Private Workout (hypno musc)

Fuck! Is there ANY air conditioning? It’s hot as hell in here! Jay thought to himself descending the stairs to the basement gym, a wave of heat hitting him in the face as he walked in. Bowels of Hell. The heat was followed by the sickening stench of sweat, the awful rubbery smell of the floor mats, and the sounds of people working out. The locker room was even more humid and smelled even worse. A strange mix of sweat, soap and water from the showers and the stench of piss in the urinal. It was obvious this wasn’t one of those glamorous, high end, “seen and be seen, stand and model” kind of gyms, but damn.

Could they at least clean this dump? A fresh coat of paint maybe? Jay wondered. He didn’t even want to work out in the first place, and this place wasn’t helping change his mind any. The head trainer had told Jay that his gym wasn’t big on frills and perks, just a place to get focused and get big. “Not big on frills and perks, huh? No lie there,” Jay grumbled to himself, feeling afraid to brush up against anything. The trainer had assured Jay that his gym got guys the results they needed, and he sweetened the deal by saying he’d give Jay a few workouts free and cut him a deal on the membership price. So Jay figured what the hell, at least check it out. But now. What a fucking let down this was turning out to be.

It’s always the same thing. Get excited about working out. Find a gym and join. Attack those first few workouts with lots of energy. Get disappointed with the lack of results. Give up. And that was his attitude in nice gyms. With the condition of this place, in his mind he was giving up before he even got the first workout started. See at least one workout through, Jay, he said to himself. You’re here already. Just do one workout then get the fuck out.

Picking out a locker, Jay couldn’t hardly bear to touch anything. God knows when this shithole was cleaned last, he thought trying not hold his breath. He got out of his clothes and into his workout clothes.

T-shirt, shorts, shoes and socks. Close the locker. Padlock it. Tie the key to the shoe. Fill the water bottle. Hit the urinal. GOD! The smell was awful. This gym, being the dump that it was, it didn’t surprise Jay that there weren’t any walls to separate the urinals. Great. Just fucking great! That fact was suddenly made more tolerable by the guy who came and stood at the next urinal next to Jay’s. He had been working out hard. That much was plain. He was breathing heavily, his shirt dark and musky with sweat, clinging to every curve of his muscles. The clear outline of two very hard, strong nipples. About six feet tall, and 250, Jay guessed. Solid. Huge shoulders, cannonball biceps, coarse, dark, hairy forearms, and what Jay was sure had to be hairy, hard as a rock pecs, steel cables woven together for thighs, and the widest back Jay had ever seen. Sweaty, black, matted hair. Blue eyes.

Don’t look! Jay said to himself jerking his head away. Eyes forward. Don’t look at him. He’ll see you. Just piss and get out of here, he said unable to help sneaking a look out the corner of his eye, breathing deeper to take in more of the essence of the sweaty, testosterone drenched muscleboy.

With no walls to separate them, it was easy for Jay to sneak a peek, just as the muscleboy pulled out his cock to piss. FUCK! Jay practically screamed aloud but kept his outburst under control. Just below the bush of coarse black hair, nine thick inches of pure, raw muscle cock sticking straight out. As he sneaked another peek, Jay noticed that this muscle fuck wasn’t pissing. He was just holding his steel pipe of a boner in his hand, a silvery strand of precum slowly making its way down toward the urinal. With a tiny smirk crossing his lips, a look of peace and calm washed over his face. He was staring straight ahead, not blinking. Just staring. At nothing. Nothing at all. As he stood there, staring at the wall in front of him, he began stroking his muscle cock. Slowly. Methodically. Rhythmically. As he did his muscles began to tense and flex, and Jay could hear his breath becoming more rapid. The smirk growing on his face, and his eyes getting wider and wider, locked in that blinkless stare on whatever it was he “saw” in front of him.

