Cigars in a Hotel Bar (mm hypno)

It was a typical hotel bar: soft lights, cushy chairs, and too much strong alcohol.

You were there on another business trip with the guys from work, a normal, dull trip to discuss business clients and other matters. And after the all-day meeting, everyone was schmoozing in the hotel bar. They were all just guys you work with, no one else.

And Jerry was there, a coworker and office rival, but he was being real friendly to you, and he was buying you drinks. And as usual, he was smoking on one of his fat cigars - as he bought round after round.
Jerry always liked to relax with a nice big, smoky cigar.

And he was talking to you about something or another.

The alcohol must have been going to your head; it's hard to say for sure.

But it had been a long, tiring day, and the soft sounds of the bar were so soothing, and he was just droning on and on about sales and business and market share as he waved his cigar seductively before you, making a large smoky circle in the air. And you eventually lost attention, and you drifted off while he was talking to you.

You relaxed.
And you let down your guard.

Dark, pleasant restfulness settled over you and you found yourself wandering through a quiet room. You were following the scent of cigar smoke, and as you walked, some voice kept telling you to just keep relaxing deeper and deeper. Each step was taking you down, down, down so deep.
It felt so good to relax and go deep.

And then you were in an elevator, and as it rose, the air filled with the thick, sweet smell of cigar, and the numbers counted off their slow monotonous tones and you relaxed even deeper. There was nothing to fear.
There was no need to resist.

Then there was a long, dimly lit hallway with soft plush carpeting. And as you followed the smoke down the silent hall you fell still deeper until a euphoric contentment finally overcame you. And you were enjoying the sound of the voice rustling so deep through your mind. Just relax, it said, and it all felt so good.

Then there was a heavy door, and a key, and you were led in, and you let the dark peacefulness of absolute surrender take you completely.

And when later you opened your eyes again, you found yourself gazing up at a powerful leather man and you recognized him as your Master. 

He had removed his suit and tie, and had donned the trappings of leather, the boots, the chaps, the cap, and the black armbands. And he had bared his beautiful, broad chest for you and you were hungering for his chest. And you were gazing into his eyes, and you were gazing at his great smoky cigar.

You were transfixed by the sight of his great cigar - for that was what had you so deep in his power.
And all you wanted was to serve him.

And he told you that you were now his boy, and that all you wanted was to obey him. And he told you that you were going to worship him and serve him and even suck his cock for him. And you moved close over his magnificent cock, drooling to take it in.

Then he added, almost off hand, that you were also going to hand all your business clients over to him, and that made you feel so glad.

And so you happily agreed "Yes Master. You may have all my clients."

And then he allowed you to swallow him whole.


Now just look back at the picture, and look at his face, and at his cigar. It's nice.