The Host

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Chapter 1

Eric was a day student at the local college. He had lived in the town of Almo all of his life and was eager to finish school to get out of this small backwater town. He was now twenty and was finally settling into his college career. He was attractive, tall, had a medium build, and an innocent face. His pale skin, red hair, and amazing green eyes made him a great candidate for teasing as a kid, but now they were three of his greatest assets. He was doing well this semester academically and was also able to find time for the swim team, although he had a full time job as a C.N.A. at the hospital. He had also been able to date a few times during this semester, but he wasn’t having much luck. Life was good, but it could have been better. As he drove through the night he thought of the condition of his life and what he wanted to do next.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Eric saw a glimmer in the evening sky. It got bigger and brighter and as it came down toward him, he could tell it was a meteor. He watched as it flew across the sky and hit a nearby field just down the road. Eric pulled over to the side of the road close to the field where he had seen the small meteor land. He had been on his way to the school game when he had seen it going across the sky, but seeing a meteor up close would be better than the game any day. As the car stopped he turned off the headlights and reached under his seat for his flashlight. He pulled the keys from the ignition and got out of the car, heading for the spot where he thought it had landed.

The field was terribly overgrown. Eric had to deal with tall grass, brush, shrubs and trees that had grown together for years. The ground was very uneven and rocks seemed to come out of the ground at odd points. It would be more difficult to get to the site than he had thought. He almost turned back, but his curiosity got the best of him. He struggled for twenty-five, no, fifty yards before he saw the clearing. It was as if the vegetation knew of the arrival and had left a small space for the meteor to land. There was a small crater in the ground and as he bent toward it the hole seemed hot. There didn’t appear to be much left of this meteorite. Well it was worth a try he thought. As he turned to leave he thought of how horny he was feeling. Since he was in the middle of this deserted field, he might as well take advantage of it. He was not sure why he felt this way now, but he had an uncontrollable urge to give in to his feelings of horniness. He turned his flashlight off and set it down on the ground, smiling.

Eric unbuttoned the top button of his jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down to expose his bright white briefs underneath. He slipped his jeans down a bit to give him better access and pulled his briefs down below his balls so he could play with them too. His jeans and briefs fell to his knees as he began to stroke his cut cock. Eric’s dick was about five inches semi-hard, but he knew it would grow to its full length within a few minutes. His cock started to leak pre-cum and he used it to lube his cock. Eric started off slowly enjoying each stroke and then sped things up as he relaxed more. His dick was now seven inches, his full length.

Eric moved his left hand up to his shirt to unbutton it. He had no T-shirt on so as the buttons were released Eric’s abs and chest were slowly revealed. When his shirt was completely open he let it fall back off of his shoulders and let it slip off of his arms onto the ground. He moved his left hand up to his nipple and started to pinch it, while he continued jerking himself off. With the nipple play more pre-cum gushed out of his slit and his other nipple came to attention. He felt so turned on he wanted to get off really bad. Eric loved going to out of the way places and do this, but this time was different. Eric started to gasp as he got closer and closer to orgasm. He let his head go back and he moved his hand over his chest caressing his pecs. His need was rising as quickly as his pulse and heartbeat he had to get off.

Then from the bushes ahead he heard the grass move. It startled him, but he figured it was nothing to be worried about. He went back to his blissful daze. After a few more minutes, he heard the rustling again. It was loud enough that he stopped masturbating and looked more closely at that area of grass. Was it a rabbit or maybe a fox? Was someone out here with him? He was letting his imagination get to him, it was probably just a field mouse. He started to jerk off again. The sound started again so he looked at the grass and saw that there was something there, almost out of the grass. The moonlight made it hard to tell, but it looked quite small and blended in very well with the grass, none the less it was there. Eric bent down to get his flashlight and he saw the unidentified creature moving toward him more quickly. The flashlight wasn’t where he thought it was. Whatever was in the grass was getting closer and it was larger than he thought. He went to step back and his shoe caught on one of the protruding rocks, causing him to fall back. Eric hit the ground hard, his head hitting one of the rocks. His head filled with pain and as he put his hand on his head it was wet with blood. His vision was becoming blurry and it was very hard for him to think. His eyes started to close and he lost consciousness.