So that must be what it’s like to be a big-ass muscle fucker, Jay thought getting lost in watching the stud slowly getting himself off. Suddenly he felt ridiculous. What’s the fucking use in coming to the gym in the first place? Jay asked himself. He’ll never look like that, or get to feel the hot bliss this guy next to him was obviously enjoying. Jay shoved his own stiff nine incher back in his jock and pulled his shorts back up, turned and left the bathroom. One last glance back showed Jay the huge, hot “V” of the guy’s back, and a beautiful, meaty muscle ass pumping a hard cock into a greedy hand. He got his stuff out of the locker and left the gym asking himself why he ever thought coming here was a good idea. What the fuck was I thinking? This will NEVER work... Jay frowned. Dejected.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he bumped into another huge guy on his way through the door. He whipped around, pissed and barked, “Watch where the fuck you’re... MARK?!”, Jay exclaimed, eyes wide in disbelief.

“Hey Jay. Yeah, it’s me,” Mark said with an odd emptiness to his voice and eyes. He just stood there staring at Jay with that vacant, far away look. Almost the same look the muscleboy at the urinal had. What used to be a scrawny little nerdy guy was now a thick, veiny, ripped slab of pure muscle. Almost unrecognizable from the Mark that Jay used to read comic books and geek out to episodes of Star Trek with. Mark’s shoulder-length, deep auburn red hair was now cut short, and he was sporting a short-clipped beard. The blue-green eyes so focused, yet distant. The wife beater he was wearing could barely contain him. His arms were like 2 huge cantaloupes and his forearms were thick with that auburn hair, sinewy and powerful like cables. What used to be bony little freckled shoulders were now boulders. Mark’s chest was huge and had that strong powerful line down the center that Jay always loved on bodybuilders he saw in magazines and online, and the tanktop hugged each and every ripple of abdominal muscles, that ruptured from just under his ribcage all the way down into his shorts. The shorts could barely contain Mark’s enormous thighs. His crotch looked like it was going to rip the fabric wide open any second. Does he have a hard on?! Jay wondered. Was he even fucking WEARING any underwear? He had seen Mark’s stuff before, but Jay could never remember Mark’s cock looking THAT huge. And that ass. For a split second, the idea of getting his cock between those muscle cheeks made Jay’s cock throb.

“What the hell have YOU been doing?!” Jay asked still stunned at the muscle god his friend had become.

“I’ve been working out, Jay. There’s the head trainer I got turned on to by one of the guys here . He’s done amazing things to me. He gave me what I always needed.”

‘Done amazing things to me. Gave me what I always needed?’ Jay thought that was an odd way to put it, but what the hell, whatever it was it was obviously working. Then it flashed in his mind, “Dude! You’re not doing anything illegal or bad for your body are you? You’re not juicing up on some fucked up shit, are you?”

“Oh no, Jay. It’s nothing like that. It’s better than that. Much better,” Mark answered, again with that same blinkless stare that Jay saw earlier. And as he said that, Jay could see Mark’s boner jump and throb in his shorts. As it did, Mark didn’t make any attempt to hide it, or to try and disguise his hand reaching for it.

Recovering from his distraction of his friend’s swollen, throbbing cock, Jay said, “Well, whatever it is you’re doing man, don’t stop. You look fucking awesome!”

“Thanks, Jay. It feels great, too. More than you can ever imagine.” Mark moved in closer and stared Jay straight and deep in his own blue eyes. So deep and intense was the stare that Jay found himself trying to back away from it. “Why don’t you come by tonight a little before 11, right before the gym closes. My trainer conducts a private workout for some of his clients after hours. There’s less distraction, and his clients can really get focused on his training technique that way. I’ll be here tonight for it. I know you’ve always wanted to change how you look and feel, so you might enjoy it, and who knows,” Mark said with a smirk coming to his mouth, the same weird smirk Jay saw on the muscleboy at the urinal earlier, “ might just end up looking like me.”

