Student Control: 1-4

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Chapter 1

Dr. Reshard put down the receiver of his phone with a smile on his face. He stood and walked over to the window of his third story office and gazed down upon the campus. Students casually walked by not sensing the danger that was ever present in this sleepy college town. Down below, in the distance, the football team could be seen attending practice. Dr. Reshard focused his attention on them, and in particular on one man, Derrick Sommers. He stood in the window for a few minutes taking in the view.

He turned back to the sanctuary of his comfortable office. It was paneled in a light mahogany, buffed to a bright shine. Two windows set on a southern exposure allowed light to shine in most of the day. A beautifully hand carved mahogany door hung centered opposite the floor to ceiling windows. The windows were trimmed with heavy hunter green curtains, to keep the breathe of fall out. There was a large executive desk on one side of the room accented by a burgundy leather executive chair, with a single brass lamp creating the only artificial light for the room. Two leather sitting chairs sat opposite the desk. On one wall, behind his desk, numerous awards and honors hung, giving the room a sense of being in the presence of someone exceptionally gifted. Floor to ceiling bookshelves, overstocked with every book imaginable, lined the rest of the walls. Dr. Reshard achieved tenure long ago, accounting for the comfortable surroundings.

Dr. Reshard was a tall man, six foot two inches, without shoes. His weight had never given him trouble. It now comfortably rested at 196 pounds. You would have been hard pressed to determine his true age. His body was well toned, his skin soft, and he moved with the strength and agility of a man half his age. His face was nothing less than angelic. He had raven black hair, with stunning blue eyes. Although his face was angular, with its' high cheekbones, high forehead and long nose, it did not seem severe. When he smiled the flashes of white were almost hypnotic.

Dr. Reshard moved behind his desk and took a seat in the office chair and leaned back. He clasped his hands together, almost appearing to pray, but prayer was far from his thoughts. The phone call he had just received meant that his long awaited plans could begin. His life of silence and veiled truths was paying off. He would finally be able to use his technique on a human subject. Hopefully, this would lead to the fruition of even greater accomplishments. He would still need to proceed with caution. His plan was far from completion and this meant he would need to be careful to watch his back. He sensed that someone was watching him sometimes. Whoever it might be, Dr. Reshard knew how to deal with them when the right time came.

Dr. Reshard's current work was far from ethical, which made him a target. Dr. Reshard's professional background was in Psychological Sciences. He spent years developing techniques to help patients without harsh drugs or severe therapies. His work had much success. Eventually, Dr. Reshard developed a taste for the control he could extend over a patient. His work had taken dark turns ever since. Now his greatest achievement was developing a technique using hypnosis and stimulation to direct a person's mind to a particular end. In some ways the process was insidious. The person had little to no ability to resist. He used drugs, equipment and techniques that would never be approved of in modern medicine.

Now he had his own human guinea pig, Derrick Sommers. The phone call he received was from Coach Nelson. The coach was concerned about Derrick's performance on the field and in the classroom. He knew that the doctor had helped students in the past, so he asked if the doctor could take on the role counseling Derrick, help him improve his concentration and his ability to center himself. Dr. Reshard set Derrick's first appointment for tomorrow at six, in his office. Now all he had to do was wait.


Chapter 2

Derrick showed up a little late. He knocked on the doctor's door, hoping the doctor would not notice his tardiness. A moment later the door opened and Dr. Reshard extended his hand, asking Derrick to come in and sit down. They shook hands, the doctor shut the door and Derrick had a seat in one of the small sitting chairs in front of the desk. Derrick was comfortable, but the room did seem oddly hot. The doctor moved to take a seat behind his desk.

Dr. Reshard was more impressed with Derrick in person. He was 6' tall, approximately 190 lb., and all muscle. His face had strong features and he had striking blue eyes. His faced was framed with short blond hair. He wore a blue T-shirt, tight jeans white socks and sneakers. He was truly amazing to behold.

"Doc, do you think I could get some water? It seems hot in here." Derrick wiped sweat from his brow.

"I'm sorry for the heat Derrick they are trying to fix it now." The doctor replied, annoyed with the shortened version of his title. "I do have some bottled water if you think that would help."

"Thanks Doc, I could really use it." Derrick shifted in his chair as the doctor reached into his desk and removed a bottle of spring water. Derrick reached over for it, took off the cap, and put it to his mouth in what seemed to be a single motion. In an instant, half of the bottle was empty. The doctor smiled as he watched the liquid disappear.