The creature moved from the shadows and drew closer to Eric. It was almost translucent now. It was small, about the size of a large lobster and it slightly resembled that crustacean. It had a long, thin body, two antennae, and small eyes; the resemblance stopped there. Its body was not a hard shell, but semi-clear fleshy tissue. It had a prehensile tail about a two feet long and its six short legs were not spider-like, but more like ambidextrous appendages, which kept it a few inches off the ground. It quickly moved to Eric’s head and put an antenna on the blood soaked tear. It seemed to pause for a moment and slowly crept onto Eric’s head moving its body directly over the wound. It began to glow, its body becoming luminescent. It stayed this way for several minutes and carefully moved down to Eric’s chest. The wound was completely healed. Slowly the light from its body began to fade and it became the pale color of Eric’s skin. It also seemed to get larger as it continued its journey down Eric’s body. It seemed the creature was headed for his groin. As it approached Eric’s navel the creature turned itself around so that its tail was pointing toward Eric’s feet. It slowly backed up to Eric’s crotch and rested on top of his cock and balls. It flattened itself against his body and wrapped its tail around Eric’s right leg. A small round orifice opened on its underside and it engulfed Eric’s flaccid cock and a clear sack enveloped his balls. A small sharp protrusion stuck into Eric's skin and released something into his bloodstream.


Chapter 2

As Eric woke it was hard for him to think. He remembered something in the bushes and falling. He was having a hard time focusing his eyes and his breathing seemed elevated for some reason. He could tell that his pants were still down and he felt even more aroused than before the accident. There was something warm, wet, and gel-like on his crotch and he could feel something wrapped around his leg and more things wrapped around his waist. He tried to reach down to his groin, but his coordination was severely impaired. His hand hit his stomach instead. He moved his hand over to his navel and down to his crotch. The creature moved slightly as it was touched and Eric became afraid. His breathing hastened more and he tried to remove the creature. Unfortunately, the creature was quite strong and increased its hold as Eric fumbled. Eric tried to right himself, to sit up fully, but the attempt was futile. He laid back in frustration.

The creature began to undulate. Eric reacted immediately by trying to remove the creature, but it had a firm hold. His cock and balls were being licked, teased purposefully. His dick started to lengthen and his balls moved closer to his body. Eric gasped, as it played with him, unable to stop the creature. Eric closed his eyes, the good feelings never stopped. His cock was being manipulated and he couldn't stop it. Eric moaned, as the creature played with his cockhead and caressed the underside of his dick. His dick was stiff now at fives inches, but the creature was working him to his full length. He had felt nothing like it in his life. His piss slit, head and balls felt like a thousand tiny tongues were probing and sliding up and down his shaft simultaneously. Eric's nipples were hard now and it was hard for him to think of anything. He tried to cry out, but his breathing had become too focused on his sexual euphoria for him to make anything beyond a primal grunt. The tongues swished against the side of his cock and rim of his cockhead making him groan again. Unconsciously, he let his legs part, showing that his body was relaxing more and more. He started to thrash his head from side to side as he lost more and more of his ability to think. His cock was at its full seven inches and his balls were releasing copious amounts of pre-cum which the creature took in.

Eric knew he had to do something, as he was becoming delirious from the stimulation. It was also doing something to his mind. He tried to sit up again, but the prehensile tail pushed him back to the ground. It quickly moved to his shoes and pushed each off quickly. Then it began to work his pants further down his legs removing the right pants leg first, then the left, until Eric's pants sat in a pile at the end of his feet. His underwear was ripped from his legs as he continued to try to pry the creature from his body. He was covered in sweat from head to toe. His breathing was erratic coming in short bursts and he felt extremely light-headed.

Suddenly the feelings on his cock changed. It felt like the alien was sucking him off. He spread he legs wide as the creature seemed to slide up and down his shaft. He was feeling even more excited now, like he had been drugged. His whole body was alive with erotic yearning. Involuntarily, he began to buck his hips trying to draw himself closer to orgasm and he began to play with his own nipples, twisting them and pinching them, as his frustration increased. He moaned as his cock released more of his own body's lube as the creature lapped at the underside of dick. He whimpered as the alien paid great attention to his circumcision scar, moving in slow circular motions, manipulating the sensitive skin. Every time it did that he lost more of his resolve. He let his head fall back again and dug his heels into the ground, as his dick grew red and pulsed with every heartbeat. He had never felt anything like it in his life; he had never been this hard or this turned on before. He placed his hands on the back of the creature, cradling it in his hands working his cock deeper into it. All he could think about was getting off.

