Officer Down!

I've always been one of those people that believe good things come from bad, and this experience has certainly been very good for me. It all started late one Friday night as I was driving home from work. I was tired, it had been a long week, and I really just wanted to get home and have a long, hot shower. My boss had given me some last minute stuff to do which had caused me to work late. As I was driving, it felt eerie that the usually crowded highway seemed almost deserted. Up ahead I saw the flashing lights of a police car so I decided to slow down to the speed limit ... the last thing I needed was a speeding ticket. As I got closer to the two cars on the side of the road, the person who had been pulled over sped away. I thought it odd and I slowed down to let the cop pull out after the obvious runaway. But nothing happened and I got a real awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I slowed down even more as I passed the cop car, looking for the cop inside, when I noticed something on the ground beside the car. I pulled over and got out. There on the ground lay the policeman with blood all over his face, but he was moving and groaning. I thought I was going to throw up, but I pulled myself together and ran to the police car and grabbed the radio microphone. Not sure how to work it I held down the button and yelled excitedly. "I don't know if anyone can hear me, but I'm on the highway just before the Broad Street turn off and the officer of this car is down ... he's been shot. The guy or girl who did it just sped off. Please send someone immediately. Again, there's an Officer Down". I let go of the button and a response came that help was on the way.

I really didn't know what to do. I wanted to wipe up the blood from his wound but I didn't want to make it worse. I had to do something! So I knelt beside the officer and grabbed his hand and started to talk calmly (as calmly as I could) telling him that help was on its way. Officer Pete Miller (as his name tag stated) opened his eyes, looked at me and smiled and then passed out. Such a nice smile and the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen ... EVER!!!

Fast forward a few days to Officer Pete's hospital room. He had miraculously survived and had been awake and hungry the very next day. At first I was called a hero by the other officers and Officer Pete was glad every time I came to visit. Even after he found out I was gay, he never seemed to mind having me around. (He found out I was gay when one of his officer buddies kept pestering me about a girlfriend, when I finally told him that I was looking for a boyfriend). After that incident, his four officer buddies, who kept coming around, would not speak to me and the four of them gave me a dirty look when they found me there. Of course, I pretended I hated them as much as they hated me, but the truth is ... they were so sexy, I couldn't help but stare ... when they weren't looking, of course. (I love a man in uniform!!!_

There was Joe, the Italian stallion. He was big and bulky and had jet black hair all over his body ... or at least the parts I could see (the backs of his hands, his chest ...) . There was Andy, a giant of a man, but not an inch of fat anywhere ... and muscles .... whew!!!! Phil was obviously an ex-football player. Talk about beefy!!! And George, the smallest of the quartet, was so handsome many of the nurses kept coming to check on Pete, and somehow kept staring at George. I told my friends that George was like Tom Selleck's better looking brother!!! Some may think I went to visit Pete just to look at his friends .... well maybe ... but I really did feel some connection to Pete ... having saved his life and all. (The doctors said the bullet had just grazed his scalp, but had hit a vein and if he hadn't got the attention he did, he would have bled to death quite quickly).

So there I am sitting, chatting with Pete, who had been complaining of headaches, when a doctor came into the room and started talking softly to the four uniformed buddies (they had all just got off duty and had stuck around the door when they saw I was there). The doctor talked to them for a while. After one of them said "this I gotta see", the doctor motioned for them to take a seat, which they all did, watching the doctor intently. The doctor walked up to Pete and asked about his headaches. Pete said they came and went and the doctor said he just wanted to try something that may help. Pete was anxious to try anything and the doctor explained he was just going to do some relaxation techniques. I asked if I should leave and the doctor said I could stay as long as I was quiet and motionless.

