The Transformation of Kyle Walker (hypno musc tattoo pierce)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction depicting gay sex. If reading such material is offensive to you, or if you are under the legal age to read such material, please read something else. Also, hypnosis can be a wonderful, beneficial thing, if used correctly and morally. Trying to use hypnosis in the manner described herein is immoral. If you want to make this a reality, seek professional help; of course, being immoral isn't always a bad thing.

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Author's Note: This is my first piece in this genre of writing. It is dedicated to Reaver, Changes, SoxnTies, Ryan Bruin and other authors who have inspired me, and provided me with many hours of pleasurable self-indulgence. Thank you gentlemen for your "stimulation." While there is no sex in these two chaptesr, there will be in upcumming ones. These two chapters are mainly for set up purposes.

Chapter 1: Meet Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker sat at the end of the bar alone, again. It was a Friday night, and while the bar was crowded, Kyle managed to find the sole secluded spot in the place. While other patrons around him mingled, danced and basically enjoyed themselves, he sat on his stool, sipping his Jack and Coke.

"This stool taken?" a voice asked.

"Huh?" Kyle replied, shaken out of his own little world.

"I asked if I could sit here," the stranger replied.

"Go ahead, free country I guess."

"Name's Brock, Brock Evens," the stranger said as he extended his hand.

Kyle was slightly taken aback. He looked at his companion, and really looked at him for the first time. He was tall, about 6' 1", with spiked blond hair. His crystal clear, ice-blue eyes were simply stunning. Brock had a sharp, well-defined jaw line. His ears were multiply pierced on both ears. But the most stunning thing about him had to be his smile. His white teeth gleamed iridescently beneath his million-dollar, movie star smile.

Realizing that he was staring, Kyle quickly broke his gaze and grasped Brock's hand in his own. "Kyle, Kyle Walker," he said.

"What's your story?" Brock asked Kyle.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, what's a cute guy like yourself doing, sitting alone at a packed bar, on a Friday night?"

Kyle was taken by surprise. This guy, who could be a model for Abercrombie and Fitch, was flirting with him. This was too much for Kyle to take. Despite the fact that Kyle was cute, he didn't consider himself so. The whole modesty thing was no act, and while it was a turn on to some guys, almost everyone thought it really was. People would wonder how this handsome, young man could be so clueless to not know how hot he was.

"Oh, I don't know," Kyle replied, "Actually, I was just thinking about leaving."

"Did I say or do something wrong?" Brock asked concerned.

"No, it's just that... Well, it's just that this really isn't my scene."

"Really? Come on, live a little. Let's dance!" Brock said as he tried to pry off Kyle from his stool.

"Why me?" Kyle asked as he pushed Brock away.

"Huh?" Brock asked.

"I mean, there are a hundred guys out there tonight, most of whom look a lot better then I do. Why single me out?"

"I don't know," Brock replied, "I guess I just saw a hot guy, sitting alone at a bar, and I approached him, because he looked like he needed some company."


"Oh, I just come on to you, and all I get is an 'Oh'," Brock said as he winked.

Gosh, Kyle thought, he is gorgeous. Maybe he's right. Maybe for once, I SHOULD live a little. I mean, he is right. I was feeling lonely. Ever since Dallas, I've been moping around.

"OK," Kyle said.

"OK what?" Brock inquired.


"How about this," Brock broke interrupted, "let's get out of here, and get acquainted with each other. I know a great coffee house near here that serves a killer Mocha Latte."

"OK," Kyle answered as he wondered what he had gotten himself into.


Chapter 2: Kyle Goes Under

"This never happens to me," Kyle told Brock as their Mocha Lattes arrived.

They had been sitting at a booth in the corner of the coffee shop, talking and getting to know each other better. Brock it turns out was a model, although he had never done anything for A & F, he was in a rather widespread ad for hair color.

"I'm surprised," Brock said.


"Because from what I can tell, you've got a great personality, a well developed sense of humor, and a wonderful smile. Oh, and did I mention you're so cute when you blush?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Kyle responded, "I'm not hot. I'm just Kyle, plain and simple."

"Kyle," Brock said, "are you getting tired?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"Because it looks like your eyes are getting droopy. Your eyelids look like they're getting heavier and heavier."

"No they're not, What are you talking about?," Kyle inquired as he blinked a few times, and yawned.

"Doesn't it feel good to relax?" Brock continued, "Isn't my voice nice and soothing? Listen only to my voice Kyle. My voice is the only thing you can hear right now. My voice is the only thing that matters. Let my voice soothe you. Don't you want to relax Kyle?"

"I want to relax," Kyle said groggily.

"Look at my eyes Kyle. Focus on my eyes. Look deep into them. They appear to be bottomless pools. You can try to look away, but you will not be able to. But you don't want to look away, do you Kyle?"

