Induction of a Cigar Boy (mm hypno)

I'm so glad we've finally had this chance to meet in person. Yes, I'm so very pleased to meet you, Steve. Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything? I like to be a good host.

I want to thank you so much for your fine letter; it was a joy to read. Just hearing about you and your love of cigars and hypnosis - describing how helpless you would become, and how wonderfully deep you would go... makes my fangs begin to grow.

I can just imagine the enjoyment I might have putting you so deep under my control. I would put you so deep under powerful hypnosis and I would keep you for an afternoon, or an evening, or just maybe, I would never let you go.

I would employ intense mind control over you and you would have no say in the matter. You would be my plaything and you wouldn't mind at all; you would feel so good.

And you would be such an easy subject, too, such a delightfully easy conquest. It's just knowing how susceptible you are to hypnosis that makes you so desirable.

And so, Steve, now is a good time for a cigar.

Yes, Steve, I really do enjoy a cigar, a big cigar, a great, big cigar, a heavy, smoky cigar. So you just sit back quietly in your chair right there, and watch me as I light it.

Knowing that you're watching me, I reach for one of my finest: a long natural brown Honduran leaf, a rich wrapper. It's an enormous ring gage; it's long and solid. It looks so good in my hand. It looks so good as I smell it, and cut it, and prepare it... and your cock begins to twitch. Your cock begins to grow. It always does, you know. Your cock was never, ever really under your control anyway.

As I take a flame to my stick, carefully making sure it's even, I glance up at you, and, yes, you're infatuated. Our eyes meet briefly, and you glance away, but I know. Of course I know. I can tell.
Oh, this is going to be so good. You are going to be so good.

I put my cigar to my lips and puff, and then blow on the end, and I can see you squirm a little in your chair. Pants feeling a little tight for you Steve? I'll bet you need to adjust your crotch right about now.

You like to watch men like me smoke cigars like this: a great big, hefty cigar; a fat, smoky cigar. Yes, you're a natural cigar boy and I can see it, but I want more from you, boy, and I plan to have it.

And so, Steve, I watch you through the ever thickening haze. I hold my cigar; I contemplate my cigar; I flourish my cigar; and I put my cigar back to my lips and blow the smoke out into the room. I can see you staring at me through the haze. The haze is filling the room.
The haze is filling your mind. Relax, Steve, let it in.

I smile at you, and you smile back at me, and you nonchalantly adjust your crotch. Don't you think I noticed, Steve?

Though you would like to hide it, you are becoming so aroused and I can tell. Don't try to hide it; you cannot hide it. You cannot fake it. You cannot resist. So, relax.

And though you and I have just been making pleasant small talk until now, suddenly you're having trouble completing a sentence. You're having difficulty talking at all. What's more, your face is giving you away. Your eyes are giving you away. That bulge in your pants is giving you away. Why, Steve, you're having trouble thinking straight. That's ok; I'll just do your thinking for you.

And I'll do all your talking for you too. You don't need to say a word. You won't need to lift a finger. Relax, Steve. Just relax.

Just listen to me, Steve, that's right, concentrate on my voice. Watch my cigar and concentrate on my voice. It feels so good to just listen to my voice. Let it in.

You don't need to worry at all, Steve, everything will be fine. You just relax and watch me smoke on my cigar. That's it, just like that; don't bother speaking at all, you just watch the smoke. You just watch me with my cigar. Watch me; watch my cigar. And relax.
Watch me; watch my cigar; back and forth. Relax.
Watch me; watch my cigar; back and forth so slowly. Relax. Let it in.
It's becoming so easy to relax and watch me with my cigar.
You're being a very good boy already, Steve.

Are you starting to feel submissive yet boy? I'd like that. So, relax. That's right; just relax.

As your eyes remain on my cigar, the fog in you mind is growing greater, and it is becoming easier for you to just concentrate on my voice. Clear you mind of silly thoughts, and concentrate. Concentrate on my voice. Listen to what I say.