As if sensing his relaxed state the creature loosened its hold on him and allowed its tail to wander to the opening between Eric's legs. Slowly it teased the tense hole of its victim. Erin seemed startled at first, but his mind was too far-gone now, he hissed as the tentacle like tail inched into him. It moved slowly at first, drawing out slowly and then pushed its way back in through the pucker, making sure to elicit the best responses it could. It seemed to be able to sense what made him hot. Eric grunted and groaned as the creature forced more of itself into his asshole. He almost screamed as it hit his prostate, gulping as it massaged his tender nub. Eric groaned again, now lost in a sea of sensations as he was treated to his first fuck. The alien fucked him slowly at first. He whimpered as it invaded his tight virgin hole. Steadily the creature grew more aggressive and worked its way into Erin's ass, expanding his pucker, as it pulsed around the appendage. All he could think about now was keeping the alien happy and safe.

Several times the creature brought him close to the brink of orgasm, but then it would back off, slowing its work, so that he couldn't cum. His need was growing and he had long stopped trying to stop the creature. It worked his ass moving in and out slowly, working its victim like a puppet. It continued to pump his cock and work his balls extracting as much pre-cum as it could without causing harm. Eric continued to pinch and tease his nipples and rub his chest with his own sweat, hoping the creature would soon give him release. Once again, the tiny tongues began to work the head of his cock and balls. The tail was trailing the rim of his hole, making feel as if he were being rimmed. His entire body shook with chills as every nerve in his body seemed to be stimulated by pinpricks of pleasure. He opened his legs as far as he could, not only allowing better access to his hole, but also giving the tail of the creature room to trail along his ass cheeks and perineum.

Eric sighed as the alien worked his circumcision scar, slowly kneading that part of his cock, driving him wild with desire. He wanted nothing more now than to cum into the creature. Once again he bucked his hips and tried to fuck the alien's mouth, by holding it to himself. At that moment the creature sped up its work. Eric legs tightened and he closed them with the tail inserted in his ass, probing at his love nut. He closed his eyes again as his body prepared for release and he threw his head back. Covered in sweat his naked body reflected the light from the moon as he writhed, trying to do anything to push himself over the edge.

Finally, his body convulsed, he gasped for air, and with a loud scream he emptied his seed into the creature. But it did not end there. The creature kept moving to excite Eric and continued to suck and tease Eric's very sensitive organ. Eric moaned as his cock was brought to full attention again. Eric smiled dumbly as the alien kneaded the most sensitive spot on his cock; Eric was caught in a dreamlike state. Crazy with lust, he bucked his hips wildly and fucked the alien's mouth. He needed to get off again, he would do anything to get off. In his mind he thought about these two things as he allowed the creature open access to his mind and body. As that very moment the alien brought him to the brink allowing him the release he craved. Eric's eyes closed and his body prepared for release. He threw his head back, sweat trailing his entire body, as the cum gushed into the alien. Eric could not offer any resistance at all this time and allowed the alien to milk him. As his mind clouded completely from his second, third and fourth orgasms Eric began to feel such love for the creature that he could not thing of anything else than his love for the alien. Eric would never again even be able to contemplate what the creature had just done to him. A bond had just formed, a bond that he could not break, one that would force him to betray humanity.

After the creature had finished its work it shrank in size, but continued to rest on Eric's crotch. Its appendages still encircled Eric's body and its tail was still in his ass slowly stimulating him. Eric got up and began to place his clothing as it had been. He pulled up his pants and fastened them and put his shirt back on. He felt compelled to do all of this, not to hide his nakedness, but to conceal the presence of the alien. He could see through his own eyes, but until he behaved as the creature wanted, he lost control of his body. Not that it mattered now, he only wanted to follow its instructions. His only goal now was to please it so he could feel the intense sexual arousal and release it had given him. He slowly walked back to his car and started it, pulling onto the road heading for the game.