"No, I like looking into your eyes," Kyle replied softly. Brock looked at Kyle and could see that his patter was slowly working. Kyle's body was relaxing, and his eyes were glazed over, still looking intently at Brock.

"Relax Kyle," Brock continued with his patter, "Feel all your muscles relax and release the tension in them. You legs are feeling limp. Feel them dangle loosely. Breathe slowly, in and out. Deeply, in and out. Feel this soothing , relaxing feeling slowly move up your body. Going up your abdomen, your chest, spreading down your arms. Your arms hand loosely at your sides. You can feel them, but cannot move them. Feel them just hang loosely at your sides. Your entire body feels so relaxed and peaceful."

"Relaxed. Peaceful." Kyle murmured.

"All your cares, your worries, are drifting away, They are leaving your mind."

"Leaving my mind."

"Relax Kyle, breathe in deeply. In and out, In and out, All that matters is the sound of my voice. Your eyes, feel your eyes start to droop Kyle. Your eyelids are getting heavier. You are starting to blink your eyes Kyle, and each time you do, your eyelids will get heavier and heavier, until you will no longer to lift up your eyelids. .."

Kyle blinked a few times, and finally stopped, his eyes fluttering closed.

"Kyle, I want you to pretend you are entering an elevator. We are going down in an elevator. The farther and farther down we get, the deeper and deeper your relaxation will be. As we go further and further down, all your cares and worries will leave your mind. 10; 9; 8; more and more relaxed; 9; 8; 7; no more cares, no more worries; 8; 7; 6; going deeper and deeper; 6; 5; 4; relaxing, total relaxation; 5; 4; 3; breathing deeply and slowly, in and out; 4; 3; 2; no stress; no worries; just you and my voice; 3; 2; 1; "

By this time, Kyle was slouched over on his side of the booth. A look of pure serenity was on his face. Bruce paused a moment to admire his latest conquest. Kyle was really a looker. His light brown hair was cut in a Caesar, with the front turned up and highlighted, instead of lying flat on the forehead. His eyelids, presently closed, hid Kyle's best feature, his dark, bright green eyes. He had a strong chin, with a cleft perfectly in the middle. Brock could tell that Kyle took care of his body. His build was a not quite a gymnast's build, but it was definitely more developed than a swimmer. Kyle had the look of your All-American boy next door.

Brock had a thing for the shy type. To be more accurate, Brock had a thing for changing the shy type, but only if they were truly shy. He loved to take away that shyness and creating new personalities for the "victim". But first, he had to find out a few things about Kyle.

"Kyle, I am going to ask you a few questions, and you will want to answer them honestly. Do you understand?"

"Answer questions honestly," Kyle replied.

"It feels good to answer my questions honestly."

"Feels good to answer honestly."

"The more truthful and honest your answers are, the more and more relaxed you will feel. You want that, don't you?"

"Yes; More relaxed; Want to answer questions honestly and truthfully."

"Good. Kyle, tell me, when you look in a mirror, what do you see?

"I see me," Kyle said.

Ask a stupid question, Brock thought to himself. "Describe what you see Kyle."

"I see; I see plain, ordinary, ugly me. My untamable hair, my dull green eyes, my oversized nose, I see nothing--a nobody," Kyle replied.

Interesting, thought Brock, the whole shyness thing is not just an act. But man, this kid has got some issues.

"What did you think when I sat next to you tonight?" Brock inquired.

"I thought you were handsome, a walking wet dream, my walking wet dream. I wondered why a God would be interested in me. I thought myself to be unworthy of your attention."

Wow; someone must have really did a number on him, thought Brock.

"Kyle, take a deep breath. Slowly exhale. Relax. Kyle, why do you feel so undeserving?"

"Because Dallas told me so. He told me that I was ugly, undesirable, and unworthy of companionship."

"Who's Dallas, Kyle?"

"My last boyfriend."

"Did Dallas tell you these things often?"


Bastard. If I ever meet this Dallas, Brock thought.

"Kyle, you are a beautiful person. Do you understand that?"

"No, I'm ugly, plain, undesirable."

"No Kyle. You are beautiful. Your body is wonderful. Repeat the things that I say, and know them to be true. You will believe these things to be true. Do you understand?"

"When you say something and I repeat it, I will know that thing to be true," Kyle replied.

"I am a handsome individual."

"I am a handsome individual," Kyle repeated.

"I am not ugly."

"I am not ugly."

"I am worthy of Brock."

"I am worthy of Brock."

"I am comfortable with my body, although I should work out five times a week."

"I am comfortable with my body, although I should work out five times a week."

"I will work out five times a week."

"I will work out five times a week."

"I like working out. It turns me on. I would like to be a complete muscle boy."

"I like working out. It turns me on. I would like to be a complete muscle boy."

"Brock makes me horny. I constantly think of Brock."

