Room Service (hypno)

The elevator door opened to the 83rd floor. “8323. 8323,” the room service man said to himself as he made his way down the hall, looking at the numbers on the doors. Finding the door he knocked, “Room service!”The door opened up to a huge muscledaddy who practically filled the entire door frame. He had just climbed out of the shower and was wrapped only in a towel.

Damn. And I thought I was built...! the room service man thought as he automatically gave the muscledaddy a really quick once-over. Maybe six feet, six foot one. Salt and pepper hair, dripping wet, blue eyes, dark 5 o’clock shadow, enormous, broad shoulders, thick meaty pecs, nipples erect and hard as pencil erasers. Big, powerful upper arms and forearms. Tight 8-pack abs, beautifully tight, daddy ass, and long, powerful cable-like thighs and calves. All covered in thick salt and pepper hair. And from what the room service man could tell by the tent under the towel, one wicked piece of meat.

“C’mon in,” the muscledaddy said. “What’s your name?”

“Troy. My name is Troy,” the room service man stumbled whipping his eyes away from the guy’s crotch.

Fuck me! the muscledaddy thought sizing up the stud with his food. He was medium height, but he was solid as hell. Dark, thick auburn hair, emerald green eyes, clean shaven, and beautifully freckled pale skin. Irish. Even under this guy’s uniform, the muscledaddy could see this hunk was a serious workout freak. The uniform looked to be a size to small through the shoulders and arms. And the chest. Damn, the muscledaddy thought. Glad I left room for dessert!

“My name’s Daniel,” he said. “Just put it all that on the table over there,” he said as he kept his stare right on Troy, took off his towel and tossed it on the bed.

Troy fought not to gasp. He was straight, but he couldn't help it. Daniel’s cock was longer and thicker than any cock he’d seen at the gym where he worked out. “W-w-what?” Troy said, snapping back to reality.

“I said, here’s your tip,” Daniel said extending a hand holding cash. As he reached for the cash, Daniel’s other hand whipped up to grab Troy’s wrist in a vise-like grip. Within what seemed like milliseconds, Daniel’s other hand was on the back of Troy’s head and he jerked it forward. “SLEEP!!”, Daniel said commandingly way that aroused Troy very deeply. Troy's head immediately went limp, falling forward on to his chest and he started slipping and sliding down a very deep, very dark hole.

“That’s right Troy. Relax. Let go and listen to my voice. Every sound you hear, every word you hear, you just keep going deeper down the hole. Down. The. Hole” Daniel said, slowly, methodically shaking Troy’s wrist back and forth, the other hand on his shoulder. Watching this room service stud slipping and sliding was making Daniel’s cock get even stiffer. Knowing that he had him right where he wanted him, and that he couldn’t make it stop gave Daniel a rush, and his cock throbbed even harder, a hot drop of precum oozing out towards the floor.

Deep inside, Troy didn’t want to make it stop. He wanted to analyze it, but it just didn’t matter. It felt too good to think about. It was awesome to allow himself to let go and feel this powerful man’s voice penetrating his body and mind. The more he let himself go to it, the faster he started sliding down that hole into the black emptiness. The empty bliss of it all was beginning to fuck Troy’s mind, and he loved this new sensation flooding over him.

How many cities now? Daniel asked himself as he continued taking Troy deeper. Too many to count. There was one in practically every city he traveled to. Toronto. Seoul. Chicago. Brussels. Johannesburg. Miami. New York. Sydney. Rio. Now here. No matter where it was, or how many times he’d done this, he never got tired of seeing the first time. The rush of getting a straight man deep and having him surrender his control never got old. And this muscleboy Troy was no exception. He could tell by Troy’s lack of movement—no swaying, no leaning, that he was very deep in the blackness and emptiness of it. Troy might be a heterosexual, but Daniel knew what this boy really needed.

“I’m going to count to 3, Troy, and when I do you will open your eyes and drop to your knees, but remain so very deep in the emptiness you’re enjoying so much. Do you understand?” Daniel said.

“Yes,” Troy replied without thinking.

“1. 2. And 3.”

Troy opened his eyes and dropped to his knees as his empty mind was programmed to. Right in front of him was Daniel’s steel pipe of a cock. “THIS is what you obey. THIS is what you submit yourself to. THIS is what consumes you. Mind. Body. And soul. Do you understand, boy?” Daniel commanded, staring down on his latest addition to his global stable.