The doctor told Pete to pick a spot on the wall and to concentrate. He then started to tell him that he couldn't take his eyes off the spot and that he had to concentrate on it. I suddenly realized the doctor was going to hypnotize Pete. And I started to get very aroused - hypnosis has always done that to me. I've been fascinated by it for years and here I was watching a very cute (albeit bandaged and out of uniform) police officer getting hypnotized. I watched as Pete's facial muscles relaxed and his eyes closed as the doctor suggested it. I was getting so turned on it was getting crazy. The doctor was saying that Pete's hand was being pulled up by a balloon and that it was getting lighter and lighter. And of course up went Pete's hand.

To distract myself from what the doctor was doing I quickly glanced over at the four officers sitting on the other side of the doctor (who had his back to them). Was I shocked to see the four of them with their heads down, eyes closed and arms floating in the air. At first I thought they were joking, making fun of the doctor. But as he put Pete through other deepening techniques, they followed along, exactly, not once breaking up or laughing about it. I was so aroused I thought I was going to cum on the spot. The doctor didn't know it but he had hypnotized the four of them as well. I was going to say something but I thought I should wait until he's finished.

The doctor talked a lot about headaches and what to do if one came on. And then he said, "now I know you love this warm relaxing place you're in and will gladly go back there whenever you can. Whenever you hear the phrase ... he wrote something on Pete's chart, 'Banana Peacock' you will stop what you are doing, get comfortable and go even deeper than you are now. The phrase 'Banana Peacock' will be so strong that you will not be able to resist it and you will go into a deeper and more relaxed trance every time you hear it". The doctor then did the usually thing of telling his patient that he will forget what happened and that he would awake refreshed and feeling great. After Pete woke and said he was feeling fine, I looked over to the officers and noticed they too had come out of their trances. The doctor left without much ado and Pete asked why I had such a funny look on my face.

I'm not an evil man ... or a nasty man ... but something had occurred to me. The doctor had just mentioned the phrase and said nothing about it having to be his voice that triggered the trance. Maybe they did that so other doctors could come in and put Pete into a trance. But it wasn't Pete I was thinking about. It was the four hunks sitting in the corner giving me dirty looks. I couldn't help it .... all I could think was "I'd love to teach those homophobic bastards a lesson". That's what Pete saw on my face and I quickly tried to cover up what I was thinking. But as I was about to leave I thought "I want to see if the words really work".

I said goodbye to Pete and told him I would be back to see him later that night. I walked over to the officers and said goodbye and whispered "Banana Peacock". Like a bolt of lightning had hit them, the four flopped into their chairs, a vision of hypnotised loveliness. I couldn't believe that it had worked but I was willing to see how far it would go. I suggested loudly, so that the still awake Pete could hear, that they all would have a strong desire to come over to my apartment at about 6:00 (an hour from now), giving them the address. For Pete's sake, I said "So we can work out our diferrences". I then quietly repeated what the doctor had said to wake them up and left, floating on a cloud.

As I sat in my apartment watching the clock, I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I wasn't even sure if any of them would show up. And if they did, what would I do. Then an idea popped into my head. I had a fresh roll of film in my camera, so why not be prepared to take some shots of them in sexy poses. I knew I couldn't make them have sex with me (I've always read that a hypnotized person will not do anything against their will) but I figured there must be some way to get something out of this. With camera in hand I sat by the door anxiously awaiting their arrival, not knowing for sure if they would even show up, trying to think of what I could do to (and with) these four men, if they did.

The doorbell actually shocked me when it rang but I buzzed in whoever it was as quickly as possible. Phil was the first to show up. He was still in uniform, saying he wasn't sure why he had come to my apartment. I told him to come in and offered him a drink of 'Banana Peacock'. He walked directly to a chair sat down and promptly went into trance. I started to tell him to go deeper and deeper with every breath he took as the doorbell rang again.

It was Joe and Andy, both still in their uniforms as well. Within minutes they were seated by Phil totally in a trance. I was kind of disappointed that George hadn't come when the doorbell rang one more time. George it seems had taken the time to run home and change into shorts and a tank top. I couldn't stop staring at the soft hair curling over the tank top and his very hairy legs. He started to admit he didn't know why he was here when he noticed the others. He questioned what was wrong when I said the magic words.

