Brainwashed by a Cigar Master (mm hypno smoking)

You know you're curious. You think about it from time to time. You may imagine how it would feel to be deeply hypnotized. And perhaps you wonder.

Just imagine yourself so totally under another man's control, so deep in his power that your mind is empty, completely empty except for the sound of his voice, his soothing voice penetrating its way down so deep into your subconscious. How wonderful would that be? You would think of nothing, feel nothing... except, perhaps, peace and contentment - as his commands massaged their way down ever so deep, and then still deeper, probing, manipulating, altering.

Or maybe you would feel nothing at all.

Just clear your mind for a second and imagine: somehow you have allowed him to enter you and now he wanders freely through your vacant mind at will, encountering no resistance at all, adjusting here, and erasing there. He is changing you, and every change he makes fills you with greater pleasure. And you know it would feel so good to have him take control of you like this.

Yes, it would feel so good, you would have to surrender to him; you would give in to him; you would fall so far under his powerful hypnotic spell that you would have no thoughts or memories at all. Can you imagine how wonderful that would be? You would become so absolutely submissive, so passive, so obedient.

Yes, you would be helpless, helpless in his power. And it feels so good to be so helpless.

He would become your Master, and you would become nothing more than his slave, putty in his hands, and he would reduce you even further into a mindless toy and you would have to obey all of his commands without pause, without question. He would be your Master and he would lord over you: playing with your mind, playing with your body, and you would still think of nothing; you would know of nothing. You would be nothing. And you would desire only to serve him; you would hunger to worship him and obey his every command. Ever imagine how good that would be?

Yes, it feels so good to just surrender. So relax. Yes, relax.

Just relax.

When my boys come for you and take you, don't try to resist. Know that nothing but total pleasure awaits you. Or try to fight them off if you choose, it doesn't really matter; they're much stronger than you. They will carry you off, across the alley and into my space without much trouble. My boys will do what I say; they will obey my orders. And you will not struggle too hard, at any length, because somewhere inside you, I know you want this.

They will take you during the party.

It will be the leather party we hold at that dark place of mine, and so you be there, dressed in your outfit: those boots and your chaps and that vest. And you'll be strutting proudly around all the other guys, a flamboyant braggart pretending to be in charge, acting tough like you're some kind of top. You'll think you look like a big man, so hot, dressed up in all that black leather, dominating and humiliating the boys the way you do. Yes, you will think you look real good in that master's costume of yours, but I know you'll look even better once I have you hypnotized.

And leather parties are such great places to abduct an unwilling inductee, don't you think?

When my boys come to get you and drag you away, none of the other guests will come to your rescue. No one will even lift a finger to help you. They will all just smile and know. They've seen this happen before. They'll know of your fate; what is to become of you; how you will be changed forever; and so they'll merely laugh and watch, amused, perhaps delighted as you are hauled out into the alley kicking and shouting.

And so my boys will drag you across the alley and through my door, and down into my den where they will mount you to my wall. Your wrists will be held up above your head in thick leather straps, and your ankles will be fastened spread-eagle with chains. A large band will pull your chest against the bricks, and you won't be able to move. Struggle as you might, you will not be able to escape, and you will soon discover you like the feeling of bondage. You will discover that it feels almost soothing. So relax.

That's right, relax.

And now you won't look so much like some leather master as you will look like my leather slave. Tall boots, yes, and yet almost naked in my heavy leather restraints. I cannot wait to find you.

But you will have to wait for me a while.

You may spend the time tugging at the straps around your wrists. You may pull at the shackles around your legs. Pull hard if you want, you will not be able to escape. The leather is stronger than you. The chains are very heavy. And there's something about being bound that will make you feel weak, make you feel good, and you will begin to realize that it's useless to struggle, and you will realize just how helpless you are, and you will know what is coming and you may start to feel afraid.

You cannot escape what I am going to do to you.

Through all this, my boys will just stand around you, quietly watching you while you strain against the leather. Call out to them if you like; beg them to release you, or try to bribe them. It's ok. They will just stand there gazing at you, unable to respond to your demands. My boys won't even be able to hear you. They will just stand there silently watching you.

For at one time or another, each one of my boys has met his fate while fastened in those very same restraints, just as you, though none of them can remember. I have erased their memories. Each one of them had been strong willed, tough minded, independent men, and had fought me hard, and tried to resist, just as you will, and yet they all eventually surrendered to me, and slipped down into their peaceful, private oblivion, and you can see how blissfully content they now look in their obedient, mindless reverie. And you will know that you are about to become one of them. Yes, you may feel a little fear, but deep down, I know you desire this.

I have been studying you, my friend, and yes, somewhere, way down deep inside of you, I know you want to be mindfucked.