On his walk home, Jay couldn’t get Mark out of his mind. He wasn’t the same Mark anymore. Not just the muscles, but the whole person. There was a fire behind those strangely vacant eyes. Jay could see it. It was hunger. Raw, naked hunger. Jay didn’t know what Mark was doing, but whatever it was, he wanted it. “‘Why don’t you come by tonight?’” Mark had said. “You bet your hot fucking muscle ass I’ll come by!”

More than once thinking about his friend’s transformation and imagining what the workout that did it to him was like, Jay felt his asshole quiver and loosen, sending a wave of pleasure shooting all through his body. Jay loved how it felt and as 11pm neared, it made his nervous excitement that much more of a rush. Jay decided to wear a jockstrap and picked the army fatigue green one, and wore a loose shirt. The nearer he got to the gym he could feel his cock getting hard and pressing against the pouch of his jock. The hot feeling of his bare ass rubbing up against his shorts, the straps that hugged his cheeks getting tighter as his ass kept quivering and loosening, head swimming with images of his friend and wondering, hoping that what worked for his friend would work for Jay.

When he walked in the gym, Mark was waiting for him at the front desk. Pumped. Hard. Veiny. Hot as fuck. “Please let this work. Please let this work. Please let this work,” Jay kept repeating as he approached his friend.

Mark grabbed him and wrapped one of his huge arms around Jay’s shoulder and whispered into Jay’s ear. “So glad you came, Jay. What’s going to happen to you tonight is going to be truly amazing.”

Jay felt that hot fucking wave rush through his body again, his friend’s arm around him and voice in Jay’s ear. As they got closer to the free weight area, Jay’s body was pounding with anticipation and arousal so hard that he could barely stand, let alone think anything coherent. What he saw getting to the free weight area felt like a hot fucking, erotic punch in the gut. Eight fucking huge muscleboys all working out, sweaty, pumped and shirtless. All doing different exercises, but every single one of them in front of the wall-length mirror, staring at their bodies in the reflection, lost in the beauty of their pumped muscles. “You’d love to look like that wouldn’t you, Jay?” Mark whispered again, sending a shudder through Jay.

“Yes, Mark. I would,” Jay replied never taking his eyes off all the muscle.

“Then let’s get you started,” said a deep voice behind Jay, the voice’s breath hitting the back of his neck. Jay turned around and his eyes met the hot muscle fuck from the urinal earlier in the day! Same blinkless stare. Same vacant smirk. Muscles tight and shiny with sweat. Cock making a big ass tent in the front of the guy’s sweats. Just as Jay’s eyes came back up to meet the muscle stud’s, three slow, deeply resonant “gong” sounds went off signalling that is was 11 pm. As the “gongs” went off, every guy stopped, frozen like statues. Some holding weights half way through a rep. Some frozen as they were catching their breath in between sets. All with blinkless, vacant stares.

At that moment, strong hands grabbed each of Jay’s wrists and restrained him. The muscles on each arm were taut with the force of their grip on his wrists. Jay struggled to free them, but no amount of effort could make them budge.

“Okay, dudes, real funny. Now let me go,” Jay said with a sense of panic growing in the pit of his stomach.

Mark and the other muscleboy seemed to not hear him and remained stone still, staring vacantly at Jay. He felt them spreading his legs so that Jay was basically standing spread eagle. He looked down to see a bench sliding between his legs, pushed there by another of the vacant muscleboys. Mark and the urinal guy pushed Jay down to sit on the bench. The muscleboy that put the bench between his legs was now standing in front of him, holding a medium-sized flat screen television. Mark put a hand on each side of Jay’s head and said to him in an emotionless tone that scared the shit out of Jay, “Now it’s time to start your training, Jay.”

With that the flat screen flickered onto a screen filled with a slow moving spiral. Jay tried to look away, but Mark held his head forward. “Watching the fucking spiral, buddy. You’re about to feel how awesome it is to have your mind fucked then taken from you.”

By now, Jay was in a full panic. His head was being held by his friend Mark’s hands. The urinal stud was pushing down on his shoulders so he couldn’t get up, and he had a spiral being shoved in his face by some muscle zombie. The only way Jay was able to look was forward. Forward into the spiral that filled his field of vision.