Strong and powerful, it looked to be about as thick as Troy’s wrist and at LEAST ten and a half inches. It had a beautiful, strong vein running down the top of the shaft, wrapping around the side and disappearing just underneath the base of the enormous helmet head. As his eyes followed the shaft of the cock down to the head, Troy swore the head flared and throbbed just as his eyes arrived on it. It sent a shudder up from Troy’s feet, straight through his own cock and ass, deep through his chest and back, straight into the absolute center of his brain where the shudder was processed and sent rocketing back through his body as a tingly, electric ring of arousal.

“Yes, I understand,” Troy said, feeling the rush of obedience and submission flood his body with pleasure.

“Open your mouth, boy,” Daniel demanded of the muscleboy Troy. “Accept your gift.”

Troy opened his mouth and did as he was told. “I don’t have time tonight to play with you, but I am here for another week and a half, boy,” Daniel said as he fucked the Irish studs mouth. “Each night I will be calling for room service, and you will be the one servicing. You will do as I say, how I say, when I say because you obey me. You obey my cock. You crave my control. You crave my cock’s control. Your body craves to obey me. It craves to open up to my will. Each night when you come to my room and you shut the door behind you will automatically return to this level of relaxation and obedience. Do you understand, boy?”

Troy shook his head in the affirmative, his eyes never leaving Daniel’s.

Almost ready to cum in the muscleboy’s amazingly warm, wet mouth, Daniel moaned, pulled his cock from Troy’s mouth just before he got to the point of not being able to stop his orgasm. “Good boy. Now stand up and leave me. When you shut the door on the other side, you will wake up, not remembering anything that has happened here tonight except that you delivered food to this room. But your unconscious mind will retain everything it has been programmed with. Now, follow my instructions.”

“Yes... sir,” Troy said, as he got up from the floor, turned around to leave the room. Once he was outside, he woke up and for a moment wondered where he was. He then looked down at his hand and saw a $20 bill there.


“8323. 8323,” Troy said to himself as he made his way down that same hall again the next day, looking at the numbers on the doors. Finding the door he knocked, “Room service!” The door swung open to a huge muscle stud in nothing but a towel. Jesus Christ! Now THAT’S a muscledaddy! Troy thought to himself as he wheeled the cart into the room.

“Just put the food on the table over there,” the Daniel said to his unwitting room service stud. “Shut the door though first. What’s your name?”

“My name’s Tr...,” Troy never finished as he closed the door. Daniel’s trigger took him over as soon as the door clicked shut.

Daniel whipped of his towel letting his thick muscle cock spring free as he moved for the deeply hypnotized Troy. Brushing Troy’s thigh with a cock so hard it ached, Daniel put his lips next to Troy’s ear, “That’s right Troy. Just relax. Feel my words seeping into your brain. Like long, greedy tendrils slipping inside your brain and feeling their way toward all your mind’s pleasure centers. Feel those tendrils find each pleasure center one by beautiful one. It feels so fucking good to have each one caressed. Massaged. Manipulated. Every time they touch your pleasure centers, you can feel your mind submitting more to the bliss of their control over your mind. Every caress shoves you deeper into my voice. And the deeper you slide into my voice, the more those tendrils penetrate your pleasure centers, fucking your mind with indescribable bliss.”

Troy could hear the muscledaddy’s voice oozing into his ear. The further the words slid into his head, he could feel those words becoming warm, moist, slithery tendrils of some creature searching for something with frantic horniness. Deep inside Troy knew what it was searching for. Troy was slightly frightened yet so excited and ready to accept what the tendrils wanted from him. He could feel them slithering across his brain and reaching their destination. His mind exploded in a wave of white hot ecstasy that blasted like a shockwave from a bomb from his brain out to into every part of his body. His chest flared and quivered, the small of his back began to arch and tingle, shoulders and biceps hard with tension, thighs involuntary twitching and flexing, ass loosening and his cock was throbbing with a powerful, mindless boner. As the tendrils applied more pressure to his brain’s pleasure centers Troy felt himself slipping deeper into the mindless bliss of their control.

“You love my cock. You love how it looks. How it feels in your mouth. And how it will feel up your ass,” the tendrils were telling the mindless muscleboy. “You worship my cock. You need my cock to control you. You need my cock to mindfuck you,” the tendrils instructed the empty mind. “On your knees, boy,” the tendrils commanded the mindfucked boy.

