Relax and Enjoy 1: Billy (mm hypno)

Three very hot looking baseball players came into my favorite tobacco store on Saturday night. They played for the local County Men’s League and had just won their game, and came in to celebrate.

They were still wearing their tight sweaty uniforms, ball caps and all, as they made their way to the cigar lounge upstairs, and were being loud, and laughing, and boasting while they fired up their large, celebratory stogies. In a way, they looked a little young to be enjoying those great big cigars, but they were having fun, and had typical macho jock egos, and their muscles showed through their dusty uniforms, so I hovered in closer to look.

There was Johnny, the tall blond stud with his cap on backwards, smoking the large Presidente. He had an enticing country twang, and was the most vocal of the three, making sure we heard all about his skills with the bat and ball as he waved his cigar around prominently. With army training in his past, he acted the most tough, but I knew he would make a good subject and I would have to take him one day.

Then there was Rob, the handsome African American guy. He was a little older, maybe, more muscular, with smooth dark skin, a sexy looking goatee, and a charismatic smile. He sat back in his plush leather chair, comfortable with his hefty maduro, puffing slowly and confidently. I found myself staring at him; there was something about him almost hypnotic, and he looked up at me and smiled almost knowingly. He looked so cool, watching his friends through his own smoky haze, but he had some partner waiting at home and stayed only a short time. A partner... I decided he was off limits.

And finally there was the kid, Billy, the small, tight, kind-of-goofy, sort-of-Hispanic boy with the brown hair and deep brown eyes under his baseball cap. He was the one smoking on the long Nicaraguan, less sure of himself perhaps, and so I wanted him first.

I invited myself into their circle, joined in their conversation, asked about their victory — while keeping a close eye on Billy. And after a while, Rob went home, and Johnny headed off to some bar, but fortunately the one I wanted tonight stayed behind. Cute little Billy Boy seemed to like hearing me talk. He seemed tired, almost sleepy, but we spoke for a while longer and presently I invited him home to enjoy a few beers and to check out the stock in my humidor.

Billy accepted and was soon laying back in one of my easy chairs, enjoying my beer, and savoring one of my best: a large #10. This kid probably didn’t earn enough money to enjoy a good cigar often. And I didn’t mind him still in his dirty baseball uniform ensconced in my oversized leather recliner, feet up like that, flourishing his smoky maduro. The fat ring gauge was only a little larger than the ones he and his jock buddies had smoked at the store. And I was only too glad to offer him a third beer while he contemplated his cigar and boasted about his baseball skills.

I let him talk at length, letting him become relaxed. And I watched Billy pretending to be a man, puffing on his cigar, waving it around with bravado, and I watched him become drowsy. It was time.

Now I gently turned the conversation back to cigars, how they’re so relaxing. I assumed a nice low monotone while I described the fine brown wrapper and the perfect white ash of own my cigar and he focused his gaze on my cigar seemingly unaware that I was carefully moving it back and forth. Back... and forth... and I watched those dark eyes follow while I continued to weave my spell over him.

He became absorbed and began breathing more deeply. He submitted so easily. It had been a long day, I told him. He had played a hard game, his body was becoming so tired and heavy, and he nodded his head slowly because everything I was saying was true.

His eyes glazed over with fatigue, so relaxed. He had the sweetest sleepy look on his innocent face; so innocent, he didn’t know what I was doing to him. I watched my subject struggle a little to stay awake; he seemed to be wrestling to keep his eyes open. And then at my bidding, he fell back into the deepest most wonderful trance he had ever known. Gone was that macho, manly act, and he now took on the expression of a mere boy. And his beautiful, sleeping body sank down into the soft leather.

Damn, I loved watching him there in that moment of surrender. My cock was already eager with anticipation as I enjoyed my victory cigar; and I gently commanded him to concentrate on my voice, and let me take him down even deeper. And the deeper he went, the better he would feel.

While I carefully seduced his mind, I reached over and unbuttoned his jersey and pulled it open. He didn’t move to resist, he lay totally still, entrapped by my voice as I stroked his bare muscular chest. And as I ran my hands gently over his pecs and nipples in a slow spiral, his face was wonderfully placid, and he allowed me to open up his mind even more.

Then I unzipped his crotch and carefully pulled out his dick, still commanding him to focus on my voice while he sank down still deeper and deeper. He lay so completely motionless in his peaceful sleep, and I slowly stroked his swelling cock as I slowly stroked his subconscious with the desire to serve. He would trust me completely, I whispered to him; he would believe in me completely, and he would obey me without question.

And by now he was quietly agreeing to my commands: “Yes, I am totally relaxed,” he said. “I am sinking deeper and deeper into your power.”

And: “I will serve and obey my Master.”

My victory cigar had never tasted so sweet, and the feel of its weight in my one hand while I held his throbbing, heavy cock in my other hand made me feel wonderfully in control.

I told him to rise and remove his jersey — which he did willingly, quietly, blissfully, and then he proceeded to strip off all of his clothes for me. His entire baseball uniform fell limply onto the floor until he stood before me totally naked and so helpless in my power. My little Billy Boy was hot, his body was tight, and his beautiful dick was fully erect, aching and stretching for more attention.

And my hands explored his smooth body without any resistance.

My kid was floating in a deep, obedient oblivion now, with that contented look of mindless submission on his beautiful boy-face. His dark brown eyes were open, vacant, empty, and locked on my cigar while I stroked his cock and made him agree again and again with my commands, and I made him repeat them to me over and over.

“I am a slave, I am a slave. I will obey my Master, I will obey my Master.”

And he would start by servicing my boots; all he desired was to worship my boots. When I was finished with him, he was starting to drool with the desire to serve me.

And so at last, I was able to kick back in my own chair and enjoy my cigar, and also enjoy my new mindcontrolled toy. And while I smoked my big celebratory smoke, my slave boy worshipped me as he worshipped my boots, licking them and rubbing his hard cock on them. I savored my cigar as I savored watching my boy’s hypnotized, humiliated, submission to me.

I don’t think anyone can ever possibly imagine the thrill I get from having a boy so helplessly deep under my hypnotic control.

And all the while, he wore the most bemused, happy look on his delightfully mindfucked face. And I began to stroke my cock as I enjoyed controlling this naked boy groveling on the floor before me.

Eventually, I had him on his knees, squatting on his uniform, and I commanded him to take my cock in his mouth, which he did eagerly, sucking and slobbering as he stroked his own, until we both came together, all our cum dripping down his face and chest onto his clothes. And then I had to sit back and catch my breath.

In time, at my command, he silently put his uniform back on, and I returned the room to the way it had been. I led him back to his chair, I closed his eyes, I adjusted his cap for him, and I reprogrammed him so he would remember nothing that had happened.

Minutes later, I let him awaken and he again quickly assumed the air of an overconfident, young, macho jock.

Tough acting Billy never noticed that his beer had become warm, and he was only mildly puzzled that his cigar had gone out, but he relit it without commenting. And he wasn’t at all aware of all the wet cum stains drying on his baseball jersey. I had to smile, if the stains didn’t wash out, he’d have some explaining to do to Johnny and Rob.

But for now, I let him pretend to be a real man, and let him finish his well earned cigar, and I listened to him continue to brag about his baseball skills.

Finally, as he was leaving, I asked him if he and his friends would be dropping by the store again anytime soon, and he said yes, after the next game. And then he volunteered: “Hey, I should bring the other guys over here to your place. That would be fun!”

But of course, I agreed, bring the entire team.