“Just do what he’s telling you, Jay,” the urinal stud was whispering in his ear. “The less you fight it, the quicker you can get to what you need so badly.”

“That’s right, Jay,” Mark whispered in the other ear. “Just relax. Let go. Don’t fight the spiral. Enjoy it. It knew what I needed, and it knows what you need too. Let it help you,” Mark kept repeating.

Maybe he was right, Jay thought. As he kept his eyes on the center of the spiral, he kept seeing the urinal stud and Mark in his mind, how beautiful their muscles were and how much deep down inside he craved it. Some moments the spiral seemed to be twisting toward him, others it it seemed to be corkscrewing away from him. Jay could feel that push and pull of the spiral rocking him gently inside, giving him a warm sense of calm and relaxation he’d never felt before.

“That’s it Jay,” Mark’s voice oozing into his mind. “Just let the spiral twist out to you, and pull you so gently back down. Back and forth. Deeper and deeper. Just. Re-lax.”

Listening to his friend’s words and feeling the spiral dragging him down was all starting to feel really good to Jay. His body just let go and was swirling in synch with the spiral. His friend’s words resonating all throughout his body. Mark and the urinal stud’s hands pushing him deeper down into this great relaxation he was feeling fill his body and mind. It all was making Jay suddenly feel like he was shooting down the back side of a hill or a roller coaster. Whatever it was, he didn’t want it to stop. The spiral. The strong hands pushing him down deeper. His mind feeling so calm and open. And the beautiful sound of his friend Mark’s voice coaxing him deeper.

“It’s such a beautiful thing, Jay. And this is only a tiny scratch on the surface, buddy. In a moment, it’s going to become so fucking intense and blissful. I’m going to count to three, and when I reach three your mind is going to open so fucking wide, you’re going to slip and slide so damn deep, and you will be so open to muscle and the pure, raw, naked bliss of it.

Jay’s eyes rolled up inside his head as his mind melted, and the next thing he knew was that he was no longer being held down on the bench by the two muscleboys, but was standing naked from the waist down in front of a mirror and holding a 100lb. dumbbell in each hand. Wait, how did these get here? And I've never curled anything so heavy before... Jay’s mind flashed for one brief moment, but as soon as he became aware of the cool, hard steel clasped within his plams, Jay went down even deeper

The dumbbells in Jay’s hands felt so incredibly heavy. But they felt good. Not only were they weighing down his hands and arms, but Jay could feel them weighing down his entire body. His mind. His very soul. Standing in the mirror, Jay could never remember a time when the weights didn’t feel this good on him muscles, and his mind, and Jay knew exactly what he needed to do to make himself feel even better: he started lifting the weights.

Every rep Jay made, curling the weight up, contracting his biceps sent a shockwave of pleasure through every part of his body, and zooming straight into the deepest pleasure centers of his empty mind. As the shockwave penetrated his brain, Jay could feel those same shockwaves shooting from out of his nuts, straight up the shaft of his steel hard nine incher right onto the throbbing head. Jay sank into a deep erotically mindfucking rhythm.

“That’s right Jay,” his friend Mark whispered in his ear from behind him, putting his hands on his shoulders, sliding his rock of a muscle cock in between Jay’s ass cheeks. “Look in that mirror. Look into your own eyes. See the vacant, mindfucked hunger. See the muscleboy inside screaming to get out. Pumping those weights is jacking your mind. And your cock. Give in to the rhythm, Jay. Let it wash over you in one hot, fucking, blissful shockwave after another. Feel your mind empty more and more. Every little nook and cranny being cleaned out to make way for obedience to muscle. Join us, Jay. Come be with us in the beautiful emptiness of obedience to muscle. All this muscle was brought here. One by blissful one. And in turn each one was programmed to surrender to muscle, and in turn, grow. And each one of those was commanded to bring in another. And another. The urinal stud showed me what I was hungry for. What I craved. And now it’s your turn, Jay. Become one with your muscles. Become one with the weights. Become one with us! Feel yourself growing into the mindless, obedient muscle fuck you’ve always jacked off dreaming about. All those fantasies, all those hopes and all those desires are right now.”