As I watched the four policemen sitting in my living room I couldn't help myself. I pulled out my already hard dick and started to jerk off when I stopped myself. I was sure I could get these four sexy guys into some state of un-dress. But how ? What to do ... what to do?!!!!! Then it hit me. The policeman calendar. I had a friend into men in uniform and he always bought the calendar put out by our city's police force every year. They said it was to get a better image of the police in the community. I saw one of the calendars, once. What "better" image a man in a dripping wet speedo has to offer I'm sure I don't know. I hoped they all knew about the calendar and that if I pretended like they had been chosen and this was just a photo shoot that maybe I could see a lot more of these men, without them minding one little bit. I cleared a spot in my living room where there was a blank wall and went over to them.

"Have any of you ever seen the Police man calendar?", I asked. They all said yes. I asked them if they had ever wanted to pose and they all said yes. Joe piped in that he had heard that the officers who had posed, received offers of sex like you wouldn't believe. I then convinced the four of them that they had been picked as models for the next calendar and that I was the photographer.

I got Joe to open his eyes and told him he was the first model. I told him to focus on the fact that women only buy the calendar if the men look sexy and to show me what he could do to help sell the calendar. I got him to stand in front of the wall and start posing. What he thought was sexy was actually very funny, but I was also getting turned on. I told him the more skin he showed the more the women would get turned on and little by little he started to remove his uniform, as I snapped away. Of course I figured he'd stop at his underwear, but obviously this man knew he had a good body. Off came the underwear without so much as a blink and he kept right on posing. And talk about "Italian sausage". To my surprise he grabbed his dick and started pumping it, saying " most women go crazy for this". As it got bigger and bigger I couldn't help but think of a few men who would go crazy for it as well, myself included.

I then made him close his eyes and think of the best sex he'd ever had as he was jerking off. I also told him he didn't care where he was and that he should totally re-live the experience. He kept jerking and his tool kept getting larger. I pulled out my dick and started to jerk along with this stud. I couldn't help myself and suddenly I put down my camera and ran over to him. I started playing with his amazing chest, squeezing his nipples and massaging his pecs. He just moaned and I realized I was probably doing what the woman had done to him during this sex. Then I got crazy. I dropped to the floor and started to suck on that piece of meat like there was no tomorrow. Again he moaned and again I realized I was probably doing what the woman he had been with had done. He suddenly arched his back and shot a load in my mouth that made me shoot mine all over the carpet. I told him to open his eyes, to get dressed and to sit and go even deeper into trance. After he was seated, I cleaned up the mess and then sent him on his way, saying he would remember everything that happened but he wouldn't be able to talk about it with anyone and that when he remembered it, it would actually turn him on.

The other three were still in trance ... three more police gods!!!! I got Andy to stand up and lean against the wall. I was going to do the same thing I did with Joe but got a kinky idea instead. I told him I was going to ask him some questions and that he had to answer truthfully, even if he felt nervous about the questions. Answering truthfully would make him feel much better - and it was all for the good of the calendar. When asked, he said he understood. I asked him if he liked the sex he and his wife had ... he said yes. (He had a wedding ring, so I assumed he was married) I asked him if he ever fantasized about having sex with other people, again he said yes. I then asked him about something that I had always wondered about straight "homphobic" men ... had he ever fantasized about having sex with another man. Slowly and reluctanly he finally answered "yes". I was shocked. This big, hairy, muscular straight man had dreamed of gay sex. I asked him if his fantasy had involved anyone in particular and he said "yes". I said "who?" and he replied "Phil".

As I picked my jaw off the floor I turned to Phil. I went through the same set of questions and his responses were the same as Andy's, right until the end. This straight man also fantasized about doing it another man, but for him it was Joe. "Well, well well" is all I could think to myself. I couldn't make them do anything they didn't want to do, but obviously having sex with another man was something they both wanted. And who was I to not let them fulfill that fantasy.

