Hardhats and Hazing (mm hypno)

This is how it all happened. Yes, this is how it happened that our whole crew got hypnotized, even Lopez. But see, it didn’t start with all of us at once; no, it started with the new guy.

There was already an orange sign on the shoulder of the four-lane blacktop warning drivers of ‘ROAD WORK AHEAD’ but our crew wasn’t working yet. We hadn’t been given the go-ahead. The men had spent the entire morning transporting all the heavy equipment to the site and had parked it all safely below the roadway to let the traffic pass. We were ready to begin the job but now we were on hold, waiting, killing time under the sun.

It was afternoon – in the heat of the construction season.

Our foreman was beside his truck and talking loudly on the phone with the main office. “What do you mean, ‘hold off starting the work’? What are we supposed to do here?” He was shouting now. There were paperwork problems back at the office, some signature was missing somewhere and the contract had been challenged. “But we’re ready to start - Now! Should I send the crew home for the day, or what?”

We all frowned and waited for the answer. Marco began kicking stones at the grader, and Rico pressed his fist against the Cat dozer in silent anger. This had happened to the crew before. It hadn’t been a good year.

“Damn county bureaucrats” the boss muttered as he put down his phone. “Gentlemen, listen up.” The boss always addresses the crew as ‘gentlemen’.

But, of course, we aren’t.

“The job is on hold until they fix the contract. We’re to wait here because the whole misunderstanding should be cleared up soon.” And so everyone sat down grumbling, each man finding a box or a seat of some kind. The air was awfully thick and dusty, and the smell of the asphalt machine was already strong. But there was nothing to do but wait.

What to do. What to do. All the equipment sitting idle. What to do. What to do. Damn waste of time. What to do. What to do.

This had been a bad year for the crew.

And then things began to look up.

“Hey,” said Lopez, “let’s see if ol’ Silas will hypnotize the new guy.” And another agreed: “Yeah! Let’s get him to trance the new guy!” And a couple of the men laughed, and a couple just snickered. This could be fun.

See, ol’ Silas can hypnotize you if he wants to.

Silas is the heavyset, soft spoken black gentleman who operates the spreader. He showed everyone at the last office party that he is also a hypnotist (and a fine hypnotist at that) when he put Gladys under. Now, that had been a real hoot.

This afternoon though, he was perched quietly up on the seat of his spreader, high above us all as usual, and his head was buried in some cheap paperback; he always keeps a book handy. (He had just started reading the story but it had potential. The author was just describing the setting and introducing the characters.)

Silas glanced away from his novel and he looked down at all of us without saying a word. No one could ever read that man’s face.

“Yeah! Come on Silas, show us how you can put the new guy to sleep!” cried Marco. Marco, who operates the grader, is the guy who looks so nice in a dusty pair of tight work pants. And old man Silas looked over to the new young man sitting uneasily on the tool box, and pursed his lips. Maybe. Yes, maybe he would hypnotize the new guy, but only if the new guy agreed.

Now, the new guy’s real name was Jake and he was the foreman’s young nephew, a goofy looking kid with messed up hair. It was his first day on the job and no one knew what to make of him yet, a stranger, and a relative of the bossman at that. Apparently, he wanted the crew to call him by his nickname, Cowboy.

But, of course, the crew didn’t.

The new guy had exploded onto the site that morning, his first morning, shouting a loud “Ye Haw!” for everyone to hear, and had arrived in his faded jeep, spinning gravel as he raced recklessly onto the lot. He had skidded to a stop and had nearly hit Lopez’s truck, and Lopez was pissed, too. Lopez, who operates the loader, is the guy who looks darn good in a pair of construction boots.

That careless, stupid new kid; the bossman’s nephew was never going to fit in.

The kid looked pretty crazy at first glance, and he was wearing his namesake cowboy hat just like Gladys had told us he would be. Gladys, at the home office, had warned the whole crew about this new guy; she had told everyone how the boss had been pressured by family into getting the kid a job.

The new guy was already putting on some sort of cocky act. And he was trying to pass himself off as Texan or something, but Rico really is Texan and Rico thought the kid’s act was just plain stupid. Besides, this isn’t Texas anyway. Rico, who operates the roller, is the one who looks so hot wearing a leather tool belt.

Anyway, this new guy was pretending to be some confident stud, strutting about all tough-like in his hat, and boy, did he stick out. He seemed too goofy. Maybe he was just trying to overcompensate for something. Maybe he just wanted the attention. Maybe he just wanted to be liked.

But Lopez, more than anyone else, didn’t like him much.

“This is Jake,” the bossman had said, introducing everyone, “call him Cowboy if you want. He’s my sister’s son. But I don’t want you giving him any special treatment, or an especially hard time just because he’s my family. He’s just one of the crew.”

But, of course, he wasn’t.

While the crew stood judging the new guy, the kid pulled off his cowboy hat, and replaced it with a hardhat. Hardhats are required by the home office at all times; it’s company policy. And yet, even in the requisite helmet, the new guy stuck out like a sore thumb and even he knew it. He had spent the morning avoiding the crew, and the crew had pretty much avoided him, and yet he had acted cocky and tough the whole time. Every now and then, for no reason but to get attention, he’d let out another of his annoying Ye Haw-s and the crew all just shook their heads.

