The Insurance Policy (hypno)

Brad walked along the street next to Jake, desperately trying to keep up the pace. This was Brad's first day on the job, and he wanted to leave a good impression on Jake, even though he secretly was intimidated by his presence, both physically and psychologically.

Brad was a few months out of college, bachelors of business in hand. The degree seemed like a good idea when he went to school, but upon graduation, he soon realized that the market was flooded with Brad's. He needed an MBA to go any further, but the money wasn't in the cards. Six months after graduation, the student loans started coming in, and Brad needed a job to at least start paying down the bills. The opportunities for a recent business grad were slim, and Brad had to settle for anything. That's when he found the ad for Home Life Insurance.

He knew little about selling insurance, but the interviewer told him he would be a natural. As a way to let him learn the ropes, he would let Brad tag along for a few weeks with one of their more experienced agents, and that's when he got hooked up with Jake. Jake was, as per the company, a top agent. He knew the schmooze lines to a fault, and could turn on a certain charm that was disarming in its subtlety. It also helped that Brad was easy on the eyes. At 6-foot, 1 -inches, with light blonde hair and a muscular body that was accented by the purposely form-fitting dress shirts he would wear, Jake looked more model than agent. It was this combination of visual appeal and charm that Brad figured added to Jake's success as an insurance salesman.

"The pretty people always do better in business," he remembered one person tell him in business school.

Brad, himself, wasn't chop liver. With natural red hair and blue eyes, Brad didn't have the same muscular frame as Jake, but his years as a swimmer in high school and college gave him a tight body that looked pretty damn good in a Speedo. Brad wondered if that was part of the reason why they hooked him up with Jake.

"It's all about selling them something they think they need. Stick with me, kid, I'll show you how to convince customers," Jake told him, as they walked along the street. Brad nodded politely, finding the ideal of Jake calling him a kid a bit ironic since they were only seven years apart – Brad just turned 22 and Jake was 29. But if the top agent wanted to flex his narcissistic muscles, Brad would play along with it for a while.

Agents usually didn't like dealing in cold calling – making unannounced calls on the phone or at a person's house – since the return on such an approach was usually low. But Jake wanted Brad to start out at the bottom to see how face-to-face worked since it was the most difficult. First impressions were of utmost importance and an agent usually had 30-60 seconds to make a pitch before a door was slammed in his face. If you got past that point, though, the adrenaline of the sale, Jake said, was even greater.

The neighborhood they were walking through was one of the more affluent areas in the cities. Homes started in the $175,000 range, and most people had pretty damn good house insurance even before they moved in. Home Life Insurance's research showed, however, that many people had no idea what was in their policies. The agent's job was to point out the gaps. Jake also liked that such neighborhoods also had one of the best targets: lonely housewives.

"Two young guys looking to come in and sell you insurance," he said. "I've gotten into more homes with my looks than you could imagine. Lonely housewives whose husbands are away. And even if you don't get the sale, you can sometimes get laid," Jake said, flashing a devious smile. "The older chicks are usually the most grateful in bed."

* * *
They stopped in front of a large Victorian home. The house looked older – maybe turn of the 20th Century - but the person who owned it obviously had the money to renovate it. It was three stories, with a large bay window in front, and 15 steps leading up to the porch. Brad and Jake began to make their decent. "Now listen, I'll do the talking initially and say you are my associate. We got to come out of the gate strong," Jake said. "And if we are really lucky, the husband will be away banging his secretary."

They stopped in front of the large double doors and pushed the bell. A deep-sounding bong could be heard echoing through out the house. Jake face immediately plastered on his faux smile, with his pearly white teeth just poking out of the top of his mouth. A few seconds later, the doors slowly opened and a figure came to the door. Jake's face temporarily lost its smile as his stared at the person. This wasn't a lonely housewife, but a man, and not a small one at that. Brad immediately picked up on it, too. This guy was probably early-40s, at least 6-foot 3-inches. He was dressed in a finely tailored tweed jacket with a collarless white shirt underneath that perfectly accented his wavy dark hair. Even with the clothes on, though, it was hard to miss his build. Brad figured he had to go at least 225 and he could see by his wide shoulders that his was packing a muscular frame underneath.

