Relax and Enjoy 3: Rob (mm hypno)

It was a just another warm, sunny, quiet, lazy afternoon until I heard the sound of the Harley revving right below my window. Seconds later, to my total surprise, Rob was standing at my door grinning at me.

“I just dropped by to say hello. Hope you don't mind." He said smugly. I was speechless; a thousand thoughts raced through my mind. Why was he here? How had he known where... ?

“Billy and Johnny told me you lived here, surprised to see me?" he teased as he entered my home.

I was caught completely off guard. Rob was naturally likeable, yet strong and self assured and so brazen. Plus he was so good looking; his magnificent frame filled my living room and still I grasped for words.

“I just came from the gym; is it okay if I bring in my bag?" he asked putting it down.

“Sure, “I finally answered, “I was just at the gym myself." and he added off hand: “Yes, I saw you." He smiled at me and I just had to look at him.

He was dressed for his motorcycle. Not over dressed in some flamboyant leather costume, no, but he was wearing tall biker boots, and black leather chaps over his jeans. Plus he wore a leather vest over a light, airy shirt that somehow highlighted his tight, muscular build. And, of course, he was still wearing his shiny black helmet. He didn't seem to mind the way I stared at his body.

Of the three friends that had begun hanging out my tobacco store, Rob was the hottest. He was mature, self assured, and so forward. He had wonderfully smooth dark skin, and a trained, and a muscle bound chest. And he had the cutest goatee around his most warm, winning smile.

The other two, Billy and Johnny, may have been good looking in their own way, but Rob had an inner strength that I found most seductive. I had desired to hypnotize him most but I had considered him off limits, and had gone for the other two. And Billy and Johnny had each, one by one, surrendered to my hypnotic control - though they had no memory of it. I had had a lot of fun with the other two.

But why was Rob here? He removed his helmet.

“I heard you had a great humidor." He laughed as he helped himself to my selection. And then, looking up: “Don't you have any beer?" I apologized for being a poor host and pulled us a couple cold bottles.

Rob reached for my biggest, finest Honduran without hesitation, and without permission, not that I minded, and he settled into the waiting recliner across from mine, feet up, with ease. He was so smooth as he slowly prepared his cigar, clipped it, and carefully fired it up. And he took his own sweet time to make sure it was properly lit, and he watched me watch him as he brought it to his lips. I do love to watch a real man smoke such a large ring gauge, it's my weakness. And he was so confident, so beautiful, and so assertive, this sensuous, sexy man. His wide, strong chest filled out his shirt, his dark brown skin accentuated his pecs behind the light fabric and vest, the sleeves pulled tight around those immense biceps.

For once, I did not reach for a cigar for myself. He looked so fine, I was content to merely watch and enjoy him enjoying his big, hefty smoke.

He saw how I was looking at him, but I just couldn't help myself. I could only imagine how his cock filled out those tight jeans. And I took in the sight of his dominating boots, black, leather; god, I wanted this man to be mine. I wanted to see him naked, and collared, and controlled. I wanted him to submit to me, and obey me. Yes, I wanted, I wanted.

But he just sat back in his chair, comfortably, and rested his heavy boots on the stool, and he watched me carefully over his enormous maduro and silently let his smoke slowly fill the room.

We watched each other for a while.

Finally he spoke up. Quietly, he said: “I know what you want," he paused to contemplate his cigar, “you want me." My heart began to pound, I didn't know how to answer but he continued slowly. “The way you wanted my Billy and my Johnny; you took them and made them your slaves. Didn't you?" He grinned at me around his stogie. “And now you want me." He spoke so evenly; he did not sound at all angry.

But I was speechless. How had he known? How had he found me out? What would he say? What could I say? He had caught me completely off guard, arriving as he had, unexpected, and now this. Still, he didn't seem at all upset; in fact, he casually glanced at his majestic cigar and let his gaze fall on mine, and I looked into his eyes. They were so dark and inviting.

And somehow, it began to feel good to just let him talk; his voice was gentle and relaxed and easy, and he continued to speak in his quiet voice: “Billy was first," he said. “When I asked him how he got those stains on his uniform, he couldn't answer, his eyes glazed over and he seemed almost to return to a trance when I asked. And then there was Johnny; he began calling Billy ‘Sir' without knowing it. Neither seemed aware. It only took a little light mind control from me to find out what had happened."

He paused for effect, adjusting his cigar, letting the smoke get heavier, letting the room completely fill with his smoke, and then he continued pleasantly.

“Don't worry," he assured me. “I didn't let them find out what you'd done to them. I wouldn't want to spoil our fun. You see -- I've put Billy under my control many times myself, though he has never remembered it. Certainly you must have noticed how easily he went under."

“And John? I had never been able to fully hypnotize him -- but now you've saved me the trouble. I don't know how you did it, but he now goes into a trance very easily. Perhaps I owe you a thank you."