As Mark was whispering in Jay’s ear, he could feel himself slipping deeper into the weights. Deeper into this mindless bliss that felt so fucking hot all over his body. His cock was hard as steel and his body was covered in sweat and growing muscle. The pump was amazing. The more he pumped the weights, the more he could feel himself giving in to it. God it was good, he thought. All the other muscle studs around him were pumping and sweating and growing in the same mindless bliss that was taking Jay over.

“That’s right Jay, you feel it, don’t you.” It was more of a statement from his friend Mark than a question. As he said it, Jay could feel his friend’s huge arms wrap around him from behind, and his stiff muscle cock silde right up inside Jay’s hot, quivering ass. As he did, the shockwave he felt combined with the wave of pleasure he was getting from the weights was too much for his mind to stand. Any last trace of what Jay was he could feel vanish. Gone forever, as he accepted his muscle friend’s cock inside his ever-loosening hole.

“Fuck!” Jay moaned, as the rhythm of the weights moving up and down matched the rhythm of his friend’s cock sliding in and out of his hungry, greedy ass. “Fuck me!” he moaned with each rep. “Fuck me, Mark!”

“Fuck what, Jay?” Mark teased.

“Fuck my ass. Deep!” Jay replied, seeing it all happen in the mirror in front of him.

“Fuck what else, Jay? You know what it is you want. You know what it is you need,” Mark asked meeting Jay’s stare in the mirror.

“Fuck my... my... mind!” Jay screamed. “Take it! Open it! Make me like you!”

“Thaaaat’s right, Jay,” Mark said as he dug his muscle cock deeper into his friend. “Open up.”

“Yes, Mark! YES!”, Jay screamed. As he opened his ass more, his mind opened completely. All the other muscleboys in the gym put down their weights, turned their vacant, mindless stares toward the two of them and started moving towards them. Jay found himself going deeper and deeper into this beautiful mindless bliss the more the other mindless muscle surrounded him. Watching him. Coaxing him. Encouraging him with their eyes. There was no need for Jay to resist. He couldn’t. He didn’t want to. He needed to open up and let it in. All of it.

With that thought Jay felt his ass open even wider, and his mind slip completely into the rhythm of the reps and the wonderful sensations of his friend’s cock fucking his body and mind. As he did he could hear a cracking and snapping sound from somewhere in the gym. Looking in the mirror he could see where it was coming from. It was coming from him. Jay gasped and moaned with pleasure as he saw what was happening.

Every rep with the weights, and every pump of his friend’s cock inside him was changing him. Literally. His body was growing. Changing. Expanding. Muscles were starting to show where none had been before. He could see his muscles growing right before his eyes and could hear his bones snapping and cracking as they grew to match the growing muscles that they had to hold. It felt so fucking good. Every rep made him grow. Every stroke of his friend’s muscle cock inside him made him grow. Every breath he took made him grow. His muscles were expanding and growing so fast now that it looked to him like he was being pumped full of air, and the tightness of his once-loose t-shirt was exhilirating.

His cock was throbbing and growing with his body. It started thrusting for his image in the mirror like it was reaching out, trying hard to grab more and more of the muscle that was filling the mirror. His body morphing and exploding into this muscle “thing” he was seeing, his cock thrusting and throbbing toward the image in the mirror, his friend’s muscle cock thrusting deeper and deeper inside him, the weights forcing his muscle to grow, the other muscleboys surrounding him all hard, muscles tight and pumped, eyes vacant and transfixed on his transformation, their cocks thrusting outward as hard as his. It all flooded his mind and his body with a white hot, mindless lust for obedience to muscle.