So it should be no surprise that soon enough, it came to all the guys calling out: “Do it, Silas! Come on, hypnotize the new guy!”

Ol’ Silas, book still in hand, was looking down upon everyone from his seat high on the spreader, taking his sweet time to consider the request. His face, as usual, was deadpan, but he didn’t at all like being torn away from his novel. (The author had just explained the basis for conflict between the characters.)

Okay, he’d do it, but only if the new guy agreed.

Both Paco and Tony turned to the kid and said “Go on, tell Silas yes.” Paco and Tony drive the hauler. Paco, from Mexico, is the hot looking young buck with the tight ass, bulging crotch, and sexy killer smile. Tony is from Peoria.

“Do it,” they both said again, looking forward to seeing the new kid grovel. And the kid didn’t look nearly so tough all of a sudden.

Now you have to feel a little pity for the new guy, even if he was so damned cocky crazy. To be hypnotized. Think about it a moment. It’s one thing to volunteer to be hypnotized when you’re surrounded by friends in a friendly setting, and you know and trust your hypnotist. It’s quite another thing to allow yourself to be put under when you’re surrounded by a circle of hostile strangers with oily grins.

Just imagine having to willingly relinquish control, and allow an unfamiliar voice to talk you into a deep, unthinking trance just for the amusement of this pack of cackling jackals.

What might they do to you once your guard was down and you didn’t even know what you were doing? There’s no telling. What might they command you to do once you had been made so helplessly obedient to their wishes? Just imagine the possible humiliation.

Why, it’s no wonder that the poor new kid was shaking.

Oh, but the crew all really wanted to see it. They had all seen Silas work his magic at the Christmas party so they knew he was good. He had put Gladys down so deep and he had got her to croak like an old bullfrog and they had all laughed so hard, even Gladys. Gladys is great. Everyone really likes ol’ Gladys.

But just think of all the fun they might have with the new guy hypnotized. He could be made to hop like a frog, or bark like a dog, or more.

Now the kid was looking up at all the men nervously, from Marco, to Rico, to Paco, to Tony, and back. And the rest of the crew was just as insistent. It’s tough enough having to be the new guy; and now this. He could just feel the situation moving beyond his control. The ground wasn’t very solid beneath his feet right now.

“Hey, ‘Cowboy’,” Lopez leered, emphasizing the nickname as an insult, “you tell ol’ Silas you’ll let him hypnotize you. Ok?” Lopez was already planning to make the kid wash his truck for him.

And finally the new kid spoke “Hypnotize me? No! You’re kidding, right?” The poor kid was starting to sweat a little. “He can’t really do that, can he?” The kid had completely dropped his act with this new turn of events. He didn’t want to volunteer. He didn’t at all like the idea of being hypnotized in front of all these smirking faces; he didn’t much relish the thought of giving up control and going to sleep just for their kicks.

But, of course, he was stuck.

Earlier that morning, his uncle the foreman had pulled him aside and had warned him: “Look, Jake, you’re going to be the new guy and you just have to expect a little hazing. I want you to make a good impression on the crew so go along with it. They’re going to want to tease you some, and try to rattle you, and yank your chain. That’s what the crew does to new guys. That’s the way men are. Just go along with it and they’ll accept you.”

But his uncle had never mentioned, nor even imagined, that it might mean getting hypnotized.

Should Jake say yes? Should he say ok? He looked over to where his uncle was standing beside the loader, silently behind the crew, watching them all, but his uncle didn’t give Jake any kind of sign.

His uncle was being a good foreman now and was just observing his crew, as is his way, and letting them have their space. And he was being a tough uncle too, by forcing young Jake to make his own decision. It’s time to grow up, Jake. Sure, the guys getting ol’ Silas to hypnotize his nephew wasn’t what the uncle had expected, but he knew he had to let them have their way. That’s how guys are. Guys will be guys.

And Jake finally decided he’d better go along with it. He wanted to be accepted. He wanted to be liked.

He gulped. Then hesitantly he said “Ok, if you say he can do it, I’ll try it.” And besides, Jake didn’t really believe ol’ Silas could do it. The men around him all smiled a little broader, and the corners of their lips curled up a little higher.

His uncle nodded at him approvingly, and remained standing by the loader to watch.

Now old Silas finally tucked away his paperback, and climbed down from the spreader. The men all gave him a respectful path, and he went up to the kid and began his routine and the guys all gathered around close. They had all seen it before but loved to watch. They’d enjoy seeing Silas put the new kid in a trance.

Jake was uncomfortable at first.

Now Jake, don’t be afraid.

He glanced up from side to side at all the guys grinning at the show, knowing he was the intended subject of the show, and he wasn’t feeling too sure of himself anymore. But, to be honest, he did kind of like being the center of attention. And he began liking being the center of Silas’s attention too.

Just let yourself relax, Jake.

Silas told him what to do, almost wordlessly, in his soft spoken voice that none of the guys could hear. He told Jake it was ok to relax. And the guys all watched intently. Let your legs, and your hands, and your arms go limp, Jake. The guys saw Silas touch Jake on his legs, then his hands, and then on his arms.

This feels ok, doesn’t it? Everything will be all right, Jake.

Jake seemed alright with this, and looked up at Silas, and smiled weakly, not knowing what to expect next. Silas kept on whispering something into Jake, and then touched him on his chest, then on his forehead. Clear your mind Jake; now let your eyes close. And then Silas brought his hand slowly down over Jake’s eyes and Jake’s eyelids closed.