What was in that bottle was not just water. It was a special cocktail designed to help Dr. Reshard incapacitate his subject. It would take about 15 minutes for it to start to work and once it started there would be no return. Derrick would quickly lose his ability to think clearly and he would become increasingly sleepy.

"Derrick, the coach tells me that you are not doing well in your classes this semester and judging by the statements from your professors you seem distant and distracted in class. The coach tells me that you aren't focused during practice. He sent you to me to try to sort things out."

"Doc, I know that the coach is just trying to help, but I don't see how discussing things with you will really make any difference. I don't need a shrink. I need to sort through things myself."

The doctor knew that most of Derrick's problems had to do with his mother's death, in a car accident last year. He also knew that Derrick did not get along with his father, who was a strict military man. He had one brother who was a freshman at the college and had just made the wrestling team. They loved each other, but there was a lot of rivalry between them. He had just broken up with his girlfriend Suzanne, due to the depression sweeping in, surrounding his mother's death.

"I agree with you Derrick. You will need to sort things out yourself, I can't offer you any easy solutions, and no one could. I may be able to help you find your solutions more quickly though, and sometimes it just helps to have someone that you can talk to without worrying about how they will react."

"I guess so, but I still don't think that you will be able to help," Derrick said as he wiped another bead of sweat from his forehead. He was feeling a bit lightheaded and hot. He lifted the drink to his lips again and swallowed the rest of the bottle's contents.

Dr. Reshard moved to remove something else from his desk. It was a candle and a pack of matches. He placed them on the desk as he asked, "Are you game to try something? If you don't feel a little better after this then you can go."

Derrick thought about it for a second and decided, "OK, I'll give it a try, what do I have to lose."

Dr. Reshard struck the match and lit the candle, knowing exactly what Derrick would lose. "Derrick I want you to focus on the inner part of the light of the candle. I want you to keep your eyes on it no matter what you think of feel. The more you try to think of other things the more you know you must look at the candle. You will begin to feel relaxed as you look at the candle. The more you look at the candle the harder it will be to keep your eyes open. Let yourself relax. That's it let everything go. Let the weight of your day dissolve. He let Derrick stare at the candle for a few minutes. "Do you feel more relaxed?"

"Yeah." Derrick was feeling more relaxed, thanks to the drug the doctor had administered. He slid down a little in his chair as he focused on the dancing flame. His body did seem lighter. He seemed to be drifting. He thought that it was odd that this was working, but he wasn't supposed to think of other things. He let his mind float. He focused his eyes back on the candle.

The doctor continued to try to make Derrick more relaxed. He spoke frequently but let pauses fall in between statements. He increased the induction using a comforting monotone voice he developed especially for this. "That's it Derrick, your eyes are getting heavy… your body seems lighter and lighter… you are finding it harder and harder to concentrate on anything but the white flame… so hard to concentrate… so difficult to keep your eyes open… your body feels light, it feels like you are beginning to float… let the feeling wash over you."

The doctor was beginning to get aroused and found this seductively alluring. "It starts in your legs… moves up your body… slowly… gently. When it gets to your back it seems to go up your spine… right to your head. You can't think… your mind is so cloudy you are finding it harder and harder to concentrate on anything but the white flame… so hard to concentrate… so difficult to keep your eyes open… your body feels light, it feels like you are beginning to float… let the feeling wash over you."

The doctor went through this routine several times to make sure that he took how of Derrick's mind. He was willing to go slowly, as he knew he would be able to indulge in pleasure later. He could see that Derrick was almost there. "You are my boy Derrick." The doctor stood up from his chair and moved toward Derrick.

Suddenly, the room began to spin and Derrick became afraid, but it was so hard to think. He tried to get up, but it was so difficult to see. He could hardly breathe. He tried to say something to the doctor; only his mouth would not form the words. Derrick fell forward and grabbed the desk. He tried to hold himself up but he felt so weak. His strength continued to weaken and he fell to the floor. Derrick's eyes went blank and he lost consciousness.


Chapter 3

When Derrick woke, he could tell that he was lying down, but his mind was still fuzzy. His head hurt and his body ached. As his mind cleared, he opened his eyes. He was laying face up on a steel table, which was angled slightly toward the floor. His hands were above his head each held by a leather brace attached to the corner of the table. He turned his head to the side and he could see there was a lab table in the room with computer and chemistry equipment on it. He could also see that there were chemicals and strange devices on the table. It was at this moment that Derrick realized he was naked, except for his underwear. He looked at his exposed hairless pecs, the nipples atop them hard from the air moving in the room, his washboard stomach and his strong muscular legs.