Mindfucked, yes, that sounds good to you, doesn't it? But you will have to wait.

And after a while, you will see me approach.

I always bring a big cigar; I enjoy a fine, enormous cigar for a moment like this; I like to celebrate while I hypnotize my captives. I'll make you watch me as I slowly light it. I pull out my big maduro, and set the flame to it, and carefully puff it to life while you watch trapped in your chains. You will know what is coming. You will not be able to escape. And you know you will not be able to resist once I begin.

Hang on tight to your conscious mind, my little friend. Grasp each and every last conscious memory. They are going to soon be erased. Value each remaining second of clear thought. Soon it will all be gone.

And pardon me for gloating over you a little, but...

Until now, you may have thought that hypnosis is a voluntary state, however now you are starting to doubt. See, powerful hypnosis can be forced upon you against your will whether you want to believe it or not. And somewhere, down very deep, I know that you want it, and you want it badly.

Yes, you're going to like what I do to you. I don't mind telling you that before I begin, and I don't mind telling you a little about myself, and boasting about what I'm going to do to you.

You know what, my friend? I like leather. I like to wear leather, lots of leather, heavy, black leather. I also like cigars, big, fat, strong cigars. And I like to hypnotize men, leather men; proud, cocky, overconfident leather men -- and reduce them to docile, obedient boys. I like to capture a man and seduce his will. I persuade him to relax, to lower his guard, to let go; and then I reach in and empty his weak little mind.

I like to watch him as he slowly slips into that sweet, deep sleep.

I like the feel of him surrendering to my power. I like the feel of him under my power. And I want you next. I am going to have you next. I will enjoy putting you down deep, so deep in my power. You will not resist; it's a skill I have and I like to use.

I pause to contemplate the heft of my cigar. It's rich and full and its smoke is thick and sweet.
But look at you. Held fast, you're starting to look positively scared. Your eyes are wide, almost frantic. You are begging me to spare you, to not go through with this. Yes, on the surface, you seem truly afraid.

But relax. Really, just relax. There's no need to be nervous. You're almost shaking in your boots. Relax, you can trust me. Don't worry; I'll take good care of you. No harm will come to you, once you surrender to me, if you will only just trust me. Don't be afraid; you will be safe. I promise. So relax.

My words are so seductive, aren't they. My monotone is so calming. As you hear my voice, you cannot help but let go a little, can you. Yes, that's better.

You are starting to breathe a little slower now. Yes, that's much better, isn't it. You can't help yourself. Breathe in. Breathe out. So slowly, so much better, you can feel safe with me. You're listening to me more clearly now.

Can you feel my presence? Can you feel my strength? I am standing so close to you and you cannot pull away. The restraints are holding you firmly. I am holding you captive and you cannot escape from me. You cannot escape what I am doing to you. I am speaking directly to you, directly inside your mind, and you cannot block my words. Argue at first, if you like. Shout loudly, even. It doesn't matter. I am going to keep speaking to you in this nice, quiet, penetrating voice that you cannot deny, and I will soon make you fall silent.

And you watch me puff on my cigar. I smoke it slowly, quietly, intently, making everything seem so calm and safe. You can see that something about it makes me a real Master but you don't know why. And your vision is starting to blur. Your eyes are starting to glaze over. You are starting to blink more rapidly. Try to focus on me. Try to focus on my cigar. And your sight continues to blur even more.

Yes, that's it. Just relax. Much better. Oh yes, just watching you weaken makes me laugh a little; watching you makes me smile because:

I am going to hypnotize you down deep into the deepest, most wonderful sleep you've ever imagined. And then I am going to turn you into my plaything, my toy. You cannot escape from this fate: I am going to hypnotize you against your will, and I will erase your mind and make you believe everything I tell you. I will reduce you to a mindless sex slave and you will obey all my commands.

And though you shake your head side to side no, your cock has betrayed you: it already stands fully erect, naked, reaching for me, wagging in silent anticipation like a puppy's tail, telling me what I already know: you want this. You desire this.

So I take your cock in my hand, and hold it and stroke it, and you try to pull away, but you are still held fast by the leather and you cannot stop me from doing this. Look down and see: your cock has already become warm and happy in my hands. It has already surrendered to my touch and is responding obediently. I am using your cock to flood your mind with pleasure... making it still harder for you to think, harder to resist. It feels so good, doesn't it?

Now look back up at me. Watch me. Watch my cigar. Watch as I move it slowly back and forth. The smoke is filling the room as I speak, so thick, so heavy; it is all so intoxicating.

Notice how peaceful everything is, the room is so quiet, my boys are standing so still at attention. Their heads are hanging low, their mouths half open with that dull look in their eyes, staring without expression. Their minds are so vacant and they look so truly content. They are completely at peace. And soon you will be just like them. You will become one of them. That's starting to sound good to you, isn't it.

So relax and just concentrate on my voice. Yes, concentrate on my voice. All you can hear is my voice, nothing else, no sounds, no distractions. Just my voice. Concentrate and relax.

Now, look into my eyes, do not look away, you cannot look away. Look deep. Lose yourself in my eyes and let yourself fall in deeper. I can see you weaken. I can see you lowering your guard, I can make you surrender.

And I continue to savor my big, celebratory cigar as I watch you slip away. I let the smoke fill the room and I smile at you as you surrender. And I command you to:

Breathe in. Breathe out. Slowly. Every time you exhale, a few of your thoughts are lost. Breathe in. Breathe out. Every time you exhale a little of your memory goes out with your breath. What were you just thinking? You cannot remember. Let it go. It feels so good to let your mind become empty. Your mind is becoming so very empty.

And all you know is the sound of my voice.

Yes, concentrate on my voice. Relax, and concentrate on my voice. All you hear is my voice. Relax. Relax and follow my voice. Down deeper. Deeper. Deeper still.

I promise I will always watch over you and take care of you. You know that you can trust me. Let me hear you say that you can trust me. Let me hear you say that you are safe in my hands. Let me hear you say that you will always obey me. Let me hear you say that you are falling still deeper into my power.

And as I lead you down into that wonderful, blissful, oblivion, I enjoy my big, masterful cigar even more. I flourish it, and wave it in front of your wonderfully vacant eyes, and I know that you are ready to join the rest of my dull faced, brainwashed slave boys. I look around at them, all hot and sexy and naked in their leather harnesses and slave collars, and I pull your own collar out of my belt. And you continue to softly agree with my commands.

I make you repeat: “I am your slave, I am your slave, I am your slave."

And I listen to you respond: “I will obey my Master, I will obey my Master, I will obey my Master."

Now your eyes are locked on the big, shiny, black leather collar swinging slowly back and forth before you. Back and forth, you cannot see anything but the heavy collar that awaits you. And I gloat over you, sneer at you, and puff on my cigar as I enjoy your final surrender.

Just look at you now: totally relaxed, motionless, that sweet expression on your face: those flushed cheeks, those hollow eyes, that docile gaze, that vacant smile.

You feel better than you have ever felt before. You know that every command I give will make you feel still better and better. Yes, you will obey my commands. You will obey all my commands. You will concentrate on my voice and you will obey, and you will let me to brainwash you deep into the night. And your mind will be so empty and open to my commands.

And finally, you will lower your head and allow me to place your collar around your naked neck. And when you raise your head, you will look so truly happy in your wonderful, mindfucked trance. But by now you will be so deep in my power, you will no longer be aware of anything but my presence, and you will never, ever again be aware of the world around you. From now on, you will exist only in my special world.

And for the next hour I will continue to massage your mind, and you will still gaze at me through your distant, foggy eyes, and smile your stupid, vapid smile, and you will allow me to brainwash you, and you will happily believe everything I tell you.

You are nothing but a mindless slave. You were never anything but a mindless, mindcontrolled slave. You will never, ever be anything but a mindless, mindcontrolled, obedient sex slave. And you will agree with everything I say without question, without thought, and without pause. Everything I tell you will become true. And you will forever be my toy.

The time will grow late. Very late. Too late.

And at last, I will release you from the restraints, and I then I will lead you back across the alley, and back to the party, and you will now be totally naked, collared, and leashed. You will happily follow me back to your ultimate, public humiliation. And I will be wielding a new, even bigger victory cigar.

And all the other guests will have been awaiting your return, knowing what fate has befallen you. They have been expecting you, my friend, and will delight in the change that has occurred in you. They will tease you, and play with you, and laugh at you, and make you obey. Yes, even the boys you had lorded over earlier, the ones who had arrived dressed as slaves, will sense your total submission, your absolute helplessness, and will for once enjoy acting like tough masters and will want to dominate you. They will exact their revenge.

All of us will take advantage of you, and make fun of you, and you will worship and obey us, and service us, every one. All night long we will use you for our amusement and our enjoyment. You will grovel, and worship, and obey, and lick and suck, and before the night is over, we will each have emptied our cum all over your sweet, sappy, mindfucked face.

And you won't even be aware. You will never know. And though you will not be able to remember, earlier in the evening, you had thought you looked pretty good dressed up in that leather master's costume...

Of course, all the guests have seen this before. They have all attended my parties knowing that some night one of them might be my next victim.

But tonight it is your turn. I will make you my slave, and now — and forever — you will just be another one of my boys.

So relax; just relax.

That's right, relax.