So far, so good; the guys had all seen this part before.

That’s right, Jake, close your eyes and follow what Silas is telling you. Feel where he touches you and your body just continues to relax. It can’t help itself, can it? No. Anywhere he touches, you have to relax.

Everywhere he touches, you start to feel warm.

Jake began to feel a whole lot more warm and comfortable with Silas. And wherever the man’s finger touched, the tension melted. The discomfort of being the new guy slowly eased. The site, the equipment, and all the guys watching completely faded from his thoughts. And it all felt pretty good. It felt really good to be so totally alone with Silas. He could trust Silas. Everybody trusts ol’ Silas.

Rest yourself in his hands, Jake.

And Silas just kept whispering to the kid, and the kid just continued to listen, even though his eyes were closed tight and soon enough, the kid’s head fell forward and his hardhat rested heavily against the man’s shoulder.

The crew watched closely. And from the distance, the foreman watched too.

The kid was breathing so softly now; so slowly, so deeply, no longer caring who saw, no longer aware that anyone was watching at all. Let yourself drift away, Jake. Silas will watch over you. Silas will take care of you.

Let yourself float away. Yes, just like that. It feels good, doesn’t it?

Within minutes, the old man had Jake’s arms lifting up, rising as though floating and the guys all snickered. It was working just like it had with Gladys. Except Jake was a guy, and this was the first time they’d ever seen Silas hypnotize a guy. Marco started to chuckle a little louder: “the kid’s going down deep now,” he muttered.

And so he was.

Relax, Jake, and follow the commands and it will all be ok. Relax and it will all be over before you know it. The kid was starting to look awfully sweet in his peaceful trance, hardhat and all.

The kid’s uncle watched the scene for a moment longer, and then returned to his truck. The foreman had a call to make.

Eventually, through his truck window, he could hear his nephew starting to croak loudly, croaking like an old bullfrog, and all the men were laughing out loud at him, and the uncle nodded to himself. Yep. He knew this was just what the crew had needed: a little fun.

Morale had been a pretty low among the crew lately and a competent foreman knows that’s not healthy for a team. The guys really needed to have some laughs once in a while, and besides, this harmless little hazing would help initiate his foolhardy nephew into the crew. This teasing was going to work out fine for everyone so let the men have their little hypnosis show.

To be sure, Jake would be ok; the guys wouldn’t go too far; Jake’s uncle would make sure of that.

The night before, his sister had even called him about it: “Now look, brother, I think it’s great that you got little Cowboy the job and all, but you watch out for him, ok?” she had ordered. “You take care of him. My boy is so young and impressionable, and I hear those men can get pretty rough with a new guy on his first day. You protect my little Cowboy, ok? Promise?”

It was probably her motherly overprotection that had made the kid so irresponsible and foolhardy to begin with, but he had promised her. Jake’s uncle promised he would not let the men get too rough with her son.

And it was a promise he intended to keep, too.

Outside his truck, he could now hear his nephew croaking freely and all the men laughing even harder. “Look! He actually thinks he’s eating flies!” shouted someone. The foreman rolled up the window and reached for his phone and placed the call. “Any more news on the contract, Gladys?” he asked. The foreman had work to do.

Back at the circle, ol’ Silas decided to hand control of the kid over to Lopez for now. He had better things to do than take part in some silly hazing.

The kid was hopping madly around on the ground on his haunches. He was still in his hardhat, it’s company policy to always wear a hardhat; but he was croaking wildly, thinking he was a bullfrog, a bullfrog with big, buggy bullfrog eyes. And he was snapping his long tongue out at flies and swallowing them with big loud gulps. And the guys were rolling with laughter.

The little frog landed on a lily pad and Paco slid right down the side of the Deere, gripping his sides, grabbing for air. This was too good.

Between croaks, Silas bent down and whispered something into little Froggy’s ear, and the frog’s face relaxed, and then the frog turned to Lopez and looked directly up into his eyes. He looked up at the man and he would obey this man. And Froggy’s eyes became ever so blank. And then he relaxed still further and knew that he would do anything this man commanded.

Ol’ Silas, figuring that his work was done for a while, climbed back up onto his spreader, stretched his back, and sank heavily into the seat. He pulled out his paperback, and then he looked back down at the guys to check that everything was going ok below.

The little amphibian was now telling Lopez that he heard and that he’d obey. He was repeating over and over again that he would obey his Master Lopez and all the rest were thoroughly enjoying the new frog’s humiliation. “Yes, Master Lopez, I’ll wash your truck for you any time you ask,” the frog-boy agreed without pause, and he looked pretty happy about it too. Then he unrolled his long tongue and snapped at a fat, juicy fly.

Silas nodded to himself. Yep, everything was going just fine below. He opened his paperback and returned to his reading. (The plot was beginning to build nicely.)

“Hey, Lopez!” cried Tony, “Make ‘Kermit’ here think he’s a dog!”

And Rico had an even better idea; he ran to his car and dug an old leather dog collar and leash out of the trunk. “Make him wear this!” And the kid lowered his head and allowed Rico to slip the leather strap around his neck, and the collar fit just fine too, dangling dog tags and all. Lopez, of course, took hold of the leash.

