It's Inevitable 4

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The minute I stepped on my old high school campus I suddenly felt more humongous than ever in my entire life. I actually think I finally began to truly understand just how much I had grown over the last four years and I knew the feeling of hugeness was caused by the close proximity to my little muse. It felt like every part of my body was in ‘hard-on’ mode. My cock was stiff as hell, that was a given, but everything else was charged with sexual pleasure, as well – even the hairs on my head seemed to be at full mast. Walking up the sidewalk to the front doors I became aware – for the first time – at how my size caused me to no longer walk in a normal way. My thighs were too thick to simply move forward and backward, causing my huge frame to now sort of swing back and forth like a giant ape. It was clearly the gait of something enormous and I marveled at how even my shadow looked freakishly big and beast-like on the concrete. I had been too busy working out and growing to notice so many changes to my body. Seeing my shadow also re-emphasized, for me, just how unbelievably wide my shoulders had become. It looked like someone had two large dresser-drawers connected to their neck. I also loved how there were big lighted-spaces between my torso and my enormous arms because my lats forced my limbs to poke out from my frame at almost a ninety-degree angle. Lastly, I loved how incredibly thick my legs were – all over. My calves looked like small kegs and the thighs above were so big that they made my waist look tiny and it actually wasn’t.

Walking into the hallway of the school, after having to open two doors and duck to get in, I felt like a giant coming to visit the little people of some village, when really I just wanted to see one specific person. Suddenly, because Mr. Miles was so close, I was keenly aware that I had grown into a glorious freak of nature. I knew my four hundred and twenty-three pounds looked unbelievably hot – but I was also terrifyingly big. It hadn’t dawned on me before because I was so focused on the act of growing. The stares, the gasps – and occasional screams - and the need in people to sometimes protect their small children when I was around now made perfect sense. It also all thrilled me beyond belief. I was about to make my little teacher-muse’s cock explode merely by cramming my big frame through his door – and that would be just the beginning of our lifetime of continued muscle worship and growth. That thought made me stop in my tracks. I was amazed I hadn’t ever contemplated it before. The truth was I did not have to be finished growing just because the four years was over. As a matter of fact – being with Mr. Miles was probably going to inspire me so much more that I would end up growing faster. I was so excited by that thought I immediately worried I might bust a wad right there in the middle of the school hallway. I forced my body to calm down – desperately wanting to save myself for my old teacher.

As fate would have it, Coach Benton – the head of athletics, who used to move to the other side of the hallway when I passed – happened to be coming out of his office as I walked by. He took one look at me, recognized me instantly, turned completely white with fear, and ran back into his office, locking the door quickly. I even heard him moving some of his big furniture in front of the door – thinking foolishly it could keep me out. I smiled to myself – loving how I could make a grown man like that become scared shitless. I didn’t wish him any harm, I just loved that my size caused that kind of reaction. He was in his office shaking like a scared child because my body took up much more space that he thought possible. I was beginning to understand that because people thought it was impossible for a man to grow as big as I had become they just assumed I was some kind of monster. My huge muscles caused fear and I didn’t have to do a thing. And this is why Mr. Miles was so different than anyone else – he didn’t fear me before and I was sure he wouldn’t fear me even when he saw my new size. Humongous muscles thrilled the little teacher.

Early on, the guy had seen my potential. He had envisioned me being more gigantic than even I thought possible. It crossed my mind that maybe he even realized that I would be as humongous as I had become over the four years. I knew there would be no way he’d be disappointed, simply because I was so enormous – but maybe I’d be right where he thought I’d be. Either way, I knew it would be hot. He’d crave me no matter how much I had grown, but I also sensed that he fully understood I’d be monstrous. I just hoped my real size would blow him away. As I headed down the hallway toward my teacher’s classroom I realized that the space seemed so much smaller now. My body was so wide that actually could reach out and touch the lockers on either side. That got my juices pounding even harder thought my body. I neared room 202 – the place that had filled my dreams for so many years and my heart started beating hard and fast. I wasn’t exactly nervous, but I definitely was ready to reveal my massiveness to the guy of my dreams. Mr. Miles’ door was open and I saw balloons tied to the doorknob. I also noticed a sign that said ‘Welcome Home.’ It was clear he expected me – something I had known would be true. I took a deep breath to make my body swell up even more and stepped into the doorway – having to lower my head so the top of it was beneath the doorframe. My shoulders stuck out farther than the sides of the frame, as did the sides of my quads. I glanced inside.

When my eyes finally fell on the still gorgeous slim Mr. Miles I suddenly felt as big and powerful as Zeus. This exact moment had been what every second in the gym, every eighth chicken breast for breakfast, and what every raw-dick Saturday night had been about. It felt like my muscles were swelling even bigger at that moment. I knew it wasn’t actually happening, but I do think my mind was finally accepting I had, indeed, become colossal, humongous, and everything the guy standing in that room and I had ever wanted. I swear I could have inhaled or flexed a little and every stitch of clothing would have fallen off – ripped to shreds by my hugeness. I couldn’t even begin to stand in the small doorway like a normal man – I was too big. I tilted my head down a little lower and just stood there waiting. I was waiting for the moment when Mr. Miles would feel my presence – just because something enormous was taking up room near him. It took my muse no time at all to realize I was there, just as I thought.