He tried to figure out where he was, his head was still not completely clear. He tried to remember what had happened, it came back to him in flashes. The office… the drink… the candle… the doctor talking… him falling and then darkness.

He moved his hands, trying to free them, if he could just get loose. He twisted and turned, trying to get his hands free, to get some leverage. He pulled as hard as he could on the restraints. They wouldn't budge. He pulled again and again, each time nothing. He was starting to sweat. This room seemed oddly hot, just like the doctor's office. He heard someone open a door behind him and the door shut. He heard footsteps; it sounded like a man. They came closer, and then the person stopped and spoke.

"Derrick, I'm glad to see that you are awake." It was the doctor. "You've been asleep for some time."

"Take these cuffs off and give me my clothes, I want to go home!"

"You won't be going home yet Derrick, not until I have a little fun with you."

"What are you, some kind of sick pervert?" Derrick began to struggle again, this time more ferociously. " Let me go, I'm not going to let you do anything to me!"

The doctor moved toward Derrick so he could see his face. "Oh, yes you will and eventually you will learn to like it."

Derrick turned to the doctor and spat at him, his spit falling short by a few feet. "You won't get away with this, people will start to look for me." Derrick was becoming more and more worried about what was going to happen to him.

"No one will be looking for you, you won't be gone long enough for that. I have all kinds of exciting plans for you." The doctor moved closer and Derrick intensified his struggle even more. "Settle down Derrick, I don't want you to hurt yourself."

"Stay away from me!" Derrick screamed as the doctor approached. His face was became flush and his breathing was erratic. "Don't touch me!" Derrick continued to buck and struggle and began to kick with his legs. He was still too far from the doctor to do any damage, but his legs being free made him feel like he could do something.

"Derrick, I think that you need something to calm you down" The doctor swiftly moved behind Derrick and pulled a dark vial from his pocket quickly removing the cap, which made a poping noise. The doctor tried to put his left hand over Derrick's mouth.

"What are you going to do?" Derrick shouted, quickly moving his head and struggling to get his hands close to the doctor's arms or hands. He saw the vial in the doctor's right hand and shouted, "Noooooooo!" as the doctor brought it closer to his face.

The doctor was able to clamp has hand over Derrick's mouth and managed to place one finger against his left nostril. He placed the vial in Derrick's right nostril. "Breathe deeply Derrick, it will feel good." The doctor was becoming harder in his pants and rubbed his trapped cock against the steel table. It felt so good to subjugate someone.

Derrick continued to resist and knew that he would have to hold his breath or the drug would get into his system. He held his breath and his face began to redden, his head grew faint and his lungs felt like they would burst. Finally his survival instincts kicked in and he breathed from the only available opening, the nostril with the vial shoved in it.

Immediately, Derrick's mind felt like it was on fire. The fire quickly rushed through his chest and to his arms. Then it raced to his crotch and seemed to linger there and finally it spilled to the rest of his body. Derrick's cock began to stir as the fire turned to a sexual itch, slowly ebbing.

"Take another hit, Derrick, that's a good boy… relax." Derrick breathed in again trying to get more air, but he just got more of what was in the vial. "Good boy Derrick, breathe in deeply, that's it."

Derrick's body was in a sexual frenzy now, his cock was rock hard stuffed in his white briefs trying to get free and every touch to his body was a wave of pleasure. He was still shifting and moving his arms to stop the doctor, but his movements were less and less effective and he could no longer coordinate his movements.

"That's a good boy let the drugs get into your system, it feels good doesn't it? I think you like this, your cock sure does." The doctor looked into Derrick's eyes and could see that the drugs were having the desired effect. He removed the vial and his hand from Derick's mouth. Derrick moaned and whimpered "Let's see what you have in those briefs."

Before the doctor could move Derrick mustered more strength. "No." The doctor immediately shoved the vial back into his nose and clamped the hand back over his mouth. This time Derrick could not resist and inhaled more of the sexually intoxicating drug. Derick's eyes rolled back, and he arched his body as it experienced yet another pleasuring high.

The doctor almost came at the sight of his completely helpless boytoy. Dr. Reshard removed his hands again and took the time to adjust his hard-on while he played with his cock through his pants. He moved to the foot of the steel table, reached for Derrick's briefs and slowly pulled them off the drugged jock. Derrick's cut cock hit his stomach and bounced off again to stand straight up off of his body. His body jerked at the small amount of attention his cock was getting. It was already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and was a bright red color. Above his cock hung a tuft of light blond hair and a small amount clung to his ballsack. Dr. Reshard smiled.