And at Lopez’s command, the kid ceased being a bullfrog, fell to all fours and began to pad around to all the guys, whimpering and begging and licking their hands. They patted their puppy on the head and told him “you’re a good dog, good boy.” And they named their new puppy ‘Cowboy’.

“Fetch, Cowboy!” and the dog would scamper across the lot to grab the stick in his teeth. And the puppy Cowboy would return with the stick in his mouth, tail wagging, pleased and panting heavily.

Lopez even got him to eat a biscuit out of his hand. And after gobbling it down and licking up the crumbs, their pup Cowboy barked out loud with joy; a puppy dog is always happy to be the center of attention. A puppy dog always likes to be liked.

“Hey! Stop that, Cowboy! Jeez, he was about to hump my leg!”

He was so very happily hypnotized, floating off in his very own Never-Never land, pleasantly unaware of his own behavior modification. A trance can bring total peace and acceptance to such a suggestible mind. You’re a very good dog, Cowboy.

But, funny thing about Silas’s hypnosis, it spreads.

It may start with a single volunteer as its subject, but like a drop of water striking a pool, it makes a ripple, and the ripple spreads, and it can reach wide, eventually crossing all who watch. As they take part in the show, the spectators may begin to fall, ever so slightly, under the influence themselves, and their thoughts will begin to get cloudy with haze.

And maybe, just maybe, old inhibitions will start to fade.

And Riley began to feel his cock rise. Riley, who operates the Cat dozer, is the burly, red-headed bear of a man who looks so hot in an orange work vest.

Poor Riley didn’t understand why his cock had suddenly become so hard, but then he didn’t really question it at all. His cock simply reached up beneath his pants, aching to be touched. It’s odd what a man’s cock will respond to sometimes. Here was the new guy being so humiliated, so reduced, and becoming so mindlessly accepting of his mongrel fate, actually believing he was nothing but a hairy mutt and wagging his long shaggy tail, and trying to lick his own butt. And now, suddenly, Riley’s cock was beating hard in his pants.

He turned away from the rest, and adjusted himself, and then felt his cock grow stiffer. Please, it called to him, play with me now. And Riley saw one of the other guys biting his lip and reaching his hand down inside his pants too, and loosening them, and Riley discretely pretended not to notice.

But most of the guys were still playing with their new dog Cowboy and laughing hard, not aware of the pool of hypnosis they were all immersed in, nor of the tiny ripple of trance moving out towards them.

“Fetch, Cowboy.” “Now, come here and lick my boots.”

Silas, way up on his machine, high above the rest, took a moment to look away from his book and checked below to make sure everything was still ok. The new kid was now groveling flat on the ground, prone in the gravel, and eagerly licking Tony’s construction boots.

Yep, everything was still ok.

The old man returned to his book. (It was an adventure and the characters were all, one by one, being drawn into the action.)

“Hey, Lopez,” urged Riley, “see if he’ll take his shirt off.” “No,” said another, “see if you can get him to take all his clothes off.” And then “Make him do a strip tease dance like down at the club!” shouted a third.

Everyone agreed that it was a fun idea. But it wasn’t so easy. Lopez discovered he couldn’t just order the boy to strip and get any response. There was a barrier. Although Jake was hypnotized, he wasn’t that deeply hypnotized. There was resistance to the command. It was just too humiliating, even for a dog, to strip his clothes off. He didn’t say no, he just stopped and stared and refused to respond.

Lopez looked quizzically at Jake. “You are hypnotized. You will obey my commands.” The kid didn’t move. “You are hypnotized, aren’t you?” And the kid’s immediate response was “yes, I am hypnotized.” And the vacant expression on the kid’s face confirmed his statement.

His mind was so blank, his eyes were so distant, he was lost in the trance but somehow a barrier was up. He was so relaxed, floating freely nowhere, unaware, unconcerned, yet a deep subconscious firm resolve formed, and the subconscious guard would not give in. He would not dance. He would not strip.

Perhaps it was because of Zelda Of A Hundred Veils.

A couple years earlier, when he was still underage, he had sneaked into one of the strip clubs downtown with his older cousins. He tried to act like some tough, worldly man who’d been around and who’d seen it all before. He would impress his cousins with his cool demeanor; he would impress the women by being so suave.

But, of course, he hadn’t.

When he saw all those women wiggling nude right in front of him, he gaped like the green, wide eyed teen that he was. And everyone saw him there with his mouth hanging open, the kid’s jaw practically resting on the table. And Zelda Of A Hundred Veils saw him too and decided to single him out for a little extra teasing. Zelda is a lot of fun; she knows how to taunt the boys; she knows how to get the tips.

She shimmied up to the shaking boy and she tried to dance on his lap and she used her feather duster to dust his crotch. She went to unbutton his shirt and he shrank away. She leaned forward to give him a great big wet kiss and his head pulled back in fright.

His cousins were shouting with laughter.

And Zelda didn’t let Jake off easy either; she was having much too much fun with her victim. She even tried to pull Jake out onto the floor, to dance with her and strip with her, unzipping his pants as she tugged him out under the lights. If she could only make a total fool of him, the tips would come pouring in. She’d done this so often before.

Poor Jake died of embarrassment that night, and slid under his stool and spent the rest of the night cowering beneath the table – all to the whoops of joy of the rest of the customers and dancers.

