A Hypno-Christmas Gift (A simple tale of induction)

Sure, you would have done him anyway.

He's the perfect man, cool and confident, strong and dominant, and you would have gladly serviced his cock, wrapped your tongue around its head, and run your mouth wet all around his balls. You would have wallowed on the floor between his legs and made hungry love to his feet if he only asked. You would have willingly done if all right then and there.

All he had to do was ask.

But instead, in the most charming manner, he looked you straight in the eye and said that he wanted to hypnotize you first. He wanted you hypnotized. Yes, he wanted you hypnotized.

Hypnotized? Really?

This perfect man was sitting across from you with his legs crossed comfortably, and he simply said – with confidence – that he intended to hypnotize you, and that he was going to hypnotize you right now, and that he was going to put you under deep. He was going to put you into the deepest possible trance - just as he had done with so many other men before.

He did not mean to boast. He did not need to boast.

See, this man is a Hypnotist renowned for his skills, and he knows exactly which methods to use, which words to choose, and which tone to take with his subjects, and it is said that he has the power to put even the most resilient man into deep, prolonged hypnosis. So if he wanted to hypnotize you right now, right here, how could you possibly say no?

How could you possibly resist?

And then he looked at you as if he was your most trusted friend, and he said so softly that you wanted this – to be put in a trance – and that you needed it badly. You wanted to be hypnotized and this, he said, was to be his gift to you. He whispered that this would be his Christmas gift to you.

And with your heart beginning to race, you nodded your head in silent agreement, pretending that, yes; you were mildly curious, but only mildly curious, when secretly you definitely wanted to know what this great mind master could do to you. Just how deep a trance might he lead you in to?

No, you could not possibly say no to him.

Then in a voice so smooth, yet with a gently commanding air, he asked you to sit back in your chair and make yourself comfortable with your feet placed flat upon the rug. And then he suggested that you take a deep breath and relax; relax deeply; relax completely.

However, instead of relaxing, a nervous, childlike excitement welled up inside you as it always did when presented with the opportunity to be hypnotized.

Oh, that magnificent thrill of hypnosis; the possibility of just relaxing into the control of another man did this to you every time, and there was already that familiar tingle growing at the base of your brain. What was it about the chance of having all self awareness stripped from you that always seemed to heighten your sense of self awareness? Why did it always cause you to raise your guard? It was this most unfortunate barrier that had always kept you from ever really letting go. This barrier had kept you from ever really going under. You had never ever been able to truly experience the wonders of absolute hypnosis.

But there was something somehow different about this man, this Hypnotist, something different from all those others, all those lesser men. There was an almost hypnotic air about his presence, and it was said that he had special powers, powers that he used to lure even the most resistant subject down into a trance, and so you would do as he said, or at least you would try. You would try to relax. You sat there filled with anticipation, excitement, and the tiniest hint of fear, and you waited to feel the wonderful sensation of losing control. You couldn't wait to detect that special moment that you began to go under.

And you tried so hard to relax.

Now he did not speak for a minute or two; he just watched you there sitting nervously in your chair with your feet planted upon the floor, and he watched you like this, and he leaned from side to side as he decided which method to use, which trick to employ that would steal away your mind. And then he leaned forward to touch you and to study you more, and then finally, he began.

Do you remember how he began? Can you remember it at all? There was something he said about opening and closing your eyes. The muscles around your eyes - he had you focus on them and on how tired they were becoming, and he had you close your eyes, and then open them again, and close them again, and open them again, each time with them feeling more heavy and more tired.

And as he lead you through this continuing exercise, his voice became softer yet steadily more commanding, but you did not think about it. You just continued to follow his suggestions, closing them and then opening them again as instructed, and it took all your concentration. Your eyes were becoming so very tired and you were becoming so very drowsy and his voice had now taken on a more dominant tone, and as you focused on the muscles around your eyes, you stopped trying to detect the moment that you would actually begin to go under.

You cannot remember that precious moment, that delicious moment, can you, for your eyes were becoming so very heavy that you just wanted to keep them closed but he would not let you. And you were becoming so very sleepy and now his voice was becoming clearer in your mind, and growing stronger in your mind, and you were content to let his voice fill your mind.

And you probably do not remember when he finally stopped telling you to open your eyes. He just ran his hand gently down over your face one last time and your eyes remained closed and to your relief, they closed down hard, and it was nice and dark inside and it was good, and you were no longer trying to think of anything anymore.

How good it felt to sit so still in the dark, so relaxed. Your legs were now so heavy and relaxed. Your arms were now so heavy and relaxed. Your whole body was weighed down as though with the heaviest of sand and now your head hung down against your chest.

You were breathing in and out, so slowly, so deeply, so relaxed.

Perhaps there were a few stray, disconnected thoughts still dancing through your slumber, images moving about the bottom of your mind, but they were unimportant to you and you stopped noticing them. They were but furtive images in some distant background and you did not let them disturb you.

And as you floated happily inside your quiet place, in your peaceful, private reverie, he moved up close beside your chair, right next to you, and he checked you for the external evidences of the depth of your trance: the rapid darting of the eyes behind half closed lids, and your body hanging completely limp in your chair, and he listened at length to your slow, steady breathing. You were sitting motionless, breathing in and out so slowly, so deeply, and he observed you like this for a while, and then he quietly raised your arm and let it drop. There was no hint of resistance. Then he reached for your other arm and did the same, and then he sat back and he smiled at you.