Chapter 3

As Eric drove to the campus the creature searched his mind learning all it could about Eric and this world. If it was to survive in this new environment it needed to know as much about the inhabitants of this planet as possible. In just a few minutes the alien knew everything Eric knew. It had bonded with Eric completely now, placing small tendrils within Eric’s skull. Even if they were separated, now the Jazee would be able to communicate with Eric and if necessary, control him. Eric also knew all that the creature knew as well. He could see into the vast measures of the creature’s mind and could sense great intelligence and malevolence. It was called a Jazee. They had existed for billions of years and had traveled throughout the universe trying to find worlds with life that they could co-exist with. Eventually, some of the Jazee became more ambitious and decided not to simply co-exist, but to control and manipulate the life forms they encountered. Earth was their next target and Eric was their latest victim. If all human beings were as susceptible to sexual stimulation, the fall of the human race to the Jazee would be swift.

This particular Jazee was Moro, a class of spies, hunters, and assassins within the Jazee hierarchy. They were sent to worlds first to infiltrate and convert small numbers of whatever native population inhabited a planet. Other Jazee were responsible for the conversion of larger numbers inhabitants. Jazee preferred to have hosts that were at least semi intelligent. Bonding with smaller, less cerebral species, though possible, proved to be problematic. The first line of attack for the Moro was to convert the young, sick, and elderly. They were easily coerced and presented less of a threat should something go wrong.

Kas was the name of this Jazee Moro. He had been alive for two hundred forty epochs. He was fairly young for his species, but Kas had been adept in learning the ways of the Moro and had led the Jazee to many victories. Kas was a male of his species. Females of his species were rare and were only needed to facilitate the growth of a chemical needed by the males during the gestation period of the male Jazee reproductive cycle. Mating happened between males of the Jazee. Genetic material was exchanged from one male Jazee to the other, as part of an elaborate ritual. Each would produce young as long as they could find a female with the chemical they needed. Kas had twenty young in him now, waiting for their own hosts.


Chapter 4

Finding a parking space had been difficult as the game had been going on for thirty minutes. Eric didn’t care at this point, the game was the last thing on his mind. Kas was making it difficult for him to think as he was overloading Eric’s mind with sexual heat. His best friend Ben was supposed to be at the game and Kas was very interested in meeting him. If Kas was to be successful he would need to present his children with hosts within a few days. Ben would make a perfect host for his oldest son. Being in stasis during his journey to this small planet had allowed young to survive this long, but their condition would decay if they were without hosts for much longer. Kas had already moved the oldest child from his pouch and it had wrapped itself around Eric’s waist, waiting for the right moment to capture a host. It had nearly quadrupled in size since being pulled out of stasis and he was continuing to grow. Another reason Kas was perfect for this mission was that he had been fortunate enough to father a female of his species. She still huddled with the rest of her brothers inside Kas’ pouch waiting for her host. They were all growing larger, so Kas was eager to find hosts for all his children.

As Eric made his way through the crowd he found his friend sitting on one end of the home team bleachers. The gym was packed. It was a typical gymnasium, rectangular with high ceilings. The walls were painted in the school colors green and white. The bleachers were wood and could be pushed back to the walls folding like an accordion. Kas marveled at the sight of all the activity. So many hosts to choose from and so many in their sexual prime. The game had been a tight one so far, with each team keeping up to the other. Everyone was on edge and completely consumed by the game. There was an empty seat next to Ben, so Eric took it.

Ben had short jet black hair, green eyes, and tan skin, which matched his mother and father’s Latin complexion. He was wearing typical skater boy attire: a red hat on backward, a navy half sleeve t-shirt, baggy jeans and black and white sneakers. Ben had a well toned body and took care of himself. Kas and his child could also tell that Ben was very horny right now.

“Hey Eric what’s up, what took you so long?” Ben shouted trying to keep his voice slightly above the crowds.

“My car had a flat, I had to stop and fix it,” Eric lied.

“Bummer, what do you want to do tonight,?

“Actually I’ve got something I want you to see, it’s also why I was a little late,”

Ben thought Eric sounded funny, but figured his friend was just tired from having to change the tire. “Ok, what is it?”

“I don’t want to show you here, let’s go to the can or to the lab, I’ll show you there,” Eric coaxed. Ben nodded in agreement.