He had been such a young lad and had been traumatized in front of his friends. He had played the fool and had paid. Painful memories lurked deep inside him and the barriers were up. He was not a dancer.

And he was definitely not a stripper.

“Silas, can you come back down and help us out here?” asked Paco. “We want to see the new guy strip!”

Silas hesitantly put aside his paperback, (the author had just provided an interesting flashback to explain the main character’s behavior). He removed his helmet, scratched is thin, curly, pepper gray hair, and then replaced the helmet. He’d do anything to keep the crew quiet, so he climbed back down from the spreader and the guys all parted again and gave him a respectful pass. And he walked over to the hauler where poor Jake stood quivering.

Possibly somewhere, way down deep, the kid sensed what was coming, and his resolve may have increased some. Subconsciously, he would resist anything that his hypnotist was about to do to him.

But, of course, he couldn’t.

The old man put his hand behind Jake’s neck, rubbed it slowly, and then gently pulled the kid’s head against his chest. And he placed his hand over Jake’s eyes and said some sweet things, oh so softly, directly into Jake’s ear.

What is it about kind, gentle old Silas? So easy to listen to, so easy to trust, just tell Silas your troubles and he will make them go away. That’s right, tell him everything, and as you do, all the subconscious memories fade. Listen to his whispers. It never happened. Focus on his whispers. None of it ever happened. Forget. All gone.

The kid began to breathe easily again, and he sank happily into kind old Silas’s arms. The man lowered the kid’s resolve a little more, and had him relax a little deeper, and the resistance finally just slipped away. It wouldn’t be so bad to be a stripper boy, now would it.

In fact, suddenly, all the kid wanted was to be a stripper, a great stripper, the best damn stripper in the whole world. And all he wanted was to show all the men a real good time.

Jake opened his eyes and broke into a wide, luscious smile.

With a great big, loud country ‘Ye Haw!’ he sprang up onto the bed of the hauler and began his show. He started by waving his hardhat in the air, and then he picked up an orange rubber safety cone and began circling it in front of his crotch like it was a big fat orange dick. And he grinned while gyrating his hips. “Want to see more, boys?” he teased, and he tipped his helmet to a jaunty, sexy angle and proceeded to dance.

And the men all shouted with glee. They jumped up and down and they tossed greasy rags at the kid. “Come on! Take it all off!” And they taunted and couldn’t contain their laughter. To heck with the bullfrog act, they’d be talking about this strip tease for years to come!

But now the ripple of trance spread just a little further out into the crowd and touched Paco and Paco fell silent. He was staring at the kid as never before and his eyes became hazy, almost distant, and he began secretly to stroke his cock. A hypnotized stripper boy; this was something new to him and it sure was erotic. Thank you, Silas.

Silas judged that his work was done here for now; the men would be entertained for a while at least, so he climbed back up the spreader. His old back was hurting some today, so he stretched again, swallowed a Motrin for the pain, then sat down heavily in the seat and went back to his reading. (It was a thriller and all the characters were being overtaken by events beyond their control.)

Meanwhile, back at the foreman’s truck, the boss was putting down his phone. There were still problems with the contract back at the office and the crew was still being told to sit tight. Damn, so little work; this was a tough year. It was no wonder that the crew’s morale was so low.

But he heard the whoops of laughter coming from the hauler so he knew, for the moment at least, the guys were having a good time. He could hear them all shouting “Take it all off!” and then louder laughs and he wondered what they were up to now. He wondered what trouble his nephew was getting into.

And he decided he’d better get out and check on Cowboy.

‘Cowboy’. How had his nephew ever got that silly nickname?

‘Cowboy’. He remembered back. Not so many years ago, it seemed, Jake had been a cute little boy bouncing on his uncle’s knee. He’d been such a sweet little boy, too. It hadn’t been so very long ago; where had all the years gone?

Uncle had asked little Jake what he wanted to be when he grew up and the toddler had shouted “Cowboy! I wanna be a cowboy!” It had become his nickname, and the nickname had stuck. For the boy’s next birthday, the good uncle had given the boy his very first cowboy hat, a small white hat with bright red tassels.

The boy had looked so happy too, eagerly rocking on his little rocking horse wearing that cute white hat with the red tassels.

And Jake had had so many more cowboy hats since then, each one bigger to fit his ever growing head size. And each one was bigger to fit his ever growing ego. Sadly, the boy had grown into a bratty adolescent, then into a crazy, uncontrollable teenager, and later into a goofy, irresponsible, barely employable young man.

Oh, what ever had happened to that sweet little boy?

The foreman came around the dozer and looked up at the hauler. His ‘sweet little boy’ was now dancing a wildly exotic, sensual strip tease for the guys and the guys were all loving it.

He thrust his crotch out as far as he could, and swung his hips to the left and let out another wild ‘Ye Haw!’ Then he began unbuttoning his shirt, one button at a time, oh so suggestively, teasing the men with quick glimpses of his nipples. Jake was awfully good at this.

Jake knew how Zelda and the girls had danced, and what the men wanted to see, so he knew exactly how to swivel his hips and arouse the crew, slowly removing his shirt and swinging it around and then tossing it over Riley’s head. Then he winked at him so enticingly, called to him with his finger, and undid Riley’s belt and snap. The guys were hootin’ and hollerin’; this was just too good. Lopez stuck a dollar bill in Jake’s boot and Jake began to sensually unzip his pants.