The doctor moved over to the lab the table and picked up a hand razor, cloth and what appeared to be shaving cream. He came back to the bound hunk and began to apply the cream to Derrick's balls.

Derrick moaned and tried to fight. "Whhaatt… doooinng… meee? Nooooo… Nooooo." He tried to stop the doctor by closing his legs.

"Oh, no you don't big boy, you need a shave. I'm just trying to help, here let me help." He pulled Derrick's legs apart and began to fondle Derrick's cock softly, slowly, running his fingers down the shaft.

Derrick's body responded by bucking forward and moans of pleasure came out. "Ohhhhhh… ughhhhhhh… goooooood… ughhhhhhh… goooooood… ohhhhhh."

"Good boy Derrick, that's it… good boy, relax, just relax." He slowly continued to fondle Derrick while he applied more of the cream. Within a few strokes of the razor Derrick had no hair left on his balls. The doctor wiped the area clean and slowly traced his hands up and down his victim's balls. "Relax Derrick, good boy… just lay back and relax… good boy… relax."

Derrick opened his eyes wide in pleasure and his eyes went back as his freshly shaved ballsack was teased over and over. He moaned unintelligibly, "uugghhhhhhh… uugghhhhhhh." His body writhed with pleasure and he began to move his hips in a fucking motion, as his balls and cock were cruelly teased. Derrick's sexual need grew and grew. He didn't want to do this, but he needed it so bad. He was still trying to fight the doctor, trying to free his arms, but every time he tried the doctor would run his fingers underneath his balls or would fondle his circumcision scar and Derrick would loose his focus.

Dr. Reshard moved his fingers under Derrick's balls and began to touch the sensitive space between Derrick's ball sack and his young pucker. The doctor could see the hole pulse with each hit of pleasure, needing, feeling, and yearning. The doctor slowly moved his middle finger over Derrick's tight hole and traced the edge sending waves of sexual heat into Derrick's body.

Derrick panted, "Please… not there, not that… please… noooooooo." It was obvious from Derrick's clear speech that he was recovering from the early effects of the drug, but the pleasure enhancing effects would last long enough for the doctor to milk his stud. The doctor fingered the hole more intensely, pushing his finger into the warm depths and probing for Derrick's prostate gland. He wrapped his other hand around Derrick's 7"cock. He slowly began to move his hand up and down the swollen shaft, being careful not to bring him too close to the brink.

"Arrrggghhh… please stop… don't do this… stop… please," Derrick panted as the doctor increased the manipulations. The doctor was very close to cumming himself, almost as close as his victim. Derrick let his head fall back again and began to thrust his hips more violently. His eyes were filled with a hunger, a need, one that he could no longer ignore.

"Just relax Derrick… enjoy the feelings… let them take over… just relax. That's it fuck my hand boy, fuck it hard… just relax and let your body do what it wants."

Derrick moaned and panted harder. He was getting close and he didn't care anymore. He just wanted to cum. He would do anything to cum.

"Derrick, tell me to make you cum… tell me to make you shoot your load… that's all you need to do… just let go."

"No… I can't… no… not like this… no, don't make me do this… please… don't"

"Derrick, let me make you cum… let me make you shoot your load… let me make you feel good… just let go."

"Ahhhh… Ughhh… please don't… no… please… Ahhhh," Derrick continued to gyrate his hips and his balls began to draw close to his body, but he could not cum, the doctor would not let him.

"Just say the words Derrick… be a good boy… tell me what you want… just let it happen." The doctor began to manipulate the underside of Derrick's cockhead and moved his other hand to caress has ballsack. Derrick's head moved side to side wildly, it was apparent the doctor had won."

"Please do it… please… I need to… please," Derrick panted frantically.

"Say the words Derrick, tell me what you want me to do for you… let go… let it all go… tell me."

"Make me cum… please Doc, make me cum… make me shoot my load… please… I want you to make me cum."

At that very moment the doctor sped up his ministrations of Derrick's cock and balls, working them hard. Derrick seemed completely swept up in a sexual heat. Suddenly, Derrick began a light moan and that moan grew.