Dropping to his knees Troy could feel the tendrils telling him to open his mouth and accept his gift. As he did, he felt the rush of pleasure from the powerful, thick cock penetrating his mouth. Inching down his throat, the wonderful mushroom head probing its way deeper and deeper. He could hear the tendrils telling his pleasure centers to open wider, and it felt so good to do just that. The more Troy opened and allowed the cock deeper and deeper, the more he could feel the cock’s pleasure, and just as the tendrils instructed his empty mind, feel them draining him of his very essence more and more. The more he gave in to what the tendrils wanted with him, the more he felt the mindlessness spreading to his whole body.

Suddenly, as if a floor had been yanked out from underneath it, the mindlessness dropped down to an even deeper level in Troy. It shot a wave through his body that emptied him completely. Empty on a level so deep that Troy didn’t need to think anymore. Whatever day it was, whatever time it was, it didn’t matter. Time wasn’t relevant anymore. Troy was one with the cock inside him. He knew every nuance and sensitive spot. He knew exactly what his job was, and it gave him immense joy to obey. The feeling of the cock filling his throat and the tendrils caressing his empty, obedient mind, Troy fell into a deep sexual rhythm with them. Each one was turning the other on. The more Troy obeyed the cock and let it fuck him deeper in his throat, the more the tendrils fucked the emptiness in Troy’s mind. And Troy was in complete empty ecstasy feeling what pleasure the tendrils were getting from how empty he had become for them.

“Now I want you to stand up strip, and bend over the end of the bed, boy,” Daniel instructed his deeply mindfucked muscleboy. Daniel had done this countless times, and never in his life had he ever seen anyone go this deep and open themselves up this much this quickly. As Troy stripped, Daniel couldn’t believe his eyes. This kid couldn’t be more than 22 or 23, and already he was bigger and more muscular than most of the other kids his age Daniel had brain raped. Solid and muscular like a rugby player. Hard muscles. Rugged muscles. That auburn hair and pale skin drove Daniel insane. As he took off his pants, Daniel won his own bet. The cock was exactly as Daniel imagined. Beautiful auburn bush, a long, thick, straight 9 inches that ended in a thick, heavy foreskin. And it stood before Daniel, naked and erect in body and naked and erect in mind. Green eyes staring into nothing at all. Muscles tense and flexed, at the ready. Ready to respond to any commands it would be given. Mind, so empty and hungry for the bliss of being filled with the will of another. “Get onto the bed on your hands and knees, boy. Show Daddy your hole,” Daniel commanded his empty muscle toy. As Troy’s body and mind responded as commanded, Daniel knew what was going on inside that empty mind. Every movement was making the muscleboy tingle from head to toe. Every movement was bonding this room service stud more and more to the sound of Daniel’s voice. When he climbed onto the bed and assumed the position, a wave of bliss rolled through Troy and settled like a ring of erotic electricity around his hole, making it pulse and throb, sending that rolling bliss back through his body, straight into his blank, receptive brain. Daniel’s cock bounced and throbbed harder the nearer he got to the open, ready and willing muscleboy. As he slid his cock inside the warm, hypnotized, red rosebud latched on and pulled him inside, gobbling the head up like two hungry lips. “God, how fucking perfect!”, Daniel moaned, feeling his own waves of ecstasy flooding his body. He began taking strokes deeper and deeper inside his obedient stud. And the deeper he went, the more Troy opened his ass to accept the muscledaddy cock deep inside his body, his mind, and his soul.

The tendrils were pushing harder and harder on Troy’s pleasure centers, firing wave after wave of white hot bliss through his body straight into his greedy, mindfucked hole. The cock the tendrils were instructing him accept was sliding deeper into him. Fucking his ass and his mind. The tendrils began manipulating the muscleboy’s pleasure centers that controlled his cock. “Feel your cock getting harder and harder,” they said deep inside his obedient mind. “You can’t make it stop. You don’t want it to stop. You don’t need it to stop,” they commanded him. As they did, Troy could feel the cock penetrating his soul even deeper, making his cock and balls ache in the powerful, empty bliss of obedience that danced between pleasure and his pain. The tendrils commanded his ass to open wider and accept the gift of the powerful cock inside him. Troy felt a wave of pleasure and serenity of the inevitable wash over his obedient, mindfucked body and brain. The tendrils pushed even deeper into his cock’s pleasure centers. “With every stroke of the cock inside you, you will feel the cum building inside you,” they told him. And, indeed, Troy began feeling the cum moving from his balls up in to his shaft. “Every stroke drives you closer and closer to surrendering your orgasm and your cum.” With those words, the cock inside Troy started pumping faster and deeper, opening him even more. As Troy’s cock became even stiffer, the cum moving further up his shaft, body feeling it building, the tendrils stabbed at the very center of his vacant mind’s pleasure centers over and over. “So close now, boy. So close. But you cannot cum...”