Marco had to grip the tire of the loader to keep from falling down laughing. “Stop it,” he begged, holding his stomach, then slid right down the side of the black rubber into a ball of uncontrollable laughs.

The kid’s uncle viewed this scene for a minute, his nephew half naked and shimmying like some sort of sex goddess and the men in hysterics, and he shook his head and decided he would have to keep a closer watch on things. The crew could do some crazy stuff when there was a new guy on the site, and they might just get out of hand.

He had made a promise to the boy’s mother, after all, that he wouldn’t let the crew get too rough with her son. And he was going to keep that promise, too.

Well, at least the guys were out of the sight of the traffic on the road so they wouldn’t be seen. And this little show was clearly helping the crew’s morale. Let them have their fun.

“Come On Cowboy! Strip! Woo Hoo!” The gang was going nuts.

After watching Jake toss his boots into the shrieking crowd, the boy’s uncle turned and left. He passed Silas sitting high above it all, his head stuck in his book, and said: “keep an eye on them, ok?” Then he went back to his truck to make another call to the office. It was going to be a slow afternoon.

Way out on the road, up on the four-lane blacktop, it was just a typical day. Traffic sped by as normal, never suspecting. One driver, a young woman named Zelda, now happily married and employed as an accountant at a bank, was driving her daughter to daycare, and as she passed, she saw the bright orange sign warning: ‘ROAD WORK AHEAD’.

But, of course, there wasn’t.

What was going on, she wondered. Where was the crew? Zelda could not see, nor could she have ever guessed what show was taking place down below. She drove on past with her little girl to daycare.

Below her, behind the jersey wall and down the embankment just out of sight, were all the parked cars, the trucks, and the one faded jeep, all empty. The site foreman was standing next to his truck, checking in by phone with someone named Gladys at the home office somewhere. Behind the foreman was all the heavy equipment sitting idle. A heavyset black gentleman was sitting quietly, reading on the spreader.

But behind all the equipment was where the action was. Around the hauler, there was going on an act not even Zelda could have imagined: an exotic, sexual strip tease like none before. The boy she had once chased under the table with the feather duster was now almost entirely naked, strutting about the bed of the hauler and putting on the show of shows. And though some had fallen still by now, most of the guys were absolutely whooping with joy.

And an invisible ripple of trance was reaching out still further through the crowd.

Jake was down to nothing but his boxers and his hardhat, and the boxers were coming off. Slowly, oh so slowly, he eased them down. He moved his hips to the right, and then to the left, and the boxers dropped another inch. He teased the guys and they were practically rolling on the ground grabbing for air between laughs.

Except, not Rico.

Rico had stopped and was paying close attention to the buff stud above him. His mind had become thick with haze and he wasn’t thinking clearly, but Rico smiled when Jake’s cock bounced out and it was an awfully big smile. And it was an awfully big cock too. Jake’s cock stuck out and bounced around in the air while he swiveled more. And a few more of the guys began to notice. Rico slid his hand down the front of his pants.

And the kid’s underwear flew right past Lopez but Lopez barely flinched; this was honestly starting to get pretty damn hot. A couple of the guys furthest away tossed a couple small pebbles at Jake in fun, but Lopez turned and stopped them with his hand.

Sure, Lopez was used to seeing the girls dance down at The Snatch; in fact, maybe he was getting a little too used to it. But this was new and this was exciting – the way Jake stood happily swinging his hard cock around and around and around in a circle for the guys to take in, and then around and around and around some more.

And Lopez’s and the rest of the guys’ eyes followed that circle as one, and now everyone sank into the haze, and the laughter faded to quiet.

Jake had a pretty fine bod. He was no model, no, but he’d spent the past year working some temp landscaping jobs, and the labor had been hard and his pecs sure showed it. His arms and shoulders were nice and firm. And that cock was really nice and firm too. Lopez found himself licking his lips moist; then he stopped himself; then he started again.

But more than Jake’s cock, there was something else erotic. Despite the shimmying body, the expressive face, and the suggestive smiles, the eyes told a different story. Behind the kid’s eyes there was nothing, only emptiness, a total vacuum.

The kid was even more deeply hypnotized than before.

And now that Jake was in nothing but his hardhat, dancing slowly, gazing at the guys through those vacuous eyes, Lopez grew an aching erection. And when Jake crouched down and blew Lopez a kiss, Lopez finally said to hell with it and pulled his cock out from under his tool belt, and began beating. He couldn’t help it. None of them could help it. They all pulled out their cocks.

Jake got down and sat on the edge of the hauler, swinging his bare feet, his cock still bobbing happily, and said “So boys, how did you like my little dance?”

The men all stood there staring helplessly, their mouths hanging open and their eyes almost as vacant as the kid’s – except for the look of lust. And they weren’t thinking clearly, but they were all stroking their meat and wanting much more. It took a minute for anyone to get up the courage to make the request.

And finally it was Rico who got up the courage, and cleared his throat and called over to Silas.

“Hey, uh Silas, uh, like, do you think you’d mind getting the kid here to give me a blowjob?” followed by a softer “yeah, me too” from somewhere behind him. And the other guys were all in agreement.