"Brock makes me horny. I constantly think of Brock."

"Good Kyle. Very good. I want you to breathe in deeply. Slowly breathe in and out. Relax. Feel yourself going down deeper and deeper. Relax. I am now going to give you a post hypnotic suggestion. Whenever you hear me say 'G.I. Joe', you will return to this state, only ten times deeper and more relaxed than you are now. If I say this phrase when you are under hypnosis, you will go deeper and deeper into a trance. Do you understand this?"

"When you say, 'G.I. Joe,' I will be hypnotized," Kyle answered.

"Yes. Good Kyle. Also, when you wake up from this state, you will think we have been having a great conversation. You will want to see me again soon, and will ask for my phone number. Later on, before you go to bed, you will have an urge to masturbate, and while you masturbate you will think of me. You will play with your nipples, and think about getting both your nipples pierced. You will continue to think about getting your nipples pierced until it becomes an obsession, and you finally do it. Understand?"

"Yes. When I wake up, I will ask you for your phone number. Tonight I will masturbate while thinking of you, and getting my nipple pierced. I will continue to think of getting nipples pierced until I finally do it."

"That's correct Kyle," Brock replied, "One more thing. If you have any hair below your neck, you will shave it all off, and keep it completely smooth."

"Will shave off all body hair."

"Shaving off your body hair will be an erotic experience for you. You will save shaving off your cock for last. As soon as you shave off the last of your hair, you will cum with a magnitude like nothing you have experienced before. It will be the best orgasm you have ever had, and you will think of me when you cum.

"Shaving off my body hair will be erotic. When I am done shaving it all off, I will have the best orgasm of my life while thinking of you."

"Good Kyle. Very good. Now, when I count to ten, you will wake up, feeling energized and refreshed. 1; 2; .3; getting the feeling back in your body; .4; 5; 6; feeling alive, awake and energized; 7; 8; remembering the great conversation we had; 9; 10; open your eyes; "

Kyle opened his eyes, and took in Brock's beauty. He wanted to get his number; no, he needed to get his number.

"Can I get your number?" he asked.

Brock simply smiled as he wrote down the seven digits that would permanently alter Kyle's life.

Kyle paced around his apartment. It was nearly 1 am, and he couldn't fall asleep. All he could think of was Brock. Brock was so sexy. Brock made him so horny. He has already masturbated twice, and Brock kept popping into his mind's eye. As he played with his nipples, he had a feeling that something was missing there. As he ran his hand down his chiseled six pack of abs, he thought that it would be nice if he shaved the hair off of there. No, it would be better to shave off all his body hair. The thought of a smooth body turned Kyle even more on (if that was possible). Even more so, however, the thought of Brock liking him was a turn on like nothing else.

Deciding that he could take it no longer, Kyle picked up the phone and dialed Brock's number.

"Hello," a groggy voice answered on the other side.

"Um, hello?" a timid Kyle responded.

"Kyle, is that you?"

"Yeah, I don't know; Something just made me want to call you."

"Oh, really?" Brock replied. I wonder what that could have been, he thought as a sly grin appeared on his face. "Now that you got me," he continued, "what can I do for you?"

"Well, I was wondering if we could get together again?" Kyle blurted out. "I mean, this is really strange for me," he stammered on, "I don't usually call back guys on the same night of the first date; . I mean; .. I don't usually; I guess what I'm trying to say is; ummmm; ; Can I see you again?"

"Sure," Brock said, "I'm free Sunday afternoon. How about we meet at Stonewall Park?" That will give you time to process some of the changes I've suggested, Brock thought.

"Sounds good! Thanks!" Kyle said, a little too eagerly.

"Great, See you on Sunday," Brock replied.

"OK. Goodnight, and thank you so much."


Brock chuckled to himself as he put down the receiver. The boy is mine, he thought.

Kyle went to bed shortly after he talked to Brock. He slept peacefully as his dreams were filled with male torsos. Smooth, muscular male torsos. Smooth, muscular male torsos with pierced nipples. And intermittently, Brock would show up, floating in, out and around of the handsome male bodies.


Chapter 3: The Morning After

Kyle woke up Saturday morning, and felt dampness on the bed. His underwear was filled with sticky, milky white cum, as he had ejaculated to many wet dreams in the night.

Wow! he thought, That must have been a pretty wild dream last night.

He tried to recall what he was dreaming of, but try as he might, he could not remember anything. What he could remember, however, brought a wide grin to his face. Brock. A studly, model was interested in him. He was actually interested in him! AND, they were going out, together, again! He didn't know what he did to deserve Brock in his life, but he welcomed it just the same.

Kyle pulled off the sheets from the bed, and walked to the bathroom. As he relieved himself, his hands felt the bush of hair in the pubic region. Wouldn't it be nice to have smooth skin there for a change? he thought. Actually, wouldn't it be nice to have a smooth body? He asked himself as his penis began to stir.