I still couldn't speak. He had my undivided attention. This cool, strong man who I'd lusted for but had spared was like me, a mind master, and user of men for his pleasure. I was dumbfounded. I could barely think.

“But," I questioned: “don't you have a partner?" and he interrupted, clearly amused, “Yes, but he's really just another one of my slaves, and I do enjoy having my slaves. It's all in good fun. And you? It seems like you've had quite a bit of fun with my two boys lately." My hot stud adjusted his jeans and added: “Apparently you even have a set of shackles in your basement?" He raised his eyebrows, and held his cigar in his mouth at a jaunty angle, and grinned at me.

It was all so very seductive.

I laughed. “Yes, they come in handy sometimes. I had to use them on Johnny to get him to go under." I was enjoying this: two men simply discussing their mutual hobby.

“Ah, so that's how you did it."

And so he continued: “Yes, you and I are two of a kind, my friend, don't you think: both of us enjoying hypnotizing men for our amusement and pleasure." He stopped and let the smoke run out, and then added: “I think we could become close friends. I believe we can trust each other."

“Yes, I think so too," though I said it without really thinking. I was starting to relax.

“Yes, we both enjoy hypnosis," he droned on. “But haven't you ever wondered how it feels to be the one who is hypnotized? To just let go and allow someone else assume all your worries, it must feel so good to just let go." His eyes twinkled.

I shook my head no. I had always been the master. Now, however, listening to him describe it like this made my cock twitch a little. I felt my dick slowly, pleasantly ease down my loose shorts as I considered it. But I was enveloped by his warm presence and stopped noticing much else.

And he savored his rich maduro and his voice assumed an even more soothing monotone.

“Imagine. Just imagine just for a moment being so relaxed, and the feeling of just letting go and letting someone else have control. Have you ever imagined how great it must feel?" He asked in his calm, wonderful voice. “You just let yourself relax and let yourself go, go down deep. It would be so easy to just let go."

I relaxed just as he said, and it did feel so wonderful to let him talk to me like this; he was right, it would be so good to just let go and let him talk to me a little longer in his smooth monotone; but just for a minute. And I watched as he contemplated his cigar and then continued.

“Imagine your legs and your arms feeling so heavy, so heavy you cannot move them. Imagine yourself just breathing slower and slower. Your whole body becomes so heavy, so relaxed, so content."

I felt myself relax even more, my whole body became heavy, my breathing slowed. It felt wonderful to relax and allow the stupor fall over me. I exhaled deeply and let him talk.

And then there was the dull realization that I was falling under his spell. He already had me in his gaze, and I could not look away, and his eyes still drew me closer to him. I could feel his power increasing. I struggled to break free for a moment but I couldn't break his spell. His charisma was so enticing, and he smiled a pleasant smile around his masterful cigar, and he told me not to worry, and that put me more at ease. “You relax, and it feels so good." I forgot why I had been struggling.

I could not help but watch his beautiful face and gaze into those beautiful eyes. What could I have been so worried about?

And now he started to speak about cigars and how they helped him to relax, and he told me to focus on his cigar which he held before me, moving it slowly back and forth, back... and forth... almost imperceptibly. Gently he intoned: “Notice the dark brown wrapper, the perfect white ash; see how perfect it is. See how relaxing it was to just focus on my cigar. Focus, and let go of all your worries." Somehow, he knew my own phrasing, but it didn't matter; his spell was falling over me, and it felt so good to let go and allow him in. His eyes were so penetrating and reassuring as he told me to trust him.

“It feels so good to just let go and relax. Yes, that's it, relax, and let all your worries and stresses fade away. Yes, it feels so good to just relax."

Suddenly the phone rang once, just once, but it was enough. It almost shook me out of my reverie. I came to, sort of, and realized what he had been attempting to do to me, trying to hypnotize me, and I stretched, and I tried to shake myself awake. Everything began to come back to me. He was most impressive, this hypnotist, but I was the stronger. And besides, now I was forewarned.

I laughed at him: “Very good." I complemented him sarcastically. “You're a skilled hypnotist, a real professional, I see. But you're not as good as me!" I exclaimed. But he did not react, he merely puffed on his luxurious cigar so confidently, and paused, and smiled at me his knowing smile, and continued.

“Are you so sure? How do you know? I have great powers you cannot imagine. Aren't you at all curious?" His voice was still soft and gentle. The stupor returned, falling over me faster than before. He breathed so slowly, in and out, so comforting. He looked so masterful holding that wide maduro so close to his lips. And his eyes were still as inviting. I exhaled deeply and lost myself in his gaze again.

And I couldn't remember what I had just been thinking.

And his voice again wound its way down deep into my mind.

Everything would be better if I would let go and trust him. I was breathing slower and deeper, and his rich, melodic voice worked its way through my mind and all I felt was the pleasure of his control. “Concentrate. Yes, that's good. Just concentrate. And relax. Concentrate and relax." His commands took me down and my only desire was to serve him and worship him. And he savored his cigar with satisfaction, and watched me intently.