Silas was jarred up from his novel, (damn, just when the story was getting juicy, too.) And he peered down at the crew standing around Jake, and there the men all were, stroking their boners and grinning up at him expectantly, not caring about anything anymore but seriously hoping for more fun. And Silas sighed. Ok, one more time.

He grudgingly put away his book, climbed back down, and went up to Jake and made the suggestion. He whispered a few words and Jake didn’t need much persuasion this time at all. His eyes became wide for a moment, then so absolutely blank for another, and then he took the suggestion in and began to look enthusiastic.

Jake glanced around at the whole crew jacking their cocks and he could hardly wait to get started.

And so Silas returned to his machine, and to his book and tried to put the sounds of licking and sucking and slobbering out of his mind. When he heard Rico start to moan with pleasure, he pulled his hardhat down over his ears. Maybe now they’d stop pestering him. (His paperback had finally got to the obligatory, gratuitous sex scene.)

Yes, Rico was first. He went up to Jake and put his cock in front of the kid’s face, and Jake stared at it for a moment, his eyes following it back and forth while Rico waved it to entice him. “Come on Cowboy, you know you want it.”

Then Jake uttered a soft “ye haw” just for Rico to hear, and he leaned forward and put his mouth around it and took it all in and began to suck. In, and slowly out. And again. And Rico turned and smiled at all the guys waiting behind; this felt so good. And then Jake took a real deep breath, and put his hands back around Rico’s butt, and grabbed it hard, and pulled the man all the way in. And Rico gasped.

Rico was followed by Lopez, who had cut in line, and then Riley.

And now it was Marco’s turn.

Paco and Tony were leaning against the grader and had begun absently stoking each other’s cocks. Tony let his head fall backwards with pleasure; he let his hardhat rest against the hot yellow metal of the grader. This experience was new to both of them, and after a moment they looked at each other – and they made a silent agreement: later, tonight, they’d be together.

Then they gave in to immediate desire, drawn uncontrollably, and entwined themselves and slid down the side of the machine to the ground. And the gravel didn’t bother them one bit.

And no one even noticed.

One by one, Jake took them all in, and they all enjoyed the kid, and each shot their loads all over him, or into him. When Marco pulled back and the euphoria passed, he saw his cum around Jake’s mouth, dripping down his chin, and one drop running off Jake’s hardhat.

Now it was Janos’s turn.

Around the circle, other men forgot what they were waiting for, and forgot who they were with, and paired off to suck and get sucked: Umberto to Raul, Carlos to Roberto; all lost in their hazy trances. So for a very long while, there was nothing but the sight of bright yellow hardhats bobbing up and down, and the wonderful silence of deep, mouthful sucking.

And Silas turned the page of his dog eared paperback. (The titillating tale was rapidly coming to a head and Silas anticipated an exciting climax as he dove back into the prose.)

Meanwhile, back in his truck, the foreman finally received the call he’d been waiting for: the contract was corrected, and send the crew home but meet back in the morning. This was great news to tell the men. He paused a second. The site had become a whole lot quieter in the past twenty minutes or so. He listened to the silence and wondered what his men were up to. He’d better go check.

And the foreman came around the dozer and saw.

The men were all exhausted now, standing with their pants down in a tight circle around Jake, watching Jake finally doing himself, pounding himself, and they were rooting him on. “Yeah! Go, Jake, go! Yeah!” And at that very moment, Jake tensed, and let out his own fountain, his own geyser of champagne suds, and gasped. And then the kid fell back into the dirt and the empty expression returned to his face.

Yep, that’s what the foreman saw.

Jake was sitting all naked in the grime with everyone’s cum dripping, drying down all sides of him and running freely off his hardhat. The dust was starting to stick to him, too, and he was looking like a real mess – yet he seemed pretty happy about it.

And the foreman just shook his head at what he saw.

But he slowly nodded his head too. And then, believe it or not, he smiled a little. After all, his men were nothing if not predictable. See, he’s a good foreman and he knows his men well, and he wasn’t at all surprised that his crew had come to this. That’s just the way guys are. Guys will be guys and the boss knew it.

But the boss also knew it was time to step in before the crew did what they wanted to do next.

And the crew was sure thinking about it. They were all secretly thinking of what they really wanted to do to the new guy. It was Rico whose cock was now sticking out the hardest who was the first to suggest it. He bent the kid over and lifted up his ass for everyone to see, and it was a real nice looking ass. Rico asked the rest of the crew: “Anyone want to fuck him?”

The question was met with growing interest from around the circle. “Yeah,” said Marco, “me.” And a second agreed. And then a third. And even Jake seemed ready.

But the boss reached the center of the circle just in time.

Yes, he knew that the new guy should always expect a little hazing on the first day of a new job; sure, a good foreman understands that. And sucking cock is not to be unexpected. But the boss didn’t think his nephew should have to get fucked on his very first day; mindfucked maybe yes, but definitely not ass fucked.

Besides, he had promised the kid’s mom that he wouldn’t let the guys get too rough with her son. He had promised her that he wouldn’t let things get out of hand.

And he was going to keep that promise too.

He stepped right into the middle of the circle and stood right next to his nephew, right above dusty, dirty, sweaty, naked, cum drenched, ass-ready Cowboy and said: “Ok, gentlemen, that’s enough. Break it up.”

And so the spell was broken.