It took Jake a few seconds to snap back into his faux smile. There was no going back at this point. "Good afternoon, sir. We are from Home Life Insurance. And before you think we are hear to just sell you something, I want to ask you one thing: Do you know if your house is protected? This is an impressive home, and it is something that you probably want to insure stays that way. The problem is most people don't know if they are adequately covered. Do you know what your home owners insurance covers?"

Jake flashed the smile again, and hoped this guy would give him the right answer. The man raised his eyebrows and looked at the two young guys standing in his doorway. "Well, no I really don't," he said in a deep baritone that almost sounded like a whisper. "I haven't looked at my policy in quite a while.

Gotcha!, Jake thought to himself. "Well, if you have a few minutes to spare, me and my associate Brad – I'm Jake – would love to share with you a little about what Home Life Insurance can do you for you. I guarantee you I can give you a better rate and much better coverage. A beautiful home like this should be protected."

The guy at the door stood silent for a few seconds, seemingly pondering Jake's offer. He flashed a half-smile. "Well, I think I have a few minutes for two fine gentlemen to discuss my options. But can I keep you waiting a few minutes? I have to take care of something inside first."

Jake was feeling cocksure about himself. "Absolutely! It will take a few minutes of your time, and I think you will be delighted with the package we have to offer." The man slowly closed the doors and Brad could hear him walking down the hall. He turned to Jake, who was already counting the commission in his head.

Well, that's not the desperate housewife I was expecting," he joked.
Jake wasn't amused. "What? Did you hear what he said," Jake said, trying not to raise his voice. "He doesn't have a damn clue what is in his insurance policy for this house. These are the best patsies. They can't argue if your policy is better because they don't have a fucking clue what's in their policy."

Brad looked confused. "Really? Do most people know what's in it?"

Jake dismissed his comment. "Not the point. He's not a housewife, but he's a single guy who doesn't pay a damn bit of attention to that stuff."

"How do you know he's not married?"

Jake held up his ring finger. "No ring. He's the loser bachelor that probably lived with his mommie before she died. Trust me, by the time we leave here, I'll have him eating out of my hand."

* * *

A few minutes later, the door re-opened and the man was once again standing in the doorway. "My apologies, gentlemen, please come in to my home."

Jake and Brad followed the man down an immaculate, buffed hardwood hallway. Brad noticed the impressive wooden staircase off to the right that led to the upstairs. Like the floors, the staircase looked as if had been meticulously restored to its heyday. The walls were lined with artwork that Brad didn't have a clue what they were from, but they hung with a care by someone who knew a thing or two about decorating.

The man led the two into the living room area. The place was spacious, with a large leather sectional dominating the room. The man invited Jake and Brad to sit on the far end of the couch. As Brad sat on the couch, he was taken back by how his body practically sank into the soft leather. He thought leather couches were stiff and uncompromising; this one was warm and almost comforting.

In front of the couch was a large hexagon-shaped cocktail table. The table contained several more art pieces, and three candles that were already lit. Brad could immediately detect a faint scent wafting up from the candles. The smell wasn't unpleasant, but it wasn't anything he could easily identify. There also was a huge fireplace off to the right; above the fireplace was a 60-inch flat screen TV. The TV was actually on, but it wasn't showing a TV program. Instead, the screen appeared to be flashing. Several unidentifiable shapes would fade in and out of the screen. There was no sound, just the odd shapes that switched off and on every few seconds.

The man walked to other side of the cocktail table. "Where are my manners?" he said in his soft baritone. "I'm Marc. And I hope you enjoy the comforts of my house."

Jake had also noticed the TV and couldn't help but asking the obvious. "Is your TV broke?" he said pointing to the wall.

Marc turned around. "Oh, no. The satellite dish appears to have gone out again. It takes a few minutes for it to correct itself. I have to leave it on to ensure it resets. I hope that doesn't bother you?"

"No, not at all," Jake said. "Sure doesn't look like ESPN, though."

Marc cracked a faint smile at his joke. He suddenly looked further down the living room at the door leading to the next room. "Oh, gentlemen. Allow to leave you a few minutes more. I must make sure my phone is off so we do not get disturbed. Enjoy the atmosphere for a few more minutes."

"Oh, yes, of course," Jake said. "This couch is very comfortable."

Marc exited the room. Jake and Brad said nothing to each other. Their eyes instead wondered around the room. At points, their sight stopped on the TV with its odd shapes that seemed to blink faster the more they stared at it. Jake also could smell the odd scent from candles and felt strangely relaxed by it. He didn't want to mention it to Brad; he didn't want him think he was sounding like a girl.