Both got up and headed for the rest room. Ben thought that maybe Eric had some weed, occasionally Eric would get some and they would smoke a joint together. They chose to try one that was on the other side of the building, since the ones close to the gym would be full. When they got to the bathroom it was full, not the best place to smoke a joint, so they left and headed for the science lab nearby. As Eric suspected the outer door to the lab was unlocked. Both went in. Eric locked the door behind them.

It was a typical science lab with twelve lab stations and three chairs at each station. The teachers desk was perched in the middle of the front of the room horizontal to the dry erase board which extended the full length of the wall. Eric, followed closely by Ben, headed over to an area hidden from the door by a partition and opened all three windows in the semi-enclosed corner of the room. The enclosure housed several lab sinks and locked cabinets housing an array of equipment.

Eric reached into his pocket, pulling out a joint and a lighter. Ben smiled. They had often done this together, but it had been a while. Eric lit the joint and handed it to Ben. Ben quickly lifted it to his mouth and sucked in slowly, filling his lungs with its magic air. He held the smoke in, letting it seep into every corner of his lungs. Slowly, he felt it creep into his body and mind. His sat back against the wall and exhaled. “That’s good stuff,” Ben said.

Ben handed it to Eric and Eric took a hit off of the joint. Eric could feel the pleasurable effects quickly, but he was not suffering any other side effects. Kas was filtering the chemical somehow. In the same instant that Eric felt this knowledge, he also knew what Kas was planning to do to Ben. Eric tried to fight Kas, but Kas tapped into Eric’s pleasure center and made sure he was more agreeable. Eric couldn’t help but gasp and a blissful smile ran across his face. “Yeah, this is good,” Eric told his friend as he handed the joint back. He sat down next to Ben and sighed.

“Damn, you look like you’re floating,” Ben laughingly said to his best friend. He took another hit and sank back a little more, giggling to himself. Ben was feeling great now. He barely wanted to move at all. It was also getting hard to keep his eyes open.

“Nah, it’s not what you think, I’m fine,” Eric reassured his friend. Kas began to make Eric feel very hot, and in response Eric began to unbutton his shirt. “Is it getting hot?” Kas was slowly releasing a pheromone into the air. It was fast acting and both men began to feel higher arousal as their minds filled with sexual thoughts. Eric moaned again, unable to stop himself.

“You’re such a lightweight,” Ben laughed again. “I wish we could be like this forever.”

Each of them took hits until there was nothing left of the joint. Ben was getting horny now and because of this he was beginning to absently rub his crotch and nipples. Eric unbuttoned his shirt a little more than it was, feeling hot from the mind tricks Kas was inflicting. Ben began to moan himself, not really caring that he was feeling unusual. Ben was so utterly out of it that he did not notice the creature holding on to Eric’s stomach.

“Close your eyes,” Eric told his friend, “I have something for you.” Ben looked into Eric eyes which seemed like endless skies and was lost in an old memory.


Chapter 5

It had been a hot summer and now that they were half way through summer vacation there seemed to be no end to the heat. Eric and Ben had made there way through the land of the Harpson’s farm. It was completely overgrown now, fields full of beans and corn had made way for saplings and bushes, buildings crumbled and the metal wire of fences and old tools showed the battle scars of time. The scent of honeysuckle hanging in the air mixed with the scent of their sweat. They had made this trek as the Harpson’s farm had one good asset not yet fully returned to mother nature; the farm had a small pond.

Their clothes littered the edge of the shore while they talked, swam, and laughed and played. They never seemed to tire of each others company and being the best of friends it did not matter that they did not have swimsuits. As the afternoon wore on and the sun reached its peak, even the water seemed to loose its ability to cool. The two decided to find more hospitable territory, using the great arms of a wise old oak to shade themselves.

The oak had a great view of the pond and was surrounded by a patch of overgrown azaleas, laurel, and lilac. Each smell blended into the other creating perfume like no other. They were both still wet and the slight breeze that arrived gave both a cool shutter of excitement. Eric stood behind Ben grabbing his own shirt from the ground and dutifully started to dry Ben’s hair, back, and legs. Ben was fairly hairless except for the patches of hair under his arms and around his crotch. When he worked out he was always teased for having so little hair, but Eric knew Ben’s brother and father were the same way. Eric looked at Ben’s perfectly tanned Latin skin with envy. He could tell that Ben’s nipples were getting hard and Ben was getting an erection. He worked quickly not spending too much time in one spot and in no time Ben was dry from head to toe. They had shared this ritual since childhood and saw no reason to stop it now.