"Mmm… mmmm… .mmmmm… mmmmmm… .ugh… ugh… ahhhhh." Derrick shot his load. The first load of jism hit his face, coating it in white. The next hit his chest, creating a puddle of cum on his chest between his pecs. The final shot landed on his stomach as Derrick fell back onto the steel table, humiliated by what he had just done. As his head rested on the table he fell out of consciousness, exhausted by his milking.

"Good boy, Derrick, very good… and that is only the beginning." The doctor walked away from the table, a wet stain on the crotch of his pants. He left through the door as quickly as he came. He would return in a few hours when his boytoy had time to recover. Then the next part of Derrick's training would begin.


Chapter 4

Derrick woke feeling completely exhausted, ashamed and humiliated. He had been blindfolded during his sleep. There was some kind of metal ring on his head and he could feel leads going from it to his nipples, his cock, and to his balls. There also seemed to be leads going to other parts as well. He could feel that his hands were still bound and now his legs were also bound to the corners of the steel table. He had not been left much slack, so resisting would be more difficult. The room was still hot and he could feel that he was still completely naked. There seemed to be more mechanical sounds in the room than before, but some of the sounds were familiar, so he assumed he was still in the same place.

He now knew what the doctor was planning for him and he also knew that he had to resist until someone found out that he was missing. Derrick did not know that the doctor's plans went far past his expectations. The doctor not only wanted to subjugate Derrick, but he wanted to control Derrick's mind and actions. Ultimately, if the doctor was successful, Derrick would help the doctor acquire more subjects to do his bidding. In fact he would help the doctor subjugate them.

Once again, Derrick heard the door open and close from behind him and the footsteps came towards him.

"Derrick, I know that you're awake." Derrick did not reply. "Derrick the ring you have on your head and the leads on your body help me to monitor your body functions, I can tell you are not asleep."

"What are you going to do to me, why are you doing this?"

"This is the next part of your training. You'll like this even more than the first part. The ring and wires not only help me monitor you; they will also help me to convert you. The ring directs a pulse designed to activate the pleasure centers in your brain. The leads are connected to devices I have put in your nipples and on your cock and prostate gland. They inflict pleasure or pain, as I desire. After this initial training you will not need the leads to be attached. I will be able to activate them remotely."

" You can't do this to me… I won't let you… someone will know I am gone, just let me go!" Derrick tried to struggle but he could not move most of his body very far.

"You have only been gone six hours, no one knows you are gone. You will only be gone another eight hours. By that time you will be under my control and you will not care what happens, you will exist to serve me."

"Never, you sick pervert… I'm not doing anything else… you can't make me do anything else!"

"In a few more hours you will do everything I want, tell me anything I want."

"No I won't, I'm going to fight you… you can't make me do anymore!"

"We'll see Derrick." The doctor flipped a switch on the headset and typed something into the computer. Derrick could hear something powering up. The doctor took a control panel into his hand no larger than a Palmpilot and began to initiate the powering sequences.

The controls could be set to induce pain or pleasure in levels from 1 to 100. The doctor set the controls to send level 10 pleasure and level 10 pain. He could direct where the pleasure or pain was felt and he could set each area for different levels.

Derrick felt a tingling in his balls and on his nipples. It felt good, but this was not going to make him do anything. His cock began to stir, but it was not becoming erect. "Your little toy doesn't seem to have much juice Doc… I'm not going to do anything for you."

The doctor, smiling, pressed a few more buttons. Derrick began to feel a good sensation in his cock and it began to lengthen. His nipples were also being stimulated more and began to tighten. The doctor now had the device sent to level 20. Derrick's face noticeably relaxed some. Derrick was still trying to get his legs and arms free, but he had made no progress.

"Doc, just let me go and no one will have to know about this… your're not going to be able to do anything to me. You can't make me tell you anything."

"You will tell me about your brother, Derrick. When will you see him next?"

"You sick fuck, leave me brother alone! Do what you want to me, but leave him alone."

"Let's start with his name Derrick, what is your brother's name?" The doctor turned to level to 30 and pressed the button for pain. Derrick immediately responded with cries of pain as sharp electrical pulses terrorized his nerves.

"Aaahhh… aaahhh… please stop it… no more… please… please stop… please!"

The doctor pushed the button for pleasure. Derrick quickly relaxed, still panting from the pain, overwhelmed with a new feeling of pleasure. It felt so intense after the horrible pain. The doctor was pleased. Derrick responded as he had hoped. He continued with his questioning.

"Derrick, what is your brother's name?"

"No, I can't tell you… please." The doctor's finger went for the pain button. Derrick's eyes widened. "No… please… not again. His name is Josh."