A few minutes later, Marc returned to his place on the other side of the cocktail table. "OK, gentlemen. I am all yours. No more disturbances. What is it you would like to ask me?"

It took Jake a few seconds to snap out of his fog. "Oh, uh. Yes. Well, we at Home Life Insurance want to make sure you are covered when you are in your home and away from it. Do you travel at all?"

"Oh, yes. All the time. My job takes me on many different adventures."

Jake knew this was another invite to make small talk and slowly wear down the customer. "Oh, really? Can I ask what you do."

Marc smiled. "Well, you might say I am in the personal revitalization business. I meet with clients personally but sometimes in groups, and show them ways to learn to get over their inhibitions and learn to tap into their subconscious."

Brad looked confused. "So you are a psychologist?"

"Not exactly. People often let their fears dictate their outcomes. I help them overcome that." Marc paused. "It would be perfect for insurance salesmen who have to face the daily grind of making sales. If you gentlemen are willing, I would be glad to show you. It is something you would greatly enjoy."

Brad wasn't too sure about what that meant, but he didn't want to lose the sale. Better to humor the guy than have him angry cause he didn't want to listen to his new-age bullshit. "Uhm, well sure."

"Excellent!," Marc said, his voice still low. He walked around the cocktail table and stopped directly behind the two young guys on the couch. "Alright, gentlemen. I want you to put your hands at your side and stare straight ahead at the small shelf against the wall.

Neither Brad nor Jake noticed the shelf against the wall when they walked in. It was a three-tiered bookshelf with various novels on the bottom two shelves; on the top was a small pendulum mounted to a triangular base. The pendulum slowly was ticking back in forth, almost in a rhythm.

"Now, gentlemen, in order for this to work, you just have to relax. Nothing harmful about this. It will help clear your mind. I want you keep your heads perfectly still. Open up your breathing. Take small, easy breathes and concentrate on the pendulum."

Jake wanted to resist but he was feeling a little tired from the constant scent of the candle, and began staring at the metal rod going back and forth. Brad didn't need much prompting; his mind was already focused on pendulum. Marc could see the effect was starting. Time to push them further.

"Gentlemen, your bodies are starting to relax. You are feeling a warm tingling moving up from your legs, into your torso, up through your chest and to the top of your head. The eyes are feeling a little droopy. As I count to three, the warming sensation will increase. You want to give into it."

"One..." Marc began to count.

Jake couldn't fight the warm glow that he felt in his body. As Marc counted two, his body could only feel the soft leather of the couch gently caressing his back. Brad was further along; he only could hear Marc's soothing voice in the background."

"And, three! Sleep!," Marc said, as he tapped gently on the back of Jake and Brad's head. Immediately, their eyes closed. Jake's head feel back in a deep slumber; Brad's head fell on Jake's shoulder.

Marc stood over top of his sleeping guests. "Excellent, gentlemen. Drift deeper into one of the most peaceful. relaxed states you have ever been in. You are completely asleep but able to hear me. Your relaxation started the moment you walked into here. The shapes on the TV were giving your mind subliminal messages; the soothing candles have a scent that works on the brain receptors to help you relax.

"Now I am going to give you a phrase I want you to remember: insurance policy. Every time you hear me say that, your bodies are going to get sexually aroused. Each time, the arousal will increase three times. You will not be able to stop it and will give into whatever it demands. Now I am going to count to three again. When you hear three, you will wake up feeling refreshed and forget this conversation, but you will remember the phrase."

One … two … three!," Marc snapped his fingers.

* * *
Jake and Brad woke up. Brad realized he had fallen on Jake's shoulder, and looked embarrassed as he tried to gain his composure on the couch. Jake woke up and didn't realize Brad had even been on his shoulder. The two adjusted their eyes and looked around the room and remembered they were at a potential client's house. They didn't even realize the differences in the room: the TV was now black; the candles had been extinguished; the pendulum on the bookshelf was static.

"How do you gentlemen feel?" Marc asked. He was still on the other side of the cocktail table.

Jake stretched his shoulders. "Oh, wow. I feel good. Did we fall asleep?"

"Only for a few seconds. Not to worry. That is a typical reaction. You will feel fine in a few minutes. So, now that I have showed you my work, let's talk about yours again?"

"Uhm, yes, we are hear to talk about insurance and your need to protect your house."

