David Gets Done (hypno)

The ward was quiet and dark. All the daytime staff had long since gone home to their warm beds, and the antiseptic hospital corridors were all but deserted.

In intensive care, Dr David Burton was coming to the end of a seemingly endless day. He was a brilliant surgeon, but even he had been able to do little to improve the condition of the John Doe they had wheeled in that morning. Although he knew that sometimes a patient dies no matter what the doctor does, it was still hard for him to accept.

He knew he was good. Everybody knew he was good. That's why he he had come so far so fast. But maybe there was too much responsibility. Maybe he wasn't ready to be the head of his own surgical team. He was only 33.

He rubbed his eyes and pushed his fingers through his blond hair. He was worn out, but he still looked good. The nurses always fell for his charm and boyish smile, but tonight he couldn't face sex. Normally the feel of a soft warm female body beneath him helped him reaffirm his faith in life and his own skills, but tonight he was just too down.

He walked slowly down the corridor, his footsteps echoing loudly in the sleeping halls.

Meanwhile, in another ward, Carter Green was doing a little more than his duties as orderly really required.

A young man lay comatose and naked on the hospital bed, the sheets piled on the floor, revealing his well muscled physique. Carter stood next to the bed in his white uniform and was slowly stroking the hard shaft of the sleeping patient.

Carter had always wanted to be a doctor, but when he was discovered doing to another patient what he was now doing to this one, he was quietly asked to leave without making a scene. The medical board was quietly informed, and any chance he had had was now gone.

But they couldn't stop him actually working in a hospital. Under an assumed name, of course.

He loved the feeling of power he had over these patients. It was so easy to sneak in early and add a little sleeping draught to the regular medication. Then, he just went about his chores until this quiet time of the morning, when he could get on with his real pleasure.

The whole idea of getting a young man aroused, to actually get him to orgasm without him being the slightest bit aware of it, was too powerful and urge to resist. There was a risk of being caught, but in his head he already had his story prepared, about how the patient had suggested it and was only pretending to be asleep so no-one would guess that he was gay. So far, though, he hadn't had to use it.

Sometimes the sleeping potion wasn't enough, and a patient had stirred under his ministrations, so now he carried his own supply of anesthetics and drugs. His latest fantasy was to find some way of keeping the stud helpless but aware of everything that was happening. The idea of the big muscled heterosexual stallion completely helpless while he was 'raped' brought Carter to numerous orgasms.

But the problem was that the patient would remember and report him when the drug wore off. So he hadn't yet tried it. But it was a thrilling idea.

Carter returned to the shaft he was still rubbing, and moved his other hand lower so he could reach between the boy's legs and start massaging his virgin ass. The patient started moaning softly in his sleep as the fingers slid deeper, but Carter wasn't worried. There was no-one near to pay any attention to soft moans in a hospital ward in the middle of the night.

David was so lost in his thoughts that he had missed the exit. He looked up and for a moment was disoriented. He finally figured out where he was, and turned toward the nearest set of steps. That's when he heard the low moaning coming from one of the rooms down the hallway. He knew it was probably something simple, like a patient having a bad dream, and he knew that a nurse or orderly would be along soon and deal with it, but he was still feeling guilty.

He had let another patient down today, and he couldn't bring himself to walk away from another. He walked quietly toward the door, and looked inside the ward. What he saw took a few minutes to register. It was the last thing he had expected to see, and for a moment he thought he might be so tired that he was hallucinating.

Carter was just as amazed when he looked up and saw the doctor standing there with a look of amazement on his face. All thoughts of a prepared story fled from his head, and he just stood there with one hand squeezing the patient's cock while the other hand pushed fingers deep inside the boy's ass.

David exploded into the room to confront the orderly.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I, er, well, you see ..."

"I can see damn well." David reached out and tore the identity tag from Carter's coat. "Don't move from that spot."

David walked over to the intercom and picked up the handpiece. He really couldn't understand what he had seen, but he knew it was wrong, and he wanted security up here to deal with it. He turned toward the doorway so that the light from the hall could shine on the orderly's nametag, when he felt the sharp pain of a hypodermic as it pierced the skin in his neck.

The world went blurry for a second, then David fell forward onto the cold floor.

Carter stood there with the empty syringe in his hand, pondering this new complication. He hadn't thought anything through, he had just grabbed the needle from his bag of goodies, and before he knew it, he had dosed the doctor.