Kyle's piss slowed to a tinkle, and he absent-mindedly grabbed his razor before jumping into the shower. The stream of water coming from the showerhead invigorated Kyle. He began to lather himself up. When he his body was all nice and soapy, he turned off the water and began to shave off his body hair.

Kyle started at his chest. He moaned as the cold razor grazed the skin. His nipples poked out as he slowly, and carefully ran the blade around them. Wouldn't they look good pierced? he thought to himself as he tightly pinched his right nipple. He moaned in sheer ecstasy as the razor glided down each ripple, each curve, each deep ridge of his well developed abdominal and trunk.

Next, Kyle ran the blade up, down and around the bulges of his biceps. The feeling of the razor moving down his arms sent shivers up and down Kyle's spine. After taking care to shave off all the knuckles, Kyle moved to his underarms and legs.

Kyle led the metal edge along his toned calves, and up and around his thighs. It will feel so good to have a shaved body, Kyle thought to himself as he finished shaving his legs. He made sure to eradicate the hair on his butt and around the butt crack. Luckily for Kyle, he didn't have any back hair. Now it was time to shave his balls and cock. Kyle forcefully pulled on his ball sack, and gently ran the razor over the offending hair. (This was a considerable task, not only for the large size of Kyle's ball sack, but also because of Kyle's sizable erection that kept getting in the way.) This caused his already engorged cock to strain in size, looking almost purple.

At last, Kyle got to the bush of hair over the penis. Kyle let out an animalistic grunt as he slid the cold steel blade over his nether region. As the last of the hair disappeared, an image of Brock came into his mind, and ribbons of semen erupted from Kyle's dick--more than ever before--spraying his chest and abs with the milky white substance. Kyle rubbed the cum all over his newly shaven body, and licked his fingers clean. He remained there, lying in the tub, completely exhausted.

Some time after Kyle had passed out in the bathtub, he rose and stepped out onto the tiled bathroom floor. He toweled off and discarded the used towel on to the floor. He walked back into his room, naked, and received a small but pleasant surprise--There was a stranger in his bedroom, as naked as he was, staring back at Kyle. Kyle's hands immediately covered his private parts and the stranger mimicked his actions.

"What are you doing here?" Kyle asked, as the stranger mouthed the same words. That's strange, Kyle thought, he mouthed the words, but I didn't hear him say anything. Kyle approached the stranger and as he drew near, he realized that this was no stranger, but his mirror image reflected on his mirrored closet doors.

But I don't... It's not possible... That's not... Kyle thought to himself.

It was as if Kyle was looking at himself for the first time. Kyle had never noticed how handsome he was in that boy-next-door kind of way. He recognized his boyish face, not as the plain, if not ugly mug that he had always seen, but as the charming face it truly was. For once in his life, Kyle realized that the face in the mirror, with its enchanting green eyes; high, strong cheekbones; and dimpled chin was, in fact, his own. Kyle smirked and saw the dimples around his mouth were cute and added to his boyish charm. He frowned, and the mirror showed a face that could melt even the coldest heart. He winked with a slight smile, and saw an expression that no one could deny was one that could send any guy, straight or gay, into a sexual frenzy.

Kyle flexed his biceps in the mirror and realized that he was the proud owner of a wonderful, smooth, defined body. He explored his torso, feeling his pectoral muscles, tweaking his nipples unconsciously. He once again thought about getting them pierced. He ran his fingers down his abdominals, taking in the feeling of each ridge, each ripple on his abdomen.

Kyle gazed down at his legs and saw toned elegance. He looked at his calves, and while they were not completely diamond-shaped, he reveled in the power of the deep crevice that defined the calf muscle. He journeyed upward, feeling the muscles in his thighs. He turned around and noticed that he had a perky bubble butt that could only be accentuated, never hidden, in a pair of jeans. He turned around once more and stared at his ball sack and dick. He was fully erect and at 8 inches+, discovered that it wasn't the small, tiny prick he had thought it was. It was a thick and veiny missile that could cause some major damage as he plowed some dude's ass.

Whoa, thought Kyle, Where did that thought come from? I've never been a top in all my life.

But you've always wanted to be one, haven't you? asked another voice. It was a deeper, darker voice that instantly made Kyle's spine (amongst other things) tingle.

No, I haven't, Kyle thought.

Yes you have, the voice replied, and if you need any more proof, it seems your dick is straining to tell you something else.

But... But... Kyle's thoughts rambled. But the voice within remained silent.

The voice had one thing right though--Kyle was extremely horny. Images of Brock once again began to dance in Kyle's head as he masturbated. Thoughts of Brock, nipple piercings and smooth men flowed through Kyle's head as torrents of cum once again erupted from his love tool.

In the back of Kyle's mind, however, a dark figure in a leather jacket laughed a cold, hollow laugh.