Marc nodded. "Ah, yes, The insurance policy."

Jake felt a slight warming sensation in his chest. "Uhm, yes..." He looked over at Brad, who was also fidgeting in his seat from a strange sensation he felt in his body.

"Uhm, I think having the right insurance is important..." his voice trailed off. "I'm feeling a little warm. Sorry."

Marc waved his hand. "Not to worry. Loosen your ties and relax. I'm hear to find out more about the insurance policy."

Brad felt a sudden sensation in his groin and thought maybe he was getting hard. Oh, shit. I can't in front of a client. Maybe I just needed to loosen the tie. He ran his hand over his chest and brushed again his erect nipples. The touch sent a shock wave through his body. He quickly loosened the tie and threw it on the floor.

Jake, meanwhile, dropped his hand onto his crotch. He could feel his dick straining against his tight pants. He didn't want to rub his hard on through his pants, but he couldn't stop it. It felt too fucking good. "I, uh, am sorry, but I uh..." he tried to complete a sentence but couldn't.

"Well, I suppose this is what happens when you talk about an insurance policy," Marc said. "Please, gentlemen. Why don't you let your bulging cocks out of your pants?"

Jake pulled off his belt and unzipped his fly. Immediately, his 7 ½-inch, thick cock popped out at attention. Brad quickly followed and let his 8-inch cock with the red pubes get some air. Marc walked around the other side of the table and stood inches away from the two men. He reached down and with his right hand stroked the hard nipples hiding under Jake's shirt; with his left he did the same to Brad. The men moaned in pleasure.

"That's it gentlemen. You are here to serve me. I saw two good looking young guys at my door and knew I wanted to make you my sex slaves. Take your shirts and pants off."

It only took a few seconds for Jake and Brad to ditch their clothes and sit naked on the couch. Marc admired what he had captured. Jake was the more muscular one, but Brad's tight toned body was also pleasing to the eye. The guys mindlessly stroked their hard-ons as Marc continued to gently run his hands over the chests.

"Now it's time for more pleasure," he announced.

Marc took off his jacket and then his shirt. Just as Brad guessed, he was built like a battleship, with a barrel chest that measured at least 42 inches. He also was sporting huge, muscular arms that probably were 26 inches in diameter. Jake thought he could be a bodybuilder. His chest also sported a nice patch of dark hair that led a trial down to his stomach and disappeared into his pants below.

Marc unbuttoned his pants and let them drop around his legs. He fondled the now raging hard on that was evident in his white underwear. When he pulled them down, Brad gasped. A 9-inch uncut cock popped out at attention. It was thick and the foreskin was already glowing from a little pre-cum that had glistened the head.

"I like my men to be experts in cocksucking," Marc said. He could tell Jake was still a little hesitant; he needed one final push. "You can sock my large cock or we can talk more about the insurance policy."

Jake's resistance was finally gone; Brad was already fully under, and unconsciously began to finger his asshole. The two men leaned forward and put their heads on either side of Marc's dick. They began to run their tongues along the shaft, as Marc placed his hands gently behind their heads and guided them in the process. After a few minutes of their tongues running along the shaft, Marc stopped Brad, and turned the cock towards Jake's mouth.

"Open up your mouth and relax your throat," he said, as he massaged Jake's throat with his hand. Jake's mouth opened wide, and Marc slowly began to push the uncut monster into his mouth. Jake thought he would choke, but the cock slipped easily half way down. He began to slowly bob his head up down on it, aware that the thick foreskin was moving in his mouth with each motion.

"I need serviced more," Marc announced, as he took his pants all the ways off. He sat down on the couch, in between Jake and Brad. Marc put his arms behind his head, exposing the patch of dark hair under his arms. "Lick my sweaty pits," he directed the two. "The man scent will enhance your pleasure."

Jake buried his head in Marc's left armpit; Brad paid attention to the right. As Jake licked and smelled the pit, he felt an even greater sense of pleasure. The pit didn't have any deodorant, but it wasn't a rancid smell. It was a faint body odor that was causing his brain to have its own orgasm. The men continued for a few more minutes licking ever last bit of sweat from Marc's pits.

"I think you gentlemen still need a little more practice sucking cocks," he said. Marc got up off the couch and directed Jake to lay down. He guided Brad over to where his was hovering above Jake's head. Marc took hold of Brad's hard-on and guided it towards Jake's mouth. "Open," he said to Jake, who immediately complied. Brad put his cock in Jake's mouth as Marc pushed him toward Jake's waiting hard-on.