The spell was broken instantly and we were snapped out of our hazes, except for Cowboy, and we realized where we were and what we’d done. We blinked and stretched and shook our heads awake. And we began shyly tucking our still hard cocks back into our pants. There were words of disappointment, of course; that had been a lot of fun.

Paco and Tony were still rolling in the dirt together, arms wrapped around each other, locked in a long, wet, mouth to mouth embrace. The boss gently nudged them with his boot. “Ok, boys, you can stop now. Your shift is over.”

And the bossman continued louder: “Gentlemen, please,” and he put emphasis on the word ‘please’, “Please clean Jake up and get his clothes back on him before you wake him up. Ok?”

And you know what? The guys were actually good about it too. You see, the cowboy had made everyone’s afternoon. He had cheered everybody up as never before, and the crew is really a pretty good bunch of guys anyway.

Yeah, the crew is really a pretty damn good bunch of guys.

So we cleaned Cowboy off real nice, bathing him in a warm tub of soapy water from the tank. And we dried him off carefully with a fluffy towel out of one of the trucks and the kid didn’t fight the attention one bit. And then we dressed him back in his clothes, carefully stuffing his big, floppy cock back inside his pants and zipping it up safe. Rico petted Cowboy’s crotch when we were done.

And Lopez himself placed Cowboy’s hardhat gently back on the kid’s head too.

Then Silas sat him down, and touched him here, and touched him there. He pulled on Cowboy’s arms and pressed a finger against his forehead, and he spoke so low none of us could hear. And he woke the kid back up.

And the biggest, broadest, brightest smile crossed Cowboy’s surprised face.

“Holy cow! Silas, you did it!” he exclaimed. “You actually got me hypnotized! I never thought you could do it! Damn! And I remember everything too!”

But, of course, he didn’t.

“Shoot, did you have to make me croak like a bullfrog?” He laughed out loud when he remembered the playful humiliation of squatting down and croaking. And then he remembered thinking he was a puppy dog and he just lost control. The cowboy laughed so hard at himself and his laughter was like water and the guys soon all joined in. But the guys were all laughing with him this time, not at him, and we gathered around him close, and began slapping him friendly-like on the back.

He was one of us now, and we were really starting to like our new cowboy.

The bossman watched all the camaraderie and back slapping, and nodded his head in approval; his nephew was going to fit in just fine after all. And then he told all the crew the good news: the contract had been signed and we had a job to do. And everyone cheered and began to go.

And the foreman followed his nephew back to the kid’s jeep and helped the kid climb in.

Uncle put his hand on the door. “Hey, Cowboy, do me one favor. Tonight, your mom is sure to ask you how your first day at work went. And she’ll ask you if the men gave you a hard time for being the new guy, or if there was any kind of hazing or anything. You probably shouldn’t tell her that you let ol’ Silas hypnotize you, ok? It was all in good fun, of course, but your mom wouldn’t approve. Your mom doesn’t much understand the way guys are.”

Jake let out a wild whistle and a “Heck no, I can’t tell her!” Then he took off his helmet, and stuck his cowboy hat back proudly on his head and grinned: “She’d go ballistic if she ever heard! Let’s just keep that a secret between you and me and the crew; ok Uncle?”

For one brief moment, the foreman pictured his nephew wearing the small white hat he’d given him so many years before, the little cowboy hat with the bright red tassels. Maybe the kid hadn’t turned out so bad after all. “Sure thing, Cowboy, it’ll be a secret just between us.”

Then Cowboy let out his wonderful “Ye Haw!” for all of us to hear, and his jeep spun gravel as it made purchase out onto the asphalt, and into the traffic. All us guys in the crew waved and shouted to the kid a loud “See you tomorrow, Cowboy!”

Crazy kid, our Cowboy, but you just gotta love him.

And that’s pretty much what happened that day.

But one more thing happened, something really important. The bossman had noticed how much everyone’s mood had improved with just Cowboy getting hypnotized. And he thought about it a minute. If it had worked so well with one, then why not hypnotize all of the crew? And he looked up at Silas who was finishing his book. (It was a happy ending and the author was just tying up a few loose ends.)

And the boss said: “Say, Silas, I have an idea about how to really improve morale around here.”

And that’s how it happened; yes, that’s how it happened that we all got to be hypnotized, even Lopez. Why, that lucky Lopez even got to go first – even though the rest of us were begging “Me first! Choose me!” Man, we couldn’t wait to be put under. But Silas got to all of us soon enough, and the crew’s morale has never been higher.

So if you’re ever stuck on the road, brought to a halt by construction work, and if the crew seems somehow to be in exceptionally good spirits, laughing, waving their hardhats around with glee, and hollering hello to all the drivers, that’s us.

We’ve all been having a whole lot more fun lately since we’ve been hypnotized. And all the sex has been great, too.

And if the hot looking young stud holding the STOP/SLOW sign is doing an erotic strip tease just for you, baring his nipples, unzipping his pants, and swiveling his hips sensually for your enjoyment, well, that would be our Cowboy.

Nowadays, we have the hardest time just getting ol’ Cowboy to keep his clothes on at all.

And if you like what you see, you be sure to wave a thank-you to good ol’ Silas. Silas is the heavyset, black gentleman on the spreader who looks so good in a hardhat.

But, of course, any man looks good in a hardhat.