Knowing Eric was finished Ben quickly took his shirt from the ground, shook it a bit, and began the same process. Ben started by tussling Eric’s hair with the shirt until it was almost dry. Both laughed. Ben moved more slowly on Eric’s other parts carefully following each muscle, each curve, every line, every patch of hair. He had always loved his friends hair and thin body. He started with his back, rubbing the strong back muscles of his friend, sometimes spending extra time of he felt a knot. Ben bent down rubbed Eric’s tight ass and wiped Eric’s legs several times. He stood again and began to wipe off Eric’s pecs. He worked the shirt in circles, letting the fabric graze each one of Eric’s nipples. In no time they were swollen. He let some of his fingers touch the skin around Eric’s nipples and he could feel the light soft peach fuzz. Nothing turned him on more. “Close your eyes Eric,” Ben coaxed.

While Eric closed his eyes, Ben dropped the shirt he had been using. He let his fingers slide back to Eric’s nipples and began to rub them both between his fingers. Eric let out a sigh and smiled, squirming a little. Ben continued as Eric’s nipples came to hard peaks. His skin grew very taught and every touch seemed to inflame his passion more. Ben let his left hand massage Eric’s nipple and let his right hand wander over Eric’s chest and stomach. Though Eric was thin, his pecs were solid and his stomach had little ridges. Over and over Ben let his hand go where he it wanted, being careful not to push Eric too far too soon.

Ben drew Eric closer to his best friend and let his lips rest on Eric’s shoulder. Softly he kissed the skin working his way to Eric’s neck. He sucked and licked, sending shudders up Eric’s spine. Eric moaned as Ben took his first love bite, savoring the sweat and salt on his friend’s skin. Ben’s right hand moved down to light bush above Eric’s dick, running his hands through the silky strands. Eric was startled, but allowed it to continue, not sure if he could stop it if he wanted to. His body was on fire. More sweat poured down his chest and stomach, trailing down the hills and valleys like rivers. He cock was growing now and he wanted Ben to touch him.

Eric let the assault on Eric’s nipple go forward, as Ben brushed his cock with his hand and moved his mouth up to Eric’s ear lobe. He grabbed the lobe between his teeth, sucking on it. Ben moved his tongue into Eric’s ear coating each crevice. Eric was breathing heavy now and it turned Ben on even more. Ben moved very close to Eric letting their bodies touch, the heat of their bodies making them seem as one. Ben’s dick was rock solid now and he let it rest between Eric’s fuzzy cheeks riding the sweat drenched mounds. Ben moaned as he rubbed against his best friend.

Ben reached down and grabbed Eric’s cock in his right hand wrapping it firmly between his digits. Ben began by rubbing his forefinger and middle finger against the under side of Eric’s thick pole making sure to pay lots of attention to his circumcision scar. He twirled his fingers in circles, gently at first and then harder. Eric jerked and gasped, as a jet of pre-cum oozed out of his piss slit. Ben quickly used the lube to coat Eric’s cock, stroking the member’s length, from top to bottom several times.

Eric forced his cock deeper into his best friends hand with quick movements of his hips. He wanted his cock deeper, it felt so good. Ben responded by drawing his hand further away still holding it firmly. He wanted to make sure he could tease Eric for a while, without the risk of getting him off. He kissed Eric’s shoulder and then started down Eric’s back, all the while jerking Eric’s stiff member. His tongue lapped up the sweat that had gathered along his spine as he made his way down to Eric’s round globes.

Once there, Ben took time to bite at Eric’s checks. He moved his hand from Eric’s nipple as he knelt and cupped Eric’s low hanging balls. They were also covered with a light dusting of hair. He carefully kneaded the tender sacs and traced his fingers along their edges, making Eric shiver. At that very moment Ben moved his mouth between the clefts of Eric’s ass and pushed his tongue against Eric’s wet hole. Eric squirmed again and gasped, but Ben kept hold of his dick and nuts, quickening his work. Eric settled down as Ben moved his tongue around the tiny virgin hole. Eric relaxed and let the tiny muscle open, giving Ben an entrance. Ben took the invitation. His tongue wiggled in as far as it could go. Eric gasped again, almost laughing deliriously. Eric’s cock stood at its full length leaking massive amounts of pre-cum and his balls were now two solid spheres.