“...until you are instructed to,” Daniel said furiously fucking the hypnotized muscleboy, feeling the cum starting to push up his own shaft. As he pounded the stud harder and deeper, Troy opened his entire body even more, getting lost in the bliss of the cock inside him and the tendrils probing his brain. Troy slipped into an even deeper state of hypnotized rhythm. There was no depth the cock could go that was deep enough, and there was no depth that the tendrils could penetrate his mind’s pleasure centers that was deep enough. The sensations of opening even more to the obedience and desires that both had for him was pushing him into a much deeper state of surrender to the bliss of nothingness. Emptiness. He was becoming the tendrils. Feeling the primal ecstasy they felt in raping his mind so deeply. So intimately. He was becoming the beautifully enormous cock. Feeling the joy and satisfaction it was getting from raping his obedient, submissive fuck hole. “Tighten that ass around this cock, boy. Feel it raping your mind as it rapes your sweet muscle hole,” Daniel said deep into the muscleboy’s empty, obedient, mindfucked brain. And the muscleboy responded, without resistance, with such mindless, serene obedience that it pushed Daniel’s cum further up his shaft, to the point of no return that Daniel loved so much. His cum was fighting to get out. The rush of orgasm flooding Daniel’s body. In that brief moment that always felt like an eternity to Daniel, the moment he loved so much, the space between the orgasm flooding his body and the moment he actually came, Daniel leaned forward and whispered into the hypnotized muscleboy’s ear, “Now boy I’m going to say the word, ‘cum’, and when I do, your ass is going to tighten even more. As it does, you will feel the orgasm you have been fighting to withhold burst from your empty mind and out into your body. As the orgasm reaches your aching cock, you will be unable to hold back and your cum will explode in mindfucking, mind wiping, mind altering ecstasy.” Daniel took several more strokes inside his mindfucked muscle stud, enjoying the sensation of bringing himself closer and closer.

“CUM!”, Troy heard the tendrils moan. Troy automatically began to buck his ass and hips back to meet Daniel’s powerfully deep thrusts. Pain and pleasure becoming indistingualbe, Troy could feel his cum rushing up his cock, every nerve firing wave after wave of electricity all through his body. As his ass tightened even more around the steel pipe inside his ass, he felt his cum reach the tip of his cock head and pause for what seem like an eternity. In that eternal instant he felt the raw joy and happiness of obedience. The understanding and acceptance of something that pure and powerful made Troy’s cock explode. Load after load erupted from his rock hard cock. Once. Twice. Three times. Each load tightening his ass around the muscledaddy’s cock more and more.

Daniel could feel the muscleboy’s ass wrapping tighter around his cock, furiously, greedily milking his cum from deep in his nuts. Unable to hold himself back any longer, Daniel shoved his cock as deep as possible and shot a hot geyser deep into Troy’s obedient muscle ass. And every time his muscleboy shot a load, his ass tightened even more around Daniel’s cock. The feeling of this hypnotized muscleboy’s ass milking him made Daniel spray a second load inside the stud boy, coating his prostate with sticky, controlling cum.

Daniel fell on top of the muscleboy panting and trying to catch his breath. He would definitely be using this stud as much as possible during his stay. He pulled his cock out of Troy and rolled over on to his back. “You’ve completed your duties for now, boy. Dress yourself and wait for me at the door,” Daniel ordered his mindless stud.

Troy rose from the bed, a blank, far away stare in his eyes, dressed himself and stood at the door as he had been instructed. “In a moment I will open the door,” the tendrils whispered to him inside his mind. “And when it does, you will leave the room with your cart. When you hear the door shut, you will be fully awake, ready to continue your room service duties with no memory of what occurred inside this room. Do you understand, boy?”

“Yes. I understand,” Troy mouthed.

The empty muscleboy wheeled his cart through the door and into the hall the hotel room door shutting with a “SNICK!” behind him. He shook his head and blinked his eyes, trying to remember what it was he had just been thinking about. “Hmph,” he said to himself shrugging his shoulders, “oh well. Let’s see,” he said pulling out his delivery list. 8323. Done,” Troy said checking the room off. “Next stop, 8659. Prime rib, baked potato and pecan pie coming right up!”, he said wheeling his cart toward the elevator, continuing on his room service deliveries.

“Another week and a half, huh?”, Daniel said on the other side of the door. Lying back down in bed, hands behind his head, he smiled to himself, “Works for me.”