts of cum blasted out of his cock into Eric's throat and stomach.

After Thor finished cumming he left his huge cock inside Eric's throat. Thor's cock was the biggest, thickest, hardest cock Eric had ever sucked. Thirteen inches long, it was as thick as a soda can. Eric's mouth and throat could hardly contain that huge weapon of lust. Thor moved his cock slowly in and out, moaning in pleasure as Eric's flesh stimulated the erotic nerves on his huge cock as more cum oozed out. Eric could hardly breathe. He tried to pull his head back but Thor's huge muscular hand pushed it back onto his cock. Right now Thor's erotic lust was in control. Thor's sexual pleasure was all that mattered to him. He was the prince's commando but right now his huge body and huge cock controlled the skinny little prince. After several minutes of this bliss Thor finally pulled his cock out of Eric's mouth. Eric gasped as he saw the huge size of the monster than had just fucked him. "That was incredible," said Thor. Eric grabbed his own rock hard cock and rubbed his other hand on Thor's abs and his still hard huge cock. "You are incredible," he said as he shot his puny little drops of cum out of his little five inch cock.

The next morning Thor and Eric ate breakfast with the other commandos. As always, there was a huge amount of food. There were now 19 commandos and the amount of food they ate for breakfast would have been enough food to feed 100 villagers for a week. And all that food was turning into muscle. Every commando had gained weight since he became a commando. In less than a month Hans and Gunther had each gained 20 pounds, all of it muscle. And they hadn't even started their hard workouts yet. Once they started working out their huge bodies, those muscles would grow even bigger and stronger.

Prince Eric had one more commando to pick. He wanted 20 commandos. He was all set to ride to another village with his commandos when Hans came up to him and said, "I have a surprise for you, my lord." Eric looked at Hans's gorgeous face and said "What is it?" Then out from behind Hans stepped Oleg, Hans's little brother. Eric's eyes bulged out. Oleg was huge. A month ago when Eric first met him he was already a big 14 year old kid, weighing 40 pounds more than Eric. Now he was a huge 14 year old kid. Now he outweighed Eric by 70 pounds. He had gained 30 pounds of muscle in the last month, more than Hans and more than Gunther. He was taller too. He was a huge boy. "Oh fuck," said Eric. "What happened to you?" Oleg grinned. "After Hans became a commando I really wanted to become a commando too. So I worked out very hard. My dad made heavier logs for me to lift. I wrestled my dad and any kid that dared to wrestle me. In fighting I can beat four kids at the same time. All the villagers gave me extra food. I ate more meat than I've ever eaten. All the villagers wanted me to be a commando. I've gained lots of muscle and I'm very very strong. I'm not 15 yet but I know I'm stronger than lots of your commandos. My lord, let me wrestle one of your commandos and if I win make me a commando."

Eric was stunned by the phenomenal muscle growth of this boy. He still had no fat on his body and he looked like he could even be more muscular than his older brother Hans. His face was gorgeous and his blond hair and sky blue eyes were striking. Because of all the food his villagers gave him and his overwhelming desire to become a commando he had eaten more food than the commandos. And with the heavy workouts he was doing his muscles got huge. Even though he was still 14 - he wouldn't turn 15 for six more months - he was definitely ready to become a commando.

Eric looked at the commandos. He pointed at Bjorn, one of the beautiful 17 year old twins. "Bjorn, you wrestle Oleg. We'll see if Oleg can beat you." Oleg looked at Bjorn and flexed his muscles. He looked big, strong and dominant. Bjorn looked at this big muscular 14 year old boy with a look of apprehension in his eyes. He was a tall, strong, 17 year old commando. But this kid looked strong and tough. Could this 14 year old kid be stronger than him? They faced each other and the other commandos stood around to watch. Eric yelled "Go!" and the two gorgeous blond muscle boys ran at each other. Bjorn tried to push Oleg back, but Oleg dug in his legs and held firm. Then he put his thick muscular hands on Bjorn's shoulders and started pushing. And Bjorn went backwards! Oleg's legs were stronger than Bjorn's legs! Bjorn couldn't believe what this kid was doing to him.

While Bjorn looked at Oleg's big arms pushing him Oleg dropped himself and grabbed Bjorn's legs, lifted him up and threw him to the ground. Before Bjorn knew what had happened, Oleg wrapped his huge, muscular legs around his chest while grabbing his arm and holding it straight. Bjorn couldn't move, held by the tremendous power of Oleg's legs and the force being applied to his arm by Oleg's huge muscular arms. Then Oleg started squeezing his legs. The commandos gasped as they saw the huge muscles of his legs flex. Bjorn started to gasp as all the air was forced out of his lungs. Oleg applied more pressure and soon Bjorn's face was red and spit was drooling out of his mouth. Now he couldn't breathe at all. Within a few minutes he passed out, his head falling to the ground. Oleg released his squeeze and jumped onto his body. Oleg's cock was hard. It was big - about 10 inches long and very thick. It had gotten rock hard as Oleg crushed the life out of Bjorn's body with his huge muscular legs. He knew he could have killed the boy and his cock got harder and harder. Now he started fucking Bjorn's stomach while Bjorn was still passed out on the ground. Within seconds, gushes of cum spurted out of Oleg's huge cock as 14 year old Oleg fucked the 17 year old commando's hard body. Bjorn woke up and felt Oleg's cock fucking his abs. Cum was all over Bjorn's abs and chest. Oleg held Bjorn's arms down and looked down at Bjorn's gorgeous face with his beautiful blue eyes. He sat up and flexed his arms in Bjorn's face as his cock splashed a few more drops of cum on Bjorn's chest. He smiled with the look of triumph. Then he stood up and saluted Prince Eric, as drops of cum were still coming out of his big cock. "Am I a commando, my lord?" he said as he flexed his arm in Eric's face. "You are a commando, Oleg," said Eric he ran his hands over Oleg's big young muscles. Bjorn lay defeated, covered with cum, on the ground. All the other commandos cheered for Oleg. Bjorn got up and went over to his twin brother who consoled him.

Oleg whispered in Eric's ear, "I can hardly wait to fuck you, my lord. My brother Hans says you have a very nice little ass. And you like to be fucked by a big muscle boy like me. I can hardly wait." He rubbed his still hard cock on Prince Eric's skinny body as Eric took in the enormity of this 14 year old boy's muscles and cock. Eric could hardly wait too.

Now Eric had a full squad of 20 commandos. He was going to train his commandos for a month and then smash his enemies with the huge strong muscles of these teenage boys, teenage boys who were so muscular and strong while Eric was so skinny and weak. Eric was going to live his dreams of being huge, muscular and strong in the bodies of his young commandos.

To be continued?