But for Ben it was not enough to give just this to his friend. He wanted Eric to feel what he had found to be the height of masturbation. Ben slowly retracted his tongue and let Eric come down off of his high, all the while making sure that Eric’s cock and balls got the attention they deserved. Ben then moved his left hand and parted Eric’s checks with his thumb and the back of his hand. This left his index finger free. And free is what Eric would feel like when Ben was through. Ben allowed his finger to ease its way past the lips of Eric’s ass and work its way in. Ben knew what he was searching for; he had found that special spot only a few months ago. He finger found the target and mounted an immediate assault. Ben rubbed the tender nub, going in a slow circle. Eric gasped again and his eyes curled back under the lids. Ben increased the pressure.

Eric was in a frenzy now. He was not sure what he friend was doing, but he felt like he had to piss badly. He tried to pull away, but Ben told him the feeling would subside. No sooner were the words out, Eric felt a hunger building in him. He wanted to shoot now. He wanted to cream in his friends hand. And then it came. Violently, his body started to shake and then a stream of cum erupted form his cock and then another and another. Eric shot five wads that day. Eric’s cock was covered with his cum and so was Bens’ hand, even more lay littered on the clothes in front of them.

Ben removed his finger from Eric’s ass and held Eric up with that hand. He moved his right hand, drenched in spunk, to his own member and began to beat his hot cock off.. Seeing Eric’s orgasm was a real turn on. He could feel the heat rise in his own body. He felt light headed, shrouded in a dream. The cum acted as a good lube even as it coagulated; the wet sound of him beating his meat seemed to be the only sound now. His breath was quick, his balance off and then it was happening. Ben pulled Eric closer. A thick stream of white paste shot up Eric’s back, looking more like paint than fluid. Then another almost as long made its way beside it. Ben screamed in ecstasy as more left him hitting Eric’s ass and then a final shot drizzled out hitting Eric’s leg, slowly snailing its’ way down.

They stood there for the longest time frozen in that moment. A perfect moment. Then as the blood flowed back to their heads, the awkwardness set in, they couldn’t look at each other right away, half exchanges were made as both tried to put their clothes back on without looking at the other. Later that day they talked about how they felt. They promised each other that day that they would not let it interfere with their friendship, and it never had. That day they had also promised not to let it happen again.

Kas knew that this memory was the perfect way to start the conversion. It kept both of the humans occupied while he and his son prepared for the bonding with his new host. It also prepared their hosts for their new roles as lovers. These human were interesting creatures, they constantly tried to deny themselves of so much, but that would change.


Chapter 6

Now both were back in the lab, out of that perfect moment from so long ago. The first thing Ben realized was that something was in his underwear and that it felt like he was getting sucked off. Something was wrong. He could see it moving, almost pulsing, but he was helpless to do anything. He felt lazy, maybe this was all a hallucination caused by the weed. It had never had that effect before. No, this was not a dream, something had just encircled his nuts and there was something rubbing against his hole. He tried to close his legs, but whatever was there wanted to stay. Ben looked to Eric; his eyes seemed frosted. “Eric, please help me, you’ve got to stop it,” Ben screamed. Eric had his shirt open now and Ben could see that his pecs were flexing slightly and his nipples were hard. Eric appeared to be in some kind of dream kneeling in front of Ben. Ben could also see that something was moving in Eric’s pants, no doubt doing exactly the same thing to him.

Ben reached down and tried to get his cock free, but his coordination was off and the creature attached to him was difficult to get a hold of. Ben’s cock was now completely hard encased in what felt like a soft jelly hand. It continued to stroke him in the most unique ways, causing sensations no man, except Eric, had ever felt. It worked quickly to push itself into his ass, again he tried to fight it, but when he did, Eric bent down and started to suck on his left nipple. Eric also kept Ben’s hands from getting to his crotch. The Jazee child needed time to get used to its new host. Eric held Ben immobile.

“Eric please don’t do this, don’t let it do this to me,” he pleaded. Eric simply looked at him and smiled. “Eric please help me, I don’t know how long I can fight it.”