See, when I'm enjoying a good cigar, I also enjoy a good cigar boy. Yes, I like cigar boys -- but I also like hypnotizing boys. And that's what I'm doing to you right now. I am hypnotizing you. That's right, I am hypnotizing you with my cigar.

That sounds good to you, doesn't it? It feels so good to you to be hypnotized by my cigar.
It feels wonderful knowing that you're being hypnotized by my cigar.
You're being hypnotized by my cigar. Do not try to resist, no.
You're being hypnotized by my cigar.

Yes, Steve, that's why you're feeling so good now. You want to go deeper, don't you.
I am going to put you under nice and deep and reduce you to a hypnotized cigar boy. You like being hypnotized, don't you? Yes.

I am going to reduce you to a mindless slave; a toy for me to play with.
You're going to like that too. Yes.

I am going to put you down so deep into the most blissful sleep you've ever known and then I'm going to brainwash you.
And it's going to feel so good to you. Yes.
I'm going to mindfuck you. Yes. And it's going to feel so nice. Yes.

So you just relax, Steve. That's right. Relax. Watch my cigar, yes gaze at my cigar -- and let me in.

I return my cigar to my teeth and take in the smoke. It's so heavy and rich and it tastes just fine. And I look over at you: your head is floating pleasantly from side to side, following my cigar, a contented, dreamy look in your eyes. You're following me down.

Yes, Steve, I'm sure you're going to like this experience. Don't worry, I'll make sure you like it. Trust me, you'll be floating happily in the most delightful dream you've ever imagined and you're going to let me hypnotize you deep, and you're going to let me keep you hypnotized all night. And I swear you will wear the most delightfully sappy smile as I strip away all your will and empty your mind, and make you so totally dependent on my commands.

I pause to contemplate my cigar; and I look up at you in your hazy reverie and contemplate you as well.

See, I love to mindfuck boys like you.

There's just something about the induction: the slow, gentle, monotone, the gentle suggestions, the way my words slide down deep inside your losing mind. I love to watch you weaken. I love to hear you agree with my commands with that soft, muffled, slurred speech. I love to watch as your face become so placid. I love to watch your head sink down in helpless submission.

Deep down inside you, I know you're just so relaxed and so at peace. You're just listening to my phrases, focusing on my words, and your guard is slipping away, your resistance is dropping away, and you are so content to just follow my suggestions.

And, Steve, you are going down so easily. I know your weakness.

All I have to do is... simply puff on my big, long cigar... slowly, confidently, and talk to you quietly while you remain transfixed. There's something about the way I hold my cigar; there's something about the way I blow the smoke; it looks so powerful to you. Somehow, like a drug, it makes you want to surrender. You cannot resist it.
Watch me, watch my cigar. Back and forth. So slowly. So peacefully.
So easy to relax and focus on my cigar.
So easy for you to surrender. And the room continues fill with my smoke.

Hush, just relax and concentrate on my voice.

What is it about cigars and hypnosis to you, boy? Why does it affect you so far down deep in your psyche that you cannot resist? You don't even know, do you, but that's ok. Soon I'll be able to reach far down deep inside your mind and then I'll know. I'm going to find out a lot about you. But I'll never tell you what I learn about you. You don't need to know.
And now I puff again on my cigar, and I look at you. I like seeing your eyes locked onto my cigar as I move it slowly back and forth. Your eyes have become so glassy, so empty; they're starting to flutter. That's it, just relax. Your will power has faded away. Your conscious mind has been drained away from you and your subconscious mind is now left unguarded, and it's so pliable and controllable and it has surrendered willingly to my commands.

Gaze at my cigar, boy, it's so relaxing to gaze at my cigar. You are sinking into a trance, a pleasant, empty stupor. Nothing bothers you. Nothing troubles you. Let your worries go and I'll take care of you. Watch me as I puff on my cigar and you know I'll take care of you. I'll be so good to you. You can trust me. And now you are so relaxed, close your eyes and let yourself sleep.

That's it, boy, sleep. Sleep nice and deep. So relaxed. Let yourself go. Let yourself drift. It feels so good to let yourself sleep, doesn't it. Let yourself sleep deeper.