He looked at the hypo in his hand. It was one of his new cocktail mixes - a combination of hypnotic drugs and neuro-inhibitors. He had no idea what effect it would have on the young guy, but it might buy him some time. As it was, he had fallen halfway into the hallway, and anyone walking along would be able to see him lying on the floor and might raise the alarm.

Carter reached down to drag the doctor inside, but David was solid. He worked out to ease his stress, and he had been under a lot of stress lately. The smooth floor helped, but David's elbow got hooked on the door frame, and Carter fell back with frustration.

"Why couldn't you have gone and fallen on the bed?" he grumbled. Then, without warning, David stood up from the floor, walked over to an empty bed, and fell backwards onto it. Carter was stunned.

The hypnotic drugs worked. Better than he had ever expected.

He walked over to the bed and looked down on the doctor. He could see the guy was very good looking. He had beautiful blue eyes that were wide open and staring at the ceiling. He was awake and seemed to be aware, but the drugs were preventing him from moving on his own.

One half of Carter's mind was telling him to just get out of there, to run and put as much distance between him and the hospital as he could. But the other half was telling him that his fantasy was coming true, and he was an idiot if he left without experimenting just a little.

"What's your name, doctor?"

David's eyes showed that he was trying to resist, say something else, but the only sound that came from his mouth was "David".

"David. Hi, David, my name is Carter, but you can just call me 'Sir'." The look of anger and frustration in David's eyes made Carter harder than he had ever felt. The rush of power was intoxicating.

"David, how about standing up and taking your clothes off for me? I would like to see the hard body that was so difficult to move." David couldn't resist, and he started off the bed, removing his lab coat at the same time.

"Uh, uh. Hold it a minute." David froze in place as Carter stepped up to him.

"In future, if I ask you to do something, it would be nice if you said something like 'Yes, sir, thank you sir'. You know. It doesn't take much to be polite." David stared daggers at Carter, but his body was frozen.

"Now, David, would you stand up and take off all your clothes?"

"Yes, sir. Of course, sir."

"That's better." David stood and started stripping off his clothes. He wasn't elegant of provocative, but he was efficient. He folded up his discarded clothing out of habit, and placed the pile at the end of the bed.

Carter couldn't resist whistling in admiration at the body that stood before him. The doctor obviously worked out a lot, and with the boyish good looks, he was every gay man's dream. Carter reached out and stroked the hard muscles of his enslaved physician. David flinched slightly at the touch, a reflex not under his conscious control. This only turned on Carter all the more.

"David, lie down on your back. On the bed."

"Yes, sir." David returned to his prone position on the bed. Carter was in heaven. He reached out and ran his hand along David's thigh. David wasn't erect, but that was part of the fantasy. Carter started massaging the flaccid cock, trying to get it to its full size. But reality wasn't matching up with his dream.

"I see. I suppose while you can see that I'm a guy, your subconscious is stopping you from getting erect. I hadn't thought of that." There was a small glint of triumph in David's eyes as he won this smallest of victories.

"Well, we'll have to fix that, then." Carter moved up so that he could bend down and look directly at David.

"David, you're going to have to respond to me touching you. You're going to have to let your body enjoy my touch." There was a look of deep fear in David's eyes as he registered what Carter was saying. "In fact, I want you to feel it like you've never felt it before. My touch will be ten times more sexier, ten times more arousing, than anyone who's ever touched you before. You'll be in heaven. Understand?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you sir." David was terrified - more of responding to another man's touch than being a helpless prisoner.

Carter returned to his stroking, and this time David's body shivered with delight. In seconds his cock was hard and throbbing. His shaft felt tight with the surge of blood. Even though he knew it was only the power of suggestion, the orderly's hands were turning him on, arousing him more than he had ever thought possible.

Carter was delighted with his conquest. This was what he had fantasized and more. The young doctor was helpless and aroused. Carter had all the power and a slave that would do whatever he wanted. His own cock was throbbing in his pants, but he wasn't ready yet to come. He automatically scanned the room, keeping an eye out for any other intruders. Then he saw the other naked young man still lying naked across the room.

In all the excitement, he had completely forgotten his earlier project. With a last squeeze, Carter let go of David's rod and stepped back, another plan taking form in his perverse imagination. David's body ached to be touched again, but his mind was glad the assault had stopped.

"Stand up, David."

"Yes, sir." David moved to his feet and stood relaxed in front of Carter.

"I think it's time we moved on to part two."

"Yes, sir." David was extremely apprehensive, but his body still longed for his master's caress.

Chapter 2

"Before we get started, just one little point." Carter reached down and resumed his touch on David's cock. Since he had removed his hand, the organ had started deflating. At his erotic touch, it once again sprang to attention.

"In future, whenever you see me, or hear me, or even think of me, you are going to get a massive erection. You're not just going to get hard, you are going to get so hard it hurts. Understand me?"

"Yes, sir."

"Remember, you're whole body will ache for me, for my touch. Just the mention of my name should make you harder than you've ever been in your life." David was almost crying from a mixture of the throbbing pain in his aroused cock and the idea of what this man was doing to him. He tried hard to think of cold showers and baseball scores, but his body literally ached for the touch of this pervert.

"And, David, I don't want you to touch your cock while it is hard, unless you have permission from me. Do you think you can manage that?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you sir."

"Why are you thanking me, David?"

David was confused. He had added the 'thank you' automatically, because of the previous command.

"B - because you told me to. Sir."

"No, David, you are thanking me because I am going to make you feel better than you have ever felt before. I am doing this for your own good. I want you to be a bit more sincere in your gratitude."

"Yes, sir. You're doing this for me. Thank you, sir." David was writhing inside, but his voice definitely had a tone of sincere thanks.

"That's okay. Just remember in future that I only have your pleasure in mind when I tell you to do something."

"Yes, sir."

"Right, now, let's go back over to where I left off."

David followed Carter back over to the other bed. The young man's cock had deflated without Carter's attentions, and he had relaxed back into his drugged sleep.

"Look at that. The poor boy's missed out on coming because of your interruption. That doesn't seem fair, does it, David?"

"No, sir."

"Tell me you're sorry, David."

"I'm sorry, sir."

"And what are you sorry for?"

"For interrupting you, and stopping the guy from coming, sir."

"Exactly. Now, I think you should fix the problem."

"Sir?" David was confused. The drugs made him respond to direct commands, and he was feeling lost.

"I want you to help this poor guy finish coming. Understand?"

"Yes, sir." David stepped forward and started roughly stroking the man's cock. He was awkward and clumsy, and in his head he was trying to be as clinical and detached as possible.

"Not like that, David. I want you to put some real effort into it. I want you to pleasure him, stroke him, act like a hooker who's being paid a fortune to make him come."

"Yes, sir." David's hands slowed down, and he started a slow, arousing stroke. His other hand reached out and started rubbing the guy's balls. His body was remembering how women had massaged him, and was applying it to this stranger's dick. The sleeping man started moaning once more as he was once again aroused.

David tried to keep his eyes averted. He figured if he didn't watch, he wasn't actually part of the process.

"Now, David, you can't do it properly if you don't watch. Actually, you probably should be a lot closer. Have you ever sucked a man's cock before, David?"

"No, sir!" David blurted out. He was angry that anyone could even ask him that question. David had never felt that he was homophobic, but the truth was getting hard to deny.

"David, I want you to beg me to let you suck this man's cock. Really beg me, I mean. I want every fibre of your being to want me to tell you to get your mouth around that rod in your hand."

"Yes, sir. Please, sir, I want to suck this man's cock. Please."

"You'll have to do a lot better than that."

"Oh, god, sir, please let me suck him off. I really need to put my lips around his shaft. I want to feel his cock deep in my mouth, m-my throat. Please, let me do it. Sir. Please." David was humiliated as he pleaded to do something that repulsed him. But he had no choice.

"Well, seeing it means that much to you, go on. Give it your best shot."

"Thank you, sir. Thank you."

David moved over to the bed and climbed up to get a good position. His own engorged cock rubbed against the hairly leg of the sleeping patient, and David had to squeeze down to stop from coming himself. He had never been this close to another man's dick before, but once again his body took over and translated what women had done to him into his own movements.

He started off lickin the guy's head to moisten it, and then he started taking the tip into his mouth. It was a strange sensation, but not totally unpleasant. But the very notion still disgusted him, so he tried to blank out his mind. If he couldn't control his body, he would try to block out what the body was doing.

Carter came closer and whispered in David's ear as his head bobbed up and down.

"David, I want you to enjoy this. I want you to feel very good about sucking off another guy. Actually, the best bit about it is that I told you to do it, and I am standing here watching you. You want to make me happy, and sucking this guy off is going to make me very happy." Carter ran a finger along David's spine, and David's body shivered with ecstasy. His cock was rubbing against the leg of the man in the bed, and he had never been so turned on in his life.

"That's right. Get into the rhthym, the feeling. It's the best thing in the world - sucking off another man because your master told you to. The only thing better is sucking off your master, but that privelige has to be earned. You want to please me so that I will touch you, be with you. You want to be my complete slave, don't you, David?"

David grunted a 'Yes, sir' while he kept up his work on the patient. He was enjoying this. He was trying not to, and every part of his conscious mind was working to hold on to anger and hate, but the sensations and the drugs were taking over, and he felt like a loyal dog pleasing his master by doing something that he enjoyed anyway. The feel of another man's cock deep in his throat was better than he ever thought. He started using his peripheral vision to keep an eye Carter, his master, to see if he was pleased.

"That's great, David. You're doing a great job." David throbbed with pleasure. He was losing himself in the physical sensations.

Finally, the comatose trick came, and his cum spurted out all over David's face. David couldn't hold back his pleasure anymore, and he came as well, all over the man's groin. David was unaware, and was more interested in seeing if Carter was pleased.

"Thank you, sir. Was that all right?"

"Not quite, David. I'm a little disappointed." David's body jerked as if he had been hit. He had a sinking feeling in his stomach.

"You've made quite a mess there, David. In future, you must swallow all the semen that any guy gives you. Understand?"

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry sir."

"And another thing. I don't want you to come at all unless I give you permission. I am your master, and you're my slave, so you don't enjoy yourself unless I tell you to. Doesn't that sound right?"

"Yes, sir. Please, sir, I couldn't help it."

"I understand. It'll take you a while to get used to the new situation. So, don't you think you better clean up this mess?"

Yes, sir. Of course, sir!" David started looking around for a cloth, but Carter stopped him.

"With your mouth, David. Cum should always be cleaned up with your mouth."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." David cringed inwardly as he bent to the task of licking the white liquid off the legs of the patient. Then he worked like a cat and used his hands to clean all the cum off himself. When he was finished, he looked up at Carter for his approval.

"Very good. Now, dress him in his gown and put the sheets back over him so no one will guess what has happened."

"Yes, sir." David jumped to the task. Even though his cock was once again hard (as per instructions) and rubbed against the sheets as hemade the bed, he was squezzing his muscles so that there was no chance he would come. He was now overwhelmingly concerned with pleasing Carter.

When he had finished, he stood at the end of the bed at attention, as this seemed the most appropriate way for a slave to act. His cock throbbed as Carter moved closer. Carter was grinning, and this was making David ache even more to please him. "Kneel down, David." David dropped to his knees so that his face was parallel to his master's groin.

"I wish I could let you suck me off, but you did displease me." David felt crushed. He now wanted more than anything to feel his master inside him. "Plus, the drug will probably be wearing off soon, and I don't know what will happen then."

"So, before you wake up, there's a few thoughts I want to leave you with, just in case the drug works the way I think it will.

"What I am about to tell you is the truth. You will believe it to be the truth, and any other thoughts you have that contradict what I tell you will be lies. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." David replied, but he really didn't. He was more focussed on the groin before him. Carter grabbed David by the hair and jerked his head back so the he was looking directly up into Carter's eyes.

"This is very important David. Listen closely."

"Yes sir."

"This is what really happened tonight. You were in here with the guy in the bed. You had given him a sedative in the afternoon, and now you had come back to suck him off. You've been doing this for years."

David was distressed. It was bad enough that his master had raped his body, but now he was raping his mind.

"You were naked and sucking off this man when you saw me in the doorway. But this was your fantasy. You wanted to be caught by me. You wanted me as a master. You kept sucking the guy, and you were more turned on because I was watching."

"Yes, sir." David couldn't cry, but he felt a part of him dying.

"I agreed to be your master, as long as you do everything I tell you to do. You want to do anything to please me, to have me touch you, to be my slave. It is what you've always wanted."

"Yes, sir."

"The very thought of me gives you an erection, more powerful than you've ever had, and you think of me all the time. You think of serving me, pleasing me, being my total slave."

David was resigned as he incorporated these new 'truths' into his reality.

"You wanted to give me a blow job, but you disappointed me by coming. You won't come by yourself again, will you, David?"

"No, sir. I mustn't come unless you give me permission."

"That's right."

"Now, you had better go and get dressed before the effects of the drug start wearing off completely.

David moved over to where his clothes were folded, and started dressing. His head was feeling thick, and he had a sudden attack of nausea that almost knocked him off his feet. He looked down, and saw that his cock was so hard, he couldn't get it down far enough to put it in his pants. For some reason, he thought this was really funny, and he fell back on the bed laughing.

Then he fell deeply asleep.

Carter walked over and pulled a sheet over the sleeping body. His fantasy had come true, and his only hope now was that the rest would go as perfectly. He walked quickly down the hallway, desperate to get to somewhere private.

He needed to make some plans, just in case. But more than that, he needed to jerk off something terrible.

Chapter 3

Carter sat outside his apartment building all the next day. He thought that if David had remembered anything, he would lose no time in calling the police, and this is the first place the police would come.

And if something had happened to David, say an allergy to the drugs, then someone would have tried to contact him as the orderly on duty, just in case he had seen something. But no one came. There were no suspicious visitors or patrol cars driving past.

Feeling very courageous and foolhardy, Carter decided to return to work as if nothing had happened. He felt sure if any problems came up, he could talk himself out of it. He was still riding high on his night of power, and it was effecting him like a drug.

He checked in as normal, and everyone seemed to behave normally. Carter felt that he had really gotten away with it, and was walking jauntilly down the corridor when he felt the hand on his shoulder.

"There you are, Carter. We've been looking for you." Carter turned around and came face to face with one of the night security guards.

"Hey, Phil, what's up?" Carter tried to stay calm and was prepared to blurt out his alibi at the first opening.

"One of the doctor's wants to talk to you. He didn't say what it was about, but by the look on his face, I'd say you're in big trouble." Carter felt queasy as his fantasy power diappeared, and reality caught up with him with a thump.

Phil escorted Carter to the fifth floor. Carter thought about making a break for it, but knew he wouldn't get far. He had nothing to bribe the guard with, so he just silently prayed that he could make some kind of deal with David. Maybe trick him into thinking that Carter had videoed the whole thing? That could work.

Phil showed him to the door of Dr. Burton's office, knocked, and then left Carter to his fate. Carter was worried, but there was no going back.

The door came open, and a frantic David peered out. With one look at Carter, his whole face lit up.

"Please, sir, please come in."

Carter stepped into the office and David shut the door. He then fell to his knees.

"Oh, please, sir, I was so worried. When I woke up and you were gone, I thought I had displeased you again." David was almost crying, he was so distressed.

"It's all right. I just had to - to go home."

"Then I haven't offended you?"

"No, David, tou haven't. Actually, I'm very pleased. Have you told anyone about what happened last night?"

"No, sir. I was just anxious to find you."

"Then tell me exactly what you remember hapened last night."

"Yes, sir. I had drugged this young man in one of the quiet wards, and I was there making him come." David was blushing as he recounted the false memory. "I do that a lot. I mean I did that a lot. Then you walked in.' At this, David broke out in a smile that showed his devotion and absolute love of his 'master'.

"Then you took control of me, sir. It was like a dream come true. You agreed to take me as a slave." Carter could see David's large cock stretched hard against the fabric of his pants.

"And then I let you down, by enjoying myself without your permission." David looked considerably disappointed and sad. "I wished to please you, but I understand why you couldn't let me. Then I was obeying your command to get dressed and ... well, sir, that's the last I remember. When I woke up this morning, you were gone, and I had lost you forever."

"Well, David, now I'm back. Do you still want to be my slave?"

"Oh, yes, sir. Please. It's what I've always wanted."

"Then you mustn't draw attention to our relationship in this way. You must pretend everything is still the way it was, until I tell you differently."

"Yes, sir."

"We want no one to know you are my slave - for now."

"Thank you, sir. Whatever you desire."

"At this moment, I desire you. Take off your clothes." David rushed to get his clothes off, so he could kneel once more naked before his master.

Carter moved closer so that his groin was pressed into David's face. David's cock, his whole body, throbbed with delight.

"Start pleasing me, David." David lost no time getting to work on Carter's cock. He licked it through his pants until the fabric was moist, and then fumbled with the fly until Carter's cock sprang out into the air. David had never felt such pleasure as he serviced his master. Carter was also high as he realised how powerful his drug mix had been.

But for now, the two men took pleasure in each other. Tomorrow would be soon enough for them both to explore their new relationship.