Jay could feel it all building deep inside his empty mind and exploding body like some hypnotic, muscle orgasm. The faster he pumped the weights, the bigger he got. Veins and muscles exploding on every part of his body. Mark’s cock growing thicker and longer inside him. His friend’s guttural moans and groans, his lust for the growth of his friend matching Jay’s mindless grunts of hunger and obedience to what was happening.

As Jay could feel his friend’s cock swelling, ready to blow its hot muscle load deep inside him the urinal stud bent in front of him, and shoved his muscle ass onto Jay’s enormous muscle cock. The feeling of his mindless, greedy muscle ass milking Jay’s cock sent him over the edge into a place where his body literally ruptured with muscles and veins and completely wiped any remnants of who Jay used to be from his very soul. They all shared in a oneness of muscle. One muscle body. One muscle mind. One muscle soul.

As the three neared the mindless muscle orgasm that was now inevitable, the muscle studs surrounding them were matching their growth and rhythm. All were moaning and writhing in a mindless, muscled frenzy as their throbbing cocks were oozing precum, ready to shoot their blissful muscle loads.

Then as if their minds and muscles were completely united, Jay, Mark and the urinal stud experienced one final burst of muscle explosion, muscles upon muscles, veins upon veins. Mark’s cock swelling to proportions Jay thought he could never handle, and his cock swelling to the same proportions inside the urinal stud’s muscle ass. The final burst of explosive growth sent all three deeper into the white hot bliss of muscle “oneness” and they all shot in unison. Mark’s sizzling load deep inside Jay’s muscle ass, and Jay’s load exploding deep inside the ass of the urinal stud. As the three shot their loads, the mindless muscle studs, empty stares transfixed on Jay’s transformation and surrender to the deep, mindfucking pleasure of his new self, all their bodies burst with muscle and their spasming cocks eruprted, coating the weights, the benches and the floor in their sticky, obedient, sizzling cum.

Chest still heaving from his mind-altering orgasm, the feeling of his body’s muscle explosion, his friend’s cock in his muscle hole, and his own muscle cock deep inside the urinal stud’s hungry fuck hole, Jay caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. His blonde hair was soaked in sweat and the strands were matted down to his head. Green eyes wide and frenzied with a raw lust that had never been there before. What was once a loosely fitting t-shirt was now hanging in shreds across his soccer ball-sized shoulders. The sunken, hairless chest was now two huge slabs of rock hard muscle screaming off his rib cage, covered in beautiful, thick blonde hair. Nipples hard and aroused. Thick, veiny, powerful upper and lower arms also covered in sweaty, blonde hair. Lats that resembled huge wings forming a beautiful “V” shape that spread wider with each deep breath he inhaled, rocketing down past the hard, ripped 8-pack abs into the waist that tied the upper half of the muscleboy’s body to the explosive bottom half. The beautiful, hairy blonde muscle ass, the steel hard nine inch muscle cock and huge bull nuts, sitting on top of two huge, sinewy tree trunk thighs that were once scrawny chicken legs. Rounding out the new muscleboy’s body was a set of calves the size of cantaloupes.

Getting lost in the beauty and raw power of the newly-forged muscleboy he saw in the mirror, Jay let loose with an animal grunt from deep inside his chest, struck an enormous double bicep pose and felt another raw shockwave spread from his empty, mindfucked muscle head, through every fiber of every new muscle, straight to his nuts, up his shaft and out the head of stiff cock, shooting one last hot load of muscled spunk all over the weights in the rack and the mirror he was standing in front of. That final load removed all the last, tiny traces of who Jay used to be, leaving the empty, open muscleboy, happy and ready to accept the new life of obedience to muscle that awaited him.

As Jay's erection slowly subsided, he lowered his arms to his sides and stood still, looking at nothing and feeling everything. There was nothing else for him to do but to listen... and to obey.

“Welcome to the gym,” the head trainer said stepping up behind his latest transformation and running a hand down the massive back and into the crack of it muscle ass. He could see the muscles tense and the goosebumps raise all over the massive, sweaty back. “Now there. Isn’t this so much better?”

