Collecting 2 (hypno bdsm)

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On the far wall of my basement’s rec room was a bookcase that ran the length of the room. I pulled on one of the books on the top shelf. It was attached and spring loaded to the shelf at the bottom of the spine. As soon as I pulled it out, it immediately snapped back into place, causing the bookcase to slide open revealing another secret room behind the shelf. See? I told you my house had secrets. Oh ye of little faith! I said I’d get to the juicy parts of the story sooner or later, didn’t I? The hidden room was my “laboratory,” filled with various devices I’d collected over the years. Some of my own design, some I’d traded with other collector friends around the world. All of them designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to rape and break the minds and souls of the muscleboys I collect.

I stood Alex in the corner of my secret laboratory room as I went through my inventory of machines. Which one to use? I knew I wanted Alex aware of what was going on at first, so that eliminated about half of my armory. I wanted to do something with one of my larger devices. Some of which included my Borg assimilation station, the Chinese raping chair, and the dental chair I use as a station to pump my treasures full of truth serum. Ultimately I decided on my favorite device of all, one I liked to call the Magnificent Mystical Milking Mindfucker, or if it’s easier for you, the M4.

Basically, a large upside down capital letter “Y,” the device is a large metal beam coming out of the ceiling with two adjustable metal arms coming down from it, several feet apart. These two arms can swing out from their resting position to make a wider span between to adjust for a person’s height. One arm ends with two adjustable cuffs that secure the ankles. The other arm ends in 2 cuffs and one collar, a cuff for each arm and the collar for the neck. Once fastened in to the device the person is suspended in the air, chest toward the floor at about a 30 degree angle. His legs are bent at the knees, toes pointing toward the ceiling secured by the ankle cuffs. The arm cuffs secure his arms behind his back, and the collar around his neck holds his head upright. Once a muscleboy is properly secured, I adjust the entire apparatus so he is actually just a foot or two off the ground, at eye level with me. I like being able to look the muscleboy in the eye as, once assembled, the M4 starts working its magic.

I got Alex fastened into the M4 just as I described to you above. It was so beautiful watching his mindless body so compliant. I didn’t have to fight to get him hooked in. That made it easier, and more exciting. In a moment I’d wake him up, and seeing the realization on his face would be exhilerating. I love it when a muscleboy struggles and panics as he realizes his will is being devoured.There were just a few more things I needed to hook up to my zonked out prize before waking him. One thing that that I needed to hook up was the fucking machine. You’ve seen them online, I’m sure. It’s a small box that houses a piston, and the piston drives a long metal rod with a dildo on the end of it in a back and forth fucking motion. The machine has remote control so you can, depending on your level of need and excitement, adjust the speed and depth that the piston and metal rod will fuck you with the dildo. And today, needless to say, Alex would not be in charge of the remote control. I positioned the machine so the head of the dildo was just barely touching the opening of Alex’s sweet little muscle pucker.

Another device that would be working on Alex today was my milking globe. It was a device I was particularly proud of. All it was was a round globe about a foot around. But at an angle complimentary to whoever was in the M4 was a tube coming out of the globe. The inside of the tube was lined with neoprene, and the tube also had a hose that was connected to a small vacuum pump. I position the globe underneath whoever is in the M4 so their cock fits snuggly in the neoprene-lined tube. When turned on, the vacuum pump makes the neoprene expand and contract inside the tube, jacking it off at whatever speed I set the pump to. I liked setting the vacuum to a nice, slow pace. Seeing a muscleboy’s stiff cock being edged and jacked off by the milking globe, over and over, draining him of every single drop is a thing of beauty. And the thought of watching Alex’s thick, uncut cock at the mercy of the milking globe was making my cock twtich already.

I added two final components. One, I opened my prize’s mouth and inserted a ball gag. A large red ball attached to a leather strap that went around the back of his head to hold the ball in place. And two, a small plasma screen TV, mounted in front of his face. Now I could tell you what the TV was for, but as I’ve said before, why spoil the surprise for you?

Now I stood in front of my beautifully ensnared muscle trophy for a moment in silence. Strapped into the M4. Eyes closed. Body limp and relaxed, deep in the trance that was massaging his brain. Ball gag in his mouth, already a smal amount of drool leaking from the corner of his mouth. Fucking machine dildo aimed perfectly at its target. Veiny, uncut cock resting comfortably inside the neoprene tube. TV positioned directly in front of his face. What a thing of beauty Alex was. He looked so pure. So innocent. So quiet. So untouched and peaceful in his hypnotized slumber. I took one last walk around, touching, caressing my muscled souvenir. It was a almost a shame to wake him up. I felt a brief tinge of sadness. You know, the kind you get when you finish a good book or a good movie, or in this case, when the thrill of the hunt was coming to an end. In a few hours, all that would remain would be the outer shell of muscle, and the inside would be filled with emptiness. Beautiful, hungry, obedient emptiness.