I allowed him to empty my mind and fill it with his wonderful commands. My legs and arms became numb. They became so heavy.

“Yes, that's right. Relax. It feels so good to just relax. Just relax. Relax and surrender. Yes, relax and surrender. It feels so good. For once, let someone else have control. Just relax and surrender."

He spoke at length his sweet seduction, and at last he commanded: “Now you will stand up for me." I didn't put out any effort, my body just rose on its own, and I now stood before him still gazing at him, content, at peace, truly enjoying his power over me.

And he helped me remove my shirt and then he helped me remove my shorts and I soon stood before him naked. He stood so close to me, so big and strong, still in his thick, full leather; but I was totally naked, totally exposed, my cock wagging expectantly, my body ready for his inspection.

He held his huge, smoky maduro near his lips with one hand as he ran his other gently over my abs. I stood utterly motionless. “Very nice," he said as he followed my bare shoulders down to my pecks, cupping them and squeezing them one by one. And then he took me and pulled me in closer, and he stroked the back of my neck, and he put his hot, sensuous mouth over mine and I felt his lips pressed hard against mine. And then he stood back and looked at me, and let me stand before him even more naked and even more helpless than before.

“You want to serve me and obey me, don't you." He said softly. I nodded, unable to respond in any other way. “You want me to be your Master, don't you, you want to serve your Master and obey your Master." All I could do was stand in silent agreement. “You want to be my slave, don't you, boy."

And he reached for his bag and pulled out a heavy, black leather collar and held it for me to see. He held it in front of me like a pendulum, swinging it slowly. “You know you must wear this collar, you know you must be my slave, wearing this slave collar, don't you." Again all I could do was nod. And then he placed it around my neck, and its weight pulled my head down in an act of further surrender. And I finally mumbled: “I must be your slave." And I had never known such pleasure. I had never known such reward.

“I am your Master." he coached. The strong, powerful, beautiful man stood in front of me smiling, waiting.

“You are my Master." And the euphoria spread through me. “Yes."

“And you want to serve your Master, don't you?" And I responded: “Yes, Master."

“Very good, slave, now you know you want to suck on your Master's cock, don't you slave."

“Yes, Master, I want to suck my Master's cock," I agreed, and my mouth began to water.

And then he lowered me down in front of his crotch, and he pulled his jeans open around his chaps and pulled me in close. My Master's huge cock hung beautifully before me, its purple-brown head swinging hypnotically before my eyes, and I leaned forward and slowly swallowed it in deep. It felt so warm and wide and hard in my mouth, and as I sucked and licked my Master's wide, dripping head, he continued to speak deep into me with his voice: “Yes, you like to serve your Master, don't you. You want to obey your Master. You have to obey your Master." I could smell his intoxicating smoke around me and let his power flow through me.

Finally, he raised me up, still hungering, and he put his hand down and took hold of my cock, and then reached further and cupped his hand under my sack and held it up firmly, and then he put his big cigar in his smile, and he seemed to laugh at me, gloating, and then quietly, to himself, with a slightly sinister hiss, said: “oh yeah, I got you by your balls now, don't I, boy?" But all I felt was good. And all I could do was nod my head again in blissful agreement. Somewhere off in the distance I heard myself respond vacantly: “You got me by the balls, yes Sir." And my response made him almost laugh out loud.

“Now you want to go down still deeper, don't you boy. You want to surrender to me totally, don't you." I was transfixed; I couldn't even move. “You will be completely in my power then, boy." And he chuckled at me. “Then you are going to show me those shackles of yours. I believe you and I are about to take our relationship to a new level." I was steadily sinking deeper and deeper into his power.

“You are going to become like my other boys, like Billy and like Johnny and the rest; just another one of my boys forever. You want that, don't you, to become one with my boys, forever."

“Yes, Master," just another one of his boys.

And he continued: “Now you are going to go down further than you've ever imagined. You are going to go down into the deepest, most wonderful, most profoundly peaceful sleep that you have ever known."

I nodded obediently.

“I am going to count to three and you are going to close your eyes and go to sleep and you will be my slave forever, won't you, boy?"

“Your slave, yes Master."

“I am going to count to three, and you will allow me to keep you brainwashed forever, won't you boy?"

“Brainwashed, yes Master."

“I am going to count to three and you are going to become my mindfucked slave forever, aren't you boy?"

I stood before him in mindless euphoria, so totally helpless, so submissive, so controlled. “. . . mindfucked forever, yes, Master," I mumbled. He held his big, smoky cigar in his grin as he let his eyes bore into me for another long second, and I surrendered absolutely.

“Very good then. One, Two, Three." And he smiled at me one last time, and he put his hand over my eyes and whispered: