Alien Run (scifi mc)

It is often said that the freaks come out at night, and that is no truer than in Hobnob, Oklahoma, a mid-size western town (population: 75,000) about 30 miles outside Tulsa. The sun had just started to set, and the light started fading away from the wooded area of Bentley Park. During the day, the park is home to your average picnickers and bicyclists, but at night, in one stretch of the wood, it is the place where the men gather.

The Hill, as it was known by the locals, is infamous for its late-night activity among the town's closeted gay men. Too afraid of being found out online by their spouses or parents, the men often make their way to the dark cover of the woods to seek out a little male companion before disappearing back into their seemingly straight, Bible-loving home lives. The encounters weren't without their dangers; local cops often staged raids of the place to catch the "filthy homos."

It is also on this night that Brett, a local truck driver, pulled up the rig of his tractor trailer into an off-road area and made his way through the woods. Brett is what the gays called a muscle bear – or so he was told – and he played up the image when coming into the woods. Dressed in jeans, tan boots and a sleeveless denim shirt that he left open to show off his muscular chest and hairy pecs, Brett never had to wait too long to satisfy what he thought of as his urges. I come in, get my fat dick sucked, and 15 minutes later, I'm back on the road. No foul, no harm. What the girlfriend didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

As he rounded a bend in a path, he spotted his prey leaning against a tree. A young guy – Max, he would later find out – went to school at the local community college. Sporting a tight body and wearing an Abercrombie shirt, Max looked good even in the fading light. Brett slowly sauntered up to him, cautiously looking around for any other signs of movement. Sensing none, he went up to Max and waited for him to make the first move. It didn't take long. The muscle daddy is hot and he wants to explore more.

Max began to run his hand up and down Brett's hairy chest; his dick responded almost immediately, and Max's hand dropped to Brett's crotch to trace the hard dick begging for attention. Max wanted to work him up a little more first. He pushed aside the denim shirt and lowered his head onto Brett's erect nipple. Brett moaned in approval as the young guy – probably 20 years old, he guessed – worked up his nipple with his talented little tongue.

He pulled Max's head in closer and looked up at the sky. That's when he saw it. A flash of some sort, like a shooting star cascading down from the clouds. He followed the trajectory as it appeared to come towards the earth. The flash flew over his head and disappeared into the darkness behind him. What the fuck, he thought? A meteor? He expected to hear a loud boom, and let his hand off of Max's head. Hearing none, he looked back down at his young seducer, who suddenly looked up at him. "Anything wrong?" Max whispered.

"Uhm, no. Thought I saw something in the sky."

What, aliens?" Max said sarcastically.

"Ha, ha, yeah. Big-dicked ones who want your nice mouth," he said, as he reached around and cupped Max's firm butt.

* * *

The passenger inside the travel pod stared at the flashing controls on the panel. He also could smell a faint whiff of smoke coming from the on-board computer. At least he made it in one piece, he thought. He didn't expect to enter Earth's atmosphere, or to be sucked so quickly into its gravitation pull. Once he entered, it became nearly impossible to keep the pod in control. Its descent took little more than ten minutes earth time, and he thought for sure the pod would burn up before it even hit the ground.

Instead, it flew over the continent known as the United States, landing somewhere in the middle of it. As the pod careened out of control, the passenger saw a dense patch of trees through the pod's front window, and not much more after that. The pod could easily have smashed into vegetation on the planet, but luckily came to a stop in what looked like a small clearing. The passenger reached into the panel board and pulled the Cerebral Thought Messenger out of its case and strapped it snugly to his wrist. This would be his only source of information he could access while on this planet, and he hoped the memory had been updated before he made his hasty run from his home planet. He also knew he couldn't stay in the pod for very long; humans, his planet knew, were unpredictable, cautious and fearful. If they had noticed his sudden descent into the atmosphere, it would only be a matter of time before they would find his location.

His pushed open the door, stepped out and looked at the CTM. It appeared to be working fine. The atmosphere is similar to his planet's, abet a strong detection of carcinogens in the air. Stupid humans, he thought. This is a good way to kill your planet. No wonder we never wanted to come here. He looked around the clearing and saw woods in every direction. He would need to disappear for a little while until he could blend in. Dressed only in a what appeared to be a silver pair of underwear, the passenger knew he wasn't properly attired for the norms of the planet. He needed to find acceptable coverings.

Before he left, he turned one last time towards the pod. He reached in and pressed a red button hidden under a protective cover. A few seconds later, the pod vaporized. The humans would find the mark the pod made in the earth as it crashed, but would find no trace of the cause. They would conclude a meteor left the scorched spot and move onto something else.

The passenger looked at the CTM. It detected life forms 2,000 ft in one direction. He would begin his exploration of this planet.

* * *

After a good five minutes of working his nipples into a frenzy, Max was ready for the bigger prize. He unbutton the top button of Brett's jeans, and fished out his erect cock from its tight chambers. He smiled as his hand ran up and down the 8-inch prick. "This will go good in my mouth," he announced, before dropping to his knees. With just the moonlight to guide him now, Max looked on in approval as his tongue slowly teased the tip of Brett's dick. He then ran it up and down the shaft and slowly started to kneed his balls.

