The Spiral and the Chair (mm hypno)

For me, the reality of hypnosis is not nearly as much fun as a good mind control fantasy.

A favorite fantasy? A large, heavy, leather reclining medical chair, like a dentist's or doctor's chair, but with sinister looking leather restraints, and complicated controls, and a slowly pulsing, rotating spiral overhead. It's an almost clinical setting.

The villain is always a genius scientist I call the Doctor.

My commanding officer and I have been captured by the Doctor and his muscular male assistants, and are led into their chamber where the device stands waiting for us. There we are tied to a wall so we cannot escape, and we are informed that we are going to each have our turn in that chair.

The machine, we are told, is designed to strip away our will power and empty our minds. We are to be, one at time, strapped down into that machine, and have our thoughts and memories erased, and we are to be brainwashed into obedient slaves. Our captors boast that it will be useless to try to resist, and that we will ultimately enjoy being made into mindless toys. In the end, they laugh, we will both actually desire to be their groveling, worshipping sex slaves.

My commander, a proud, good looking military officer with a tough, take charge attitude, firm gaze, and strong jaw, is also a friend and someone I look up to and respect. He speaks for the both of us when he calls the Doctor mad, and demands that we be released immediately.

But the Doctor and his assistants ignore his loud protests; they are already gloating over us. The assistants taunt; they tease, and they delight over our inevitable surrender.

My commander continues to be belligerent, and dominant, and orders them to let us go, and so, of course, he is chosen to be first.

He is taken to the machine, and is firmly strapped down in the chair. He grits his teeth and swears that he'll never submit. He looks so determined. And then the equipment is powered up, and to our captors' amusement, he pulls against the restraints, he argues, he denies, and he pleads, but the Doctor and his assistants merely smile at his vain attempts. They watch as his eyes find the spiral. He tries to look away, but then he's drawn back in and his eyes lock on the spiral, and the programming begins to take effect and he begins to weaken.

His expression starts to soften, and soon he is begging his captors to turn off the machine. He even calls out to me to help him, but I am still fastened firmly to the wall and so all I can do is watch helplessly as he falls silent and still. His face becomes passive, blissful even, and his eyes glaze over, vacant. Finally, they close.

He slowly, but eventually succumbs to the power of the machine. Yes, before my very eyes, he becomes submissive, pliable, and trusting and so he is easily brainwashed. The Doctor merely whispers quietly into his ear, and I have to listen as my commander and my old friend softly agrees with the mind altering words. He quietly agrees that he will obey his Master; that he must obey his Master.

No, he never really had a chance.

When, at last, they release him from the restraints, he is nothing but a mindless automaton, a willing sex slave. Gone is that military officer's attitude, that firm jaw and steely eye, and he is now totally submissive, almost boyish, with a blissful, sappy smile on his face. He now willingly agrees that he's nothing but a sex slave, and that he will serve his captors, and so he is soon naked and collared, groveling on the floor and eagerly worshipping his new Master.

I shout at my friend; I try to break the spell they have put him under, but there's no hope. He doesn't even remember who I am. He just stands there, all docile like, and with that vacant smile, he tells me how wonderful it is to be in Master's power, and how I too will soon know the total peace and contentment of being under the Doctor's total control.

I cannot believe what I'm seeing. And my captors all enjoy their new slave.

They make him beg for them, and order him suck on their cocks, and then for their amusement, they bring him over to me and command him to suck me also. Even though, I admit, I might have wanted him before, I beg our captors not to make him do this to me. And I try to get him to wake up; I try to get him to snap out of it - but he cannot hear me at all. And as they all watch, my commander takes my cock in his mouth, and while he's probably never done this to any man before tonight, his mouth is warm and wet and he succeeds in sucking me until I'm hard and dazed with pleasure.

And then, before he can finish, they pull him away leaving me weakened, and he stands quietly to the side with an eager look on his face.

And our captors are all so amused at our plight. They laugh again and talk about how much fun they'll have with us both tonight.

That's when they decide that it is to finally be my turn. I argue that this is wrong, I even beg them to not do this to me, but I am pulled over and strapped down to the heavy leather chair with the restraints holding my legs and arms firmly in place. I am immobilized; there is no hope for escape.

Then, as the final cruel twist, they order my own friend and commanding officer to activate the equipment on me. And, oh so happily, with a totally mindless and bemused smile, he replies “Yes Master," and complies.

I know that I'm going to have to fight it. I know that I'm going to have to resist. I convince myself that I will never surrender. However:

There is the slowly pulsing spiral directly in my view; it draws me in and I cannot pull my eyes away. There is the gentle hum of the machine helping me to relax, and there is some soft, subliminal message I can feel working its way down deep into my mind, massaging and probing my subconscious.


I try to look away from the spiral. I can barely see my captors grinning, and my friend standing passively aside. And then the spiral pulls me back in.

My body becomes numb and heavy.

I try to resist, but I hear my captors chuckling at my attempt.


The spiral is pulling me down. I feel so helpless and yet it feels so wonderful.

The Doctor is starting to whisper something into my ear.

Clear your mind.

My mind is slowly being emptied and it feels so good.


It's getting still harder to think. It's so hard to resist.

And it feels so good.

I can hear them laughing at me now and talking about me, but I can't tell what...


It's getting so much harder to remember anything now. Everything is slipping away.

And it feels so good.

And so easy to just lay there and let go. So easy to trust and obey.

Going down deeper now. Everything just fades away, so peaceful, so content, and so totally empty.
At last, there is nothing but blissful oblivion and the welcome sound of my Master's voice.

I must obey my Master. I will obey my Master.