The Cigar Event (smoking)

They call it ‘a cigar event’ and my boss insisted I attend with him even though you know how much I don’t like cigars.

But it was being held at the cigar shop right next to the office and I had little choice but to go, even though I really didn’t want to. And talk about feeling like a fish out of water, the place was full of thick smoke.

It was a large shop and there were so many guys there of all shapes and ages and races. There were older men and some younger ones too, standing around in small groups. Some of them had thick hair and others were shaved clean. Some had goatees and others had full beards, and they were all as different as night and day, but they were all smoking on these great big ugly cigars. “The cigar of the day”, it was called, and the air was filled with it, and they all seemed to be enjoying it, and enjoying each other’s company, but without wanting a cigar myself of course, I was out of place and I felt more comfortable standing alone.

My boss though, seemed to fit right in, smoking on one of those goliath cigars and acting as if everyone there was an old friend. And from time to time, I’d see him point me out to his friends and they’d nod at me, and then they’d smile to each other. There was a whole lot of smiling going around. But I preferred to keep a low profile, and was counting the minutes figuring that, having shown up at all, I really didn’t need to stay long.

Then I noticed one guy looking at me, and he was a heavyset man with a beard, and he eventually approached me, and engaged me in casual conversation. He was smoking on a cigar of his own, smoking very slowly a big fat cigar, flourishing it, luxuriating in it, and something about his manner gave him a certain, undeniable presence.

And eventually he pulled me away from the others as if he had some secret to share with me alone, and in a low, deep voice, he confided in me the strangest thing. He said that he was into hypnosis. He liked to hypnotize men.

And he said to me:
“I like tricking them and hypnotizing them before they even realize what I’m doing to them. I can even entrap them and hypnotize them against their will if I want to, and it’s a turn on for me to force some good looking guy into deep, utter hypnosis.”

That is exactly what the heavyset man said to me, and as he placed his cigar back into his mouth, he looked at me very closely.

Then he continued “All I have to do is catch my intended victim at the right moment, and spend a minute talking to him about some relaxing image, making sure that he’s paying attention to me and becoming slightly confused. Then while I’ve got him dazed, and I have his attention on my voice, I gently reach and take a hold of his hand and begin to press on it. I press on his hand, making him focus on the feeling as he listens to me speak. And just as he starts to look down at where I’m pressing, I pull quickly on his hand, and I effectively ‘yank’ his mind free, breaking his train of thought just as I’m telling him that he must clear his mind and focus on my voice.”

I must have been staring incredulously at this big, bearded stranger with that big, smoky cigar in his mouth, but he just took a relaxing puff on his cigar, and kept talking -- so very quietly -- so that the others wouldn’t hear.

“For the next few seconds, his mind is completely caught up by what I’m saying to him and so I only need to speak to him firmly, keeping him from forming any new thoughts of his own, telling him that he is relaxing, and that he wants to relax, and that he needs to relax, and that he cannot resist me. He always slips into a light trance.

“It’s a fragile moment. I cannot break my stride. I need to continue right on telling him to focus on my voice and that he must relax, steadily reinforcing in his mind that he is sliding under my control. ‘You cannot fight it. Do not try to resist. You must relax and focus on my voice. You must obey my voice.’ And my victim continues to sink deeper and deeper into his pleasant trance, not aware at all that he’s doing so.

“And once I have him safely past the light trance state, he becomes very placid and submissive, and he is willingly focusing on my voice, so I can take my time to deepen the trance in him, putting him under my complete control.

“The whole procedure takes only minutes, and I admit that it’s a big turn on for me watching my victim’s expression go so quickly from ‘conscious and alert’ to slack jawed, dumb and vacant. I like to stand there just watching him with that dull, passive look on his face, knowing that he has fallen for my trick, and is now completely mindless in my power.

“I swear, hypnotizing some hot looking guy gets my dick incredibly hard.

“So I keep telling him over and over again that he will do anything I tell him to and that he won’t remember anything afterwards. I put a block on his mental recording system so he won’t be able to recall anything I make him do. And he just stands there so deep under hypnosis, and softly agrees with me that he won’t remember anything that we do, and that only serves to make my dick even harder.”

The big bearded man then formed a broad smile around his cigar.

“And you can only imagine the things I do with him. Forget moral boundaries; if he’s under my control, I’ll do with him whatever I want just because I can. I like to put my subject through whatever I feel like, and he is never even aware of what he’s doing.

“Then when I’m done with him, I slowly and carefully reawaken him, using the time to reinforce his total memory loss. And I always like to experiment on him by planting various post hypnotic suggestions in him just to see how they’ll affect him after I wake him up.

“And when I count to five and snap my fingers, he shakes himself, and stretches, and I guarantee he has no memory of what I’ve just done to him. “I’m sorry,” he might say to me, “but what were you just saying?” No, my victim never realizes that he was my victim at all.”

And by now I was just staring at this big man, unable to believe what he’d just told me. And he watched me gaping at him for a moment, and then he calmly put his cigar in his jaw as he reached down and took a hold of my hand.

* * * * *

And I said “I’m sorry, but what were you just saying?” but he just smiled at me and then turned to all the other men who were now standing real close and watching me. And for some reason, one of the young guys there uttered a “Wow.”

Anyway, that is what that strange bearded guy told me while he was smoking on his cigar, and it was an odd thing for him to want to talk to me about.

Then all the men stood back and gave me some space so I could put my clothes back on. I pulled up my pants and buttoned my shirt, pausing a moment to pick up my cigar again. And they were all still eyeing me closely, as though fascinated by something they’d witnessed, but I puffed proudly on my cigar for them, and blew out a satisfying cloud of smoke.

My boss then asked me “So, are you enjoying your cigar?” “Why of course,” I replied to him honestly, running “the cigar of the day” under my nose to enjoy the scent, “I always enjoy a good cigar." Then I placed the goliath thing back in my lips and reached to zip up my pants.

And when the bearded man saw that I was again fully dressed, he leaned towards me and quietly spoke directly into my ear 'cock hard' and I felt a rush of relaxation flow right through me and my cock began to twitch a little. Then he said 'cock hard' again, louder, and my cock was suddenly rising up and rising up hard. The blood was rushing in to fill it and it was soon pushing out the crotch of my pants in a great big tent in front of me. And all the guys were grinning at me wildly but I didn’t mind. I merely unzipped my pants again, and pulled out my cock, now fully aroused and standing upright, and I began stroking it for all of them to see.

Then I clenched my wonderfully smoky cigar between my teeth, blew out another cloud and smiled at all the guys, and I gave them a show to remember.