Brett, who was now standing against the tree, let out a moan and reached up and grabbed the trunk of the tree. This kid knew his way around a big cock, he thought, as he let his mind drift away to the tingling sensation in his groin. He got so immersed in the pleasure that he didn't notice the rustling in the brush about 20 feet straight in front of him.

The passenger stopped next to the brush and slowly pulled a branch back. These are the humans the CTM detected. Even with only the moonlight, the passenger's eyes were perfectly adept at seeing the scene unfolding in front of him. He saw a shirtless human male, his chest covered in fur, leaning against a tree, while another male knelled in front of him. He could hear the standing male moaning softly, and realized the male on the ground was pleasuring the man's protruding body part that humans called a penis or other names. His species also had one of the devices but it wasn't just for pleasure; it was part of their life force. Their bodies required regular sexual stimulation in order to survive. This fortuitous encounter could prove to be of great benefit.

His species also had a far advanced brain than the human species. While humans only had use of about 10 percent of their brain, his kind had more than half. With that size came abilities he doubted humans possessed, including the ability to communicate telepathically. He would see if he could link his mind with the human standing against the tree. He sent out a wave towards Brett, but it failed to enter his frontal lobe. The passenger wondered if he needed to created a link first, and telepathically asked the CTM. It lit up with an immediate answer: through the eyes. Since the eyes were the gateway to the mind, the passenger would need to create a link first before he could enter the human's brain. The passenger could do that through direct eye contact.

The passenger moved aside the bush so his head was now visible to Brett, who was still feeling Max's tongue on his hard dick. Brett suddenly sensed he was being watched and lowered his head. His eyes saw the head of the figure in the brush just ahead, but before he could call out a warning, the passenger's eyes began to glow. Brett's eyes opened wider as he felt something pushing its way into his brain. Try as he might, the force was too strong. A few seconds later, the passenger's eyes dimmed and Brett's head went back. What the fuck was that? He shook his head and looked at the brush. He couldn't see whatever had been there anymore.

* * *

The passenger could feel he had made a link with the human but he would need to test its strength. He pushed his head halfway through the brush again and sent out another wave. This time it entered into Brett's brain. The passenger raised his eyebrows in surprise at how the human's brain had no ability to filter out his invasion. The passenger could wander through any compartment in the human's brain and ascertain information or manipulate its outcome. His planet had known the humans weren't as advanced, but he never imaged their minds were this underdeveloped. He needed to see how easily this could be accomplished.

Put your hands on the back of his head, he waved Brett. Without thinking, Brett lowered his hands onto Max's head and started thrusting his dick deeper into his mouth. Max got caught off guard by Brett's sudden aggressiveness, but became turned on even more as Max started fucking his throat. The passenger smiled in triumph. It was time he made himself known.

The passenger stepped out from behind the brush and stood in the moonlight. Brett's eyes suddenly became wide again as he saw the nearly naked hulking figure in front of him. The man was at least 6 foot, 3 inches, with a solid body of muscle that extended from his chest down to his bulging calves. Brett tried to speak as the man slowly walked towards them, but he was unable. The passenger had already given him an order to stay silent. The passenger's bare feet stopped two feet from the back of Max's body, who remained oblivious to his presence. The passenger let his silver underwear drop to his ankles, releasing his 9-inch cock into the night air.

"I might like it here," the passenger spoke in a hushed tone. Max immediately spun his head around and realized the two were not alone. He looked up at the stranger and gasped. The guy is a fucking walking house! He began to open his mouth to speak but his words were cut off as he looked into the stranger's glowing eyes. A few seconds later, he shook his head in a daze. Continue to pleasure his cock, the passenger waved him. Max didn't speak but turned around and immediately returned his mouth onto Brett's erect dick. The passenger moved next to Brett. "You will give me pleasure," he ordered. He guided Max's head to his nipple; Max began to suckle it like a baby. "I wonder if all the male species on Earth are as good at delivering the energy that I need," the passenger asked out loud.

Once the passenger created a link, he also could control more than one brain at a time. "On your knees," he told Max and Brett. The two instinctively dropped and gasped at the man's cock. They took turns licking and sucking on the balls, the head and even his bulging inner thighs. The passenger looked down and smiled. He could feel the life force starting to re-energize in him, something he desperately he needed after his long run. The re-energizing process had its downfall, though. When his species is in this mode, its other sense aren't as sharp. That's why he didn't initially hear a second stranger come out from the bushes.

* * *

The stranger stepped from the brush and looked at the three men next to the tree. Fucking faggots, he thought. This is what is destroying this God-loving town. They would pay for it: arrested, booked, their names printed in the paper. He would personally see to it that their lives were ruined. That's why he liked patrolling this part of the park; he knew on a hot summer night like this, it was only a matter of time before he would find these queers doing their disgusting things.

"Put your hands on your heads, fuckin' faggots!" he barked at the three men.

