Soul of the Internet 2: Webcam (mc musc mast)

Editor's Note: A sequel to Don't Open This Email and specially written for Hallo-Week 2006!

Jerry Clarkson was not a very handsome man. He wasn’t quite short, standing 5’5”, however, he was extremely overweight. His 250 pounds overflowed upon his frame, giving him quite pronounced man tits, as well as an over inflated beer belly. Mousy brown hair covered his head, his hairline already receding, despite the fact that he was only 25 years old.

For the past few weeks, Jerry Clarkson had developed a routine. He would come home from work, strip off his clothes, and turn on his computer. As the computer booted up, Jerry would grab the tube of lube from off his desk and begin to lather up his unendowed dick.

You see, Jerry had discovered this webcam site that showed the most gorgeous men. It was free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The men on the site would do free webshows, doing whatever was requested of them.

There were many beautiful men on that site, some Asian, some European, some Latino, and many Caucasians. They were the epitome of perfection. Jerry had developed a taste for one of these men: Jarrod Camrock.

Jarrod Camrock was muscular. He was blond. He was manly. Jerry would spend hours as he watched Jarrod flex, jerk, or even fuck himself with objects, every night. It was surprising to Jerry that tonight, he was the only one in Jarrod’s room. And so the session began.

Jarrod: Welcum!
JerryC: Thanks… Where is everyone tonight?
Jarrod: No idea. Guess it’s a slow night.
JerryC: I can’t understand why it’s so slow… You’re hot!
Jarrod: LOL! Thanks!
JerryC: No, I mean it… What I would give to have your body!
Jarrod: well… what do u want me to do for u tonite?
JerryC: flex for me?!
Jarrod: u like my muscles?
JerryC: yeah!

Jarrod looked into the webcam and did a double bicep pose. Veins etched around 23 or 24 inch guns. He winked into the camera.

JerryC: That’s beautiful man!
Jarrod: thanx

Jarrod stuck out his tongue and licked his bicep. He glanced up into the webcam and smirked.

Jarrod: u like?
JerryC: oh, god, yeah! You are so fucking hot!
Jarrod: yeah… u can be hot too
JerryC: huh?

Jarrod looked into the webcam as his lips rose into an evil smirk.

Jarrod: Jerry Clarkson. You want to look like me. You want my body.
Jarrod: You want to be the envy of all who see you.
Jarrod: You want to be desired by all who see you.
Jarrod: You love to watch on-line. But no longer…

Jerry wanted to type ‘what are you talking about?’ but he found that he could not move. He was frozen in place, on hand on the keyboard, the other on his dick.

Jarrod: Yes. I know you can’t move. I made it so.
Jarrod: I am the Soul of the Internet, Mr. Clarkson. I know what you have been looking at.
Jarrod: The sites you frequent.
Jarrod: The screen names you use.
Jarrod: I have been watching you Mr. Clarkson. And now, it is time for you to receive your heart’s greatest desire.
Jarrod: You can feel all the hair on your body receding inwards.
Jarrod: So slowly, but surely, the hair, all of the hair, from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes is receding into your body.

And as the computer displayed those IM’s Jerry’s body magically complied.

Jarrod: I know you must be wondering how I did this, but it is quite simple.
Jarrod: People have brought me to life.
Jarrod: People have created me with a part of their soul.
Jarrod: And now, I am a sentient being. And I have powers.
Jarrod: Now Mr. Clarkson, your body is totally devoid of all hair.
Jarrod: You are now going to masturbate… slowly, but you will masturbate your cock.

As Jerry read those words appear on his screen, he complied. He slowly glided his hand up and down his shaft. He didn’t understand why he was doing this, but he was simply compelled to follow the words that appeared on the screen.

Jarrod: As you stroke, you can feel your dick growing. It is growing Mr. Clarkson. Becoming longer, and thicker, longer and thicker. Soon, you will find it beginning to curve upwards just a little. And as your penis lengthens, you find it growing more and more sensitive. Each and every stroke, bringing your pure bliss. Your penis is growing longer with each and every stroke. 8 inches… 9 inches… 10 inches… Just growing longer and thicker… 11 inches… 12 inches… 13 inches… You find the growth start slowing. And finally stopping at 14 inches.
Jarrod: You play with your balls. Massaging them with your hands… As you massage them, the grow… And as they grow, your ball sack grows as well. Yes, your balls are growing larger, being able to produce an unlimited amount of sperm. Growing larger and larger. They are now the size of extra large eggs. Two extra large eggs in a low hanging ball sack.Jarrod: Feel your body lengthening. Your legs growing longer, your arms growing longer, your torso growing longer. Your entire body is becoming longer. Taller and taller you grow. Stopping at six feet and seven inches. Yes Mr. Clarkson, you are a giant of a man.
Jarrod: Now, feel your legs growing stronger. Filling out with muscle. Your calves inflating with muscle, growing outwards. You can feel them now, your calves. So big, bigger than footballs even. Now your thighs are growing. Becoming as hard and as thick as the trunk of a palm tree. So hard and so thick.
Jarrod: Your buttocks are firming up. The fat there is solidifying. Two perfect globes. So pert, so perfect, and they will never sag.
Jarrod: Now, your stomach… No longer do you have a beer belly. No, instead you have an impossible 10 pack. Yes, the creases in your stomach, so deep, one could almost fit a whole pinky in the crevices. Perfectly defined.
Jarrod: Your chest is now swelling. Inflating with muscle. No more man-tits for you, Mr. Clarkson. No, your pectoral muscles are just that, slabs of muscle. You can feel them growing stronger, stronger and better. More muscular… more defined. We shall make a man out of you yet, Mr. Clarkson.
Jarrod: And now your arms. See how your forearms grow?  Blowing up to the size of a bone-in ham. Just growing out larger and larger. Your biceps and triceps explode with growth next. Feel the power and strength that radiate from your biceps and triceps. Growing larger, beyond the size of a basketball… So hard, firm and defined.
Jarrod: Your neck and your back thicken. You have the perfect V-shaped body. So muscular, so manly. Such a man’s man. And along with your back, your shoulders broaden. Atlas doesn’t compare to you.
Jarrod: Your face. Can you feel your face rearranging itself?  Your nose is becoming taller, more aristocratic. Your cheekbones are going higher. Your chin jutting out more, and your jaw becoming a lantern. Your lips plump out a little more… and your eyes shift to a piercing green. Look at that face Mr. Clarkson! A sculptor could not have done better. But does it look familiar?  If you could see it, you would say it is definitely familiar!
Jarrod: Now, feel your hair growing back on your head. Feel it lengthening it. Your eyebrows fill in, high and arched. And your head is full of thick, shiny brown hair.
Jarrod: In just a second your transformation will be complete… In just a second, you will ejaculate, and you will begin your new life… I do hope you enjoy it Mr. Clarkson. Now, you will have the biggest orgasm of your life… 3… 2… 1…

And Jerry comes all over himself. All over his keyboard, all over his abs, all over his chest. So strong the stream is, it hits the ceiling above. And continues for two minutes as Jerry passes out.


Jarrod Camrock opens his eyes. “Fuck, that was one fucking awesome orgasm!” he thinks to himself.

He looks to the webcam in front of him, and smiles… He glances down at the screen and sees the multitudes of chatters saying how much they love him. Yes, Jerry Clarkson, or shall we say, Jarrod Camrock, truly has a good life… Cumming all day and Cumming all night… and he loves it!