"Good Derrick, very good. When will you see him next?"

"Tomorrow, after classes around seven. He is going to meet me after practice in the lockerroom. We are going to have dinner afterward."

Good Derrick, just relax and everything will be fine, let the pleasure take over."

Derrick knew now what the doctor was doing, he knew he had to try and resist. He began to fight again. The doctor smiled and raised the level to 40 on the device and pressed the pleasure button. Derrick's head immediately fell back, his eyes closed and his body tensed with erotic sensations floating all through his body. His dick rose stiffly, becoming fully erect. He could not help but moan in yearning.

"No… ooohhh… ooohhh… no… so… good… mmmmmm… mmmmm… .no… ooohhh!"

"That's it Derrick, let the feelings take over… relax… just relax." The doctor increased the device to level 50. Derrick's eyes opened and his eyes rolled back in his head as more pleasure was applied to his cock, nipples and balls. Wave after wave washed over him.

"Mmmmmmm… mmmmmmm… noooooo… mmmmmmmm… oooohhhh… nooooo!"

"Derrick, you must not resist, you must obey me, you must do my bidding."

"No… must… not… mmmmmmmmmmmm… oooooooohhhhhh!"

The doctor moved his finger to the pain button. He did not like doing this part, but it was necessary for the training. He pressed the button."

"No… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh… aaaaaaahhhhhh… … noooooooooo… aaaaaahhhhhhh… please stop… please stop… please stop it… stop… please!" Derrick began to cry, his body was covered with sweat. The doctor was winning. The doctor pressed the pleasure button, increasing the level to 70. "Ooooohhhhhh… ooooooohhhhhhhhh… mmmmmmmmm… oohhhhh… mmmmmmm… mmmmmmmmm… oooooohhhhhhh!"

Next, the Doctor activated the lead that was attached to Derrick's prostate gland. Derrick's body convulsed at the attention his prostate was receiving. He moaned furiously and began to buck his hips into the air. His dick became wet with pre-cum as the clear liquid erupted from his stiff steel cock. He began to turn his head from side to side and he could no longer think clearly, his mind awash with lustful heat.

"Mmmmmmmmm… unnnnngghhhh… no… mmmmmmmm… ooooooohhhhhh… noooooo!"

"Derrick, you love your brother, you want to help your brother, you want your brother to be happy… you need me to help your brother, to make your brother happy… I need your help to make your brother happy."

"Noooooo," Derrick cried out. Derrick knew what the doctor was doing and knew that it would be effective. His defenses were already weakening. The doctor smiled at Derrick's realization.

"Derrick, you love your brother, you want to help your brother, you want your brother to be happy… you need me to help your brother, to make your brother happy… I need your help to make your brother happy."

"Your brother will not want this help… he will not understand your love… he will not want to be happy. You will need to show him your love… give him this help… make him happy."

"Nooo… not this… not josh… No… Please… no!"

"Derrick repeat what I am saying to you. You love your brother, you want to help your brother, you want your brother to be happy… you need me to help your brother, to make your brother happy… I need your help to make your brother happy."

When Derrick did not respond, the doctor brought back the pain. "Noooooo… aaaaaahhhhhhhh… aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh… aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh… nooooooo… aaaaahhhh… please stop… please stop… please stop it… stop… please… take it away… please!" Derrick was sobbing, his body contorted because of the pain.

"Derrick repeat what I am saying to you. It will make the pain go away. You love your brother, you want to help your brother, you want your brother to be happy… you need me to help your brother, to make your brother happy… I need your help to make your brother happy."

Derrick had no choice. He needed to make the pain go away. He began to recite what the doctor was saying. "I love my brother, I want to help my brother, I want my brother to be happy… I need you to help my brother, to make my brother happy… you need my help to make my brother happy." Tears poured down his cheek as he said this. He was made to repeat it over a dozen times.

Afterward, the pain was replaced with the pleasure. His body betrayed him once again and his mind filled with euphoria. His limbs relaxed. His hips bucked at the air again as he began to whimper. The pleasure was so much better than the pain.

"Mmmmmmmmm… nooooo… unnnnngggghhhhh… mmmmmmmm… oooooooohhhhhhhhh hhh… nooooo!"

The doctor continued this cycle of pleasure and pain until Derrick was no longer resisting him. Derrick whimpered and tears ran down his face. He felt humiliated and violated. His will was nearly crushed and the doctor knew it.

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