Let yourself drift deeper and deeper into my control, boy, and relax.

And now I pause to enjoy this moment, and to enjoy my cigar for a moment. You are now laying back in your chair, totally limp, your body totally motionless, breathing so softly, gently. Somewhere down deep behind your eyes, I know that you are still focusing on my cigar, and I can see that your cock is still pushing against your pants. You have never felt this good.

And now, my cock is hard too, so hard because I have you deep in my power and I can control you all I want. I have you totally hypnotized, boy, and I like having you so totally hypnotized.
And still you're sinking deeper and deeper into my power.

I have removed all thoughts from your mind. I have erased all memories. Your mind is empty; blank. And all you know are the words and commands I give you.

And still I continue to gently relax you deeper.

I am your Master now, boy. Let me hear you call me Master. Yes, you're a good boy. You are my cigar boy. You are nothing but my hypnotized cigar boy. Say “Yes Master, I am nothing but your hypnotized cigar boy."
Good boy.

And when I open your eyes, they are totally empty, glazed. There is nothing behind them but the mindless need to obey my commands, and to serve and worship your Master. And your eyes fall on my cigar, and you become ever more my slave. And you smile vacantly. That's right, it feels so good; it just feels so good when you're being brainwashed.

And I'll get you naked, and keep you naked, of course. I want your body as naked and exposed as your mind is. You belong to me completely.
Your cock belongs to me completely.
Your cock is under my control now. It was never, ever really under your control anyway.

And your cock will remain hard, at attention, strutting out in eager anticipation for more, and I will use it as I use you -- and play with you for my pure amusement and pleasure.

But first, boy, fetch me another cigar and say ‘Yes Master, I must obey my Master'. You will always reply ‘I must obey my Master'. I like being worshipped and obeyed.
And you will serve me and get me another beer too, and your cock will be wagging happily from side to side the entire time.

Yes boy, you must obey your Master.

You are floating, drifting in my smoke, and all you hear is my voice and all you see is my cigar... floating back and forth before you. And all you know is that you must obey your Master.

And I continue to put you down so deep and you follow me willingly. And my heavy, smoky cigar feels so wonderful in my grip. And your cock feels so wonderful in my hand. And your mind is so wonderfully helpless and under my complete control

And the night is young, my cigar is new, and I have plenty of time. You will worship my boots, worship my feet, worship my cock, worship me, and you will worship my cigar. And I will reward you by patting ash on your chest and back. You're such a good cigar boy.
You are nothing but my hypnotized cigar boy.
Say: “Yes Master, I am nothing but your hypnotized cigar boy."
You're a good boy.

And I will enjoy playing with your cock and your body.
But mostly, I will play inside your mind because I want to play inside your mind. The greatest pleasure I'll get is from toying inside your mind, and I will make you say and do the silliest, most humiliating things -- and I'll laugh at you out loud.

And in time, I will order you to suck and you'll take me in full, and I'll lay back and enjoy your mouth around me. Oh yeah, that's going to be nice.

Then I will shoot. I will shoot all over you, cover you with my cum, and it will drip down your chest, mixing with the ash as it does. And you'll look up at me, unaware of the cream running down your chin and chest, and your eyes will be off in some distant dream, and I'll just wave my cigar before you and tell you: “You want me to put you even deeper into my power, don't you boy?" And you'll just smile blissfully and respond: “Yes Master, please put me deeper in your power. I must obey my Master."

And your cock will swell with unconscious desire.

And I will savor my great big victory smoke as I proceed to command you to surrender still deeper. And so I will sit here and I will flourish my cigar. And I will enjoy my cigar... as I use my voice to continually reinforce my power over you. You will remain in my power, and helplessly, hopelessly under my control until I decide I want to let you go, if ever I decide to let you go.

And then, boy, I'll kick back, and contemplate my cigar, and then decide what to do with you next.

Oh yeah, I really do enjoy a good cigar, a great big, heavy, smoky cigar.

And yes, you're going to be a good hypnotized cigar boy for me.
You're such a good boy.

Say: “Yes Master. I must obey my Master."

Good boy.