The initial look in his eyes, when they met mine, was deep love – the gaze I had craved and expected for four solid years. It was mixed in with the lust I had vividly memorized from high school, but there was an unspoken intense love that made every second in the gym and every sacrifice to grow bigger more than worth it. It was like the feeling you have after coming home from a very long trip. It was exactly what true love was supposed to be like. It was good that Mr. Miles’s gaze was full of that look first – it confirmed we would be together forever – but it quickly gave way to a face of utter shock. His amazement was epic. It was like there was a loud BAM and the guy fell to one knee and then the other. I had a feeling his small thighs instantly became like an Oreo cookie – his creamy filling oozing between his legs and he had no way to prevent it. I had longed for the day when my body would cause this man’s cock to explode. I wanted him to blast so hard that his world would never be the same. As his body shook powerfully, he just stared at my hugeness. I was then blessed with hearing my teacher speak directly to me for only the second time ever.

“Holy Fuck!”

This made me smile and pushed me closer to ejaculation than I wanted to be. I did not want to blow the wad that had been building for four years in the first minute I was with my teacher. I wanted my size and my strength to enable me to outlast the little man. I wanted to be strong for my muse. I had not anticipated, however, how much my teacher’s reaction would impact me. I knew I would blow his mind – just from my freakish size, but watching him uncontrollably react to my body was almost too much for me to handle. It was almost like I was seeing myself for the first time – realizing I had blasted beyond his wildest dreams for growth was enough to send me reeling. I decided to instantly convert the tsunami-sized gush of juice that zoomed through my body into a super boost to my cockiness. Instead of submitting to the need for something that equaled a dam-bursting release, I tensed up my body even more, stepped through the doorway completely, and rose to my full gigantic size.

The small man, still too spent to rise from his knees, gasped loudly when I showed my full-bodied glory and spurted more cum instantly. I swear it was like my muscles made his body produce sweet man-juice on the spot. I would have thought the man’s first explosion had been so full that nothing remained, but it seemed Mr. Miles had a few tricks up his own skinny-armed sleeves. His crotch thrust forward hard and he moaned out loud as his eyes tried desperately to take in all my young, testosterone-laden, hard muscles. I’m pretty sure the guy thought he was dreaming. If it hadn’t been for his body’s violent involuntary reaction to my colossal presence I really think he would have thought his mind was playing tricks on him – since he had dreamed of this moment every night for four years solid. I could tell the little guy was going to be a cum-producing machine for the rest of his life because of me. I had a feeling I was going to be able to make him blast any time I wanted by just flexing or pressing some part of my hard body against his. I decided to torture-slash-please him some more and I walked over so my body towered right in front of him like I was the mythical giant to his Jack with some magical beans.

When I looked down at my small beautiful muse I wanted to roar like some kind of un-caged beast. At that moment I felt so fucking powerful that I wanted the entire world to hear me claiming my little man. I was so overcome with lust, love, and intense desire that I was worried I’d crush the teacher if I held him in my big hands. I wanted to squeeze him so tight that I knew I should not touch him in any way. Somehow, my muscles tensed even more and veins, bulges, and striations popped up in so many places that I was worried I was going to detonate like a pile of dynamite. I was so fucking enormous compared to Mr. Miles. He looked like he was miles away as I stared down at his little body still kneeling below me. I had to lean way forward to peer at him over my mega-flexed chest. His eyes grew even wider than before as he gazed at my gigantic frame this close. His brain was slowly realizing the growth was real. He eyes were beginning to send messages that confirmed I was, indeed, huge beyond his wildest dreams. He looked directly ahead at my tree trunk legs and swallowed hard three times in a row. It was clear he was having trouble understanding that just one of my legs could be so much larger than his body. He then let his gaze travel upward and I loved watching his face fill with the kind of astonishment that was usually saved for natural disasters or seeing the ocean for the first time. When his eyes finally met mine I smiled at him in a way that made his heart pound harder and his toes curl up in his shoes.

“You’re so . . . so . . . um . . . “

“Yeah, Mr. Miles, there’s no word that really comes close, is there? I guess you’ve noticed that you inspired me a lot.”

He simply nodded his head slowly. He was still drifting in a land of disbelief. I knew it was going to take him a while to fully come round to accepting the fact that I was there and that I had grown way beyond what he had thought was possible. I was in no hurry. I loved every second his eyes worshipped my body. I was making him adjust his perception of reality and embrace something way outside of his previous muscle box. I could feel that he understood that I grew huge mostly because of him, but that awareness would come to completeness a lot later.

“I think you . . . um . . . should call me Michael.”

“If it’s alright with you I think I’ll stick with Mr. Miles – it kind of emphasizes the absurdity of our size difference if the guy that’s ten times bigger than the other uses ‘mister.’ Don’t you think?”

The little guy just nodded his head. I wasn’t sure he even heard what I was saying. He just figured he should agree with anything the monstrous body in front of him said. I bent over to reach down and help the man to his feet. Mr. Miles quickly waived my hands away – before I even touched him.

“No, please don’t. The second you touch me I’m going to have a second explosion even more intense than the first and I’m not sure I can handle that right now.”

I stood back up and marveled at how my massive thick chest made the little guy disappear beneath me. I couldn’t even see his nice bubbled ass – he was just completely blocked by my giant pecs. It was cool as hell to have humongous mounds of beef that blocked the guy from my view. I knew Mr. Miles was marveling at the same thing. I bent forward a little so I could see his still-in-shock face as he wobbled to his feet – still pretty unstable because of his violent ejaculation just minutes ago. He stared at my face when he was finally standing.

“How . . . how . . . how in the hell did you get…”

“Dude, all I needed was this.”

I reached down and pulled a slightly crumpled photograph from the waistband of my shorts. It was the picture of Mr. Miles, which he had given to me on the last day of high school. It was a little worse for the wear and even had a few obvious cum blotches on the front and the back. I held it out so my teacher could see what it was. When he recognized what it was it made him smile and I believe the little man started coming back to reality. Something so personal and so memorable was helping him to realize everything he was seeing was real. I had, indeed, grown into the colossal muscle beast that he saw standing in front of him.

“All I did was lift, go to class, eat, sleep, and dream of you, Mr. Miles. You were the only inspiration I needed. I grew because I knew it would please you.”

“My god, there’s more than enough to please me.”

“That was my dream – to shock the hell out of you when I came back. It looks like I accomplished that, judging by the giant stain in your pants. “

Both of us turned red after this comment. Even though each of us had dreamed of this moment forever it was still a little surreal to actually be meeting after such a long time. We were almost like two sex-starved teenager that didn’t know what to do. I felt the blood pumping through my body so hard that I could hear it pounding into my brain. I had a feeling the same thing was happening to Mr. Miles.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t stronger. You know . . . I wish I could have held out longer.”

“Mr. Miles, you don’t need to be strong. Look at me. I can be powerful for both of us. I also think it wouldn’t be possible for anyone to hold out any longer than you did. Trust me – even guys much bigger than you have filled their crotches with a load in less the time it took you. I just kind of cause that reaction in people – but it really only matters to me that you blasted hard. I’ve only wanted to see you shaking uncontrollably – it’s what has kept me going for four years.”

I knew the poor guy was only hearing about half of what I was saying. His orgasm was finished and his body had already started churning more juice inside his balls. He was staring at my body again like some kind of starving animal looking at fresh meat. Even though we both knew it was too soon, the little teacher wobbled back up to fully standing. He was teetering a little at first, but finally his legs strengthened a little and he was able to stay erect. I smiled a little – to myself – when I noticed again how small he was compared to me even when he was standing. It was like I was a big father towering over his little boy. To fully realize he was so much older than me was such a turn-on. I was so big I could easily make him do anything I wanted – not that I would, of course, since all I wanted to do was please him – but it was just knowing I could that aroused me. I think that’s part of what got him so excited, as well. I peered over my massive chest at the guy and we locked gazes. His desire for me was palpable. So much, in fact, that I worried he might explode.

“I need to be alone with you somewhere else right now. I don’t think I can last much longer without groping your huge body.”

Sweeter words had never reached my ears. It almost brought tears to my eyes. The man that filled every second of my days and nights – the guy would helped make every breath about growing bigger – had just said what I had longed to hear for so many years. The thought of Mr. Miles’ little hands touching my humongous muscles was almost too much for me to handle. I nearly went down on my knees and exploded uncontrollably – but I knew that would delay our departure, so I held on.

“I have my motorcycle outside, but I’m afraid there’s only room for me – and I barely fit.”

“It’s fine. You can follow me home.”

“I remember where you live. I’ll probably beat you there.”

I watched as he turned to gather his stuff quickly. The man did not want to waste even a second. He made sure to avoid getting near me. I think he worried that even feeling the heat from my testosterone-boiling body would cause him to explode again. I had a feeling it would do the same to me. He made sure to watch me duck and turn to fit out his classroom door from the hallway and shook his head in amazement when I was back to my full height.

“I bet there are places where you just simply don’t fit.”

“Most places, Mr. Miles.”

He shook from the excitement my response caused in his body. He also had to stop for a few seconds to prevent his hardened cock from shooting again. I gave him time to regain composure – mainly because if he had exploded again I was sure my body would have done the same no matter how hard I tried to prevent it. He continued to stare at every inch of my huge body – as if it all still seemed like a dream to him. I instinctively knew he wanted me to go first, so he could watch my enormous frame waddle down the hallway. He gasped out loud as soon as he saw my huge back – a reaction that pleased me to no end. We were now on the way to my muse’s house to finally touch each other after five years of abstaining. I had a feeling his poor house might not be able to stand the earthquake I was going to cause when he finally placed his hand on my muscles. I was ready to find out, though. I was more than ready.

To be continued?