Chapter 4: The Transformation Begins

Kyle loved the attention he was getting on the street. The double takes, prolonged glances and even pick-ups were something that he reveled in. He had decided to show off his body rather than hide it (as he normally did), so he wore a pristine wife beater, taunt against his body, showing off his physique. The tight black jeans he wore fit snugly against his ass, proudly displaying his lower body's assets. He took out a pack of cigarettes, just purchased from a corner drug store, extracted one from the red and white box, lit it, and slowly took a drag. He exhaled expertly, blowing smoke out in one continuous stream from the left corner of his mouth.

He continued down the sidewalk, the cigarette dangling from the right corner of his mouth, still receiving longing stares from people who passed him. As he passed by a gym, he paused, and looked inside. The gym was mostly empty but there were a few men inside. Men doing curls, their biceps popping out of their arms. Men benching, their gorgeous pectoral muscles bulging under the straining weight. The men in the gym were total gym bunnies. They were a sight to behold. Their muscular bodies glistened with sweat. Their paper-thin skin showed off not only their generous musculature, but also showed off their remarkable vascularity. Kyle thought of Brock, and a sudden longing over came him. I want to be like them, Kyle thought. I want their bodies. I want to be a complete muscle boy. Kyle extinguished his cigarette and flicked it onto the street. He entered the gym and signed up for a membership. Then he shed his wife beater in the locker room and had the first (of many to come) workout of his new life.

It was an invigorating work out, and Kyle was having an endorphine rush with the pump he was now feeling. Kyle pushed his body to the limits as he ran four miles on a treadmill and worked out various parts of the body using free weights. He even got some tips (and a phone number) from one of the gym's trainers. Kyle walked out of the shower, and toweled off using a towel he had borrowed from the gym's front desk. He stopped in front of his locker, and hesitated to put on his wife beater. Let's put this body on display, he thought.

Kyle exited the gym, sans his undershirt, and received another phone number (this time from the girl at the front desk he had borrowed the towel from), as he walked out into the street. He strutted down the sidewalk, proudly showing off his assets (and I don't just mean the ones above the waist), and let his feet take him where they wanted to go.

Kyle's feet abruptly stopped moving. He looked around to see where his feet had taken him. It wasn't the safest part of town, he knew that much, but from past experiences, he also knew that it was gay-friendly. He looked up at the faded, dilapidated sign that loomed overhead. Painful Pleasure Piercing and Tattoo Studio the sign read. Kyle only paused a moment, before he entered.

In his past life, the life he had lead before Brock, he would never have dared enter a place like this one. But that was the past, this was now, and Kyle was living in the moment. The walls were covered from ceiling to floor with flash. Various pictures showed the tattoo artist's and piercer's work. One particular picture intrigued Kyle the most. It showed a well-developed torso, with both nipples pierced with very thick rings, and a Chinese character tattooed on the right of the chest. That voice in the back of Kyle's head spoke, "You want that."

"I want that," Kyle echoed. And he knew it. He really wanted that done to him, exactly as it was done in the picture.

"A fine choice," said the tall Asian man Kyle hadn't noticed before. "That, my friend," he continued, "is the Chinese character for strength. I think that it, along with the piercings would suit you just fine."

"I'm... I mean..." Kyle started to mumble. Deep from somewhere within Kyle psyche, however, something took control and said, "I'll take it." The voice that escaped was defiantly his, but it was darker, deeper, and little harsher and gravely.

"And may I say," the Asian man said, "it will be a fine compliment to your body."

The Asian man, who's name Kyle later learned was Darren, led Kyle to a pristine back room. Had Kyle not know that this was a piercing/tattoo studio, he would have sworn that he was in a hospital operating room. Darren took Kyle to a chair that looked remarkably like it had once been in a dentist's office. Kyle lay back as Darren went to prepare the implements he would need.

The outline of the kanji (Chinese character) was laid out on Kyle's chest. Darren picked up his instrument and warned Kyle that it might sting. Kyle was about to tell Darren to stop, he didn't want to go through with this, but the voice in the back of his head came out of his mouth once again and said, "Do your worst."

A sharp pain permeated Kyle's body as the needle touched his skin. The pain quickly faded, and Kyle began to enjoy the stabbing/stinging sensation that his chest was feeling. A small groan escaped Kyle's throat. Darren had heard that groan a hundred times before. It was the groan that his studio was named after. It was the groan of one experiencing Painful Pleasure.

Darren paused midway through to check up on Kyle. He admired the raw sexuality that his kid emulated. It was like some sort of sexual aura. As he looked downward, Darren noticed Kyle's cock was hard, and he chuckled to himself, Looks like someone is really enjoying himself. Darren finished up Kyle's tattoo, and pulled the dentist's chair upright.

"Done?" Kyle asked.