“Now, Alex, in a moment I will snap my fingers, and when I do, you will be fully awake, fully aware and conscious,” I said directly into my bound muscleboy trophy’s ear. I took a step back and held my hand up to his ear.


Alex’s eyes fluttered open. For a brief moment I could see the disorientation on his face. His eyes showed it beautifully. Watching him trying to figure out where he was and what had happened started making my cock hard all over again. I stood beside him, his green eyes straining to look to the side to get a look at me. Seeing Alex moving from disorientation to realization, then to outright panic was, well, delicious. It was always the same with me at that moment. My heart starts racing, my breathing gets shallow, my eyes get wide with excitement and my cock gets rock hard.

“Mphgrgfmph nfughfmphgf!!!” He tried to scream through the ball gag as he made attempts to lurch his head toward me. I assumed that was his pathetic attempt at a head butt.

“Now Alex, that’s no way to treat the host,” I said as I licked down the small of his back and into the crack of his gorgeous muscle ass. He clinched his stunning, hairless pucker, trying to keep my tongue out of his virgin hole. “Oh, Alex, such a naughty boy. Tsk, tsk, tsk. You should’ve let Daddy’s tongue inside you. When you don’t obey, Daddy has to punish. How else are you going to learn your place?” I leaned over and turned the fucking machine on. The dildo began nudging my struggling stud’s hole. Alex was trying his best to keep his cheeks clenched and deny the machine its target. He was squirming furiously trying to get away from the probe that was beginning its journey up inside him, each thrust deeper than the last. God how I love it when they struggle! All those muscles, all the force they hold, completely powerless. Helpless. Struggling. Panicking. The toes of his manacled feet were alternating between pointing and spreading convulsively. That always got me hot. You can always tell what a man’s feeling by what his toes are doing. I ran my hand up the back of his squirming leg, his ass, up his back and over his convulsing shoulders. I came around the front and got right up in his face. His eyes were pleading with me. Begging me to stop the fucking machine. I used the machine’s remote control to increase its fucking speed. His eyes were pleading with me now, a tear running down his cheek. I put his chin in one hand, and ran my hands through his jet black hair with the other, looked deep into his pleading eyes, smiled and licked the salty tear from his cheek. The powerful, strong, proud muscleboy reduced to a quivering, crying mass of fear and panic. If he hadn’t been ball gagged, the sounds coming from his mouth would be a combination of begging and sobbing.

I kissed my beautiful stud on his forehead, smiled into his tear-stained face, then leaned over and switched on the milking globe. The first time the neoprene in the tube gripped his cock, Alex let out a deep guttural sound. Panic or pleasure? I never did find out which it had been. He fought being bound, fought the fucking machine, and now the milking globe. I knew what Alex was feeling. Being locked into the M4 with a ball gag in his mouth and a dildo being shoved furiously up his fuck hole was terrifying enough. But the pleasure of the neoprene contracting around his cock was so contradictory. Panic and pain crashing headlong into joy and pleasure. Watching his mind processing the sensations, trying to find a place of surrender amid the alarm and torture was one of my favorite parts. His mind would soon begin to slip and the pleasure of it would start to taunt him, coax him and lead him. Watching them cross over and surrender always sent a shiver through me. No matter what came later, from that point on the muscleboy was mine. “That’s right, Alex. Give in. You don’t need to fight anymore. It’s going to get you no matter how much you resist, so you may as well enjoy it. It’s going to be okay, my precious muscleboy. Daddy promises. It’s going to be okay. You’re tired, Alex. Just relax. Stop fighting and let it all wash over you. Feel the pain and pleasure mixing. Melding. Becoming one. Become one with all those beautiful feelings, Alex. Let them consume you. Just. Give. In.”

My cock was hard as a fucking steel pipe and I was leaking like crazy.

The milking machine, the fucking machine and Alex’s mind and body had found their rhythm. I could see Alex was much calmer. I could also see mind was beginning to understand the pleasure part. I decided that it was the perfect moment to wheel the TV over in front of Alex’s face. I did so and turned it on. The screen was filled with a wonderful, slowly spinning spiral. Endlessly twisting, pulling its viewer deeper and deeper into the screen. Flashing in the middle of the spiral were a series of words. Sorry, but I can’t tell you what the words are. Call it an industry secret. Let’s just say that after years of collecting muscleboys, and countless trial and error, I’ve found the perfect words and the perfect sequence to put them in for optimum effect. Once the TV is turned on, and the spiral starts spinning and those words start flashing, if I want to, I can drain a muscleboy’s brain in a matter of minutes. Sometimes I’m really hungry and I just want to get right to it. Most times, though, I treat my latest conquest like roasting a pig. A nice, slow process. Savoring the aroma. Mouth watering thinking about how succulent the prize will be when the “roasting” is done.