He just looked at you, and he actually smiled at you, and then he proceeded to take you down even deeper.

Do you remember stepping onto the escalator? It was right there in front of you with its steady, droning mechanical hum, and its steps were going down, down, down before you. Your eyes were closed and you were surrounded by the calming silence of some large empty space, dark and relaxing, and at his request, you stepped onto the escalator and you felt yourself beginning to descend. It was carrying you down and you were descending, descending, descending ever deeper into the relaxing quiet of totally empty space. And when you reached the bottom, you were twice as relaxed as you had been before so he asked you to step onto yet another escalator and to descend even further down. And you felt yourself step forward, and then you felt it carrying you down and down - gliding down, going even deeper and deeper, and you relaxed even more.

There were so many escalators and an endless succession of floors, each one deeper and more relaxing than the last, until there were no more.

By now you were lying peacefully upon the rug beneath your chair, with your head resting back and your mouth hanging open, and you did not react at all when he reached down and carefully raised your eyelids up. No, you did not flinch when he raised your lids up to see the miracle beneath: your eyes had rolled up as far as possible, back towards the inside of the brain and they were rapidly darting back and forth, from side to side. It was almost magical. So he closed your eyes again and sat back satisfied with your near catatonic state. Your subconscious mind was now open to him, so open and pliable. There would be no barriers. Not a single guard was left at the gate.

Slumber so peaceful, slumber so deep, you had not a shred of resistance left within you. You were oh so completely focused on him that you had not noticed when he quietly stole inside your mind.

And then began the final deepening of your submission. You were at rest at the bottom of the last escalator, on the very lowest floor of your subconscious, in that relaxing darkness of empty space, and you were quietly removing your clothes and handing them, one by one, over to him. And with every piece of cloth surrendered, a little more of your being was taken from you. With each article surrendered, you were becoming more and more subservient to him. With every thread taken, you became more and more obedient.

And he watched as you stripped naked for him with almost gleeful eyes, relishing your absolute collapse into mindless oblivion, and even laughing at the pure erotic pleasure of it all, the incredible sexual joy of having your mind and your body so helpless under his command. But you were not aware of his delight for you had ultimately surrendered all to him and now you stood with your head bowed in abject submission, turning in a slow circle to present your naked body for him to enjoy at his leisure.

Your mind was as malleable as putty.

Do you remember that wonderful feeling? Can you possibly conceive of how rewarding it was? Though your mind was now nothing but an empty vessel, the expression on your face was one of blissful absolution; you were so deeply mindless in his power. And on his face he wore a devilish leer at having you so totally naked and under his control.

To tell the truth, the rest was mere icing on the cake. With obedience requiring only the faintest of suggestions, you were soon upon your knees before him and you were gladly servicing his cock and swallowing deep. You were consumed by the desire to wrap your tongue around its head, and run your mouth wet around his balls, and to merge with him whole, and for a long while you wallowed upon the floor between his legs and made hungry love to his feet, your master's feet.

Sure, you would have done this for him willingly. You had always wanted to and all he had to do was ask. But instead, you served him blindly without any will of your own, as deeply hypnotized as is possible, lost in the contentment of mindless obedience, not at all consciously aware.

And that made it all the better.

He had you under such powerful hypnosis that for you the whole experience will remain like some distant dream, nothing but pleasantly disconnected images just beyond conscious reach. But all that matters is that you were so completely in his power.

And now you are rising up, coming up out of your trance, breaking through the fog and shaking off the last vestiges of slumber, stretching again to reconnect the confused thoughts in your rusted brain, and you look around to take in the changes around you, and you find yourself comfortably naked upon the floor between his legs, and you find that you feel refreshed and good. So you lie back against his legs, nestled in the warm safety of this great man's embrace, feeling content. But he has one more surprise for you, a dark warning for you.

He has a dark, ominous warning that he wants you to hear.

He tells you that he has implanted a simple trigger phrase somewhere very deep in your subconscious, somewhere only he knows, somewhere no one else will ever find. And now he will be able to put you back into deep hypnosis just by repeating those few short words, and they will work like magic on you for they will make you slide automatically back into a trance. No matter how you may want to resist, no matter how you may claw to keep yourself conscious, the phrase will always make you slide helplessly down into the deepest, most obedient trance.

You do not have any choices in this matter. You will obey.

And he can hypnotize you at will, anytime, anywhere, and in front of anybody, even in front of your closest friends and family. And he intends to hypnotize you from time to time, no matter how improper the situation, no matter how inopportune the occasion. Yes, he plans to hypnotize you again and again, and to keep you hypnotized for long periods of time, effectively keeping you in his power forever.

Yet he gives you this dark warning while wearing the most sincere, warmest, welcoming smile. See, he knows that this was what you truly, secretly needed all along. This is what you really wanted to hear. This, he whispers, is his gift, his Christmas gift to you.

And likewise for him - for you are also a gift. You are a Christmas gift to him, and you are the best possible gift of all.


A merry hypno-Christmas to everyone.