"Done," Darren said, "But you don't get to see it until it's ALL done."

"Ok," Kyle replied.

Darren went over to a side table to get his piercing equipment ready. He returned with something that looked like a clamp, two 12 g rings and some swabs sitting next to a container of antibacterial liquid. Darren took his time, inserting the swab into the dark liquid, making sure that it was completely coated. He then placed the swab on Kyle's left nipple. Kyle shivered as he felt the cold, moist cotton ball against his skin. I can't believe I'm doing this, Kyle thought.

"Believe it kid," the dark voice said. "Believe it, and enjoy it. There are only a few things more sensual than getting your nipples pierced. It's so erooooooo..."

The voice was drowned out as Kyle cried in complete rapture. While Kyle had been involved in conversation with himself, he felt the sharp pain entering through his skin, through his nipple, and out the other side. The sensations going through Kyle's head were too enumerable to describe. It was as if something was pinching and squeezing the nipple at the same time. At the same time, it felt as if his whole body was tingling. Lastly, and the most prevalent of all the other feelings, was the primal, sexual feeling. It was like having an orgasm in his nipple. Kyle let out a purely animalistic, carnal cry.

"Easy Kyle," Darren said.

"Is it always like that?" Kyle asked, his heart racing, blood pounding, hands and forehead sweating.


"Oh my fucking God! Hurry up! Let's do that again!" Kyle said like a little kid.

Darren took his time on the second piercing. Seeing the type of reaction Kyle had made him smile inwardly. It brought back happy memories of days gone by. The last one had been to test out Kyle's style, and he had great style. Now, Darren was going to give Kyle the agonizing ecstasy that he so desperately wanted.

Once again, Kyle shook with anticipation as Darren cleaned the right nipple. Darren worked that nipple, teasing Kyle around the areola. Darren then took the clamp, unscrewed the ball, and very slowly pierced Kyle's right nipple. Darren felt Kyle tense up as the needle entered Kyle. He heard the soft moans that resonated from deep within Kyle's throat. The right side was hurting a lot more than the left side, but Kyle was taking pleasure in the excruciating agony that was concentrated in his nipple. Darren could hear Kyle struggling with the pain, but he could feel Kyle's cock straining his jeans, and knew that Kyle was enjoying this. Millimeter by millimeter, Darren pushed the nipple ring in. Kyle was still gripping onto the armrests, veins standing out on his forearms from the tension that he was using. "Oh God! Oh God!" Kyle exclaimed. Darren finally, in one last rapid motion, drove the piercing through the nipple. "Oh Brock!" Kyle cried out as he felt a small amount of moisture develop in the crotch of his jeans. Darren unsuccessfully tried to hide his amusement in the whole situation.

As Kyle stood up, Darren looked at his completed work in awe. He knew that there were people who didn't match their body modifications. He knew that on some, piercings and tattoos were just accessories that for lack of a better term, were just there on a person--just a decoration on a body. He knew that on some, they did nothing to augment a person's appearance. Kyle was not amongst these people. Kyle's body, his persona, his jene sais quois just oozed male sexuality. It evoked that male prowess--a certain animal magnetism that could not be denied. Although Kyle's body was definitely enhanced by the new body mods, it was more like a piece of the picture had been completed. The new features added to Kyle's very maleness.

Kyle lighted a cigarette as he noticed Darren's lingering view. He smiled inwardly at the effect he was having on Darren. "So, what's the verdict?" Kyle asked, the expression on his face showing one of both amusement and row sexual prowess.

"I think," Darren replied, "...I think that it's remarkable... absolutely remarkable. And, I think that I need a few pictures. Do you mind?"

Forty-five minutes later, Kyle was in front of his mirrored closet doors, admiring his new tat and nipple rings. Darren had ended taking half a roll of pictures, and giving Kyle a substantial discount, and an offer for anything else that he wanted in the future--a belly button piercing, a tribal armband, a PA. Kyle briefly considered this proposition, but decided to wait on it for a while. (That voice in the back of his head had remained silent at all of this.)

Kyle's manhood stirred. It seemed to have developed a life of its own. Kyle looked at himself in the mirror and it got even harder. It was Kyle's own narcissism that was turning him on. He took the dick into his hands and began to stroke it.

Kyle reached for the lube he kept on the nearby nightstand, and squeezed out a generous amount on his hands. Grasping his rock-hard penis, he stroked its length. Slick with the lube, Kyle's hands glided up and down the veiny surface. He felt the smoothness of his body, imagining what it would be like if Brock was there. He tugged at his nipple rings, knowing that he shouldn't, but unable to resist the temptation to do so. The erotic rush of pain rocked his body, almost sending Kyle into the throws of orgasm. Up and down, up and down his fingers smoothly moved up and down his shaft. Kyle closed his eyes and immediately, Brock's handsome face cam into view. Handsome, rugged Brock Evans. Brock, who made Kyle feel like no one else ever had. Brock who made him so horny. Brock, Brock, Brock. Kyle's finger slid down his sweat drenched abdominal muscles. His touch lingered on his innie belly button for a moment. Kyle suddenly screamed, releasing torrents of sticky, white cum over the mirror's surface. He cleaned up his spunk with his fingers, and tasted his discharge. The salty-sweet taste lingered in his mouth until he went to bed a few hours later.


Chapter 5: A Morning Induction

Kyle awoke the next morning, his bed sheets sticking to his body. Although he didn't realize it at the time, he had gone to bed completely naked, and as a result, his sheets were glued to his stomach, crotch and thighs. Kyle tore the sheets off his body and felt a dull jab of pain similar to getting a bikini line waxed across his lower torso. He lit a cigarette and walked to the bathroom.

Just as he was about to cross the bathroom's threshold, the phone rang. Kyle ran across the bedroom, to his desk, and picked up the phone.

"Hello," he answered.

"Hey Kyle," the other party responded, "It's me, Brock."

Kyle instantly got a hard on as he heard Brock's voice. "Hello... Hello Brock," he stammered.

"I just realized that we didn't decide on a time to meet at the park today," Brock said, "so, I wonder if 2:00 sounds good?"

"Two o'clock sounds great!" Kyle replied a little too anxiously.

"Good," Brock responded. "So, what have you been up to lately?"

"Oh, noth... noth... not much," Kyle stumbled.

"Oh really?" Brock inquired. "Wanna play a little game Kyle?"

"Um.... Ok,"

"Good. It's a little word association game. When I say something, you say the first thought that pops into that handsome little head of yours."


"The first word is nipple."

Kyle's mind began to race. "Pierced," he said almost unconsciously.

"Good Kyle," Brock said, "and what about 'muscle'?"

"Boy, Kyle said, feeling strangely excited, yet somehow freaked out.

"What about 'smooth'?"

"Shaved! Kyle was increasing in his arousal in response to this line of questioning. Without thinking, Kyle began rubbing his free hand up and down his torso. His penis, previously flaccid, was now standing at full mast.

"And, what if I said G.I. Joe... hold on to the phone Kyle... G.I. Joe... keep it to your ear... G.I. Joe... so calm and relaxed..."

Kyle's hard on was the only thing that showed any signs of tension, as waves of relaxation encompassed his body.

"Remember Kyle, each time I say G.I. Joe, your body will relax ten times more. Each time I say G.I. Joe, you will go deeper and deeper into this hypnotic trance. Each time I say G.I. Joe, all your thoughts, your cares, your problems, all your worries will disappear. G.I. Joe Kyle... G.I. Joe...

"You only can hear the sound of my voice Kyle. That is the only thing that matters to you at this moment. You like listening to my voice don't you Kyle?"

"Yes Brock, sir," Kyle murmured.

Sir? Where did that come from? Brock wondered.

"Good boy... G.I. Joe Kyle... You like listening to my voice. You also trust me more deeply than you have ever trusted anyone. That's true isn't it Kyle?"

"Yes sir."

"Yes Kyle, that's a good boy. Your body is at complete serenity with your surroundings and me. It's a state of peace for you Kyle, a state of Nirvana."


"Have you taken any of my suggestions Kyle?"

"Yes sir."

"Good boy. I have a few more for you," Brock said. "Following my orders makes you feel good Kyle. They make you feel erotically charged and powerful."

"Your suggestions make me feel erotically charged and powerful sir."

"Yes Kyle, that is true. Now tell me Kyle, what have you done?"

"I've shaved my body, went to the gym, got my nipples pierced and got a tattoo sir."

A tattoo? Brock thought. Interesting... Either he has had these subconscious urges or he's just really susceptible to hypnosis.

"And how did that make you feel Kyle?"

"It made me feel great sir! I love my new pierced nipples, and tattoo. The make me feel free, almost wild and savage sir."

"Good boy. And tell me, have you shaved yet?"

"No sir."

"Good Kyle, very good. When you get off the phone with me, you will go to the bathroom. You will look into the mirror, and realize that you look good with facial stubble. You will feel that you look sexy and dangerous with stubble. And you like looking sexy and dangerous. You will then go into the shower and shave off any stubble that might have grown on your body overnight. Do you understand Kyle?" will feel the desire to own a pair of black boot

"Yes sir. I will go to the bathroom and see myself in the mirror sir. I will not shave off my facial stubble sir. I will look sexy and dangerous with stubble sir. I like looking sexy and dangerous sir. I will shave my body smooth again sir," Kyle replied mechanically, yet seemingly distant and off in a world of his own.

"That is correct Kyle. Now, do you own any black boots?"

"No sir."