Alex was really falling fast. His eyes hadn’t blinked in almost a minute. His struggle against the machines that were violating him had completely disappeared. The rhythm was exquisite. As the dildo drove into him, Alex shoved his hips back to meet it. As he thrust back to meet the dildo, the neoprene in the tube would loosen slightly as his cock pulled back. And as the dildo pulled out of his ass, the muscleboy shoved his hips forward, driving his wooden cock deep into the tube. As he did, the neoprene in the tube would tighten around his cock as it slithered down the slick, warm lining.

I sat back in a chair and watched Alex and all my devices interacting. A finely tuned machine. Each part of the fucking machine performing its function perfectly. I knew Alex would be different, and I was right. He stopped struggling much sooner than the others. His mind and body, in the end, so anxious and happy to accept the pain and make it pleasure. Watching his body accept this and his mind surrendering, too, made cock so god damn hard. I wanted to savor every single moment. Every pump of the dildo, every milking of the neoprene, every twist of the spiral and every flash of every word brought Alex closer to his the breaking point. The fucking glorious moment where his mind and body would snap, leaving him completely open. No barriers, no obstacles, no hindrances. His body and the devices indistinguishable. One in their rhythm. Mind complete and utter mush. The empty brain conditioned and programmed to respond to my voice and my voice alone. His only lust would be being my purposeless, thoughtless, empty muscle vessel. Empty mind and body aching in its emptiness. To be filled with my voice and my will.

I stood up and circled my prey, now snagged in its trap, no longer caring to fight for freedom. I caressed his muscles, feeling them tense and relax. I put my fingers right against his hole, feeling the dildo going in and out, raping his sweet, wanton muscle cunt. Yea, that’s right, I said it. Muscle cunt. That’s what I made it. What it had become. That’s what it always would be. My sweet, wanton muscle cunt. I walked around the front and put my fingers around his thick, uncut cock. Feeling it so stiff, so veiny, oozing precum down the tube and collecting in the globe. Between strokes I slipped his cock out of the neoprene tube and put my mouth in its place. Feeling my warm, wet throat, the empty muscle object that used to be Alex let out an empty, emotionless groan that almost made me cum. The mindless muscle cock, thick foreskin and precum all forcing themselves down my throat. Have you ever tasted mindfucked precum before? It has a certain sweetness I can’t explain. Nectar of the brainwashed gods! Before it was too late, I slipped my muscleboy’s cock back into the neoprene tube and stood up so I could see his face. The blinkless, blank eyes were locked on the spiral and the words. Cheeks tear-stained. Drool running from the corners of the ball gag and down his chin.

At that moment his body started to convulse and shiver. His moment had arrived. The moment where he would snap and be left a mindless vessel. No thoughts. No feelings. No emotions. No resistance. His mind would empty and forever spiral deeper into blissful nothingness. His body would make one last resolving gasp, and then it would be over. No more “Alex”. Just an empty shell identified by the name Alex. The crowning addition to my gallery of mindfucked muscle toys. As his convulsing got stronger. His body was in full spasms. The last remnants of identity being torn from his very soul. My cock was throbbing so hard it hurt. He was getting closer. Closer. Closer! The closer he got, the closer I got. I was in front of him now staring deeply into those empty orbs locked on the spiral. From the severity of the spasms his body was experiencing, I could tell he was just as much on the edge as I was. The eyes grew so wide. So desperate, so hungry, so accepting. YES! Fuck here it comes! Here I come!

“Oh yes, Alex,” I said barely able to breathe I was so fucking hot from watching him cross over. “Come to Daddy. Be Daddy’s good muscletoy. Open up and be Daddy’s good muscletoy. T-t-that’s right. Oh god, Alex. Be a good toy for Daddy. Daddy wants you to be his best toy,” I said as his body convulsed in one final beautiful, surrendering, utterly mind raping, body shocking spasm. As he did, his cock started spurting load after load of hot, sweet muscle jizz down the neoprene tube into the globe. As he did, I felt my entire body tingle and flood with endorphins and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I let loose a geyser of muscle daddy spunk the likes of which I had never experienced. As Alex continued to shoot down the tube, filling the globe, I continued shooting, as well. Our fountains of sperms shooting in unison. I put my hand on Alex’s chin with one hand, continuing to beat my cock with the other. I licked the tears from his cheek and whispered softly in his ear, “There, there my sweet muscletoy. Everything is going to be alright now. You’re Daddy’s now. Yes, that’s right my muscle trophy, you’re Daddy’s now. ”

I gradually turned the level of each machine down, taking several minutes to bring them to a complete halt. I disconnected the muscletoy Alex from the fucking machine, pulled his cock from the milking globe, and rolled the TV out of the way. I lowered him to the floor and unshackled him from the M4. Moving all the devices away, my newly conditioned muscletoy stood at perfect attention. Muscles taut and veiny, cock standing at attention as well. “Follow me, Alex,” I told my new muscle object as I headed for yet another door at the back of my laboratory. Blinklessly, mindlessly, robotically, my muscletoy Alex did as it was told and followed.