“Yes.” Jay’s whispered response came as almost a grunt.

“You understand so much better now, don’t you?”


“I told you this was a place to get focused and get big, and get you the results you need, didn’t I?” the trainer said.

“Yes,” the muscleboy Jay responded, feeling the trainer’s voice deep inside his empty mind and body and especially up his ass.

“Look around you. All this muscle belongs to me. All of them obey me. They crave my words filling their empty, muscle hungry minds. All they live for is to get emptier, get bigger, more obedient, more submissive to my voice and my will for them. They are more than just muscleboys, Jay. Their raw lust to be mindfucked, for their brains to be raped and their bodies to grow goes beyond that notion. I’ve given them something greater. I’ve given them what they need. What they crave. What they hunger for in their deepest, darkest, most secret fantasies nestled so comfortably in the crevices of their hungry little minds. I’ve turned them into the muscle slaves they have always lusted to be. I’ve set them free. There is profound liberation in obedience and submission, Jay. It fucks their very souls. It fucks your very soul, Jay. And once a muscleboy has tasted that freedom, his only desire, his only thoughts, his only actions are to open himself up to it and let it have him. To let it control him. To let it consume him. To let it enslave him. The transition from a cluttered, chaotic and unhappy life to one of mindless, blissful, muscled obedience is what it means to be my muscle slave, Jay. Everyone around you understands. Now you understand as well. Welcome to your new life, my muscle slave.”


Jesus Christ! the scrawny kid thought to himself rushing through the gym entrance. I don’t care if that trainer gave me a free workout and a discount on my membership or not, this place is a dump! The kid was running late. It was 10:30 in the evening, and the place was only going to be open another 30 minutes. Fuck it, he thought. You’re here. There’s only 30 minutes left. Do a quick workout and get out of this place!

He made his way to the locker room and got changed. He was standing at the filthy, smelly urinal peeing when the big muscle stud came up to the urinal next to him. Don’t stare! the scrawny kid said to himself jerking his head away. Don’t let him see you staring! he said unable to help sneaking a look out the corner of his eye, breathing deeper to take in more of the essence of the sweaty, testosterone drenched muscleboy.

He sneaked a peek just as the muscleboy pulled out his cock to piss. “God DAMN!”, the kid said to himself. Just below the sweaty blonde bush, nine hot inches of pure, raw muscle cock sticking straight out. As he sneaked another peek, he noticed that this stud wasn’t peeing. He was just holding his rock hard boner, a string of precum slowly making its way toward the urinal. He was staring straight ahead, not blinking. Just staring. At nothing. Nothing at all. As he stood there, staring at the wall in front of him, he began stroking his muscle cock. Slowly. Methodically. Rhythmically. His eyes getting wider and wider, locked in a blinkless stare on whatever it was he “saw” in front of him. The blinkless guy’s muscles began to tense and flex, and the kid could hear his breath becoming more rapid. A look of peace and calm washed over the stud’s face.

“Hey...”, Jay said turning and look straight and deep into the scrawny kid’s eyes, still stroking his cock. “What’s your name, kid?”

“Mikey,” the kid said so freaked that this muscle head would even talk to him, he found he couldn’t piss because his cock had gotten so hard.

“Nice to meet you Mikey. You got a free workout and a discount on your membership, I bet. Am I right?” Jay asked, staring even deeper into the kid’s eyes, continuing to stroke his muscle cock.

“Y-y-yeah, I did,” the kid said, shaking so turned that this guy talking to him.

“You’re about to go one hell of an adventure, Mikey,” Jay said to him.

Mikey felt deflated. He’d been on adventures before, but all have ended in failure. He was as thin as he’d every been, but he couldn’t deny he had that urge inside to get huge. With a sigh, he asked Jay, “So, that trainer. He said could help me get focused and put on some serious muscle. He full of shit, or is he for real?”

“Mikey,” the muscleboy Jay said, a little smirk crossing his lips, “I’m about to hit a workout myself. Why don’t you come with me and see for yourself?”