The passenger looked up from Max and Brett's oral pleasuring and saw the human standing about six feet away. He can't believe he didn't sense him sooner. The passenger scanned the man's attire. He was wearing dark blue pants and a light blue shirt, and black foot coverings that went up almost to his knees; around his waist was a belt that had an oddly-shaped pouch that laid against his right hip. He could also see a shiny metal tag on his right pocket that read "Officer Wesley Jacobs."

"I said put your hands on your heads, you fuckin' queers!" the man repeated the order.

The passenger sent his observations to the CTM. He looked at the screen: Law Enforcement Officer. Role: Upholds laws on planet through any means necessary, including momentary fines, incarceration or force. The passenger could not make himself known to this planet – at least not yet. He first made sure Max and Brett were oblivious to the officer's presence; they continued to suck on his cock like nothing was going on around them. Then he smiled at Officer Jacobs. The reaction made Jacobs even more angry. He withdrew the gun and pointed it at the passenger.

"I said hands behind your back or else!" he yelled. The passenger's eyes started to glow; Jacobs looked directly in them. A few seconds later, he lowered the gun and put it back into his holster. "You will pleasure me," the passenger said calmly.

Officer Jacobs slowly walked towards the three men. As he did, he began to peel off his shirt, revealing his muscular body underneath; the belt around his waist quickly followed. He didn't know why he was doing it, but he couldn't turn down the direct order that he heard inside his head. He dropped down on his knees next to Brett and pushed his way into the passenger's nut sack. He licked the sweaty balls and began to fondle the bulge in his own tight motorcycle pants. The passenger watched as the three of them fought for space around his massive cock. It's time to share the pleasure.

Max suddenly stood up and pushed his jeans down exposing his 7 ½-inch cock. Officer Jacobs swung his head off the passenger's member and immediately replaced it with Max's smooth dick. He had never tasted something so good in his life. His head began to bob faster and faster on Max's cock, as he pulled down his motorcycle pants and let his own hard-on flop out. He stroked it while he continued to give the young guy the best fucking blow job he ever had in his life.

Meanwhile, Brett had the passenger's dick all to himself. The smell of his hairy pubic area was driving him into a greater frenzy. He glanced over at Jacobs, and could see the officer deepthroating the young guy all the ways down to his balls. The passenger knew the pleasure couldn't stop here; he wanted the officer to learn even an even greater lesson for his threatening behavior earlier.

Brett suddenly stopped his sucking and got up and laid on the ground, his erection now pointing towards the sky. "You will sit," the passenger waved Officer Jacobs. He let Max's cock fall out of his mouth and stood up. He tugged at his boots and pulled off the rest of his pants. He then swung his legs over Brett's lying body and slowly began to lower his ass onto his awaiting cock. The head of Brett's dick touched the outside of his asshole and tried to make its way in; it was too tight a fit. The passenger suddenly realized that humans didn't have the natural lubricant in their anal areas, but knew how to resolve the problem. He spit a large amount of saliva in his hand. Unlike the watery texture of human's spit, his species' saliva felt silky in nature. He spread in on Brett's fat cock and guided it into Officer Jacobs' waiting ass. After a small push, it disappeared up into his hole.

Jacobs' let out a wince but the passenger directed him to relax. Brett began to push the cock in out of the officer's tight hole. After a few minutes, Jacobs didn't need any more help from Brett, and began moving his body up and down on the shaft. He let out a few more sighs of pleasure and stroked his cock.

The passenger, however, thought he needed more. He spit on his hand again, and rubbed it up and down on Max's erect member. "Fill him," he said to the young guy. Max walked around and squatted down behind Officer Jacobs' ass. Jacobs stopped riding Max's dick for a few seconds to allow Max to force a second cock into the officer's hole. The slick spittle cut down on the resistance and soon the two cocks were side by side inside Jacobs' ass. His eye widened as both Brett and Max took turns plowing their dicks simultaneously into his stretched anus.

The passenger walked around and faced the officer. He lifted his head up and let his eyes look at the passenger's erect nine incher. "Open," he ordered. The officer's mouth dropped open and the passenger pushed his dick into his waiting throat. Officer Jacobs, who only half hour before hated all fucking faggots, is now getting both of his holes pummeled by three men. Brett and Max even found a rhythm in pounding the officer's ass with both of their cocks.

After 10 minutes, Max could fill himself reaching the breaking point. He suddenly pulled his cock out of Officer Jacobs and blew his young guy's load all over his ass. With only one cock in him now, Jacobs straightened up his back and furiously stroked his own dick. Brett grabbed the officer's ass cheeks and pushed him up and down harder on his cock. Brett made one final moaning sound before he felt a load shoot up into the officer's ass. The passenger knew it was also time to leave the area, and gave his dick one more hard stroke before it unleashed its contents all over the officer's face. The smell of testosterone now permeated the air, and the intoxicating odor pushed Officer Jacobs over the edge. He lifted his body up with his knees and watched as his own cock came all over Brett's hairy pecs.

The three humans collapsed on the ground in exhaustion. The passenger looked down at the worn out species and shook his head. His kind is used to such endless pleasures; he is all ready for another round. Still, this encounter proved to be a good introduction to this planet.

He might be able to get used to Earth after all.

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