I got Phil to stand beside Andy. I told them that for some reason with every breath they took, they would find themselves getting hornier and hornier. And each time they exhaled, the fantasy they had just talked about would become more and more vivid ... something they wanted to desepartely act upon. I watched as each of them started to get antsy and by the bulges that were growing in their police uniforms I could tell they were taking my suggestions to heart.

I then told them that they were standing at a urinal and that they should get ready to use it. They both zipped down their flys and pulled out their hard dicks. I stopped them before they made a mess and convinced them they were in a room at the back of the police station, where no one went and that at the count of three they would open their eyes and see the man of their fantasy standing beside them and that they didn't care what people thought, they needed to fulfill the fantasy. (I know Phil had wanted Joe, but I thought Andy was a pretty good substitute). I counted to three and watched the fun begin. As I've always found in my personal experience with "straight" men who have gay sex for the first time, these two were at it faster than a blink of the eye. Before I knew it Phil was on his knees sucking Andy's dick and Andy was leaning over sqeezing Phil's nipples, through his police shirt. I told them that neither of them could cum till I said so and that they were to do everything they had always wanted to do to each other. This seemed to involve a lot of sucking and jerking so I got some great pictures. Finally I made them face the camera, jerking themselves off while watching the other. I then told them that on the count of three they would cum like they had never cum before. (I figured the carpet was already a mess. I'd get it cleaned next week). As I said "three", they both shot their huge loads farther than I have ever seen anyone shoot before. After they calmed down, I told them to zip up and sent them on their way, with the same instructions I had given Joe.

And there he was. The most gorgeous of them all ... George. What to do with him?!!! I made George walk over to the wall and turned the camera on him. I told him he was feeling hot and that he should remove his tank top. I started to play with his chest hair and it was driving me crazy. I got him to take off his shorts, shoes and socks and I couldn't stop staring at his great legs. Then I told him to take off his jockstrap. Big mistake! This always happens to me! I loved everything about him, but he had one of those dickheads that just turn me off. I told him to put his jockstrap back on. I got an idea of something I wanted to try. I told him we were going to have a conversation about him being in the calendar, but for some strange reason each time he blinked his eyes he would feel himself get more and more aroused until he finally came. I wanted to see how many blinks it would take.

He opened his eyes and I started to ask him things about what he thought about posing for the calendar. Little by little the bulge in his jockstrap started to grow. It finally reached full attention but nothing happened. We kept talking and he just seemed to get more and more nervous. I couldn't take my eyes off his jockstrap. Why wasn't it spilling it's guts? And even though I knew what the head looked like under the jockstrap, I was getting more and more aroused myself. Then I noticed that he was holding his eyes open, not letting himself blink. I asked him why he was doing that. He said for some reason blinking was turning him on and if he blinked a few more times he knew he was going to shoot his load and that would not be good for the calendar. I told him that he didn't have to worry about it, we just wouldn't use those pictures. With that he blink twice more and shot his huge load into his jockstrap. (I knew it was huge since it started to ooze out the sides). I told him to go take a shower and when he finished I sent him home like the others.

I wanted to run and tell Pete what had happened with his co-workers, but I wasn't sure how he would take it. As the time for evening visiting hours approached, I decided to go and see him anyway, as I had promised. He was glad to see me, asking how it had gone at my place with his buddies. I told him we just talked and had some fun together. He then said he wanted to tell me something. He said that he had a secret that he had never been able to share with them, but he wanted to share it with me. He, too, was gay. And he wondered if maybe, when he got better, if I would be interested in going out on a date. I said yes - how could I refuse those eyes. He said he was just worried what his four friends would say if they found out. I told him not to worry, I knew how to handle them.

He told me to pull the curtain as he wanted to do something special for me. I wasn't sure what he wanted so I pulled the curtain and walked back to the side of his bed. Next thing I know he's pulled down my zipper and pulled out my dick and started sucking on it. My fifth cop for the day and all I could think was "Officer 'going' down"!!!!!