I entered and turned the lights on in what was private trophy room. My inner sanctum. Around the room, a lifetime of careful collecting. Alexey, the bodybuilder, Derrick the college basketball star, the blonde suferboy Michael, Ichiro the power lifter, and Hkimbe the marathon runner, to name a few. Each acquired with patience and persistence. Each one’s mind lovingly fucked and programmed, to be activated and used when I found myself in the mood for one of them. In the meantime, they would remain frozen. Timelessly awaiting their turn. Each one perfectly lit, some from above, some from behind, some from underneath. And now at the head of the room, lit by a single spot light, a small pedestal on which my beautiful Moroccan muscle prize, Alex, would spend eternity.

Before I situated him in his place of honor, I placed the muscletoy in the center of the room. Each of the other members of the collection were arranged around the room in such a way that once Alex was in the center of the room, they all appeared to have their gazes fixated on him. I approached my new addition from behind and put my hands on his meaty muscle ass, spread his cheeks and shoved my Daddy cock deep inside his mindless, obedient muscle cunt. It didn’t moan, it didn’t groan, it didn’t flinch. The perfect muscletoy for my pleasure. As I fucked it longer and deeper, I could feel the eyes of my trophies observing. Craving. Lusting. “That’s right, my toys. Watch and desire. Deep in your empty, soulless minds, the craving for Daddy’s cock inside you builds and builds the more you watch Daddy fuck his newest prize. If only Daddy would pay you this kind of attention, isn’t that right? All your cocks respond to my words, my desires and my will. Every time I shove my muscle daddy cock inside this empty muscletoy, you feel it building.” Mine was building again, too.

“Tighten your muscle cunt, Alex,” I whispered to my toy. On command its ass clamped around my cock like a baby sucking its first bottle. “That’s right my toy. Accept Daddy’s cock inside your muscle cunt. Inside your mind. Inside your fucking soul. Watch as all the cock and muscle around you envies you, hates you, craves to BE you! Feel the reward of Daddy’s cock violate your empty fucking mind!” As the ass clamped down on my cock even harder it brought me even closer.

“That’s right, my toys, feel yourselves coming even closer. Closer. Closer still,” I said as I felt another hot load starting to boil up out of my fucking bull nuts. “Oh, Alex. My precious Alex. Daddy loves your sweet muscle cunt. What’s that you say, Alex? You want Daddy to fill you each and every day with his hot jizz? Oh yes, Alex. YES,” I said pumping furiously inside my prize. So. Fucking. Close. Now.

“Now cum my toys. CUM!” As I exploded deep inside my Moroccan prize, each and every of my toy’s cocks, Alex included, began spewing cum like water fountains. Each body remaining absolutely still in their poses, not betraying even the slightest hint of arousal. Just beautiful male forms completely at my whim and will. The sense of power and control flooded my mind and washed over me, dizzying my senses, as I dumped another load of myself deep inside my precious toy Alex.

Eventually, I had to pull out of my toy. His christening complete. Now all that was needed was for him to assume his place at the head of the room on his perfectly lit pedestal. Once I had decided that Alex was the perfect finale to my collection, the precise body to fill the empty pedestal, I knew the exact pose I wanted him in. The classic discus thrower pose. And once on the pedestal and posed, I could see I was not wrong!

Standing at the door to my trophy room, I admired my completed collection. Male perfection, pure, unsoiled, protected. I could never let such beauty and perfection be tainted by the lack of appreciation of the cruel, unfeeling outside world. With that thought, I turned off the lights, closed the door, walked back through the laboratory and closed its bookcase/secret door as well. It was time to get upstairs and shower, or else I’d wind up being late for work.


“Hey big man, would you mind giving me a spot over here?” I said at the gym about two weeks later, doing my best muscle daddy swagger in the tall blonde’s direction, pointing back to the bench.

“Sure, thing,” the tall, blonde, blue-eyed and bearded muscleboy said never letting his eyes leave mine. He didn’t know it, but he was already hooked.

His name was David, and from the minute I saw him that day in the gym, I knew I had to have him.

The perfect addition to my muscle collection...