It's been a while since I posted my last story. I've got tons of ideas, but haven't been able to get the engine started. One of the things I'm trying is to write very short stories of 500 words or less. Here`s one of 'em.


Thanks, I love hearing from fans. Truth is, I’ve been working on a story for months. I’ve got an idea, in the style Poe about that guy and the raven? What’s that story called?

But something's happening to me. I'm changing.

Example: I just did a bunch of push-ups. It’s the only thing that clears my head. I only meant to do 50, but know I did more.

I started listening to subliminals after I got a player as a gift. I tried files until I found this one, a binaural or whatever. “You're a muscle jock” in one voice, the other voice sorta fades in and out.

Suddenly, I’m at my weights, curling. I'm doing 21s because I heard some dude at the gym say they were a great finisher. I was gonna do 'em from beginning, middle, to end.

FUCK! I'm fading out again. Felt inspired and decided to do 21s. Lost count.

I keep thinking weird sentences. Typing them. "Muscle sex jock." It doesn`t quite make sense; something's not right about it. I keep looking at it, muscle sex jock big muscle jock big dumb jock... a jumble of nouns and whataya call 'ems.

I want to use that focus on writing. Writing about big dumb jocks, thinking about em. Big muscle jocks.

Today I had a few hours, so I put it on repeat. Planned to write.

But first I had a killer workout. I was feeling it, the file’s so powerful. It drills into your mind. Repetitive. I have ta admit it works. I’m bigger, I see it. And so horny. All I think about is working out and having sex. I get home each day, listen to this file, workout until the bf gets home and then I fuck his brains out.

Gonna get my arms to 18 inches this month, I know it. Fuck man...another set of 21s, then more pushups.

Dude, fergot i wuz riting dis all I can think about rite now is bein a big dumb jock, man. Im sendin these storys fer safe keepin till I’m dun lissenin to this file ill Continue them.

Fuck, I no I spelld things wrong but I gotta lift more weights.

BTW, chk this one cald Dumb Mussle Fuck Animal...itll blow yur shit!! Bf finds best stuf fr me!!!

The End