Eric knew that what he was doing was wrong, but he was helpless to stop it. He would have to break the promise the two had made that day, he had no choice. He felt so horny, he loved Ben so much. Eric allowed his tongue to trace the delicate edge around the peak and thin bit swiftly into the tender flesh. Eric also rolled Ben’s other nipple in his other hand. The attention distracted Ben and confused him. Afterward, Eric moved up Ben’s chest slowly nibbling on his tanned flesh. He stopped at Ben’s neck and kissed and sucked , making Ben gasp. He worked there for a while until several dark splotches peppered Ben’s neck. Eric moved on to unexplored territory, dragging his tongue across Ben’s ear and letting it dart in to the small opening. Ben tried to protest, so Eric locked his mouth over Ben’s forcing his tongue into Ben’s mouth. Their wet tongues battled, each struggling to assert itself.

And then he saw it out of the corner of his eye. It had moved out of Eric’s pants and was crawling up Eric’s chest. It almost blended in perfectly, but you could see irregularities around the creatures edges. To Ben it looked spider-like, but it had an enormous tail. As it got to Eric’s chest he could see that it seemed to get bigger. It used its tail to get on Eric’s back and then seemed to press itself flush to his back.

Before Ben could focus on it again. Eric was pulling his underwear off, leaving him naked, except for his hat and socks. Ben could see a smaller version of the creature on himself. He panicked.

“Please Eric, don’t do this… please… help me fight them,” Ben tried to get out as he moaned. A tear formed at the corner of his eye, not because he was afraid of the creatures, but because he was afraid he would not be able to fight off Eric. He loved what Eric was doing. He had wanted this for so long. He wanted to be with Eric so bad that it hurt sometimes. He knew this was not right, Eric was straight, but the creature knew how he felt and was using it against him.

Eric opened up his pants and pulled them just below his hips, his cock was ready and he wanted to be inside Ben. He wanted to feel himself sliding in and out of his best friend. He had heard Ben’s protests, but he had to do what Kas wanted, Kas made him feel too good not to obey him. He stroked his dick several times lubing himself with his own pre-cum. The young Jazee moved its tail so Eric could have access to Bens’ ass, and concentrated its efforts solely on Ben’s dick.

Eric gently pushed himself into Ben’s waiting hole. Ben moaned as Eric’s full length penetrated his ass. Eric started with slow movements, allowing Ben time to adjust. He then rocked forward and pulled backward in one flowing motion. He did this for quite some time all the while kissing Ben. He also continued to tweak Ben’s nipples, making him gasp each time. He watched as Ben’s stomach seemed to pulse and sink. Ben was also trying to get his cock deeper, thrusting his hips upward, writhing to get the right movements to get off, but the Jazee would let Ben know when he was ready.

Ben grew weak as time went on, focusing more and more on trying to get himself off. He had nothing left to fight wih. His frustration grew with each moment as the Jazee worked him to the peak of excitement and down again. Ben had been proud of his ability to pleasure himself and control himself sexually, but the Jazee put all of his efforts to shame. In the end, all Ben could think of was getting that release and when it finally came he allowed the Jazzee to have him completely. Resisting a Jazee was useless. The sounds Ben made as the first shots of juice left his swollen nuts sounded primal. He came again and again as the Jazzee demanded all he could give. He bucked his hips into the air holding them there as his stomach writhed and he head flung back from each orgasm. After a few minutes Ben was drained emotionally and physically. He lay there enraptured by the warmth flooding his every thought. He stared into Eric’s eyes, pools of joy for him. He now knew that the creature which had taken over Eric was Kas and the one inhabiting him now was Orro. Orro was putting the last tendrils into his mind.

Eric had watched his friend be milked by the adolescent Jazee and was now ready to release his own load. He moved his hand up the shaft and then swiftly back down again, over and over, until a crescendo had been reached. He inserted his index finger into his ass and pumped it, making sure to hit his prostate. He had lots of practice now, so let his mind drift as his brain flooded with lust and anticipation, one building on the other until there is nothing else. And when it was time he threw his head back and cried out with the same exuberance his friend had earlier. His first shot hit Ben square in the face coating it with hot sticky jism. His worked up to the second orgasm allowing himself time to enjoy the first and then shot two huge loads on Ben’s chest. The love he felt for Ben had never been greater than it was now and he licked his own goo off of his lover’s face, savoring the salty taste. He looked Ben directly in the eyes and said, “I love you.”

To be continued?