"Then, after you shower, and before you meet me in the park, you will go to an army surplus store and purchase a pair of black army boots. Repeat it and know it to be true."

"Before I meet you in the park, I will buy a pair of black army boots, sir"

"That is correct Kyle. While at the army surplus store, you will also buy some camouflage pants. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, I will also buy a pair of camouflage pants."

"Good. You will ask to wear the boots and camouflage pants out of the store. They will go well with your tightest wife beater. You do wear wife beaters, don't you Kyle?"

"Yes sir."

"So, what will you do after you shower?"

"I will go to an army surplus store and purchase a pair of black army bots and some camouflage pants. I will wear these items to meet you in the park with a tight wife beater."

"Excellent Kyle. You are such a good boy for listening to my voice, and following my instructions. One more thing, you will be horny for me all day, but you will not be able to cum until I tell you to cum. Now, I will wake you up, and you will think we've been having the most incredible conversation. When you wake up you will not consciously remember this talk, but your subconscious will remember and obey. It will also remember that every time I say G.I. Joe, you will return to this state, only ten times deeper and more relaxed. 10... starting to feel your arms and legs again...9... slowly feeling strength returning to your body...8...want to buy army clothing...7...6...looking forward to meeting me in the park...5...4...feeling so horny for me...3...2...waking up, slowly becoming more and more alert...1...awake and energized...

"So, I'll see you in Stonewall Park at 2 o'clock sharp?" Brock asked to cover Kyle's momentary disorientation.

"Yeah! I'll see you there!" Kyle replied enthusiastically.

"Okay... laters..."


Kyle hung up the phone and walked to the bathroom. As Kyle crossed the threshold, he realized that he was still naked and that he had an erection.

"Why does Brock get me soooo horny?" he asked out loud.

"Kyle resisted the urge to play with himself to relieve the hard on of its tension. I'm gonna save it for Brock, he thought.

Kyle walked over to the sink. He looked at his face in the mirror and noticed that some stubble had grown on his face. He reached for his razor but hesitated as he was about to take the first swipe. He looked at his reflection, really looked at his face. The stubble gave his face an edgier look. Almost dangerous, he thought.

"I like it, I like it a lot," the dark voice in the back of Kyle's head said.

"Who the fuck are you?" Kyle asked the voice out loud.

"Let's just say that you'll know who I am soon enough," the voice replied, but didn't say anything else.

I must be losing it, Kyle thought, talking to voices in my head, next thing you know, I'll be in a padded white room.

Kyle shook his head and grasped his razor as he headed for the shower. Anyway, I gotta make myself all smooth for Brock, he thought.

Kyle stood in front of his closet, clothes strewn about on the floor. Try as he might, he could not find the perfect outfit for his date with Brock. "Let's go out and buy something decent," he said to no one in particular as he tossed on a wife beater and a pair of well-worn blue denim shorts. Kyle also couldn't find the right pair of shoes so, he grabbed the first pair of shoes he could find (a pair of Nike cross trainers) and headed out the door.

Two hours later (and an hour and a half before his date with Brock) Kyle still hadn't found what he was looking for. He didn't know exactly what he was looking for, but he knew that he'd know it when he saw it. Kyle had walked up and down the shopping district, smoking his cigarettes, and getting many double takes from quite a few passerbys, still unable to locate that elusive outfit. Just as he was about to give up his search, something caught the corner of his eye... In the window display of a store up ahead, he saw what he had been looking for. The mannequin in the window wore a wife beater and a pair of camouflage pants. Kyle knew as soon as he saw the display that he had found his perfect outfit. Excited at the prospect of finding something so ruggedly sexy to wear, Kyle quickly extinguished his cigarette and walked into the army surplus store.

Kyle hurriedly scanned the shop for the camos and found the right size: 28x32. He then saw something else that he knew would go perfectly... a pair of black army boots. He searched for a size 13 and found it. Kyle asked the shopkeeper if he could try on the pants and boots, and was shown to a fitting room. He shucked off his shorts and boxer briefs and put on his new threads.

Kyle pulled the pants on and buttoned up the fly. He then tied the drawstring bottom cuffs tight and put on the boots. He carefully tucked the pants cuffs into the boots and laced and tied them up. Finally he tucked in the wife beater and looked into the mirror.

He was impressed! The camos fit him like a glove, showing off his butt and package admirably. The pants legs tapered off at the bottom and presented a decent outline of his calves. The erection that Kyle had could not be hidden, but he didn't care. He looked damn good, and felt like he could have anything and anyone he wanted...

Kyle walked out of the fitting room and picked out two more pairs of standard issue camouflage pants and a couple of snow camos. He then walked to the cashier where something else caught his eyes... dog tags. Kyle added those on to his purchase.

He exited the store, still dressed in the camos, boots, wife beater and dog tags, lit a cigarette and swaggered back home to quickly put away his new "uniforms."

To be continued?