Marc smiled as he hovered above the two men engrossed in 69ing on his couch. Jake may have had problems initially, but he caught on quickly. He arched his neck and easily slipped Brad's 8 inches down his throat. On the other end, Brad was slurping down on Jake's fat cock. As the two continued their mutual pleasure, Marc came around and bent down in front of Brad's tight ass. He slowly pulled the cheeks apart, and began tonguing Brad's hole. He could hear him moaning, even with Jake's cock in his throat.

Marc stood up and grabbed the bottle of lube that had been lying unnoticed on the cocktail table. He rubbed a generous amount on Brad's asshole, and did the same on his cock. "You are to relax your muscles," he told Brad. He watched as Brad's asshole began to loosen up. Marc let the tip of his uncut dick touch the hole. "You are to continue to suck on these cocks," Marc said. "And you will not come yet."

As Brad and Jake continued with their oral pleasures, Marc slowly pushed his cock into Brad's hole. He was met with some resistance at first, but Brad eventually succumbed to the tingling he was feeling in his prostate. The cock pushed deeper, until there was only about inch outside. Marc slowly began to work his cock up and down into Brad's ass. Brad could feel his cock get even more rock hard, and wondered if he was going to put his cock through the back of Jake's throat. Jake never flinched but moaned in more pleasure as he felt Brad's dick swell with more blood flow.

After 10 minutes of stretching Brad's asshole, Marc pulled out his cock. "I think it only fair that your associate feels the pleasure of a good anal massage," he told Brad. He pulled Brad's head off of Jake's cock and had him take his cock out of Jake's now-experienced mouth. "I also think you should do the honors," he said to Brad.

Brad moved his position so he was standing in front of Jake, who remained laying down on the couch. Marc raised Jake's legs in the air, exposing his muscle ass to Brad. He didn't need much more prompting at this point. He grabbed the bottle of lube and slathered on his cock and in Jake's hole. Jake's endorphins were running so high at this point, he couldn't resist and didn't want to. Brad pushed his dick into Jake's hole; it went in easier than he expected.

Marc also had plans for Jake's willing mouth. He straddled Jake's head with his legs and lowered his ass into his face. Now on autopilot, Jake let his tongue push its way into Marc's tight cheeks and into his asshole. "Yes, perfect," he commented. "Lick my asshole." Brad started to pick up the pace on his fucking. His cock kept going deeper until all you could see was Brad's red pubes sticking out of Jake's ass.

"I want you to go faster," Marc said. Brad complied. Marc flashed one more grin. "Now it is time to cum gentlemen."

Jake's hand found his cock and he began to pump it ferociously. Marc let Jake's leg's go and began to work up a sweat on his uncut monster. He could see the veins bulging in Brad's neck as he was nearing the breaking point. Jake actually was the first to shoot his load. It careened across his chest and landed on Marc's meaty thigh. Marc could hear him moan even with his face still buried in his ass. Brad suddenly pulled his cock out of Jake and let go with a load all over Jake's chest.

Then it was the host's turn. Marc arched his back as his body blew a third load all over Jake's stomach.


Jake and Brad opened their eyes and looked around. They looked confused but realized they were still in a client's house. Their memories were fuzzy in trying to piece together the events of the last half hour. Marc once again stood in his custom tweed jacket across the cocktail table. "Gentlemen, I think you made a very persuasive sales pitch for a new insurance carrier. May I suggest we continue with the details this time next week? I have a client I must attend to in an hour."

Jake wasn't sure what he had said, but knew it had to be some good line of bullshit. "Why, yes. We would be glad to stop here next week."

Jake and Brad walked to front door with Marc. "Well, it was a pleasure meeting you. I look forward to more discussions in the future. You have my number," he said, pointing to Jake's pants pocket. Jake reached into his pocket and felt a piece of paper. He pulled it out and saw Marc's name printed in perfect lettering with a number.

"Good day, gentlemen."

The two walked silently down the steps from the Victorian mansion. Brad really wasn't sure what they said to get the sale, but he didn't want to sound stupid to his protege. Jake also wasn't about to reveal his own clueless memory. Instead, he decide to give himself all the credit.

"See there, kid? I told you stick with me and we would get the client. Piece of cake. I knew I would have him eating out of my hand..."